19.57% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 166: please let go of me (3)

Chapter 166: please let go of me (3)

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Zhou Weiqing said passively: “Teacher, if you have something to say, please go ahead… although I do not think we have much to talk about. After all, I still haven’t settled with you about you maligning me today.”

Ming Hua revealed a rather amused smirk. “Is that really maligning? Let’s not argue further. Are you interested in hearing a story? After listening to my story, you will understand why I am so sensitive to the Evil aura from you.”

Zhou Weiqing raised his brow. “Right here?”

Ming Hua shrugged and said: “If you do not want your little girlfriend to know we are together in your bedchamber, why don’t we go somewhere else. The only thing is… Do you dare to follow me?”

Zhou Weiqing smiled, his old lascivious look reappearing on his face as he looked over her body meaningfully. “Alright then, what are we waiting for? To be invited by a beautiful lady, that is my honour… How could I possibly reject.” Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Ming Hua crooked her finger and beckoned to him, laughing lightly as she said: “Come then.” As she said that, she vaulted back to the window, and instantly leapt out.

Zhou Weiqing also moved swiftly and silently to the window, leaping out and following Ming Hua. As he left through the window, he released his Heavenly Jewels, invoking his senses to their maximum, warily.

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing knew that for Ming Hua to call him out of her own accord, she definitely had something up her sleeve that gave her confidence. However, at this point, he had no choice but to follow her and react accordingly… There was no running or hiding from this, as the stakes were just too high.

Just as the two of them vanished into the distance, the sleeping Fat Cat, who was still in the room, suddenly snapped its eyes open, a dim glow shining forth from within.

As soon as they left the vicinity of their house, Ming Hua sped up. Although she wasn’t an agility or speed type Heavenly Jewel Master, her coordination boost was extremely powerful, and in combination with her extraordinary physique, her speed was still rather impressive. With her four-Jeweled level, her speed was able to reach rather shocking levels.

Zhou Weiqing followed behind her steadily, keeping a constant distance between them. Although his cultivation level was no match for hers, he did have the Wind Attribute in his Elemental Jewels, which greatly improved his speed. As such, even without the use of his Demonic Right Leg, he was still able to keep up with her.

Just like that, the two of them ran towards the east, and before long that the east gate came into sight.

Seeing that they were at the east gate, Ming Hua suddenly stopped, waiting for Zhou Weiqing to catch up.

“We still need to exit the city?” Zhou Weiqing asked meaningfully. “Are you trying to kill me to hide something?”

Ming Hua laughed lightly, saying: “It’s not like you know any secret of mine, why would I do that?” Even if there was some killing off going around, it should be the other way around, with you being the one doing it. I’m not even afraid, are you, a big man, afraid?”

Zhou Weiqing looked at the hundred metre tall wall and shrugged, saying: “I do not have the ability to get past that without being discovered.”

Ming Hua smiled and said: “Since I brought you here, how could I possibly let you climb the wall? Come, follow me.” As she said that, she said that, she darted into a small alleyway, leading Zhou Weiqing into an unassuming common dwelling.

The dwelling was quiet, and Ming Hua navigated through it familiarly as she finally entered a room. The room was void of any other people, and she walked to the bed and pulled on the bed board, revealing a dark hole. Beckoning to Zhou Weiqing, she entered the hole and disappeared from sight.

Zhou Weiqing did not hesitate as he moved quickly behind her. He did not know if there was any danger in the tunnel, and decided that it would be safer to follow closely behind her, and in her steps. That would reduce his chance of being in danger, and if anything happened he could also react quickly; if she had any companions, he could grab hold of her as a hostage.

As such, Zhou Weiqing also entered the tunnel, instantly releasing his Heavenly Energy and locking onto Ming Hua, and his left hand was poised towards the front, prepared to make a move if she did anything funny, ready to release any skills at a moment’s notice.

Ming Hua seemed to be oblivious to Zhou Weiqing’s actions behind her, continuing along on the dark tunnel path. The air was clear in the tunnel, but it was pitch black, but Ming Hua seemed to easily know her way around, almost as if she could see, and moved at a good speed.

After walking a while, Ming Hua finally stopped suddenly. Zhou Weiqing did not expect her to stop so suddenly, and he was following so closely and in the darkness, he ended up bumping into her.

Ming Hua felt his body press against hers, and she subconsciously turned around, lifting up her hand towards his chest to hold him off. Just like Zhou Weiqing had thought, although she seemed to act like a seductress, she was actually still a virgin.

Alas, in turning and lifting her hand, Ming Hua caused Zhou Weiqing to misunderstand her actions. At this time, his senses were on full alert and in vigilance. Her sudden motion caused him much alarm, and in such an environment, how could he possibly allow her to touch him.

In the darkness, black was naturally the colour that was easily hidden. He instinctively used the Touch of Darkness unhesitatingly on Ming Hua, and at the same time, he also used his hands to block hers. At the same time, he had still been moving, his inertia propelling him forward. The result of all the actions being him pressing directly against Ming Hua’s frozen body.

Zhou Weiqing only felt two soft, springy lumps pressed against his chest, followed by an enchanting body. Subconsciously, he held onto her… Nobody would know if he did this on purpose or accidentally, but in doing so, his hands ended up on her pert buttocks as they pressed together in intimate contact.

Circulating his Heavenly Energy with all his might, Zhou Weiqing unhesitatingly moved his energy into Ming Hua. After all, her cultivation level was higher than his, and the Touch of Darkness would not be able to control her for long. As such, Zhou Weiqing wanted to continue restricting her.

However, he had not considered all factors when he did so, as his Heavenly Energy circulated into her from his hands. Ming Hua felt her buttocks being grabbed by a large hand, and a thick gust of Heavenly Energy entering her body through such an embarrassing position, instantly numbing her there. She felt her entire body going weak and soft, as the Heavenly Energy she had gathered to resist was dissipated.

With a moan, Ming Hua fell down right into Zhou Weiqing’s arms. After a moment of shock, she felt a sense of shame and anger rising up within her as she called out: “What are you doing?”

However, that line was not just called out by her, but surprisingly, Zhou Weiqing and her had both called out at the same time!

Zhou Weiqing’s other hand also encircled her. Luckily, this other hand was still placed normally, moving around her neck. However, in doing so, he knocked into an object behind her, realising that there was a wall right behind her, and he was pressing her right into it. In order to hold her in place, this fellow even lifted up his Demonic Right Leg, pressing it into her abdomen. This way, even if Ming Hua tried anything, he could instantly kill or injure her instantly with it.

In this pitch black tunnel, the two were in a really strange, compromising position. Ming Hua’s body was still stiffened and held in place with the Touch of Darkness, while Zhou Weiqing was pressed tightly to her. One hand holding her neck, the other holding her buttocks, and his knee against her abdomen. In terms of restricting an enemy’s movement, that was not wrong, but Ming Hua was feeling extremely shamed and angry.

At this time, Mu En’s teachings rang out in Zhou Weiqing’s mind. “When your enemy is a woman, you should never be polite. Use her shame against her, and in that way, no matter how powerful she is, she will at most be able to be at fifty percent effectiveness. Furthermore, if you have an advantage to take, why not!”

Thinking of that line, Zhou Weiqing instantly followed suit. Flexing his hand, he pinched her buttocks twice, angering Ming Hua so much that she almost teared.

“Let go of me!” Ming Hua almost roared it out in a low tone, as Zhou Weiqing sensed that her shame was definitely not an act.

That feeling in the hand, amazing! Zhou Weiqing just realised that perhaps Ming Hua’s actions had not been an attack against him. Such a realisation did not change much except that he suddenly realised their positions as well, and the feeling in his hand and body caused his blood to boil. After all, he had never even touched Shangguan Bing’er, and Ming Hua was even more voluptuous than her, like a ripe peach. This was something he had never felt before, and it sure felt good. A faint sweet scent wafted into his nose, and his knee was still pressed against her, making him have to resist the urge to force himself on her there.

“I’m not letting you go, what are you up to? I’m warning you, you better not have any funny ideas, I already have a wife.” Although his mind was thinking about something else, his mouth would definitely not take a loss in any argument.

Hearing his words, Ming Hua was almost angered into a faint. She almost forgot why she had called him out today, just feeling like killing this rascal there and then.

“You bastard, let go of me! It’s you who has the funny ideas! Hmph!” Ming Hua said through clenched teeth.

“Rally? You’re not lying to me?” Zhou Weiqing said hesitatingly, his hands taking a last few squeezes. He was not in a rush anyway, so he decided to waste some time and take some advantage first.

“It’s true, I’m not lying, the exit is just right above here.” Ming Hua was almost on the verge of tears, feeling like her entire body was melting.

She had never been in such close proximity to a man, let alone such intimate contact.

“What if you’re lying to me?” Zhou Weiqing asked with a face full of suspicion.

“You… I beg you… Please let go of me.” Ming Hua pleaded. Under such intimate contact, she felt as if there were a fire in her body, burning her, and she couldn’t help but give up and beg for mercy. She knew that Zhou Weiqing was no gentleman, and if this rascal had some evil thoughts, she was in no position to stop him!

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