12.5% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 106: Zhou Weiqing’s Sixth Attribute (3)

Chapter 106: Zhou Weiqing’s Sixth Attribute (3)

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Ling Zihan sighed softly and said: “Shangguan Yue Elder Bro is about 20 years older than Tang Xian Elder Sis, but the first time I saw them, he still looked middle aged. At that time, Tang Xian Elder Sis was slightly older than me, but look at her now, doesn’t she still look so young? My guess is that her cultivation levels are probably at least equal to your father’s. As for Shangguan Big Brother, he should be an unimaginable top level expert. Alas, I do not know what happened between the two of them; according to the little that Tang San Elder Sis mentioned, they have already separated for over ten years, but she refused to go into detail.”

Zhou Weiqing scratched his head and grinned, comforting himself by saying: “In any case, the rice is cooked 1. Even if they are very strong, it does not concern me too much. Mum, do not worry, eventually, your son will be as strong as them!” As he said that, he gave Ling Zihan a hug, and kissed her cheek.

Ling Zihan tousled her son’s hair, sighing as she said: “Little Wei, your father has made you suffer a lot in order to let you learn how to protect yourself, my heart ached as well even though it was for the best. So, what do you plan on doing from now? What about you and Difuya’s marriage?”

Zhou Weiqing said: “Regarding Difuya’s marriage with me, I will have to talk to Godfather about it… Love requires both sides to be harmonious, and I’m sure Godfather will understand and not force me. He wanted to give Difuya’s hand in marriage to me mostly to repay Dad for what he has done for the Empire, to allow me, who was once just a trash, to have some status in the Empire. However, I’m now a Heavenly Jewel Master, and that isn’t necessary anymore.”

“No matter what, I will never marry Difuya. I already met with Dad earlier in the army camp, and he asked me to join the Heavenly Bow Unit for training. Tomorrow, Bing’er and I will be reporting there .”

“Heavenly Bow Unit?” Ling Zihan’s expression grew a little strange. “Little Wei, when you go there, you mustn’t be corrupted by them and turn bad.”

“Mum, I’m your son, am I that bad? Furthermore, why would I be corrupted by going to the Heavenly Bow Unit?” Zhou Weiqing asked in surprise.

Ling Zihan gave a humph and said: “Go, go. When you reach there, you will know what I mean. Anyway, the Heavenly Bow Unit isn’t very far from the Heavenly Bow City, remember to come back and visit me often!”

The next day, when Zhou Weiqing reached the Di Hao Inn, it was already lunch time. Today, he was well prepared, bringing along all of his savings with him, along with ten gold that his mum had given him. The Di Hao Inn’s speciality was that it served customers from all walks of life, and their food was well known in the parts for being delicious, and Zhou Weiqing planned to give Shangguan Bing’er a good treat before they entered the Heavenly Bow Unit.

Seeing Shangguan Bing’er approach from the distance, he quickly waved at her, calling out: “Bing’er, here!”

Today, Shangguan Bing’er was still dressed in a cloth attire; she seldom dressed up or used make up, but her natural beauty still shone from within. The only difference from yesterday was that she now had a Wind Hat of her own, covering her beautiful features. She did not like being stared at by others as a spectacle; furthermore she was so well known in the Heavenly Bow City, as such this was a measure she decided to take. Shangguan Bing’er quickly walked up to him, a faint blush tinging her cheeks as she said in a low tone: “Let’s go in.”

Looking at her pretty and abashed look, Zhou Weiqing’s heart stirred and he held her hand. To his surprise and delight, Shangguan Bing’er only gave a token struggle before allowing him to hold her hand.

The pair entered the Di Hao inn like that; it was currently lunch hour and the first level was almost seventy percent full. Zhou Weiqing brought her to an empty table and was about to call for food, but she said: “Little Fatty, I’ve already eaten. We’re here to look for someone!”

Looking at her hemming and hawing, Zhou Weiqing said solemnly: “No, you can eat again with me, a husband treating a wife, isn’t it something normal. I won’t lack this bit of funds, come, let’s order, let’s order.” 2

As he said that, he stole a glance at Shangguan Bing’er, only to see her blushing again with her head down, looking unbearably adorable. It was clear that Shangguan Bing’er’s bearing towards him had improved by leaps and bounds… it was the power of the mother-in-law!

In truth, he had truly guessed correctly, and Shangguan Bing’er’s attitude towards him was also largely due to Tang Xian. Shangguan Bing’er had grown up together with her mother, and did not have any memory of her father. It could be said that her mother was her only kin. Furthermore, she was a very filial person, and when Tang Xian acknowledged Zhou Weiqing as her son-in-law to be, it had actually removed the last barrier between the two of them, and now that she faced Zhou Weiqing once again, she no longer had any more misgivings. The barriers around her heart were down, but luckily Zhou Weiqing did not know the truth, or that rascal would likely try get a foot after taking an inch!

Zhou Weiqing ordered some food, but did not overdo it in consideration of Shangguan Bing’er; he ordered 2 meat and 2 vegetable dishes, and also 2 large bowls of rice. After a short while, the food was served and the delicious smell wafted in the air.

“Bing’er, quickly eat while its hot. You’re too thin, you should eat more, so you can develop better. Heh heh.” Zhou Weiqing quickly piled food into her bowl, filling it up in a small mountain.

Looking at Zhou Weiqing’s attentive disposition, and the food piled up in front of her, Shangguan Bing’er’s eyes suddenly reddened, and she looked a little pitiably at Zhou Weiqing and said: “Little Fatty, will you always treat me well?”

“Ah?” Zhou Weiqing started. He did not expect his teasing words to be met with such melancholy from Shangguan Bing’er. “What are you thinking about, Bing’er? Of course I’ll always treat you well; forever and ever. Why do you suddenly ask?”

Shangguan Bing’er lowered her head and muttered: “My mum said that my dad abandoned us when I was just two years old, and she left home together with me and came to Heavenly Bow City to stay. My mum is so miserable, I often see her sitting alone at home lost in thought, she must be thinking about my father. I’m so afraid, afraid that one day I’ll end up like her…

Looking at her like that, Zhou Weiqing felt a stabbing pain in his heart, and he got up and sat next to her, enveloping her in a warm embrace. “Bing’er, don’t cry, it’s hard to say what really happened, and it isn’t our position to discuss about our elders, but I swear that unless you don’t want me anymore, otherwise I’ll always be your Little Fatty.” Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Shangguan Bing’er lifted up her head to look and him and said: “You’ll always be my bear?”

Zhou Weiqing nodded, and couldn’t resist kissing her lightly on her forehead, causing her to turn tears into laughter, snuggling a little into his embrace, and she said: “Let’s eat now, before it gets cold.”

Zhou Weiqing said seriously: “Let me hug you a while more, and I will be full. You’re a feast for the eyes, a feast that can’t be bought by riches alone! Bing’er, look… don’t you think we should ignore the age issue?” 3

Shangguan Bing’er pushed him aside exasperatedly and said: “Hmph, I give you an inch and you want one foot, it’s not so easy as that! My mum said that when men do not know how to appreciate things that they get too easily. So I’ve decided to extend the time even further. We shall wait till you are twenty years old then we can talk.”

“Nooooooo!!” Zhou Weiqing gave a horrified scream, it was a little loud and instantly drew the attention of the nearby customers.

Shangguan Bing’er flushed in embarrassment and hit him lightly: “Let’s eat quickly, we’re here to handle proper business.”

Zhou Weiqing asked in a foolish tone: “What’s more proper than wedding festivities?” 4

Shangguan Bing’er’s face fell and she said: “If you don’t stop talking nonsense and eat with me, I’ll extend the time further!”

“I’ll eat with you now alright.” Zhou Weiqing lamented. In his heart though he made a firm resolution that when they reached the Heavenly Bow Unit, he would have to find an opportunity to take her. 5 As long as she gave in to him once, would there be a lack of a second time, a third time, or perhaps more? As he thought about that, he started grinning foolishly.

As Zhou Weiqing wolfed down his food, Shangguan Bing’er chewed slowly and daintily. Soon, she found out the reason why that fellow started off by piling food in her bowl; she had barely finished off a third of her food when he had already polished off all the remaining food and his large bowl of rice. “Ahh, that was great, it’s been a long time since I had such great food. Although the army mess has no lack of food, but in terms of taste, it’s just too lacking.” Zhou Weiqing said as he patted his belly.

Shangguan Bing’er giggled and pushed her bowl towards him: “If you aren’t full, you can have the rest of mine. I really did eat earlier, you know my habits.”

Zhou Weiqing blinked and took it unrestrainedly, and once again wolfed down the remaining food. This time, it seemed that he enjoyed it even more. “Eating to my fill, with a lingering fragrance in my mouth.” 6 As he said that, he looked suggestively at her lips.

Shangguan Bing’er ignored him and said softly: “Little Fatty, look, isn’t that the person we are looking for?”

Zhou Weiqing’s gaze followed where she was pointing at, to see a middle aged man seated at the corner of the hall. The man seemed to be around 30 years of age, dressed in white, and was rather handsome, with a long black cape draped behind him, causing him to look rather suave. However, his gaze seemed to wander a lot, drifting about as he scanned the crowd.

On the table in front of him, there were at least a dozen wine bottles. Drinking so many bottles of wine, even if they could be the lower quality rice wine with a lower alcohol content, it was still pretty impressive. This was the main reason why Shangguan Bing’er said that he could be their target.

Since Admiral Zhou had told them to look for a drunkard in this Di Hao Inn, their target was most likely someone who came here daily to drink. From Shangguan Bing’er’s observations since they entered the place, that middle aged man was definitely the one who had drank the most.

Zhou Weiqing immediately volunteered: “I’ll go ask”, and he headed towards the man. As he reached the man, he asked in a guileless tone and expression: “Excuse me, are you Mr Luo Ke Di?”

The drunkard rolled his eyes and a slightly sharp voice sounded out: “Get lost, do not block Your Father, I, from watching beauties. I was just looking at a 38E, and you little brat blocked me.”

Hearing his words, Zhou Weiqing was dumbfounded, and a strange sense of familiarity enveloped him, and he subconsciously said: “I’m looking for the Liu of the Unparalleled Liu Duo.”

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  • Hiro


    Honestly, I am usually OK with harems; but their relationship is so deep that I feel like it would ruin it.

  • Ankit1480


    Mustn't be corrupted by them and turn bad? Hahaha. Now I'm really looking forward to this Heavenly Bow Unit.

  • AkaiRyuugamine


    If you read Ancient Godly Monarch(~700 or so chapters) and think in perspective of either of first two girls that MC likes(Not that *****), you'll be torn. I seriously respect Qing'er and Qingcheng.

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