11.43% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 97: White Little Tiger (4)

Chapter 97: White Little Tiger (4)

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When I created this Technique, it was only after I broke through the fifth Death Acupuncture Point when I found out this amazing benefit. With this in mind, I conjectured that every portion of the Immortal Deity Technique will bring an additional evolving. If I am successful in breaking through to the second portion, I will also record it down. If not, may you, my successor, try it yourself.

The profound meaning of the Immortal Deity Technique is in its unceasing improvement. Even if you are not focusing on cultivation, the energy whirlpools will continue drawing in the energy from the atmosphere, as such, once you have started learning the Immortal Deity Technique, the only option is to continue breaking through the Death Acupuncture Points.

There is no necessity in controlling the Immortal Deity Shield, as it will automatically protect its user.

After reading the words on the goat leather page, Zhou Weiqing was in a daze as he stared into the air for a long time. Finally, he scolded out to himself. “Damnit, I’ve boarded the pirate ship 1! No wonder this bastard died while trying to break through the eleventh Death Acupuncture Point, he really deserved it. He’s really trying to get others in trouble, why didn’t he specify in the summary that once you’ve started on this technique, you can never stop? What damned Immortal Deity Shield… rubbish! He hadn’t even completed training his own technique, and yet left it behind to entrap someone else… what an as*hole!”

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In truth, he had wronged the creator of the Immortal Deity Technique; after all, even though he did not explicitly state that you couldn’t stop after starting this Technique, but he did mention that only someone who had the willpower and readiness to die could learn the technique.

In truth, Zhou Weiqing was very afraid. He knew in his heart that the real reason why he could successfully breakthrough the first five Death Acupuncture Points was not because of how talented he was or that he was a hidden genius; it was totally because of the black pearl that he had swallowed and its protection. However, only the gods would know how long more the black pearl could protect him; furthermore, he was also very afraid of the extreme pain caused every time be broke through a Death Acupuncture Point.

After venting his anger and fear in a bout of complaint, Zhou Weiqing decided to test out the Immortal Deity Shield’s strength. He took up an arrow and carefully stabbed it down towards his arm. He didn’t use a lot of strength at once, instead slowly increasing the amount of power. A miraculous sight appeared before him. At first, there wasn’t an obvious feeling, but as he exerted more strength, he soon realised that the five energy whirlpools at his Death Acupuncture Points suddenly increased their speed, causing a layer of airflow to seemingly form just above his skin, and the arrow in his hands seemed to slide to the side due to this layer of air, and he didn’t even feel a thing.

“Ehh, it does seem rather effective, although I wonder what’s the extent of its protective capabilities.” That night, he did not bother cultivating, and instead spent the whole night experimenting on the Immortal Deity Shield’s limits. After a night of testing, Zhou Weiqing found that its protective capabilities were indeed pretty strong, but it was inextricably linked to his Heavenly Energy. Basically, the stronger the attack it was blocking, the greater the drain on his Heavenly Energy, and there was also a certain limit on the attacks it was able to block, once it surpassed that threshold, the Immortal Deity Shield was only able to neutralize a portion of the damage, and this threshold was about a full third of his entire Heavenly Energy pool. Furthermore, he also found out that the Immortal Deity Shield would stop activating once his Heavenly Energy was drained to less than half its total amount. 2

After a whole night of experimentation, Zhou Weiqing finally sat down and muttered to himself in summary: “Dammit, why does everything need Heavenly Energy…” Still, despite his complaints, he was actually very satisfied with the results of his testing, and more importantly, he also discovered that with the completion of the first portion of the Immortal Deity Technique, the automatic replenishing of his Heavenly Energy via the five energy whirlpools was doubled that of his previous speed, and this would allow him to increase his continuous fighting capabilities.

“Little Fatty, Little Fatty!” It was barely dawn when Shangguan Bing’er’s urgent voice rang out, and as the tent flap was flipped up, she entered the tent, but in the next instance, she was out again with a red face.

“Zhou Little Fatty! You exhibitionist! Wear some clothes!!” Shangguan Bing’er’s voice was flustered and angry, but with a tinge of glee as well.

Zhou Weiqing felt so wronged, thinking to himself: Sleeping naked is my normal habit, how did I end up becoming an exhibitionist?

Quickly donning his clothes, he gave a lazy stretch and said: “I’m dressed, come in!” As he said that, he looked down and spotted the little white tiger sleeping soundly. The little fellow was hugging its little head with its front claws, and looked unbelievably adorable.

Zhou Weiqing grinned and smacked its butt.

“Aoo!” The little white tiger rolled around, startled awake, and as soon as he saw Zhou Weiqing’s wicked grin, it understood what happened and cried out angrily at him again. Wuuu… Wuuu!

“Fat Cat, your little butt feels quite good! But no lazing around. Come on.” He grabbed it and hugged it into his arms. Strangely, as soon as the little white tiger entered his arms, it immediately quieted down. When Shangguan Bing’er entered the tent again, her face was still blushing, and she looked extremely enchanting.

“Stupid Little Fatty, are you bullying the poor thing again?” Shangguan Bing’er said exasperatedly. Before Zhou Weiqing could reply, the little white tiger in his arms nodded to Shangguan Bing’er, its large eyes seemed to have tears in it, causing her heart to melt.

“Come, let big sister hug.” Shangguan Bing’er got closer and tried to hug it, but no matter what, the little white tiger refused, biting onto Zhou Weiqing’s shirt and refusing to leave his embrace.

Shangguan Bing’er was rather nettled: “You little thing, he’s bullying you yet you insist on letting him hug you.”

“Wuu Wuu.” The little white tiger glanced at Shangguan Bing’er again, then buried its head into Zhou Weiqing’s arms again.

Zhou Weiqing said smugly: “Heh heh, Bing’er, see that! This young master’s charm works on both humans and animals.”

Shangguan Bing’er gave him an exasperated humph; she really did like this adorable little white tiger, alas it didn’t give her the time of the day, and there was nothing she could do about it.

Suddenly recalling the reason she came in, Shangguan Bing’er jumped with joy and said: “Oh Little Fatty, my cultivation level increased!”

Zhou Weiqing immediately said: “Wow, that’s great! You’re indeed our Heavenly Bow Empire’s top young genius lady, only the top genius suave fellow like me can be a perfect match to you!”

Shangguan Bing’er lifted up her hands and pinched his cheeks, saying: “Your skin is so thick!” After pinching him, she suddenly realised how intimate her actions were, and she blushed and quickly let go. Who knew that the rascal moved closer with his other cheek, saying: “Bing’er, how about this side, it needs some balance!”

“Cheh, stop playing around, I’m being serious here. My Heavenly Energy went from the eighth level to the tenth level after last night.” Shangguan Bing’er’s next line gave Zhou Weiqing a huge shock, and he stared at her in surprise and said: “Two levels at once? Bing’er, you’re not a genius, you’re a monster talent!”

Shangguan Bing’er shook her head and said: “It’s all due to you actually. That night, when I was trying to help you seal your Yongquan Acupuncture Point, a large amount of Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy invaded my body, causing me to fall unconscious. When I came back and started cultivating, it was only then that I discovered my Heavenly Energy raised by so much. Although it is still rather unstable, but I am certain that my cultivation level has already broken through to the tenth level. Little Fatty, that’s the power of your Devour Skill right.

Zhou Weiqing gave a bitter smile and said: “Don’t mention that skill… it’s not easy to use at all. That night, I Devoured too much Heavenly Energy from the Forest Direwolves, and it almost caused me to explode from the inside, I was just unable to hold so much Energy. Furthermore, I tested and tried using the skill last night under ordinary circumstances, and I was totally unable to do so at all. This might mean that the skill can only be used during the Demonic Change State, and yet during that state, I’m unable to control myself. That Devour Skill… just doesn’t seem very valuable to me, and might even cause my death! If I Devour too much like last night, once I exit the Demonic Change State, I’d explode from within again. Furthermore, I don’t even know how to enter the Demonic Change State again, it doesn’t seem like I can control that.”

Shangguan Bing’er thought about it for a while, then said: “Little Fatty, I think that is actually a good thing.”

“Good thing? Why?” Zhou Weiqing asked curiously, at the same time, stepping much closer to her.

At this time, Shangguan Bing’er’s mind was filled totally with cultivating, and did not notice his little actions, and she said: “The heavens are relatively fair. The black pearl that you swallowed is extremely powerful, but it should have its restrictions as well, if not for a huge measure of luck and coincidences, you should have died already. Same for the Immortal Deity Technique; such strong power usually comes at a huge risk. According to the texts I read previously, the Demonic Change they described seems to be very different from your Demonic Change.”

“This is mostly because for all the examples of Demonic Change described in the texts, none of them could maintain clear thought like you. According to them, at that time, you should have killed me, and couldn’t possible have awoken so quickly like you did. The normal scenario would be that you probably had to sleep for several days before awakening. Furthermore, the Demonic Change is usually followed by a bout of weakness. However, this did not happen in your case as well, and instead you broke through to the fifth level of Heavenly Energy instead!”

“As such, I feel that your Demonic Change is really different from what was written in history, and isn’t as simple as that. Perhaps you can find the key in controlling it.”

Listening to her words, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but be highly tempted. He had experienced for himself how strong he was during the Demonic Change state, not just in terms of the sheer power of his body, but also his senses, both of which were increased by at least three times his norm.

Besides that, the speed of using his various elemental skills had also doubled, and he was also able to use the Devour Skill in that state, even being able to use the enemy’s Heavenly Energy as his own temporarily. Without a doubt, in the Demonic Change state, if he faced a Heavenly Beast, coupled with the aura from the black pearl, he was able to fight with a Low Stage Zun Heavenly Beast already! As for Jewel Masters, even if the opponent was a Heavenly Jewel Master, he felt confident that in the Demonic Change State he would be able to fight with a two-jewelled Master like Shangguan Bing’er.

Shangguan Bing’er continued saying: “Well, you shouldn’t think too much about it for now, take things as they come. The most important thing to do now is to keep cultivating your Heavenly Energy. It seems that at least for now, the black pearl will allow you to continue breaking through the Death Acupuncture Points, and I think that the best thing for you now is to keep raising your cultivation levels. This time, we really got lucky, we were really in above our heads. I am prepared to spend the next few days to focus on cultivation and stabilize my Heavenly Energy to the tenth level first. You should also stabilize your Heavenly Energy since you also just broke through to the fifth level. Work hard okay, I’ll be going now.”

Zhou Weiqing said: “You’re leaving so soon? Bing’er, look, we went to take revenge together yesterday, shouldn’t you give me a little reward?”

Shangguan Bing’er gave him a look and asked: “What sort of reward do you want?”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “A hug! Or a kiss! Either is fine! If I could get a touch… that would be even better!”

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