14.38% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 122: Fat Cat has become a huge Fat Cat (2)

Chapter 122: Fat Cat has become a huge Fat Cat (2)

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“Wuuu” The Icy Soul Heavenly Bear King’s large body stood upright, its front paws held to its chest, as it did a rather human-like action of paying respect to Fat Cat. The other 3 bears did the same thing, and after doing so, they slowly walked forward, no longer any enmity in their movements.

Fat Cat lifted the paw from the two little bears, turning around and looking at Zhou Weiqing, who was still struggling to gain control of his body. Once again, two bright white lights shot forth from Fat Cat’s eyes into Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, and instantly, he felt two warm currents from his eyes to his Dantian, and the bloodthirsty, violent feelings started vanishing like snow in the summer, and the black tiger tattoos on his skin also started disappearing.

Shangguan Bing’er, at the side, was totally stunned. She had originally thought that both of them would perish here in the snow, even when Zhou Weiqing had entered the Demonic Change state, that thought never changed. Against four Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts, what that would only prolong their deaths.

However, what happened after, gave her the clear example that in this world, anything was indeed possible.

The four large bear heads squeezed together, nudging the two little bears on the ground, issuing soft cries at them. At the side, Fat Cat stood with head held high, proudly ignoring the four large Icy Soul Heavenly Bears.

After a while, it seemed like the four bears had sufficient intimacy and contact with their children, and the Bear King picked up the two little bears, placing them before Fat Cat, before placing its own head in the snow before Fat Cat in a kowtow position as well. After it got up, it gave another weak cry, which Fat Cat replied with a light roar. The Bear King looked for a while more at the two little bears, before leading the other 3 Bears away reluctantly.

Zhou Weiqing had finally regained control of his body and senses, and seeing that the four bears had not only moved off, but even left their children behind, he couldn’t help but stare in stupefication at the huge white tiger, Fat Cat. This fellow, being able to scare off four Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts, how strong was it?!

Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but swallow a large gulp of saliva, remembering to himself how he used to bully it when he was bored. Now that it had become a large Fat Cat…

Just as Zhou Weiqing was thinking nervously to himself, Fat Cat had brought the two little bears back towards him, placing them in his arms.

Zhou Weiqing subconsciously held them, but just at that instant, Fat Cat’s huge body pounced right at him.

Has the time for revenge come so soon? Zhou Weiqing involuntarily took a step back, but just before the pouncing Fat Cat reached him, its body shrank back down in midair, before finally landing lightly on his shoulders and dropping back down into his arms, wriggling till it found a warm comfortable spot. The two little bears were already snug in Zhou Weiqing’s outer clothing, and Fat Cat’s arrival pushed them away to the side.

Looking down at the cute little thing in his arms, with only half its head poking out, eyes closed and back asleep, Zhou Weiqing could hardly match it with the terrifying King of the Beasts that scared off four Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts earlier.

Shangguan Bing’er walked over to Zhou Weiqing’s side, giving him an incredulous look: “What just happened?!”

Zhou Weiqing said helplessly: “I’m not sure myself. Fat Cat this little thing can actually turn so huge, now we know for sure it’s definitely a Heavenly Beast. No matter whether what its current strength is, we can be certain that it has an unbelievable talent and should grow up to to be extremely powerful. If not, it wouldn’t have been able to scare off the Icy Soul Heavenly Bears. Oh well, whatever, it’s good to be alive! Heh heh! That’s called character! Bing’er didn’t you realise? Your husband has such awesome character, able to turn misfortune into something auspicious. Wahaha!”

Shangguan Bing’er rolled her eyes at him, thinking to herself: This little rascal has a very resilient mental state; if it were anyone else, they’d probably have been scared to death or tangled up in wondering what its origin is. Instead, he was being all smug about it, and not even forgetting to take advantage of me. However, she was growing to like his forthright way more and more. Although he was still rather dirty and roguish, at least he was very real. “Let’s wake up the Senior’s and quickly leave this place.”

“Err…” Only then Zhou Weiqing awaken and remember the members of the Heavenly Bow Unit fainted at the side. To say that he was totally oblivious and not surprised or frightened by the day’s events, that was definitely impossible, after all he had stared at death in the face. However, his ability to tune his emotions were unparalleled, and he recovered really quickly.

Two years later. Stars Forest, Heavenly Bow Unit Camp.

“Mu En!! Zhou Weiqing!! You two as*holes! If you have the guts, don’t run!!” A shrill, angry cry rang out, and a yellow shadowy figure charged out from a wooden house in the camp.

It was a lady, looking about 30 years of age, and her beautiful features were distorted by a look of absolute fury on her face. Her hair was still wet, but her right hand was holding a kitchen cleaver, and she looked as if she were an erupting volcano. However, the courtyard was already empty, and her targets were nowhere to be found.

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“Hua Feng! Get out here right now! I can’t stand it anymore!” The lady shouted angrily, her formidable bosom heaving as she did so, causing an impressive sight.

“Sigh, those two rascals, they can’t give us any peace.” Hua Feng said helplessly as he walked out of his house, looking at the angry wet-haired lady and said: “Little grass, calm down. Don’t you know Mu En’s temperament by now?”

Little Grass looked at Hua Feng, her expression growing a lot gentler. “Brother Feng, I can’t stand it anymore. It’s already the 12th time this year. I can’t even take a shower in peace any longer. What sort of rubbish is that old Scoundrel Mu En spouting? He even dare tries to justify it by saying he is training that young scoundrel Zhou Weiqing’s eyesight and counting how many hairs I have? If not for the fact I can’t defeat him, I’d have beaten him to death now. I don’t care, you better give me some accountability now. One old scoundrel was already enough of a headache, now with this young scoundrel who has even surpassed his master. Over these two years, you can ask everyone, who hasn’t been tortured by these 2 fellows!?”

“Little Grass, all your complaints are useless. Don’t you know that your brother Hua Feng has been bribed?” A strange and ghostly voice sounded out. Another beautiful lady walked out from a nearby wooden house. She was about 1.75m tall, with a head full of pink hair flowing behind her back, with fine and attractive features. The problem was, she was flat-chested and had something that most women did not have – an Adam’s Apple.

Hua Feng said exasperatedly: “Yi Shi, Little Grass is already angry enough, stop stirring her up further. Mu En and Little Wei might overdo things sometimes, but it’s his own unique style of teaching.”

Yi Shi gave a cold humph, giving a Lan Hua gesture 1: “Boss, they didn’t just offend Little Grass, they even dared peek at me when I was bathing.”

Hua Feng couldn’t help but bust out laughing: “I still remember that day clearly. Little Wei is definitely still far from his teacher, he grew a needle in his eye 2 the next day. After that, he never dared to offend you again.”

Little Grass gave another angry humph, saying: “Don’t mention that little as*hole Zhou Weiqing! When Bing’er is around, he’s always acts so good and honest, and as soon as she leaves to Store Skills, he turns into a scoundrel and a rogue, he literally becomes Mu En and Luo Ke Di combined! Anyway, I don’t care, if you don’t solve this problem, I’ll sneak into your bed every night.”

Yi Shi giggled and said: “Little Grass, aren’t you just finding an excuse to do that? You’ve been wanting to sneak into his bed for years. This sister supports you!”

Little Grass said angrily: “You damn transvestite, get lost! I, Your Mother 3 hate transvestites the most!”

Yi Shi gave a humph and said: “Even though your Brother Feng isn’t a transvestite, but he likes men. What’s the big difference between a homosexual and a transvestite?”

Little Grass twisted her mouth and said: “It’s just a matter of preference. At least Brother Feng is still a real man.”

Just as that moment, a young girl walked in from outside, hearing the exchange between the few of them, and sighing inwardly to herself. Our Heavenly Bow Unit truly doesn’t contain any normal people, a bunch of weirdos.

The young girl was rather tall, about 1.7m in height, with a head full of ocean blue hair flowing behind her, and a youthful aura. Her perfectly proportioned figure was still young and not fully ripe, but her fresh beauty was even more alluring. Her pair of pale green eyes were filled with grace and a brilliant, attractive light. “Bing’er, you’re finally back.”

“If you didn’t come back, I would have gone over to kill your husband now.” On seeing the girl, Little Grass sprang over and gave her a big hug.

Indeed, this young girl who who had returned from the outside was Shangguan Bing’er. After these 2 years, she was now 18 years old, and was in the prime of a girl’s life. As for Little Grass, she was the lady mentioned by Mu En previously, the Earth Attribute Elemental Jewel Master who was in love with Hua Feng. Her temper was fiery, and besides Hua Feng who she treated very gently, her temper often erupted like a volcano. Strangely, though she was always against Zhou Weiqing, but she was very close to Shangguan Bing’er.

Shangguan Bing’er said helplessly: “I… haven’t married him yet, what do you mean husband. Little Grass Sis, if Little Fatty angered you again, I’ll apologise on his behalf. That rascal! Although his mouth is rather bad, his heart is still quite good.”

Little Grass rolled her eyes and said: “Enough. I’m not talking about his character anymore, you’re already poisoned by love. Sigh… for this point, you and your sister are the same.” As she said that, she glanced bitterly at Hua Feng, causing him to shiver slightly.

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  • RNGsus


    Holy G-sus. I thought it was a typo for 2 days later. But it actually is 2 years later 😂

  • Crastinus


    I RARELY see homosexual depicted in novels here in qidian. It's a miracle! I wanna see him have his own love. The legit thing, not the onesided thing. And not with a girl. P.S. I still laugh thinking Hua Feng is inlove with Wei's father. Hahahaha. Wei, call him almost-stepmom. Hahaha.😂😂😂

  • Tygon


    Two year time skip, that means that we're closer to the wedding.

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