20.51% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 174: Tian Er (3)

Chapter 174: Tian Er (3)

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The young lady said passively: “It’s good that you know. You both can leave now. He is protected by us.” Her voice was enchantingly beautiful, but had a cold within that seemed to chill the bone.

After a short moment of surprise, Ming Wu recovered and said in his deep voice: “This lady, your Top Peak of the North and our Top Demon of the West have always not interfered with each other, and have even worked together at times. Please do not interfere in our business… it will be much appreciated.”

The young lady gave a cold humph and said: “You do not have the qualification to say that to me… if Wu Xing Tian tells me that, then that’s a different matter.”

Ming Hua said coldly: “How arrogant, aren’t you just talking big?” As the saying goes, beautiful women will easily be jealous of each other. After the short moment of feeling inferior, her gaze towards the young white clad lady was filled with some jealousy and envy.

However, when Ming Wu heard the young lady’s words, his face changed once more and he quickly asked: “May I know this young lady’s name?”

She replied passively: “My name is Tian Er…”

Upon hearing the name, Ming Wu’s facial expression grew even uglier, his brow knitted as he lapsed into deep thought.

Tian Er continued passively: “Our Heavenly Snow Mountain has taken notice of this person for a long time now. Although your cultivation level is higher than mine, you are currently heavily injured. Even if both of you take action together, you may still not defeat me. Furthermore, if you dare to take action against me… then your Top Demon of the West will no longer exist.”

As she said that, she lifted up her left hand and clapped it towards Zhou Weiqing.

As injured as he was, how could Zhou Weiqing avoid the blow. The only thing he saw was a flash of gold light and a warm feeling enveloped his entire body. The next moment, he lost consciousness.

“The Divine Attribute!” When Ming Wu saw the gold light flash from Tian Er’s hands, he finally made his decision with a deep sigh. “Fine… enough is enough then. Since he is under the protection of the Heavenly Snow Mountain, there is nothing more for us to say.”

“Lady Tian Er , please ensure that he does not reveal anything about today.”

As Tian Er inclined her head slightly in agreement, Ming Wu looked at Zhou Weiqing once more unwillingly before grabbing onto his daughter and leaping into the air, quickly disappearing into the darkness.

Tian Er watched them leave calmly, before her eyes finally flashed in a brilliant gleam. With a flash of silver light, a little bird appeared on her shoulders – it was the Silver Emperor who had escaped from the Skill Storing Palace! If Ming Wu had shown any disrespect against the Heavenly Snow Mountain earlier, Tian Er wouldn’t have let him leave so easily.

Turning to Zhou Weiqing, the calm and passive look in her eyes disappeared suddenly, and she lifted up a slim leg to give his buttocks a few kicks exasperatedly. Finally, she grabbed hold of his ears and said: “Hmph! You bad little rascal, if I didn’t reach at the right time, you’d be finished. Your power is far from being sufficient, yet your talent for causing trouble certainly is unbelievable, even taking on the Heavenly Demon Sect. You big fool!” As she said that, she couldn’t help but kick his buttocks two more times before stopping.

The Silver Emperor looked upon her actions curiously, but she just shook her head and said: “Little Silver, take my personal token for authentication and head to the Heavenly Snow Mountain. Your aura is too obvious here, and the Skill Storing Palace will not leave matters be so easily. This is after all their territory, and if they find us, it will cause some trouble. Once you reach the Heavenly Snow Mountain, my father will take care of you. However, remember that you must no longer kill any innocents. Understand?”

*Chirp* *Chirp* The Silver Emperor called out softly twice, before flying off into the air, disappearing into the skies.

After watching it leave, Tian Er finally grabbed hold of Zhou Weiqing and disappeared into the darkness as well.

At the other end, Ming Wu brought his daughter back to their mansion with an ashen, livid face. As soon as they reached the safety of their home, he immediately focused on treating his shoulder. Although he had the Life Attribute, having his bone shattered wasn’t something that could be fixed easily, and taking care of it as soon as possible was important. With Ming Hua’s help, the bones were pieced back together, and healing Skills set upon it. Even so, it would take at least half a month of healing and recuperation for it to recover.

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“Father, why didn’t you take action earlier? That so-called Tian Er was only six-Jeweled, even with your injury, you are still much more powerful than her!” After helping her father with his wound, Ming Hua couldn’t help but ask.

Ming Wu shook his head with a bitter smile, saying: “If only it were that simple. If it was just about power, perhaps I could still defeat her despite my injuries, however it will not be so simple to kill or capture her. Top Peak of the North… the Heavenly Snow Mountain… do you think they are so easily dealt with? If we aren’t careful, it will even bring destruction to our Sect.”

Ming Wu said dubiously: “They are the Top Peak of the North, but we are also the Top Demon of the West, we are all considered one of the five Great Holy Lands in the continent, and can be considered equal, why should we be afraid of them?”

Ming Wu said: “Equal? Perhaps we are equal in terms of name or notoriety. However, for those who know the truth, we are not even close in terms of power. Our Top Demon of the East is at the bottom of the five Great Holy Lands, while the Heavenly Snow Mountain is right at the top of the five. You are an adult now, and it’s time I told you some secrets. Do you know why the Wan Shou Empire is able to fight against so many of the other Empires of the continent by itself? It is because the Heavenly Snow Mountain is situated there, and are backing them. As such, none of the other Great Holy Lands dare join in the fight against them.”

“Earlier, that young lady called Tian Er used the Divine Attribute, one of the rare three Saint Attributes. Furthermore, her Elemental Jewel was actually the Alexandrite Cat’s Eye! Add to that, the ‘Tian’ in her name, all of that points to her being of royal blood in the Heavenly Snow Mountain, perhaps even the Heavenly Snow Emperor’s daughter! It is rumoured that he only has the one daughter, and if we touch her… Let’s not talk about injuring her… even if we just snatch Zhou Weiqing from her, it might even cause a grudge that cause our Sect to be destroyed.”

Listening to her father’s explanation, only then did Ming Hua understand the implications of everything. “Father, but I am still not willing to accept defeat so easily. We were so close! Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing is clearly with the Demonic Attribute, and is a first generation Demonic Jewel Master… He should belong to us Heavenly Demon Sect.”

Ming Wu said passively: “Might is right. Previously, when I broke my word to Zhou Weiqing, wasn’t it because I was more powerful than him?”

“It is the same in this case. The Heavenly Snow Mountain’s power disparity with our Heavenly Demon Sect is just like the disparity between mine and Zhou Weiqing’s power levels. We do not have any other choice.”

“Is that it… we just give up like that?” Ming Hua thought about how she had been treated earlier in the tunnels, and gritted her teeth angrily.

Ming Wu sighed and said: “What else can we do? There is only one plan I have now. You should approach him now and try to get back on his good side… If possible… try to have his child… and that will at least be a second generation Demonic Jewel Master, which will still be of great aid to our Sect. That young man is just too talented and dangerous, we have already offended him. Since we can’t get him to join us due to the Heavenly Snow Mountain, we will have to ensure that our relations do not worsen further. You are his teacher, and it is up to you to try to mend the relations. Even if he doesn’t join us, we cannot afford to have him as our enemy.”

Ming Hua said unwillingly: “Father, I won’t do it! What’s so good about him? You even want your own daughter to give herself…”

Ming Wu gave an angry humph and said: “You little girl… normally you’re so intelligent, why are you so foolish when it comes to Zhou Weiqing? Haven’t you seen enough of his talent and intelligence? Even if you find ten thousand 3-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters, all of them wouldn’t be able to hurt me. Yet, he managed to do so. In fighting with him, that little rascal has at least the Wind, Lightning, Spatial and Demonic Attributes. Without question, his Elemental Jewel’s true form should be an Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Jewel. Furthermore, he might even have another attribute, an unknown one. With his cultivation level, he could actually slow me down for three seconds, what kind of unbelievable skill is that? Also, looking at all the skills he has used thus far, none of them is lower than an eight star rating! Add to that the fact that he has a God Tier Consolidated Equipment… what else is there to be said about his future growth. Previously, I was wondering how it was possible he could have such accomplishments at such a young age, but now I understand. The Heavenly Snow Mountain is his true background. If I’m not wrong, that daughter of the Heavenly Snow Emperor has perhaps fallen for him. In any case, I do not care what you think about him, but in school, you better do everything you can to mend ties with Zhou Weiqing. Understand?”

Ming Hua pouted unwillingly, but nodded her head in agreement. As for what her true feelings for Zhou Weiqing were, perhaps only she herself knew deep inside.

When Zhou Weiqing awoke from a deep sleep, he felt his whole body warm and comfortable. As he opened his eyes, he started, blinking as he sat up. He was astonished to find that he was back in his own room, lying on his bed.

The room was quiet, and it was already dawn as the first rays of sunlight shone in. Fat Cat was lazing in its usual spot, sleeping deeply, and everything seemed perfectly normal, as if nothing unusual had happened last night.

“What’s going on… did I dream everything last night?” Zhou Weiqing muttered to himself.

Right at that moment, there was a soft knock on the door. “Little Fatty, it’s time to get up. It’s the first day of lessons today, we shouldn’t be late. I’ll go make some breakfast now.” Shangguan Bing’er’s gentle voice came from outside, warming his heart.

“I got it, I’m up now.” Zhou Weiqing called out in agreement.

Gathering his energy to examine himself, he discovered that his Heavenly Energy was brimming. However, he was also certain that he had not dreamt the events of last night, and it was all real. He was still wearing the clothes he had gone out in last night, and they still had the faint scent of Ming Hua remaining on them when they had pressed against each other last night.

Who was that young white clad lady last night?! What was the Top Peak of the North and Top Demon of the West? From the words of that young lady Tian Er and Ming Wu, the Top Demon of the West should be the Heavenly Demon Sect. Apparently, the main force of the Heavenly Demon Sect should be in the west of the continent, which would be mainly the Bai Da Empire and Fei Li Empire.

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