15.09% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 128: Socketing Scroll (2)

Chapter 128: Socketing Scroll (2)

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When Huyan Aobo said that he had spent two years creating the Socketing Scroll just for him, Zhou Weiqing felt an uncontrollable warm feeling welling up within him. Looking at Huyan Aobo’s clearly aged features and the dim light in his eyes, it tugged deeply at his heartstrings. He did not know how else to express his feelings, and so he knelt down in front of Huyan Aobo and gave a solemn oath. This time, he was a hundred percent sincere, and did not have any sly thoughts in his mind. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Huyan Aobo started a little, a strange gleam in his eyes. However, a moment later, he sighed and helped Zhou Weiqing up. “Little Wei, I’m actually very conflicted in my heart. To be honest, I really do want you to learn from me and to become a Zong Stage Consolidated Equipment. However, I’m also afraid that by doing so, it will ruin your future. With your talent, you can be an unbelievably powerful Heavenly Jewel Master… but if you spend so much time and effort on learning how to create Consolidated Equipment Scrolls, I’m afraid…”

Zhou Weiqing did not expect that Huyan Aobo would warn him like that, saying exactly the same thing as what his future mother-in-law Tang Xian had said.

With a smile, Zhou Weiqing said: “Teacher, it’s too late for that. I have already sworn by my Heavenly Jewels, and I will not be able to go back on my word. Furthermore, who knows if your disciple, I, am a genius at creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls as well? I can do both!”

Huyan Aobo shook his head helplessly, saying: “You, this little brat, are always so optimistic. I really hope you can keep that mentality when you start learning. If it were that easy to become a Consolidated Scroll Master, the price of the scrolls wouldn’t be so high. Come, use this Socketing Scroll first, and we’ll start your lessons tomorrow.”

“Alright.” Zhou Weiqing lifted up his right hand and focused his will, and his Heavenly Jewels appeared. Of course, two sets appeared this time round, instead of the one that he had the last time he was here. On his right wrist, two pure Icy Jade Physical Jewels revolved, and with a quick flash of light, the Overlord Bow appeared in his hand in a small cloud of icy mist.

The current Overlord Bow seemed a little different from its previous look; the entire bow seemed thicker and heavier, and the golden tattoos which were originally only on the body of the bow had now extended even to the bowstring. The now golden bowstring was extremely eye catching, with swirling light around the bow, causing it to seem even more domineering.

Indeed, as Zhou Weiqing got his second set of Heavenly Jewels, his Overlord Bow and all his Stored Skills all evolved once, and were considered ‘leveled up’. With so many Stored Skills for his first Jewel, Hua Feng told him not to rush into Storing more skills for his second Jewel yet.

“So quick? Little Wei, what’s your cultivation level of Heavenly Energy now?” Feng Yu, who was standing at the side, was surprised by his having two sets of Jewels and couldn’t help but ask.

Zhou Weiqing gave a big grin and said: “Level eleven, just one more level and I’ll complete the Heavenly Jing Stage and breakthrough to the Heavenly Shen Energy Stage.”

As soon as he said that, he heard the sounds of two deep breaths, as Huyan Aobo and Feng Yu had shocked expressions on their faces. After the passage of two years, Zhou Weiqing was only 16 years old. To be able to cultivate up to his second set of Jewels in two years was already very good, indeed four levels in such a short time was already considered genius level. However, they truly had not expected that in such a short time he had raised seven levels to eleven! He was just 16 years old! He was just one step away from reaching the Heavenly Shen Energy, which for a Heavenly Jewel Master meant reaching the Zun Stage; and for Heavenly Jewel Masters it was also when they were no longer considered newbies.

Feng Yu muttered: “Old Huyan, I’m starting to think that letting Little Wei learn to create Consolidated Equipment Scrolls from you is a big mistake.”

Huyan Aobo gave a bitter smile and said: “I really do not know if it’s lucky for me to choose this little rascal as my disciple or not.”

While they were speaking, Zhou Weiqing had taken up the Socketing Scroll, and under Huyan Aobo’s directions, he circulated his Heavenly Energy into the scroll.

As soon as his Heavenly Energy entered the small gold shard, it lit up like a glittering gemstone, various colours shining and mixing, and a torrential energy seemed to surge like a wave through the room.

Huyan Aobo had a very serious look on his face as he waved his right hand, a layer of silver light expanded out from his body, enveloping Zhou Weiqing and preventing the energy from the Socketing Scroll from leaking out. After all, there were many Consolidating Equipment Masters living nearby, and if the energy from the scroll leaked out, it could attract unnecessary attention and cause trouble for them. “Press it to the Overlord Bow, right about an inch above the original socket.” Huyan Aobo cried out.

A flash appeared in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes as he maintained his output of Heavenly Energy into the Overlord Bow and the Socketing Scroll, as he used his left hand to press the scroll to the bow according to Huyan Aobo’s instructions. In the instance when the two met, Zhou Weiqing shuddered, as did the Overlord Bow. Soon after, he could clearly see the Socketing Scroll melting into the Overlord Bow, and gradually a small socket formed in the corresponding position.

One of the reasons why the Socketing Scroll was so expensive was also because of its absolute success rate. Although it was extremely difficult to create, it was rather easy to use, and was thus considered an extremely rare treasure. After all, which Heavenly Jewel Master did not want another socket on their Consolidated Equipment? If cultivation level of Heavenly Energy and number of Heavenly Jewels was the basic hardware of power, then Consolidated Equipment, Stored Skills would be the software. Hardware was extremely important, but often the software was key in determining the outcome of fights, especially in fights between Heavenly Jewel Masters of the same level.

When Zhou Weiqing felt that his Heavenly Energy had been drained by a third, he heard a soft *Ting* sound, and the entire Socketing Scroll had melded into the Overlord Bow, the thick gold light instantly enveloping the entire bow before spinning around. In the next instant, the Overlord Bow vanished, turning back into the Icy Jade Physical Jewel and returning to revolve around his right wrist.

“Done!” Huyan Aobo exclaimed with relief. Although he knew that in theory his Socketing Scroll was supposed to have a 100% success, it was only until it had actually succeeded that he was reassured. “After adding the socket, you will not be able to use the Overlord Bow for the next 3 days as it needs a period of recovery to complete the 2nd socket.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Thank you teacher!”

Huyan Aobo waved his hands and said: “You’ve traveled a long way, go and rest for now. I also need some rest for today.” As he said that, he walked towards his bedroom. Zhou Weiqing could clearly see that even with Huyan Aobo’s high level of cultivation, his steps were rather shaky. That showed how much energy and heart he had expended these two years.

Originally, Zhou Weiqing thought that with Huyan Aobo’s state of exhaustion, he would need to at least rest for a few days. However, early next morning, he was awoken by his teacher at dawn.

After a simple breakfast, Huyan Aobo led Zhou Weiqing to the simple room which he had stayed before. There was a small table with a bunch of materials on it. Zhou Weiqing thought to himself: This teacher sure is eager!

Huyan Aobo was clearly still not in a good state, clearly the day of rest was insufficient for him to recover completely. “Little Wei, your talent is just too outstanding, especially with the Alexandrite Cat’s Eye with that mix of superb elemental attributes. Teacher does not want to waste too much of your cultivation time as well, so I hope that you will only spend 2 hours a day practicing making Consolidated Equipment Scrolls. We will begin your lessons today.”

As soon as he started talking about Consolidated Equipment Scrolls, Huyan Aobo looked a lot more energetic, with a light in his eyes. “Before I teach you how to create Consolidated Equipment Scrolls, let me ask you. Do you know what our personal Power Jewels are? Or perhaps, use a simple line to describe our Power Jewels.”

Zhou Weiqing thought for awhile and said: “Our Power Jewels are part of our bodies.”

Huyan Aobo smiled faintly and said: “You’re right. The Power Jewels are indeed part of our bodies. In fact, they are full of life, and aren’t just simple, dead jewels, no matter Physical Jewels or Elemental Jewels. When our Power Jewels Awaken, it is actually our inborn innate essence being unlocked, granting us the power. I’ll talk about Elemental Jewels later, and concentrate on Physical Jewels first. To me, Physical Jewels are like the meat, bones or even internal organs of our body, or they can even be likened to an embryo. As for our Consolidated Equipment Scrolls, what they do is to let them grow into their final form. It can be said that we are like an architect, inputting our designs into the Physical Jewel, allowing it to grow and form into their final forms according to our designs, trying our best to let it best release its hidden potential. As for this design, it requires Spatial Energy to be input into the Physical Jewels, that is the reason why the very basis of Consolidated Equipment Masters is the Spatial Attribute.”

“Do you still remember how excited I was when I knew you had both Spatial and Wind attributes? That is because the Wind Attribute will allow you to increase your speed, and it is also much more controllable than just the agility boost from Physical Jewels, as you can control it with your will. As such, as long as you can successfully complete a Consolidated Equipment Scroll, you will always be able to do it with increasing speed, and you will be able to improve more with practice, and it is considered to have the effect of half the work, twice the effect.”

“When many Consolidated Equipment Masters train, they focus and get gridlocked in a rather common misconception. That is the endless chase to improve quality and ignoring speed. However, I personally feel that this method isn’t correct, as my view is that speed and quality are equally important. For example, even if you can make the best Consolidated Equipment Scrolls, but you only make one in your whole life, what use is that? Although the number of Jewel Masters are much lower than any other profession, but they are still substantial, and the requirement for Consolidated Equipment is just too huge. Many Jewel Masters aren’t able to Consolidate Equipment for all their Physical Jewels because they aren’t able to afford the scrolls.”

As he said up till there, Huyan Aobo’s voice turned stronger: “My dream is that one day, every Jewel Master will have enough Consolidated Equipment Scrolls to use…”

“Little Wei, now, let me start telling you the basics of creating a Consolidated Equipment Scroll…”

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