18.86% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 160: I’ll upkeep you all (3)

Chapter 160: I’ll upkeep you all (3)

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As Zhou Weiqing returned to his seat, Xiao Shi also led the other teachers away. The surrounding students stared at him with a mix of scorn, respect, fear and admiration. On the other hand, Zhou Weiqing ignored their varied expressions, saying: “I want to be the class rep1. Does anyone have any objections? I meant what I said, in the next four years, before we all graduate, everyone in our class will get all their requirements for Consolidating Equipment and Skill Storing. Mmmnn… to get more help from me, you should all work hard at cultivating, and cultivate more sets of Jewels before you graduate. As I said, I have no requirements from you all… after four years, we will part ways.”

Within the commoner freshmen, some of them were still confused by the entire morning’s events. Severely injuring senior Ding Chen… did this just end so easily? Was there no further punishment from the academy? Amongst these students, some of the more intelligent ones could already see how extraordinary Zhou Weiqing was. This fellow might be crazy, but he had his own logic, and was no fool. No matter what his reasons were for doing this, at least it was of no detriment to them.

Under such a circumstance, who would object to him being class rep?

Alas, right at that moment, against all expectations, a disharmonious voice rang out. “To become the class rep… did you ask my permission?”

The voice was soft and alluring, full of a seductive undertone, and everyone’s gaze was subconsciously drawn to its owner immediately.

Since Zhou Weiqing had entered the assembly hall, the events that transpired let him feel that everything was under his control. However, when he looked at the owner of the voice, his expression changed instantly into an ugly expression.

Ming Hua stood there, no sign of yesterday’s injuries on her pretty face and beautiful body. She was looking extremely good, slightly flushed, her pretty eyes rolling a little as she stared at the freshmen students. However, that was not the reason got Zhou Weiqing’s expression. The main reason for it was actually her attire – she was in the black robes that was meant for teachers. Currently, her eyes were mocking and seemingly laughing at Zhou Weiqing.

“Ohhh? Cat got your tongue, my dear Consolidating Equipment Master? Didn’t you want to be the class rep?”

Zhou Weiqing gave a bitter smile: “… Could it be that… You are our class teacher in charge?”

Ming Hua smiled and said: “I’m sorry, it is just that coincidental. I indeed just happen to be your class teacher in charge. Hello all of you students, my name is Ming Hua, and I will be your teacher from now on. I hope that everyone can learn well from today onwards, learn all the military knowledge and become an outstanding military leader or general.”

When Zhou Weiqing saw Ming Hua dressed in the teacher’s black robes, he sensed a feeling of foreboding as his heart sank. No matter how smart and cunning he was, he had never expected that someone as young as Ming Hua was a teacher and not a student! Furthermore, she was his class teacher! How would be spend the days ahead? He had just beaten her up yesterday, and almost to death…

Zhou Weiqing had no choice but to shut up and sit down quietly, as his mind spun rapidly, looking for any possible solution.

To his great surprise, Ming Hua changed her tune. After attracting the attention of all the freshmen, she smiled and said: “Earlier, I saw our student Zhou Weiqing’s performance. I think what he said was right. As a person, the most important thing is to have a backbone, to stand upright. No matter whether or not his actions are right or wrong, at least they have given our class a sense of unity and brought you all closer together. As such, I think that it isn’t too bad to give him the temporary position of class rep. Of course, after the opening ceremony, we can go through a proper round of voting for the actual position.”

Listening to her words, Zhou Weiqing was taken aback. He found it strange that Ming Hua hadn’t seized the opportunity to suppress him.

Ming Hua walked to the front and found herself a seat. At the other side, the senior classes of the commoner students all stared at her as if they had seen a ghost.

Zang Lang’s face twitched once more, muttering to himself: “It looks like this year the nobles will not be able to enslave any of the freshmen. With the Flower of Hades’ Underground, plus that fellow, it’s going to be an interesting and noisy school year.”

After such an eventful morning, the opening ceremony was finally about to begin. Zhou Weiqing saw the Dean of Students Xiao Shi had already walked to the VIP corner from the side door of the nobles’ gallery. Besides Xiao Shi, 3 others walked in with him.

The one who drew Zhou Weiqing’s attention the most was the one in the main seat. The person was tall and slim, also dressed in a set of teacher’s black robes. The difference was, her robe was lined with lines of gold. Her long hair was a lustrous black, held neatly behind her head with a golden circlet. Her beautiful pale face had a faint smile on it, and there was a symbol of the cross sword icon of the Fei Li Empire on the upper side of the robes at her chest. The main difference was at the center of the symbol, lay a stunningly brilliant red gem.

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Although the distance wasn’t exactly close to the VIP stand, Zhou Weiqing could still feel her high class beauty, noble grace and elegance. This was not something he had seen from anyone else before. Not even in the Heavenly Bow Empire’s Imperial Family had he seen anyone with an aura like this young lady, who barely looked 17 years of age.

Besides this young lady, among the other three, Xiao Shi was actually the youngest. The other two were white haired old men. Although their robes were also lined with gold stripes, they did not have the gold cross sword symbol on their chests, and their aura seemed to be merely an accompaniment to the young lady.

As the four entered, the entire assembly hall fell into silence. Xiao Shi sat at the front seat, calling out in a solemn voice: “The opening ceremony will now begin. Let us put our hands together to welcome our Principal Cai Cai to get the show started, as well as Vice Principals Xing Tian Yi and Zeng Xun.

Instantly, the sound of clapping arose like thunder, and the three Principals stood up, inclining their heads in greeting.

Principal? That young lady was actually the principal? Although Zhou Weiqing had vaguely sensed her importance, he was still struck by surprise and disbelief when the true nature of her position was revealed.

The great Fei Li Imperial Family Military Academy actually had such a beautiful young lady as the Principal? Although Zhou Weiqing approved heartily, it did seem rather odd! Could there be some hidden secret behind this?

Just as Zhou Weiqing was musing over the possibilities, Kou Rui’s voice rang out in his ear once more. “Boss, our Principal is truly a great person. I have been inquiring about her and the reason why she was able to become the Principal was because of her own abilities. Do not judge her by her looks; she might look young, gentle and frail, but she is well known in the Fei Li Empire to be a Iron Lady, and is a general and Vice Commander in the army. Furthermore, that rank was reduced due to the fact she is a lady, otherwise with her contributions she might be of an even higher rank now. Also, Principal Cai Cai is the Fei Li Emperor’s younger sister, and although she is already 35 years old this year, she is still unmarried.

It is rumoured that she and the God General Ming Yu are lovers, although nobody knows why they are still unmarried or without children after all these years.

Listening to Kou Rui’s words, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but laugh. “I didn’t expect that you are such a gossip.”

Kou Rui grinned and said: “Originally when I was in my previous military high school, my main focus of study was military intelligence and spycraft. After all, in war, military intelligence and scouting is one of the most important things – only when we have grasp of accurate intelligence are we able to make the right decisions, and it is often the key to victory.”

Zhou Weiqing smiled and said: “In the future, if I can become a general, I want you as my Intelligence Officer.”

As they exchanged whispers quietly, the opening ceremony officially began. In truth, this so called official ceremony was just an opportunity for the few leaders of the academy to speak to all the students, to summarise the accomplishments of the academy, the highlights of the past years. After listening to a few sentences, Zhou Weiqing was feeling really drowsy. Of the entire ceremony, the only thing he remembered was the beautiful sound of Principal Cai Cai’s voice, but not any of the contents. As for Shangguan Bing’er who was sitting beside him, she paid full attention to all the speeches. Being able to enter the Fei Li Military Academy was something important to her, and she truly treasured the opportunity. After all, that feeling of helplessness when she was the Battalion Commander was still fresh in her mind, and it made her feel extremely lacking in terms of military knowledge.

Just as the opening ceremony was being held in the Fei Li Military Academy, not far from it, a unique visitor entered the Fei Li Empire’s Skill Storing Palace Headquarters.

A young lady stood before the Skill Storing Palace, silently observing the tall, large building before her. Although she was just standing there, she seemed to have a unique aura that drew the attention of everyone around. It was a strange, noble aura that seemed to destroy any improper thoughts anyone might have, as if they were looking upon a glowing ray of sunshine.

The young lady had covered her face with cloth, and although she seemed very young, she had a head of white hair. However, it was clear that the colour wasn’t due to old age, as it shone with a lustre and gleam of life, almost glittering with an inner glow as if it were made of strands of white jade. At the sides of her forehead, there were two stripes of blue hair, contrasting with the rest of the white and somehow accentuating her beauty further.

Her eyes were a deep purple, and her soft gaze seemed to reach deep into one’s soul. Standing there, it was as if she drew in all the sun and light of the world around her, and soon, her slender long legs moved, as she slowly headed up the steps to the Skill Storing Palace.

She had just stepped up, and already immediately drew the attention of the guards. After some hesitation, four of them went up to her. At that time, despite their duties, they had a strange feeling in their hearts, as if to ask her to show her Power Jewels was an absurd thing to do. This person was definitely a Heavenly Jewel Master.

Before they could speak, the white haired lady lifted up her right hand, the slender fingers glowing with a faint white light, and along her wrist, six Icy Jade Physical Jewels appeared, white mist swirling around them.

The guards’ pupils contracted in shock, and they bowed as they said respectfully: “Most respected Upper Level Zun Stage Heavenly Jewel Master, please enter.”

The white haired lady nodded faintly, but did not speak. She took a step forward, and passed by the guards into the Skill Storing Palace.

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