13.79% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 117: Stars Rating (3)

Chapter 117: Stars Rating (3)

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“Yesterday, when I asked Bing’er to show me her skills, I did a simple rating of her abilities. Amongst Bing’er’s two Physical Jewel Consolidated Equipment, her Silent Tracking Arrow can be considered 3 Stars. Alas, as a Consolidated Equipments, its use to her will gradually reduce.”

“As for the Wind Wielding Boots, it is at least 6 Stars. If Bing’er reaches at least the 9 Jeweled Upper Zong Stage, she could possibly even make use of it to fly. With the addition of the socket it has, her Wind Wielding Boots can even be ranked at 7 Stars, and is definitely a great piece of equipment for Wind Attribute Heavenly Jewel Masters. As for her first Elemental Jewel’s Skill, Wind Blades, it is only a 2 Star Skill and its growth rate is rather weak. Luckily, it is just her first Elemental Jewel.”

Listening to Hua Feng’s words, everyone turned to look at Zhou Weiqing. He blinked and shrank back in his seat warily: “Why are all of you staring at me?”

Luo Ke Di grinned and said: “Of course it’s to look at your skills and equipment to rate them!” Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Hua Feng said with a serious expression: “Little Wei, although you are already a member of the Heavenly Bow Unit, I will not force you to reveal your secrets. However, I do hope that you will be able to let us understand your power; this will allow us to better coordinate during fights. Admiral Zhou sent you here to the Heavenly Bow Unit to train, and I trust that you understand that he trusts us implicitly. The Heavenly Bow Unit will always be the protector of Heavenly Bow Empire.”

Zhou Weiqing looked at Shangguan Bing’er, then at Mu En, who shrugged and said helplessly: “Let them see it then, curiosity killed the cat, I hope their hearts are able to take it. Hmph!” Luo Ke Di said exasperatedly: “Old scoundrel, stop bragging, would it kill you not to brag? I, Your Father, have a very strong heart.”

Mu En did not even retort, just giving him a cold smile.

An hour later, the speeding horse chariot’s back door suddenly opened. A figure flew out of the carriage, or more accurately, it had been kicked out.

Luo Ke Di’s angry voice came from within the carriage: “Who’s the disgusting one 1! You’re the most disgusting one! Ahhhhhh!! My poor heart! I can’t stand it anymore, envy, jealousy, hatred!!!”

Without question, the poor soul who had been kicked off the horse carriage was Zhou Weiqing. After they had gone through Rating all of his skills, the entire carriage was filled with the sounds of rapid beating hearts, even Mu En was no exception. What followed was him being kicked out of the carriage, with the excuse being that he needed to strengthen his physique, needing more training and exercise…

“This is clearly just jealousy!!!” Zhou Weiqing cried out with a depressed look on his face, as he ran for his life after the carriage, the heavy Black Dawn Bow on his back.

When Zhou Weiqing had revealed his Alexandrite Cat’s Eye, a strange atmosphere grew in the carriage. Gao Shen who was drinking water spat it all out onto Han Mo’s face; Hua Feng momentarily forgot he was in the carriage and stood up in surprise, hitting his head on the roof; Han Mo’s jaw dropped, causing him to drink some of the water which Gao Shen had spat on him, and was still retching. Luo Ke Di had given himself a slap, as he had been unable to believe his own eyes; he did not control his own strength properly and the right half of his face was still swollen.

When Zhou Weiqing revealed his skills one after the other, besides Shangguan Bing’er, the rest of the members’ faces twitched. If not for the fact that their cultivation levels were high, perhaps they would have gotten a stroke there and then. Under such a circumstance, how could Zhou Weiqing not get kicked off the carriage…

In the end, his final Stars Rating were as follows.

The Overlord Bow was rated with 7 Stars, with the addition of the socket, it was 8 Stars.

As for his Stored Skills of his Elemental Jewel, the Fetters of Wind was Rated 8 Stars, Lightning Explosive Palm 7 Stars, Blink 9 Stars due to it being a life saving skill, Touch of Darkness 8 Stars. Both the Devour Skill and Absolute Delay were not ranked, as even the Heavenly Bow Unit members weren’t able to properly determine it.

According to Hua Feng, Zhou Weiqing’s first jewel had Stored Skills which were probably better than all of Admiral Zhou’s skills!

For quite a long period of time after that, a bizarre sight could be witnessed within the Fei Li Empire – a lavish carriage would be racing forward, while a young man in ragged clothes would wildly chase after it without pause.

Twenty Days Later.

The North Border of Fei Li Empire.

“Do you see the patch of snow-covered forest just ahead? Our mission today is to hunt and kill a Zong Stage Heavenly Beast, called the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear, which lives in this forest. After killing it, we have to retrieve its nucleus core, fur, palms and gallbladder.”

“What is the nucleus core?” Zhou Weiqing asked. Currently, his skin was obviously a lot more tanned than before, but he seemed a lot more energetic than before.

Since yesterday, Zhou Weiqing had finally been allowed to stop running and he had also been able to change into a fresh set of clothes. Having run all the way since they entered the Fei Li Empire, his entire outlook seemed different, more vigorous and energetic, and he seemed to have grown even taller as well. Although he still had his honest simple look, his eyes would occasionally gleam with a light that displayed a strong ability.

After running crazily for 20 days, the greatest benefit he had was the surprising amount of Heavenly Energy cultivated. As the energy whirlpools of the five Death Acupuncture Points constantly drew in energy from the atmosphere to replenish his rapidly used energy, they sped up to their maximum. The Immortal Deity Technique was originally already a lot faster than ordinary cultivation techniques, and with this increase in speed while running, Zhou Weiqing could feel that his fifth level of Heavenly Energy was starting to stir restlessly, as if on the verge of breaking through the first Death Acupuncture Point of the second portion. With the experience from the first portion of the Immortal Deity Technique at hand, Zhou Weiqing could sense vaguely that the first Death Acupuncture Point of every portion was the easiest to assault, yet the toughest to break through successfully. After all, didn’t he almost die while attempting to breakthrough the Clavicle Death Acupuncture Point?

Besides the benefit of the increase in Heavenly Energy, there were 2 other benefits. First of all, it allowed his Physical Jewel’s Strength boost to properly integrate with his body. Besides his Demonic Right Leg, which was already fully integrated, his Physical Jewel’s strength boost had a marked improvement in integration with his body, and as soon as he focused his will, he was able to bring forth the strength, and wasn’t as stiff and inflexible as before.

Mu En was beside Zhou Weiqing, and he said: “The nucleus core appears only in Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts and above. After all, Heavenly Beasts also have Heavenly Energy, and in essence, there isn’t much difference from our own Heavenly Energy. Once they have reached the Zong Stage, they are able to form a Neidan, which is what we call the nucleus core. The nucleus core can be used by a Jewel Master of the same attribute, which can assist in speeding up cultivation, and also aiding in in the success of breaking through and forming of new Jewels. Another usage for nucleus core includes usage in socketed Consolidated Equipment. Not only can the sockets on the Consolidated Equipment be used to socket (contain) Elemental Jewels, they can also socket nucleus cores of the same attribute. For example, you can socket a Strength Attribute Heavenly Beast’s nucleus core in your Overlord Bow, and it would increase the power of the bow. Furthermore, since the nucleus cores are able to absorb energy from the atmosphere to replenish themselves, they are not easily destroyed, and when you do not need them, you can easily remove them from the socket.”

When Zhou Weiqing heard that, a light gleamed in his eyes: “That’s so useful! What are we waiting for, let’s get a few more!”

Mu En said angrily: “Fool! Quiet, don’t throw our faces again!”

Besides Hua Feng, the other members stared at Zhou Weiqing like a fool. Ever since they knew of his attributes, these few fellows showed him what jealousy was like, and seized every chance they had to use words against him.

Luo Ke Di said sarcastically: “Get a few more? Do you think they drop from the heavens? That we can just get them as we wish? Do you know how dangerous Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts are? Even with your father’s power, facing a Zong Stage Heavenly Beast, even if he is of the proper attribute opposing it, he will only be barely able to defeat a Low Level Zong Stage Beast. Why else do you think all of us came?”

Hua Feng said: “Alright, enough. Let’s get ready to take action. According to our employer, there are at least 20 Icy Soul Heavenly Bears living in this forest. Mu En, you protect Little Wei. Bing’er, you stay by my side. Let’s go.”

As he said that, he walked to the side of the horse carriage, and pressed something at the side. Suddenly, two hidden drawers popped out of the two sides with a metallic grinding sound, and it was filled with various things.

As the members of the Heavenly Bow Unit quickly changed and geared up, soon all of them were outfitted with an additional maroon leather armor. The leather armor did not just protect their upper body, it also covered the joint areas and some critical weak points, including a helmet. At the same time, each of them carried two bows, with a large quiver on the back. For Hua Feng, Luo Ke Di and Mu En, their quivers held about 200 arrows, but for Han Mo and Gao Shen, their quiver was practically filled to the brim, covering their entire back. From a rough estimate, Zhou Weiqing thought there was at least 500 arrows in each of their quivers. Below the quiver, there was a pouch of water and rations.

As soon as they had finished equipping themselves, the lazy looking bunch of the Heavenly Bow Unit turned business-like, with a cold aura emitting from them.

As Zhou Weiqing stood beside Shangguan Bing’er watching, he could feel a sense of bloodlust rising in him as they wore the leather armor, feeling a strange sense of arrogance invading him.

Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er did not have the specially crafted quiver, and they both carried four ordinary quivers totalling 200 arrows as well as some additional stores.

The seven of them stealthily entered the forest, which was already considered part of the border between the Wan Shou Empire.

“Teacher, what are the leather armor you are wearing made of? Why does it give off such a strange feeling?” Zhou Weiqing asked curiously.

Mu En grinned and said: “Foolish little brat, these are unbelievable treasure, made of dragon hide.”

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes opened wide as he exclaimed: “Dragonhide?? Are there really dragons in the world?”

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    Its nice to finally see a novel where everything isnt a secret and the mc doesnt have to be overly protective with his mc quality ****

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    Yea, it's so damn refreshing~

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    More like it’s finally nice to see there aren’t a lot of stupid and super greedy bastards that will betray people left and right and going after mc. Yet.

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