17.21% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 146: Fei Li Military Academy (3)

Chapter 146: Fei Li Military Academy (3)

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The young lady looked to be about 20 years of age, with a spotless white dress accentuating her beauty. A pair of large, ocean blue eyes sparkled with intelligence, and many of the male freshmen’s gaze were attracted to her, though none of them seemed to dare to approach her.

Zhou Weiqing nodded repeatedly. “En… not bad indeed. Sleek waist, and that pert ass. Hmm… and her chest… how perky, 35D I’ll estimate. She can be said to have the right curves in all the right places. Amazing, after such a long time, we’ve finally found another top quality girl!”

Just as he said that, he suddenly felt a chill run through his entire body as if the surrounding temperature dropped. Instinctively, he turned to see Ming Yu’s blazing eyes glaring at him.“What are you doing?” Zhou Weiqing asked warily, gathering up his Heavenly Energy in preparation.

“That’s my younger sister.” Ming Yu’s strained voice came forth from gritted teeth.

“Errr… It’s a mistake, a mistake. I was just admiring, using an admiring gaze. No wonder you were so sensitive to my words the other day, your sister is so beautiful! Sigh… Both of you have the same parents, why is the difference in looks so great? By the way, Bro Ming Yu, why don’t you introduce your little sister to me? Heh…” Zhou Weiqing grinned as he said.

“You little brat! Which older brother would introduce their little sister to you! I really want to beat you up now!” Ming Yu said with a glare.

Zhou Weiqing said with a serious face: “The school rules forbid fighting, don’t you know? Bye, gotta run!” As he said that, he spun around and ran for the dormitory. He had barely gotten a few steps away when he halted abruptly, turning around to call out to Ming Yu: “Oh, you still haven’t told me, what is your sister’s name?”

“Get lost!!” Ming Yu roared in anger, and Zhou Weiqing beat a hasty retreat, laughing heartily.

Ming Yi’s loud cries drew a lot of attention, naturally including his sister. Seeing her older brother there, Ming Hua walked over to join him.

“Bro, what’s wrong?” She had seldom seen him so angry, as he was usually with a gentle and suave countenance. Even in battle, he was always known to be cold, calm and collected.

Ming Yu shook his head helplessly, saying: “and interesting little rascal, he has already angered me twice already. His name is Zhou Weiqing. Little sis, when you enter the academy, you better keep your distance from him, he is not a good person!”

Ming Hua said in surprise: “Bro, for you to find someone interesting, that is rare!”

Ming Yu’s face grew solemn: “Hua hua, do not ignore my words!”

Ming Hua had a dissatisfied look on her face as she said: “I’ve said it so many times, stop calling me Hua Hua, it sounds like a pet’s name!”

Ming Yu laughed heartily as he said: “Flower of Hades’ Underworld 1, with Killer thorns. Little sis, you are notorious in the entire Fei Li City, who would dare treat you as a pet? Anyway, I warn you once more, keep away from that little rascal, he is not what he seems.”

“Oh, I know. I’ll head to the dormitories first, then head out to rent a house. I am not used to living with other teachers.” Ming Hua said as she acted innocent. However, the curiosity in her heart was stronger than ever. Her character was such that she wasn’t afraid of anything – in the Fei Li City, her reputation was no smaller than her brother, if not she wouldn’t have such a nickname like ‘Flower of Hades’ Underworld, with Killer thorns’.

Zhou Weiqing did not know that he had been insulted by Ming Yu for the sake of his sister’s safety; by now he was already back in the dormitory. At this moment, many of the freshmen had already registered and entered their dorm rooms, and most were cleaning up. This was especially so in the boy’s dorm where a lot of complaints were heard about the state of cleanliness. However, most commoners often had to do their own chores at home, and mostly everyone was chipping in.

It wasn’t just the freshmen staying in this first level, as the seniors were staying there too, deeper within. Previously, when Zhou Weiqing was at the registration area, he had heard that the Fei Li Military Academy was a 4 year program. The freshmen were in their first year, and they would only be able to graduate after their fourth year where they would have to take a final examination.

As he leisurely returned to his dorm room and entered it, he found it was a lot neater and at least habitable now. His room mates had also arranged their own bunks, and his was also laid nicely with a fresh set of sheets and blankets.

Seeing that Zhou Weiqing had returned, the large Ma Qun quickly jumped up. “Boss, you’re back. Just now, sister in law came over to help you place your bedding.”

Zhou Weiqing looked at him rather amusedly, before saying: “Big fool, why did you call me boss?”

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Ma Qun said in a matter-of-fact tone: “Strength is reason in this world. Boss, you are able to beat me up even without using your Heavenly Jewels, naturally you have the ability to be my boss. By the way boss, let me tell you, this year’s crop of freshmen has 4 Heavenly Jewel Masters, besides you, sister in law, and myself, there is another who registered earlier than us. I’ve heard he was 2 Jeweled. Boss, how many sets do you have?”

Zhou Weiqing was about to tease this large fellow who seemed honest, but was just as sneaky inside as he was. However, all of a sudden, the dorm room door was slammed open with a loud bang.

Zhou Weiqing was enraged. Earlier, when Ma Qun and the rest had slammed open the door, he was already a little irritated. However, they were all roommates, and they didn’t mean any ill will, so he let it go. Now that they were all in here, yet someone still dared to slam open the door. This was the dorm room he was going to stay in for 4 years! “F**k you, whatever you are here for, get the hell out right now!!!” Zhou Weiqing yelled out, feeling an uncontrollable rage well up within him.

As the door was kicked open, five young men walked in from the outside. They were all dressed in the commoner student attire, each of them well built with bulging muscles, and also with a bald head and a fierce look on their faces. As soon as they entered the room, they heard Zhou Weiqing’s angry yell, and instantly a ferocious light entered their eyes, as they focused their gazes on him.

Ma Qun stuck his chest out, standing beside Zhou Weiqing as he displayed his impressive muscles, saying towards the five: “Didn’t you hear my Boss? F**k you guys, get the hell out of here right now! Right, boss?” Although he said that, the rascal subtly moved half a step behind, letting Zhou Weiqing be right in front, a wicked smile on his face.

“You little brat, are you asking for death?” One of the bald seniors glared at him and shouted out: “Enough of that rubbish, we are here to let you know the rules of the commoner’s dormitory.”

“Rules?” Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily. Hearing that, he did not rush to chase them away. “Previously, I did not know it was our seniors, how rude of me, please seniors, do let us know the rules.” As he said that, the beatific smile on his face was even more honest and innocent than Ma Qun’s. Seeing how quickly he changed his faces, the other roommates face changed as well, a weird expression filling their faces as they felt a sense of disdain.

The bald senior gave a cold humph and said: “At least you are sensible, little brat. Well, since you are our dear juniors, we will not trouble you all too much. Just remember, in the future, every month, every dorm room will have to pay 100 gold coins as a protection fee. This is the rule of our commoner dormitory. As freshmen who are new here, I’m sure some of you have more than enough; all of you should pool your money quickly and pay this month’s due.”

Ma Qun, who was still beside Zhou Weiqing, said: “What happens if we do not want to pay up? Oh, that’s not what I said, I was helping my boss say it.”

The reason why the few bald seniors had not taken action against Zhou Weiqing and the rest yet was actually because of Ma Qun. After all, that fellow was so huge and muscular, and standing there, he seemed like an imposing metal tower. “Not paying up? Heh heh, then don’t us for not being polite, and you guys can forget about having a good time at the academy.”

The five bald seniors revealed a ferocious aura, as if about to take action, and each of them released their Power Jewels.

All the commoners were Jewel Masters, and the five in front were all Physical Jewel Masters, the mixed coloured jades around their right wrists sparkling with various colours. The leader of them had 3 Physical Jewels, while two of them had 2 Jewels, and two with a single Jewel.

Kou Rui jumped up from his bed, saying angrily: “You are also commoner students, why must be bully us?!”

The leader gave a cold humph, saying in disdain: “So what if I bully you little brat? Remember this lesson, in this world, only strength matters.”

Zhou Weiqing lifted his hand, holding back Kou Rui and looked to Ma Qun beside him: “Big fool, didn’t you call me boss? Very well, go and throw these baldies out, and I will accept you as my subordinate.”

Ma Qun’s mouth twitched a little as he said aggrievedly: “Boss, I can’t do that! You know my powers, I’m good at taking blows, not dishing them out.”

Zhou Weiqing gave him a deep look, and Ma Qun felt a cold streak run down his spine, though he kept his aggrieved look on his face.

Zhou Weiqing gave a faint smile, patting him on his muscled chest, saying: “You just lost your chance to be my subordinate.”

Ma Qun started, his brow furrowing, thinking to himself. This fellow, he really thought I want to be his subordinate?! As he was thinking that, Zhou Weiqing had already turned around to face the five bald seniors.

“My dear seniors, do you want to get lost yourselves, or do you want me to throw you out?” Zhou Weiqing said calmly.

The five bald seniors stared at him dumbfounded. Zhou Weiqing’s innocent looking smile was just too confusing; saying such savage words with that expression, they just weren’t able to wrap their heads around it. “What did you say?!”

“I said, you guys can get lost now.” Zhou Weiqing did not say anything else, taking an abrupt step forward, giving a straight right fist towards the leader with the three Physical Jewels.

The bald leader instinctively raised both his arms to block Zhou Weiqing’s fist, but in the next instant, a loud *Bang* sounded out. Even under the boost of his Physical Jewels, the leader was knocked right back into the senior standing behind him, and both of them flew out of the door from the sheer power of the fist alone. Right at the same time, Zhou Weiqing’s left leg flickered out like lightning, three kicks, three men – and the other three seniors were all sent flying out as well. He did not even use any combat tricks in his attack, just using pure strength in doing so. These Physical Jewel Master’s Heavenly Energy cultivation level was even lower than his own, not to mention their physique and the boosts from their Physical Jewels. None of them were even able to take a single blow from him.

As the five seniors were all knocked out of the room into the hallway outside, all of Zhou Weiqing’s roommates jaw dropped in surprise. The only thing that was in their mind was this – No wonder Ma Qun, that big fellow, would call him boss. What monstrous strength?!

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