14.03% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 119: Icy Soul Heavenly Bear (2)

Chapter 119: Icy Soul Heavenly Bear (2)

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“Such an intelligent Heavenly Beast!” Shangguan Bing’er couldn’t help but cry out. “After being ambushed, it still knows how to clear the surroundings so it can have an unobstructed vision, also preventing its enemies from closing in on it. No wonder teacher said that Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts already have almost human-level intelligence.”

As she spoke, there was a quick change in the battlefield as a piercing red light seemed to brazenly charge into the cyclone of wind and snow, savagely smashing into the blue energy shield around the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear, causing it to roar once more in anger.

Zhou Weiqing noticed that this red glow was another arrow; fired from the opposite direction from the first arrow. The huge bear immediately spun around, attracted by the arrow, as it was obviously stronger than the first.

With a furious howl, the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear smashed its paws onto the ground, causing snow to fly up as a large amount of blue light flew up into the sky, warping into thousands of ice spikes and flying towards the direction of the arrow’s source. The shrill sound of the shards slicing through the air was as if hundreds of archers were firing at once.

Right at this moment, a green cyclone appeared without warning in the path of the large amounts of ice shards. From the sight of it, the strength of the cyclone definitely paled in comparison to the mass of ice shards, but its purpose was not to block and stop them, but to slightly change their path. This was the power of the Wind Attribute, and it was clearly from Hua Feng.

At this time, Mu En was already within a hundred yards of the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear, and as the Physical Jewel denoting Strength and Agility glittered, a large black longbow coalesced in his hands. The next instant, an arrow with a dim gold aura surrounding it coalesced as well, nocked to the bowstring. Just as he was about to draw the bow, a strange sight appeared before them.

Mu En did not draw the bow directly, instead doing an action that left both Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er puzzled. His right hand was still pulling on the bowstring, but the left hand holding the bow did not hold it in place as usual, but twirled the entire bow in a 360 degree spin.

The bowstring of his bow was also black in colour, and as he spun the body of the bow, the entire bow was drawn to the max by the vortex. Zhou Weiqing could clearly see that where Mu En’s fingers were holding the bowstring, it had already been twisted in a spiral shape, with the arrow’s shaft tangled in the middle.

This was the first time either Zhou Weiqing or Shangguan Bing’er had seen such a strange archery method. After all, the bowstring was usually extremely tough, and twisting it as he did, how much stress did it put on the fingers?! Furthermore, with the arrow tangled up in the twisted bowstring, when Mu En released it, it would naturally have a spinning motion as it flew out, how could he possibly control its direction then? Many questions invaded their minds as Shangguan Bing’er and Zhou Weiqing focused their minds, their eyes pinned on Mu En as they eagerly watched to see what would happen next.

Just as Mu En was drawing his both with his unique style, from the other 4 directions came an endless stream of arrows towards the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear. Furthermore, it was arranged so that just as it was preparing to charge towards a particular direction, another arrow would strike it from the opposite direction. This caused it to roll around in confusion momentarily, not knowing which direction to strike out in.

However, the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear was after all a Zong Stage Heavenly Beast with some measure of intelligence, and was not an ordinary Heavenly Beast. After some hesitation, it finally made its choice. Just as it was about to ignore the rest and charge towards a direction, Mu En’s bow sounded out.

It was a very peculiar sound, not the usual whistle and whine of an arrow shooting forth, but a wuuu wuuu roar of a cyclone. Zhou Weiqing could clearly see that what Mu En shot forth was not just an arrow, but a ball of black light, and the sound seemed to increase as it flew forth.

*Bang*! The Icy Soul Heavenly Bear which was just about to charge was struck by the mass of black light, and what happened next caused Zhou Weiqing’s jaw to drop.

Earlier, the countless arrows that had flown in from all 4 directions, shot by the other members of the Heavenly Bow Unit, had not managed to even make the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear move an inch. However, Mu En’s arrow actually caused it to stumble back a few steps, the bright blue shield surrounding it noticeably weakened. As the explosion cleared, the bear’s attention was undoubtedly fully drawn to Mu En.

Explosive effect! That was the explosive effect, though it was clearly several times that of his Overlord Bow’s explosive effect! Zhou Weiqing was extremely familiar with it and realised so in a heartbeat. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Rooaarr! The Icy Soul Heavenly Beast gave an angry roar, its two front paws striking down once again causing a huge explosive sound. Like an angry wave, snow slammed towards Mu En, and Zhou Weiqing could clearly see that there was a trace of blood where Mu En had struck the Icy Soul Heavenly Beast. Teacher’s arrow actually injured it?

After Mu En had shot off that arrow, he had instantly moved. His stature was short and thin, and moving with such agility in the snow, just like a snow monkey, and he had disappeared amidst the snow; even Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er who had their eyes trained on him did not know how he disappeared.

The Icy Soul Heavenly Bear’s attack naturally did not land on Mu En as well, yet his successful attack had enraged the Heavenly Beast, and a bright angry light shone forth from its icy blue eyes. Its large body seemed to shrink downwards a little, then in the next instant, it leaped forth; its huge body seemed to blur into a shadow as it closed the 100 yard gap in an instant; as it passed by, those surviving trees that hadn’t been destroyed by the earlier attacks were blown into smithereens. As its charge ended, it straightened its body, its paws filled with a strong blue light before it slammed down onto the ground once more.

A surprising scene once again entered Shangguan Bing’er and Zhou Weiqing’s eyes. Just as the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear slammed down onto the ground with a huge roaring sound, an uncountable number of huge ice shards flew up into the air from the ground in a 50 yard radius from its body.

These ice shards were all at least 3 metres long, gleaming and sharp at the ends. Without a doubt, any creature in that radius would have its body pierced by the rising shards.

Obviously, the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear had also lost track of Mu En, but its lunge had instantly closed the gap and brought it to where Mu En had been earlier before it launched such an area of effect attack, the goal was to kill off the sneaky Mu En in a single strike.

Such power! Zhou Weiqing thought to himself, while Shangguan Bing’er had to hold onto her own mouth to prevent herself from crying out in surprise.

As the bear’s immense strength burst forth, an incredibly terrifying aura filled the area as the gleaming sharp ice shards jutted out from the ground. However, Mu En was still nowhere to be found, and it was clear that he had not been struck by the attack.

Just as the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear had struck out with that powerful blow, the other members of the Heavenly Bow Unit once again started their assault. This time, all of them attacked at once, as arrows, red light, dark shadows all flew from all directions towards the angry beast. Their targets were all onto its eyes and ears. Without a doubt, at their current levels of strength, these 2 weak points were the only way they could possibly take down the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear.

Another angry roar resounded from the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear, as it tried to spin its body away. However, these arrows seemed to have eyes, no matter how quickly it moved and dodged, they seemed to remain targeted and landing on its eyes and ears. Despite having the energy shield, the attacks still greatly restricted its vision and hearing.

Right at that moment, another Wuu Wuu cyclone sound rang out once more, and as if seizing the opportunity that the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear was rearing up to defend its head, a mass of black light slammed right into the lower ‘parts’ of the bear. A huge explosion rang out once again, and even with the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear’s huge body, it had no choice but to stagger back.

Just a while ago, the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear had still been roaring furiously, but when this arrow struck, it was instantly silenced, its eyes bulging out as it did a very human-like action of shielding its private parts. It’s mouth was gaped open, but it was as if something was stuck inside, and it was unable to make a sound.

Shangguan Bing’er, who was in Zhou Weiqing’s arms, gave a light humph, blushing slightly as she turned her head around not willing to look. Zhou Weiqing, on the other hand, was staring at the scene with his eyes bulged out like the bear, dumfounded. He had suddenly realised that the members of the Heavenly Bow Unit had insisted on attacking the eyes and ears of the bear as a feint, causing it to place more emphasis on defending its head, all in preparation for this arrow of Mu En’s.

Actually striking the weak point like that… the private parts of the bear… such a place… even if the arrow was blocked by this shield, the explosive impact alone would give the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear something to think about. Rascally… roguish… vulgar… they actually shot that area!

All of a sudden, Zhou Weiqing felt something in his bosom moving, and a furry little head popped out, giving a discontented cry. It was naturally the little white tiger, Fat Cat.

The little fellow had been really thirsty for sleep these few days, it still did not eat anything, and had been sleeping soundly inside of Zhou Weiqing’s shirt all this while, causing Zhou Weiqing to almost forget all about it. When he had been hugging Shangguan Bing’er, he had naturally squashed the poor little thing, causing it to awake now and poking its head out to proclaim its discontent. Its cute little paws popped out, grabbing onto Zhou Weiqing’s shoulder, as it squeezed its way out and onto the shoulder. As it plopped down comfortably on the shoulder, it saw the strange look of the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear using its paws to cover its privates, unable to cry out.

The strange thing was that, even the attacks of the Heavenly Bow Unit members had stopped, and there was a strange silence in the woods.

“Aooouuuuu!!” A strange, wolf-like cry rang out from its mouth. For a bear to cry out like a wolf, one could only imagine how much pain it was in.

The Icy Soul Heavenly Bear was indeed in much pain. After stiffening for a moment, it gave forth the wretched cry and in the next moment, its original icy blue eyes turned blood red, and a berserked aura seem to spring forth from its body, mixed with a blue green light, as if a fountain blowing out suddenly. Its body was like a huge tornado, smashing everything within its reach. Even though Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er were more than 200 yards away, they could still feel the life threatening pressure and aura that seemed to be coming closer.

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    Poor bear, I feel your pain...aahhh this type of attack is just unfair! Any guy would react like that.

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    All is fair in love and war but....damn! Low blow.

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