17.8% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 151: Flower of Hades’ Underworld (3)

Chapter 151: Flower of Hades’ Underworld (3)

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As Ming Hua sashayed sexily towards Zhou Weiqing, reaching to about a five yards distance from him, Zhou Weiqing muttered: “35… no… 36… 35.5! That’s gotta be it! And between D and E cup! Impressive perkiness!”

The seductive smile on Ming Hua’s face froze as she quickly realised what Zhou Weiqing was saying. A cold light flashed in her eyes. In an instant, the beautiful and seductive young lady became an ice cold lady filled with killer intent, a wintry aura locking onto Zhou Weiqing’s body.

Without warning, her right hand flashed out towards Zhou Weiqing’s throat.

Zhou Weiqing’s reaction was not only quick, but straightforward and extremely effective. Both hands shot forth ahead in a claw shape, savagely moving forward.

It had to be known that Zhou Weiqing was after all at a height of 1.9 metres, while Ming Hua was barely 1.7 metres or so, such a height advantage as well as advantage in terms of reach was without question. As such, before Ming Hua’s hands could reach him, his hands would reach her first, and would reach the… 35.5…

As soon as both sides started the fight, Zhou Weiqing used the Ultimate Master Skill he had learnt from Mu En – the ‘Breast Grabbing Dragon Claw’.

“Shameless!” Ming Hua’s face was totally red. Although she looked coquettish and seemed to be seductive, she was actually a virgin. When her so-called seduction arts met with Zhou Weiqing’s scoundrel ways, she naturally lost out.

However, Ming Hua’s reactions were quick and effective as well. Her body twisted in mid charge, moving to the side like a slippery eel, almost brushing past Zhou Weiqing’s arms and slipping through in the middle. Like a bolt of lightning, she shot past him and her hands were almost at Zhou Weiqing’s throat.

Just as that moment, the expression on Ming Hua’s face suddenly changed, and her hands, which were just at Zhou Weiqing’s throat, suddenly struck downwards. With a soft muted *Bang*, Ming Hua’s body flew up into the air.

What happened was that when Ming Hua had slipped past his arms, Zhou Weiqing’s right leg had already lifted up to strike without any sound, and at the same time his body leaned backwards. If Ming Hua had continued with her strike, her abdomen would have impacted right into Zhou Weiqing’s knee. With the abdomen being one of the weaker spots in the human body, being struck there with a knee, it was definitely not a worthwhile exchange for her. However, Ming Hua’s reactions and flexibility was unbelievably quick, and in such a short span of time, she had managed to once again change her style of attack. As she leapt up into the air, her knee also struck forward towards Zhou Weiqing’s head.

This was one of the strongest points about a Flexibility Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master, any part of their bodies could be a weapon. Without a doubt, the pure strength type Zhou Weiqing could not compare in terms of body agility and flexibility with Ming Hua. However, the toughness of his body was also not something that any normal strength type Heavenly Jewel Master could compare to. Caught off guard and seeing that he was not likely to be able to dodge Ming Hua’s knee, Zhou Weiqing grinned and did not even attempt to do so, instead whipping his head to the front like a hammer, smashing his forehead against Ming Hua’s knee.

Another muted *Bang* sounded out as they struck each other, and Ming Hua’s body somersaulted in the air, her right leg landing on Zhou Weiqing’s back and she used it to shove herself forward, instantly widening the gap between them by over a dozen yards. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Being struck on the back, Zhou Weiqing also stumbled a few steps before recovering. Grinning widely, he moved his head about, stretching his neck muscles. “Beautiful lady, are you giving this brother a massage?”

Earlier, Ming Hua’s leg had struck his Life Gate Acupuncture Point, it could be said to be an unbelievably accurate sniping strike. She was after all a Lower Level Zun Stage Heavenly Jewel Master, with four sets of Jewels. Even though her Physical Jewel was the Flexibility boost, her strength was still far beyond ordinary. According to her expectations, that kick of hers should numb Zhou Weiqing’s entire body, or perhaps even paralyse him momentarily.

However, when her kick landed, she instantly felt something was wrong, as if she was kicking a metal board, with her Heavenly Energy released in that kick seemed to be dissipated instead. Furthermore, her other knee was actually hurting so much from the impact with Zhou Weiqing’s forehead, the burning pain actually affecting her later performance. This time, although it seemed as if she held the upper hand in their quick clash, she had definitely suffered a little.

At this moment, the knee which had struck Zhou Weiqing was still hurting badly, obstructing her ability to fight well. Yet, Zhou Weiqing seemed like he was totally fine, still able to tease her.

“Not bad, not bad indeed. No wonder my big brother admired you so much.” Ming Hua said coldly.

Zhou Weiqing immediately gave a look of fear. “Admire me? Oh no, that will not do! I do not like men, I only love my dear Bing’er.”

“You…” Ming Hua was so angered by him that her face almost turned green. Lifting her left hair, a green light shot out and shone upon her knee. Instantly, her right leg was restored to its uninjured state.

Upon seeing that, both Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er were shocked, their pupils contracting in surprise as they shouted out almost at the same time. “Life Attribute Elemental Jewel.”

Originally Zhou Weiqing had thought that Ming Hua’s Elemental Attributes would be the same as her brother – Light. However, it was clear now that he had guessed wrongly. What Ming Hua had was actually one of the four greater attributes, in fact the rarest one amongst the four – Life Attribute. It had to be known that all Life Attribute Jewel Masters were like precious treasures which all various powers tried to get. In a battlefield, having a Life Attribute Jewel Master would greatly increase the survivability of all companions.

Just as Zhou Weiqing cried out in surprise, Ming Hua moved once more. This time, she was even faster than her previous attack. With a lift of her right hand, a sharp spike appeared in her palm. Not only that, the four Waxy Jade Jewels around her right wrist actually all lit up! In a swirl of light, her entire right arm glowed with a pale green light as it was entirely covered by a layer of armour which was glowing and covered with plant like tattoos, seeming to merge and fuse together with the 3 chi long spike in her hand. At the same time, a breastplate, shoulder pauldrons, waist guard, and right legplates. Including the right armguard, it actually covered five parts of her body!

This time Zhou Weiqing was even more shocked as he cried out: “Consolidated Equipment Set!” Indeed, without question, Ming Hua was using a Consolidated Equipment Set, and furthermore it was likely to be about at least a 6 piece set. It already covered much of her body with only four Jewels, and it was likely to be complete just after 2 more pieces, and was even better than Feng Yu’s set.

On close examination, one would be able to notice that her four Jewel’s respectively Consolidated the spike weapon, breastplate and waistguard as one, right armguard and shoulder pauldrons as one, and legguard as one. The only things missing were the left armguard and left legguard. If there was a helmet piece, then it would be a 7 piece set!

For Consolidated Equipment Sets like that, it required at least a Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Master to be able to create the scrolls. Furthermore, to create such a set of scrolls, it would need at least five to ten years of effort. Such a Consolidated Equipment was truly priceless, especially since it could be seen from the breastplate alone that this was designed and made specially for Ming Hua, with the many small ‘scales’ of the armor causing it to be flexible, and it would definitely not obstruct her Flexible fighting style. At the same time, on the breastplate, pauldrons and arms, sockets could be seen on these individual pieces of Equipment.

Seeing such a high end piece of Consolidated Equipment almost did give Zhou Weiqing a big scare. Although Ming Hua had not completed it fully yet, with four pieces she was already able to make use of some of the set equipment’s effects.

With her Consolidated Equipment set, Ming Hua’s speed, strength and overall physique was improved manifold. Like a bolt of green lightning, she instantly appeared in front of Zhou Weiqing, and with a quick twist and spin of her soft body, the spike in her hand struck towards Zhou Weiqing’s right. At the same time, her body spun and her armored right leg struck out towards Zhou Weiqing’s lower body. Such savage and precise blows were indeed impressive.

Originally, Ming Hua’s cultivation level was already higher than Zhou Weiqing’s. Now that she was wearing her entire Consolidated Equipment Set, how could Zhou Weiqing begin to even deal with her attacks which seemed to come from every possible direction.

In a flash of silver light, Zhou Weiqing was forced to use the Blink skill in order to evade her attacks. At the same time, his right leg lashed out towards her.

Ming Hua gave a cold humph as she said: “I know there is something strange about your right leg.” She did not try to exchange direct blows with Zhou Weiqing, instead making use of her flexibility to spin and weave around him. It was as if she was a sticky rice cake, steadily glued to him and he could not shake her off no matter what he tried, indeed an unbearable feeling.

In the distance, Shangguan Bing’er was watching nervously. In her hands, she grasped the bow that Hua Feng had given her, ready to give assistance at any time if things looked really bad.

With the increase in speed, power and physical attributes of Ming Hua, the spike in her hands was of great threat to Zhou Weiqing. Even with the Immortal Deity Shield protecting him, Zhou Weiqing did not dare allow the sharp spike to touch his body.

Forced into a corner, Zhou Weiqing resolutely lifted up his left hand. As he waved it downwards, there was a ripping sound as the air itself was torn apart and a strong suction force appeared alongside the terrifying black tear that signified the Spatial Rend. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing quickly used the opportunity to instantly move back, holding some distance between Ming Hua.

Her eyes narrowed and contracted as she saw the strange sight before her again. Although her attack was blocked, she swiftly reacted in a much swifter and more ingenious method as compared to Zang Lang. Her body quickly dipped in a downward motion, her entire set of Consolidated Equipment glowing in a thick green light, managing to swiftly dodge it and also dissipate most of the suction force from the Spatial Rend. Just like that, she kept low and close to the ground as she bounded towards Zhou Weiqing. With a swift uppercut, the sharp spike once again struck forward towards Zhou Weiqing’s leg.

This woman is really just too hard to deal with! The feeling of having power but being unable to use it properly as if his limbs were bound caused Zhou Weiqing’s anger to rise as well. He wasn’t able to continuously release the Spatial Rend; although the skill was extremely powerful, it was also a huge drain on his Heavenly Energy and his own spirit. Furthermore, it had more than a ten second cooldown timing, as compared to the 3 second of Blink. Seeing that he was once again unable to dodge Ming Hua’s attack, Zhou Weiqing had no choice but to use his Blink skill once more, as it had just come off cooldown. In a bright flash, he once again appeared at the other side, only then managing to barely escape her attack.

“Hmph. I want to see if you can keep using the Blink to escape forever!” Ming Hua seemed like a green faery; although Zhou Weiqing was quick to escape, her attacks seemed to be just as fast and relentless. It was as if she were a poisonous snake which had locked upon its target and would not give up until its prey had been bitten to death.

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