16.27% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 138: Silver Emperor (1)

Chapter 138: Silver Emperor (1)

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Below the Spatial Attribute Skill were the descriptions for the 3 Wind Attribute Skills.

Illusionary Duplicates: Using the Wind Attribute to instantly bring forth several duplicate images. User is able to instantly swap positions amongst the duplicates. Number of duplicates and time they last depends on cultivation level.

Silver Emperor Wing Slash: Extremely strong destructive capabilities. Coupled with Spatial Rend to become the Dual Attribute Skill Silver Emperor Spatial Rend, which is nigh invincible. Destructive capability depends on cultivation level.

Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce: Able to warp into a silver point, instantly piercing through anything. At the same time, moving at 300% speed. This is a skill that can be used for both offense and defense, and the Silver Emperor uses it for both attacking and fleeing.

After looking at the skills descriptions, a chill ran down Zhou Weiqing’s spine. Although this Silver Emperor did not have many skills, but they were all unbelievably destructive and powerful. The scariest thing was, this unassuming little fellow was actually a violent bird which fed on brains!

Wind and Spatial Attributes! Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but feel an itch in his heart. Without a doubt, the Silver Emperor’s skills were extremely powerful. Without a doubt, the only Spatial Skill – the Spatial Rend, was something he had to Store! As for the other three Wind Attribute skills, they were also extremely attractive to Zhou Weiqing. As the two middle aged men outside had said, it was extremely rare to find a King Stage Heavenly Beast! Now that he had met one, he would definitely not waste the opportunity.

However, each Skill Storing try cost 100,000 gold coins, and Zhou Weiqing did not bear to spend so much. Furthermore, amongst his three Elemental Jewels, he had already Stored 2 Wind Attribute Skills, and only had one Jewel available for Storing Wind Attribute Skills from the Silver Emperor.

After some thought, Zhou Weiqing said to himself: I shall not care so much and leave it to chance. I’ll just try to Store the Spatial Rend skill first. After that, I’ll see if the recovery rate of the Immortal Deity Technique is sufficient to allow me Store a second Skill, and if so, I’ll just try for another Wind Attribute Skill. After all, any of the three Wind Attribute Skills of the Silver Emperor is great, and I can leave the other 2 for my 4th and 5th Jewel.

As such, Zhou Weiqing raised his left hand, removing the Concealing effect of his ring and revealing his Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Elemental Jewel. As there was no sunlight, it looked like a brilliant blue-green Cat’s Eye Jewel, gleaming in the dim torch light.

The attribute wheel spinning to the silver area under Zhou Weiqing’s control, the second Jewel floated into his palm and he pressed it down with a silvery glow onto the Silver Emperor’s forehead.

He still remembered his first foray in the Flying Hill City’s Skill Storing Palace clearly, and the key to his success there. To ensure a better time this round, he circulated Heavenly Energy into his right leg, ensuring the unique aura of the black winged tiger was on full blast.

The moment Zhou Weiqing’s left palm touched the Silver Emperor’s forehead, the Sealed Silver Emperor shuddered involuntarily and its eyes opened wide suddenly.

Looking into the Silver Emperor’s eyes, Zhou Weiqing almost lost control of his senses. Its eyes were milky white, with only a hint of grey where the pupils were supposed to be. In that instant when it opened its eyes, a terrifyingly strong aura of death exploded forth from its body. It felt extremely different from the evil, overbearing aura of Zhou Weiqing’s, instead having an icy cold feeling of death and desolation, as its eyes locked coldly onto Zhou Weiqing.

With a flash of silver light, Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy surged forth in a huge wave from his body, as he circulated it into his left palm and into the Silver Emperor to begin the Skill Storing. However, things didn’t go as he expected. Unlike the previous times when he Skill Stored the Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts, Zhou Weiqing was stunned to find that his Heavenly Energy was unable to enter the Silver Emperor’s body no matter how much he tried, and he was not able to continue Skill Storing. It was as if his Heavenly Energy was blocked by a barrier of strange power. As for the Silver Emperor, it was staring at him coldly, without any of the fear that the Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts displayed.

What Zhou Weiqing did not know was that for the Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts he had Skill Stored, they had actually been afraid of not just the aura of the black pearl’s original owner, but also its Devour Skill, fearing they would be Devoured to death. However, for the Silver Emperor in front of him now, not only was it an entire stage higher, it was also unique in the sense that its Spatial Rend ability would counter the Devour Skill, and it was one of the rare Heavenly Beasts which were not too afraid of such a skill. This was one of the true strengths of the Silver Emperor – no matter how powerful a skill was, as long as it wasn’t able to overcome the Spatial Rend, it was totally useless against the Silver Emperor. Even with its current status being sealed and imprisoned, it was even more difficult to Skill Store from it compared to perhaps even a Emperor Stage Heavenly Beast with a higher cultivation level!

Just as Zhou Weiqing was feeling disbelief and gloom in his heart, the hope in his heart turning cold, a low roar suddenly sounded out from his arms.

In a flash of white light, Fat Cat appeared all of a sudden in front of the Silver Emperor. Its deep purple eyes focused straight at the Silver Emperor’s eyes, its low roar instantly attracting the Silver Emperor’s gaze.

The moment it saw Fat Cat appear, the Silver Emperor’s body convulsed once more, its entire body shivering as its eyes contracted in shock, and a soft keening issued from its mouth, sounding rather urgent and pleading, as if begging for help.

Fat Cat roared lightly once again, shaking its head at the Silver Emperor. The hope which had sprung up in its eyes was extinguished, and as the light in its eyes dimmed, Zhou Weiqing felt the barrier which had been blocking his Heavenly Energy vanished, and in the next instant, without him doing anything, a cold mass of energy welled up into his hand, entering his second Elemental Jewel in his palm.

Not only that, as the gust of cold shot through Zhou Weiqing’s body and incited his Jewels, he suddenly felt his senses blur for a moment, and in the next instant, the attribute wheel which was originally at the silver area suddenly moved to the green area, and a feathery light feeling entered him. The second Elemental Jewel in his palm was quickly replaced with the third Elemental Jewel, and he suddenly felt a Skill being Stored upon it as well – a Wind Attribute Skill!

What was going on? Zhou Weiqing was filled with shock. To him, he felt as if he had been trying to seduce a girl, and ending up getting ‘raped’ by her instead! The Silver Emperor had actually forced its Skills onto him and Storing them onto his Elemental Jewels! The strength of a King Stage Heavenly Beast was not something that could be explained by common logic.

Before Zhou Weiqing could react, his third Elemental Jewel had completed Storing, and returned back to his wrist in a bright flash of light, resuming its silent revolving.

Fat Cat gave another low roar, this time sounding satisfied, with a smug gleam in its eyes, it nodded towards the Silver Emperor.

The Silver Emperor looked over and gave a sad cry, its white little eyes filled with hope once again. Fat Cat took a pause before giving another two small short roars. The Silver Emperor’s eyes immediately lit up in glee, lying back down on the ground and closing its eyes happily. Fat Cat leaped back into Zhou Weiqing’s arms, lifting its head up high proudly, as if asking for praise.

Zhou Weiqing pinched its cute little nose gently, grinning as he said: “It seems rather scared of you! Alas I can’t understand what you two said. Fat Cat, your little nose is so meaty, it feels so good to play with.”

Fat Cat’s eyes widened in indignation and it couldn’t help but think to itself: This heartless little scoundrel… Hmph!

Tucking Fat Cat back into his shirt, Zhou Weiqing rubbed his face, putting on a depressed look as he headed back out. This was not the time to be excited about his new Skills, or to try them out. After all, if anyone found about him Skill Storing the Silver Emperor’s skills, his secrets would likely be all overturned and his days likely numbered. As he returned to the Spatial Attribute main hall, the two middle aged men were already waiting there. “You’re done so quickly?” The man on the left asked.

Zhou Weiqing said with a gloomy look on his face: “What else can I do but come out? My Heavenly Energy wasn’t even able to enter its body, let alone attempt to Skill Store. That Silver Emperor is indeed impressive despite its diminutive size! I only knew how strong it was after reading the introduction plaque; i always thought size was equivalent to power for Heavenly Beasts, at least I learnt something new! I’ll be be back to try again when my cultivation level is higher!” He said the last line in preparation for the future, after all he was still eying the last two Wind Attributes Skills!

The two men smiled; Zhou Weiqing’s predicament was very expected in their minds. After the Silver Emperor had been captured, almost every single Elemental and Heavenly Jewel within the Skill Storing Palace had tried Skill Storing, and all of them had met with the same issue as Zhou Weiqing said – not being able to penetrate the protective barrier of the Silver Emperor. The Palace Master had said that in order to succeed Skill Storing on the Silver Emperor, they needed to be at least of the Heavenly Xu Energy stage or higher to even break the barrier and having even a chance of success. Little did they know that Zhou Weiqing had actually succeeded, not only in Skill Storing the Spatial Rend, but also one of the Wind Attribute Skills under the cooperation of the Silver Emperor!

As they passed Zhou Weiqing a Gold Coins Storage Card, the man on the right said: “Little brother, do not feel so dejected. After all, you Consolidating Equipment Masters do not really need any powerful skill. Here is 450,000 gold coins; we have spoken with our superiors and since you have sold so many sets this time, we will give an extra 50,000 gold coins. We hope that you in future if you have more Consolidating Equipment Scroll sets to sell, you can come here to look for the two of us, and we will try to give you the best possible price.”

“Furthermore, if you complete a certain amount of trades, in the future if you come to Skill Store Shi Level Heavenly Beasts, we can allow you to do so for free.” Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Consolidating Equipment Masters were rarer and perhaps even more valuable than Heavenly Jewel Masters; especially someone like Zhou Weiqing, who had already become a low level Consolidating Equipment Master at such a young age, and the future ahead of him was indeed very bright and filled with many prospects. Although the Skill Storing Palace was extremely powerful and had much influence, it still did not dare to try using strong-arm tactics against Consolidating Equipment Masters; or they might offend all the Physical and Heavenly Jewel Masters in the Empire. As such, they could only use softer tactics and get onto their good side with many benefits. As for recruiting Zhou Weiqing, they did not even consider such a thing. After all, such a young Consolidating Equipment Master could only have been trained by a powerful force or influence, as the sheer amount of resources required was extremely high. They would not waste their time and resources on doing something so pointless.

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    He's a nice protagonist. I'm pretty sure he'll help the bird out in the future. No need to stay in the empire to learn the birds skills when he can just take the bird with him!

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    This bird wil he be helped or has he bem duped?🤔

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