15.56% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 132: Legendary Consolidated Equipment Set (1)

Chapter 132: Legendary Consolidated Equipment Set (1)

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Zhou Weiqing started. “Teacher, you have given me so much already, how can I accept anything else from you?”

Huyan Aobo laughed and said: “Well, you can consider it an exchange instead then. In about 3 days time, you should have finished all sets of the 392 types of basic Consolidating Equipment Scrolls right? I’ll use this gift to swap with your 392 sets of scrolls. Your teacher’s life savings have been wiped out by you, if I don’t sell any scrolls, I’ll be destitute.”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “How about leaving me a few? As you know, I’ll need to spend in the Fei Li City as well. Furthermore, I plan to Store some Skills on my second Elemental Jewel before leaving.”

Huyan Aobo laughed and said: “Little brat, you’re still haggling with me. Alright, I’ll leave you 10 sets, that should be sufficient for your needs. Furthermore, I recommend you do not Store Skills in the Flying Hill City Skill Storing Palace, just head directly to the Fei Li City. It is after all the capital city of Fei Li Empire, and it has the largest Skill Storing Palace in the entire empire, and it is also the main headquarters. There should be much higher grade Heavenly Beasts there. With your speed and success rates of creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, you are a human money-printing press, how can you be worried about not having enough money in the future? Alright, here is the gift.” As he said that, Huyan Aobo took off a necklace from his neck, handing it to Zhou Weiqing.

The necklace was glowing with a dim gold light, looking simple and unadorned. From a single glance, it was really old and unassuming, with only the round gold-green cat’s eyes jewel embedded in the middle being of value. However, it held a thick aura of spatial energy, and Zhou Weiqing guessed it would be a Spatial Object of some sort.

Teacher is giving me this necklace? The thought flashed in Zhou Weiqing’s mind. After all, the nearly 400 sets of basic Consolidating Equipment Scrolls which he had created painstakingly were worth quite a bit. Although the scrolls were just basic low level ones, and even with 1000 of them they did not guarantee success in Consolidating, but it shouldn’t be any issue selling each set for 30000 gold coins. With so many sets, it would at least be more than 10 million gold coins, was that necklace worth that much?

Zhou Weiqing was not trying to quibble with Huyan Aobo about this exchange, but was only just curious about it. After all, Huyan Aobo had invested so much money and resources into him, just in terms of raw materials he had spent more than 6 million gold coins worth, wiping out Huyan Aobo’s savings. As Huyan Aobo had mentioned earlier, it wasn’t that easy to become a Consolidating Equipment Master, and in general even low level Consolidating Equipment Masters barely made money; as the materials were just too expensive. it was only until mid level Consolidating Equipment Masters or beyond where the income would start to pick up. Of course, often objects are valued according to their scarcity, and with the low numbers of Consolidating Equipment Masters, that also drove the price of low level Consolidating Equipment Scrolls up higher.

Huyan Aobo personally put the necklace on Zhou Weiqing’s neck and sad: “The gift for you is inside that necklace.”

Realisation dawned upon Zhou Weiqing; the necklace was just a container for the gift.

Huyan Aobo said: “Do you remember why I told you not to Consolidate Equipments for your second set of Jewels?”

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “You mentioned it was because of Consolidating Equipment Sets.”

Huyan Aobo nodded and said: “That’s right, Consolidating Equipment Sets. The gift I have for you is a set of design drawings for a Consolidating Equipment Set. It’s value cannot be priced by mere gold. Little Wei, let me ask you, do you know how Consolidating Equipment Scrolls are classified?”

Upon hearing a test, Zhou Weiqing quickly sat up straight and said: “The classification of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls are according to the levels of the Masters who create them. From low to high, they are – Low Level Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, Mid Level Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, High Level Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, Grandmaster Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Scrolls and finally God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. In terms of Consolidating Equipment Scroll Sets, they can be considered one level higher than their base; for example a Grandmaster Consolidating Equipment Scroll Set can be considered Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, but it has to be an entire set.”

Huyan Aobo nodded in satisfaction, saying: “You’re right. The gift I have for you is a set of design drawings for a Set of ten Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. These were designed by an extremely skilled God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master. However, when he finished designing this set, he had been overly exhausted, having spent all his life vigor in doing so, and had passed away. However, each design from a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master is worth as much as a God Tier Heavenly Beast’s nucleus core.

Upon hearing the words God Tier Heavenly Beast, Fat Cat, which had been snuggled up next to Zhou Weiqing and snoozing away, moved slightly, opening its eyes and glancing at Huyan Aobo. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing also asked curiously: “Teacher, what is a God Tier Heavenly Beast? Is it stronger than a Zong Stage Heavenly Beast?”

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Huyan Aobo gave a disdainful humph before saying: “In front of a God Tier Heavenly Beast, what is a Zong Stage Heavenly Beast? They cannot even be compared! As you know, when a Heavenly Jewel Master reaches 9 Sets of Jewels and the Zong Stage, he still has 3 more stages ahead of him. The Heavenly Jewel Master with a 10th Set is called a Heavenly King, with an 11th Set, Heavenly Emperor, and with the 12th Set, Heavenly God. The Heavenly Beasts also have a corresponding level.”

Zhou Weiqing was shocked and said: “Then the God Tier Heavenly Beast you mentioned is equivalent to a 12 Jewelled Heavenly Jewel Master?”

Huyan Aobo nodded slowly and said with pride: “Now, do you know what the 10 designs I am giving you represent? They aren’t just the designs, but also include the recipes of the Consolidating Ink required. most importantly, this set of God Tier Consolidating Equipment Designs are specifically created for Strength Attribute Heavenly Jewel Masters; and furthermore it is an entire set.”

Zhou Weiqing could only stare dumbfounded before he finally said: “God Tier design, and also a set? Since sets are considered one level higher, what kind of classification is that?”

A gleam appeared in Huyan Aobo’s eyes: “In this world, we have a saying: Legendary. There are less than 10 Legendary Sets which have been passed down through the ages, of which I’m not sure which are even complete. Although I dare not say that ours is the one and only set, it is still a masterpiece from time immemorial. This great God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master is our great ancestor, the founder of our particular sect of Consolidating Equipment Masters. The reason why I hoped that you would one day become a Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Master is because the minimum requirement for creating these Designs is exactly to be a Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Master. Little Wei, this set of designs have been passed down through the ages from master to disciple, yet none of us have ever successfully created the entire set. Now, I am passing it to you in hopes that one day, I can witness you creating this Legendary Set.”

Shock, a strong mind blowing shock reverberated in Zhou Weiqing’s heart, as he subconsciously lifted his hand to hold the necklace, as his breathing grew ragged and rapid.

Huyan Aobo said solemnly: “The entire set of 10 designs have been examined in detail and researched, and all of them have agreed that they are designed in sequence and should be created and used in sequence, from easy to hard. The first 3 design drawings can be created by Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Masters. While the fourth can still be created by a Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Master, though it has to be backed up with the power of a Low Level Zong Stage Heavenly Master. The fifth will require a Mid Level Zong Stage Heavenly Master, while the 6th requires a High Level Zong Stage Heavenly Master. The last four scrolls actually require a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, backed up by at least a Heavenly King level of power. Furthermore, that isn’t the most difficult portion.”

Huyan Aobo’s last line almost made Zhou Weiqing puke blood, as he said in a quavering tone: “That’s not the most difficult portion?? Then what is the most difficult?”

Huyan Aobo said with a bitter smile: “The most difficult thing is actually the sheer amount of rare and expensive materials needed for the Consolidated Ink required for this set of Scrolls. In fact, after looking at the materials required, I have pretty much lost the will to even collect them. This set of designs have been passed down through 1100 years, and have gone through 21 generations of master disciple Consolidating Equipment Masters. However, out of them, only 4 of our ancestors who had reached the Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Masters attempted to create this, and of them all, only one actually succeeded. Furthermore, he only managed to create a single scroll before wiping out his life savings. Even with the Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Scrolls having a ten percent success in Consolidating, but just a single one isn’t much of a use, and has always been stored in this Spatial Necklace ever since.”

Zhou Weiqing drew a cold breath as he said: “Teacher, does that mean that over the past thousand years, of all our ancestor teachers, besides our Founder, there haven’t been any other God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters?”

Huyan Aobo said exasperatedly: “Did you think that God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters are cabbages that grow on the roadside1? Did you think they appeared that easily? In our three thousand years of Consolidating Equipment Master history, there have only been about a dozen or so God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters recorded, of which, all of them have been famous names. For our sect, only the honoured founder who designed this Legendary Set was a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master. After which, there has only been one other person who has the chance of becoming a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master.”

Zhou Weiqing asked: “Who is that?”

Huyan Aobo looked at him steadily before saying: “It’s you.”

Zhou Weiqing started. “Me?”

Huyan Aobo said solemnly: “Yes that’s right, it’s you. Not even the great founder’s innate talent was comparable to yours. Do you know how long I took to complete all 392 sets of beginner Consolidating Equipment Scrolls?”

Zhou Weiqing shook his head.

Huyan Aobo said: “Ten years, it took me a whole ten years, and I was praised by my teacher for being a genius. If not for the fact that I was restricted by not being a Heavenly Jewel Master, I would definitely have been able to become a Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Master. However, what about you? You took a mere four months to complete what I did in 10 years. The set of basic Consolidating Equipment Scrolls is actually the most important test for our sect of Consolidating Equipment Masters, and we are only considered graduated once we have completed this test. That means, having done so, you have actually already reached a Mid Level Consolidating Equipment Master. Taking four months to train into a Mid Level Consolidating Equipment Master, that is unprecedented in the entire history of Consolidating Equipment Masters, and you are indeed unique in that sense.”

“In the past, this set of design drawings were passed down to disciples only when the Master was about to pass away. However, I feel your talent is just too great, and I truly believe that it will be able to be used to its maximum capabilities in your hands. As such, I am passing it down to you now. I hope that in the future, you will be able to create this set and use it for your own Physical Jewels Consolidated Equipment. If in the future, you ever do complete this set, then you will be the first Consolidating Equipment Master with a full Legendary Set.”

Zhou Weiqing said: “Teacher, hasn’t anyone else been able to use a full Legendary Set before?”

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