7.9% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 67: Touch of Darkness (3)

Chapter 67: Touch of Darkness (3)

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Xiao Se’s response was considered extremely quick, after a short period of shock, she quickly lifted up her Purple Dawn Bow again. After all, she believed that Zhou Weiqing was only at the level of a single Jewel, and it would be impossible for him to keep using the Blink Skill. Under her own rapid fire arrows, he should not be able to continue dodging.

However, at the instance that she lifted up her Purple Dawn Bow, she suddenly felt the surrounding air twist fiercely around her, a blue light descending upon her as she realised that she could no longer move.

Within the time it took to take three breaths, Zhou Weiqing had crossed the 50 yard gap and was now standing in front of Xiao Se, with a big smile on his face, his usual simple and honest smiling face on display. Then, that rascal took out an arrow from his quiver, using the white lime on the arrow to draw a circle in the middle of her chest, before completing the circle with a dot in the middle.

“This counts as my win right?” After he had completed that, Xiao Se discovered that she could move her body again.

“Wind, that was a Wind Attribute Skill you used just now. You, you…” This time, Xiao Se had totally forgotten about winning or losing, and was staring at Zhou Weiqing, her eyes filled with shock and disbelief.

Earlier, when Zhou Weiqing had showed his strength as a Heavenly Jewel Master, although she was rather shocked in her heart, but she could still maintain her calm. After all, if the Empire got another Heavenly Jewel Master, it was definitely a good thing, no wonder Shangguan Bing’er made him her Personal Aide. However, at this moment, seeing Zhou Weiqing in front of her and drawing the mark on her chest, she finally realised that this seemingly foolhardy was unexpectedly even more talented than Shangguan Bing’er! He had actually used two different attribute’s Control-Type Skills, and also a support skill one after the other! It was known that no matter Elemental Jewel Masters or Heavenly Jewel Masters, what they were most feared for was not the attack or defensive skills, but this sort of Control Type or Support Skills. However, it was extremely difficult to store these type of Skills, and only Zun Stage Heavenly Beasts and above had these Skills. As such, most Heavenly Jewel Masters had to cultivate to at least six sets of Jewel before they could get these Skills. Seeing Zhou Little Fatty displaying three of them in succession, how could she not be surprised?

“Hey, Company Leader Xiao, you’ve lost. This time you won’t go back on your word again right?” Zhou Weiqing lifted his hand in front of Xiao Se’s eyes and waved it around, though in truth, the pride in his heart was long gone.

After using those few skills in succession, the Heavenly Energy in his body was nearly totally exhausted, but he was only facing an ordinary person who was not even a Jewel Master. Of course, there was a small factor that he could not unleash his full power onto Xiao Se or risk killing her, but it was also a sign that his usage and application of the skills were still very lacking, and he needed a lot more practice.

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Blink, Zhou Weiqing’s first Spatial Attribute Skill, and even being at the most basic first jewel stage, Blink still allowed him to instantaneously teleport anywhere within a three meters diameter instantaneously. It seemed very simple, but this skill was not the Top Support Skill for the first Three Jewels for nothing, and was indeed a formidable skill that could save his life many times over. Indeed, without this skill, he would have lost earlier.

The ‘Fetters of Wind’, this was Zhou Weiqing’s first Wind Attribute Skill, and at the basic first jewel stage, it was able to lock onto a target within 50 yards instantly, as long as the target’s Heavenly Energy did not surpass him by more than five levels, he would be bound for three seconds. If the targets’ cultivation was even lower than his, he would be bound for an additional second for every level of Heavenly Energy he was lower than Zhou Weiqing.

Although both the Touch of Darkness and Fetters of Wind were control type skills, but they both had pretty different effects. In terms of effective range, the Touch of Darkness had a radius of 25 meters, but the Fetters of Wind was that of 50 meters. However, the Touch of Darkness could affect multiple targets as well as inflicting some additional supporting effects, but the Fetters of Wind was a pure single target control ability.

It could be said that the Touch of Darkness was is inferior to the Fetters of Wind in terms of just pure single target control ability, but adding on its enhanced senses and other functions, it was on the whole slightly stronger than the Fetters of Wind. This is the superiority of one of the Greater Attributes.

Do not think that both these skills were overlapping and thus useless. With his present level of cultivation, Zhou Weiqing required an adjustment time of over five seconds after using any skill before using it again. However, once he changed attributes, this issue would disappear. Furthermore, there was also the difference in range and requirements that different situations would allow him to use different skills.

Of course, this did not mean that Zhou Weiqing was so intelligent in planning all of that during his process of Skill Storing. The main key was that he had did his Skill Storing on all the Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts; and of course, would such a Heavenly Beast have any trash skills?

Xiao Se looked at Zhou Weiqing with a changing complexion, before she finally sighed and threw away the Purple Dawn Bow in her hands, and turned around to walk away.

Lost, she had lost, not just to Shangguan Bing’er, but also to this Zhou Little Fatty. With these two Heavenly Jewel Masters together, how could she possibly compete with Shangguan Bing’er? Xiao Se was at this moment feeling very bitter and depressed in her heart. It seemed like no matter how hard she worked, she just could not compare with others’ talent!

“Are you just going to walk away like that!” Zhou Weiqing picked up Xiao Se’s Purple Dawn Bow and pursued her quickly, blocking her way.

Xiao Se looked at that simple and honest looking, but truly sly, Zhou Little Fatty, and said angrily: “I’ve already lost, what else do you want?”

Zhou Weiqing said leisurely: “If I did not remember wrongly, we were gambling on the outcome of this competition.”

Xiao Se’s look changed, “What do you want?”

Zhou Weiqing took a step forward, grinning as he said: “I suddenly remembered what you gambled – anything that I asked.”

Xiao Se took a step back and her brow furrowed: “Don’t stand so close to me. I will honour my gambling debts. Speak.”

Just as she finished speaking, all of a sudden, Zhou Weiqing took another step forward.The distance between them was originally less than one yard, and this step forward caused both their bodies to be pushed up against each other. Before Xiao Se could react, Zhou Weiqing had moved his head forward and kissed her.

Xiao Se was totally shocked by that kiss, and almost subconsciously reacted with a quick slap. Zhou Weiqing seemed to expect it coming, and with a quick duck, he managed to dodge Xiao Se’s slap “Ru Se Elder Sis, you cannot go back on your agreement, this is my condition for your gambling loss.”

Xiao Se had already awoken back to reality, her jade-like face flushed red in embarrassment. However, she stared at him with her eyes widened: “What did you call me?”

Zhou Weiqing took two steps back again and grinned as he said: “Ru Se Elder Sis, stop trying to act! Uncle Xiao only has one daughter, others might not know this, but how can I not know? I am Zhou Weiqing!”

“Ahhh? You are Zhou Weiqing that little mucus brat?” Xiao Ru Se’s face was full of shock. However, in the next instance, she had drawn out her sword from her waist, pointing it at Zhou Weiqing, saying coldly: “Who are you trying to deceive. Zhou Weiqing that little mucus brat should be 14 years old this year, look at yourself, do you think you can pass as 14 years old?”

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