14.26% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 121: Fat Cat has become a huge Fat Cat (1)

Chapter 121: Fat Cat has become a huge Fat Cat (1)

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As the yellow light reached almost 10 metres tall, it brought along snow and ice as it came crashing down towards them, the shock it brought was indescribable. All of them quickly leaped into the air, trying to avoid it from above. Alas, the attack was too quick, and Hua Feng who was in front was struck and knocked back, lapsing into unconsciousness while still in midair. The other members of the Heavenly Bow Unit proved to be of no exception. Although it was easy for them to leap more than 10 metres high, the problem was that the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear King’s paws had struck down, causing the entire earth to reverberate strongly, and they did not have proper footing when they jumped.

Luo Ke Di had only reached 5 metres before being swallowed by the Mother Earth’s Roar, while Gao Shen and Han Mo were only slightly better. Mu En fared the worst, as he was attempting to return to Shangguan Bing’er and Zhou Weiqing, and did not even manage to get far above the ground before he was enveloped.

Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er had been standing at a relatively further distance, and when the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear King had charged forth, they were slightly further away, and Zhou Weiqing managed to make use of the advantage of youth – fast reflexes.

The memory of the previous ice spikes was still fresh in his mind, and as soon as he saw the Icy Soul Heavenly Bears charging forth, he had grabbed Shangguan Bing’er and circulated all his Heavenly Energy into his right leg, and slammed the ground savagely with it as hard as he could. His leg struck the ground at almost the same time as the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear King, and together with Shangguan Bing’er in his arms, it sent them 15 metres into the air, barely avoiding the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear King’s shocking full-powered hit.

As the saying goes, there is a limit to human strength sometimes. The members of the Heavenly Bow Unit had created many miracles of beating stronger, more powerful foes with much weaker strength, no matter being their strategy, combat experience, or the cooperation they had working together, it was already at the peak of what their personal strength could allow. If not for that, just pitting strength against strength on paper, the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear should have easily wiped out the whole team.

However, when the four Icy Soul Heavenly Bears appeared, they knew they had no chance of winning. Furthermore, that Icy Soul Heavenly Bear King had went berserk so quickly and used its full strength upon seeing them, and they did not even have the opportunity to plan or make use of any of their skills. Although that blow did not heavily injure them, the stunning effect of the Mother Earth’s Roar had caused them to fly back around a hundred yards, all unconscious.

Four Pairs of enraged and bloodthirsty eyes locked upon the midair Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er. However, in the next instant, the four pairs of eyes also narrowed a little, and they did not launch an attack surprisingly.

As Zhou Weiqing had circulated all his Heavenly Energy into his Demonic Right Leg, his aura had burst forth uncontrollably, and sensing that terrifying aura, the four Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts hesitated momentarily.

Among the four powerful Icy Soul Heavenly Beasts, besides the larger Icy Soul Heavenly Bear King, the other three were also no smaller than the one they had killed, and they were the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear King’s wives.

They had all originally belonged to a much larger community of Icy Soul Heavenly Bears, and the Bear King was actually the younger brother of the leader of their tribe. It had attempted to challenge for the position of leader and lost, and was thus exiled from their community, and they had ended up here. It must be known that, to survive a failed challenge, it was a testament to how powerful this Bear King was. Not even counting the the members of the Heavenly Bow Unit, even Zhou Weiqing’s father Admiral Zhou would have a tough time dealing with that blow just now.

We’re screwed. Although Zhou Weiqing had successfully dodged the first strike with Shangguan Bing’er, the words couldn’t help but appear in their minds. They wouldn’t even be able to handle a single Icy Soul Heavenly Bear, let alone four!

“Bing’er, run quick, I’ll try to block them as long as I can.” As he said that, Zhou Weiqing was about to throw Shangguan Bing’er as far as he could. With her dual agility Jewels and her Wind Wielding Boots, she might actually have a small chance of escaping.

However, before he could throw her, Shangguan Bing’er grabbed onto his shirt and said: “Little Fatty, do you think I’m a person who fears death? I’m already yours, if we have to die, we’ll die together.”

Zhou Weiqing looked at the determination in Shangguan Bing’er’s eyes as both of them landed down on the ground at the same time. He was originally feeling afraid of dying, but looking into her eyes, seeing the despair in her eyes, he felt as if the blood in his body started boiling.

The black tiger tattoos appeared all over his body as his eyes turned bloodshot once again. His right hand let go of Shangguan Bing’er as a violent and bloodthirsty aura burst forth from him, and the black King word appeared on his forehead once again, while his bones seemed to break out in sound. Despite being in this land of ice and snow, Zhou Weiqing felt his body heating up, as if a fiery core was exploding forth from within.

Is this the demonic change again? I do not want to lose consciousness! I want to be awake! I want to control it by myself! Stimulated by the despair in Shangguan Bing’er’s eyes, Zhou Weiqing had fallen deep into the Demonic Change State, as an evil air about ten times thicker than earlier surrounded him. Despite that, he kept chanting those words in his mind.

It could clearly be seen that the snow around Zhou Weiqing was rapidly turning grey and disappearing, and this effect seemed to slowly broaden in a circle around him.

As compared to the Icy Soul Heavenly Bears, his aura was not especially strong, but it gave these four Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts a sense of danger.

Especially the bloodshot eyes and the black ‘King’ on his forehead, it actually caused them to awaken from their frenzied states.

The little white tiger which had been standing on Zhou Weiqing’s shoulders all this while had a gleam in its eyes, and it seemed to take in rapid deep breaths, as if the evil aura around Zhou Weiqing was its favourite food.

As Zhou Weiqing’s body seemed to dip down, his muscles were tuned by the Demonic Change into perfect condition, reaching almost three times his normal strength. At the same time, he was also able to flawlessly use his Heavenly Energy and skills with impeccable efficiency. As long as he had sufficient Heavenly Energy to sustain himself, he would be able to continuously use all his skills infinitely.

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Alas, these four Icy Soul Heavenly Bears were not the weak little Forest Direwolves that he had originally met. Despite the sense of danger that Zhou Weiqing’s evil aura brought to them, they would not easily back down. Their children’s’ death had caused much rage and depression, and they continued moving towards Zhou Weiqing slowly. Even under the Demonic Change state, Zhou Weiqing was still just too weak in comparison to the four bears. Without question, as soon as they launched their attacks, Zhou Weiqing would be torn to shreds.

Right as this moment, the little white tiger on Zhou Weiqing’s shoulder suddenly moved, and the four cute baby pink paws pressed down on him as it sprang forth. Zhou Weiqing, who was originally losing control of his own mind, suddenly felt clarity return, but almost in the next instant, his bloodshot pupils shrank in surprise.

As the little white tiger Fat Cat leaped away from Zhou Weiqing’s shoulder, it’s body seemed to expand out quickly, by the time it landed silently on the ground, it had actually became a 3 metre long, 1.3 metre tall immense white tiger. Its deep blue eyes giving forth a shining lustre, and as Fat Cat raised its head, it gave a proud roar.

As the roar rang throughout the forest, there was a shocked silence. Zhou Weiqing felt a strange strength sparked within his body, and he spread his arms, puffing out his chest and a ear shattering roar issued from his mouth as well.

It was another tiger’s roar, simple, thick and clear, while the white tiger’s was loud sharper, and excited. The two roars, one low and one high, they complemented each other, showing the incomparable power and majesty of the king of the jungle.

Looking at Fat Cat’s huge body appearing in front of them suddenly, the four Icy Soul Heavenly Bears stopped in surprise. Besides the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear King, the other 3 revealed a look of fear in their eyes, and when Zhou Weiqing roared together with Fat Cat, even the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear King’s body shrank back a little; although its eyes were still fierce, it no longer seemed as wild as before.

Roaarrr. As its roar ended, Fat Cat gave another low roar, this time, turning around to Zhou Weiqing, swiping its claws at his shirt, and pulling the two little bears out, putting them onto the ground.

The two little bears were covered with a layer of grey, their little bodies trembling as if suffering much pain.

Fat Cat’s eyes suddenly turned a crystal white colour, and two bright white lights shot forth from its eyes, striking both little bears respectively and clearing the grey mist around them. The two little bears stopped struggling.

The next moment, Fat Cat lifted a large paw and placed it atop the two little bears, its head turning back towards the four Icy Soul Heavenly Bears, issuing another low roar, as if saying something.

After the series of low roars, Fat Cat’s head turned towards the north, and the white in its eyes receded, turning back to its usual blue color. However, its eyes also turned cold and deadly, as a killing aura rose from its body.

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