19.45% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 165: please let go of me (2)

Chapter 165: please let go of me (2)

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After they returned to their house, Shangguan Bing’er left again to buy provisions. She had lived with her mother from a young age, and naturally had no problems cooking meals. Now that they were staying together outside of the dormitory, she naturally took on the role of chef unhesitatingly. As for Zhou Weiqing, he dove into his room right away. He had already given all 450,000 gold coins to Yan Zhexi to take care of, and he naturally needed to earn more. He still had some Consolidating Paper and Consolidating Ink left over from Huyan Aobo, as well as some Mid Level Consolidating Ink. He decided to create and sell a few Mid Level Consolidating Equipment Scrolls first before continuing on his other plans. After all, in the future, he needed to buy all the various materials to create the various Consolidated Inks for the many different scrolls he had to make for his plans.

From Mid Level Consolidating Scrolls onwards, it no longer required a thousand sheets per set, and only a hundred. Of course, for Mid Level Consolidating Scrolls, the hundred sheets did not necessarily guarantee success, but once it did, the quality was a lot better than Low Level Consolidating Scrolls, and the success rate was also much higher.

To become a High Level Consolidating Equipment Master in four years, Zhou Weiqing had not exaggerated at all. After all, with his cultivation level now, it was already sufficient for him to create High Level Consolidating Equipment Scrolls.

However, what he needed to do most now was to keep practicing the creating of Consolidating Inks as well as the actual scrolls. As long as he could design a high level Consolidating Equipment Scroll, he would be able to create it. After all, he had the aid of the Time Attribute. As long as he had the time to practice and gain experience, he would easily be able to become a ‘real’ High Level Consolidating Equipment Master.

As gold, green and colourless power glowed around Zhou Weiqing’s hands, swirling around and mixing with each other, sheet after sheet of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls were completed at a speed that was totally unbelievable to any ordinary Consolidating Equipment Master. Even Huyan Aobo would not be able to compare in terms of speed to Zhou Weiqing when creating Mid Level Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. After all, he had the Wind Attribute to ensure speed and Time Attribute to ensure the success rate.

After lunch, Zhou Weiqing spent the rest of the afternoon immersed in creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. As for cultivating Heavenly Energy, he was not very worried about it due to his Immortal Deity Technique. When creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, he was continually draining his Heavenly Energy, and his twelve energy whirlpools at the broken through Death Acupuncture Points constantly drawing energy from the atmosphere, not just replenishing his spent Heavenly Energy, but also improving his cultivation at the same time! Ever since his Qi Hai Acupuncture Point was broken through, although the requirement to reach the first level of Heavenly Shen Energy Stage was much higher than all previous stages, Zhou Weiqing could clearly feel a constant improvement in his cultivation level.

As for Fat Cat, it was still sprawled on the same chair in the room, sleeping as usual as it bathed in the sun streaming in from the window. As Zhou Weiqing glanced at it occasionally, he felt a sense of jealousy at it being able to sleep so much.

Working busily til the sun set, Zhou Weiqing sat back in satisfaction looking at the six sets of Mid Level Consolidating Equipment Scrolls in front of him. By now, the Consolidating Paper and Ink he had brought was almost totally used up. If he wanted to continue creating more scrolls, he would have to buy more materials.

Stretching lazily in satisfaction, Zhou Weiqing laughed out as he beat on his chest happily, muttering to himself: “I am such a genius. Hmm.. From these six sets, I’ll leave one to the class to keep them satisfied, and I’ll sell the other five to earn money to buy more materials. Heh, it’s just the twenty odd of them, how can their cultivation speed be compared to my speed of creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. Haha.”

Keeping the six set of scrolls into his Spatial Necklace, Zhou Weiqing sat down to cultivate a while, not just to recover and cultivate his Heavenly Energy, but also to rest his drained spirit after working all afternoon.

By now, it was already dinner time, and Ming Hua had not returned home yet. Zhou Weiqing’s plan was to look for her tonight to have a proper talk. He was clear that for both his and Shangguan Bing’er’s safety, as well as his Empire, there was only two possibilities between him and Ming Hua. One was for Ming Hua to accept his personal Darkness Seal, to become his follower; and the other was for him to finish her off.

He had steeled his resolve and no longer had any hesitation. After all, he could not take the risk, or they might all face death and destruction.

After having dinner with Shangguan Bing’er, Zhou Weiqing made the excuse of recovering after his bout of creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls to return to his room early. Shangguan Bing’er did not suspect a thing and also returned to her room to cultivate. She had always been assiduous and hardworking in her training, and although her speed was no match for Zhou Weiqing’s due to his Immortal Deity Technique, but with her solid foundations, she was no slouch either.

After returning to his room, Zhou Weiqing continued recovering his spirit, ensuring his Heavenly Energy was at its maximum. He only hoped that Ming Hua would return home tonight, or all his preparations would be for nothing.

As the sky darkened further, their area was rather quiet as compared to the rest of the bustling Fei Li City.

As the time passed, Zhou Weiqing, who had already recovered to his best form, slowly furrowed his brow. It was not that he lacked patience, after all in the two years with the Heavenly Bow Unit, he had forged his patience. However, he knew that every day that he did not deal with Ming Hua, would likely mean more changes in the situation, which may work out unfavourably to him. He hesitated once more, thinking if he should get Shangguan Bing’er to move back into the academy dormitory to live by herself. That way, she would not be affected if news of his Demonic Change was released, and could handle it from another side.

Right at that moment, he heard a noise from outside. Zhou Weiqing’s ears twitched and the expression on his face turned calm as a faint smile appeared on his face. Ming Hua had finally returned.

Indeed, Ming Hua had returned, and as she entered house, she glanced up at Zhou Weiqing’s room before entering her own. However, what Zhou Weiqing did not see was that currently Ming Hua had a cold light in her eyes, as if she were confident and held the pearl of wisdom in her hands.

As Ming Hua’s door closed behind her, the entire house quietened down again, and the skies outside totally darkened.

Now that she was back, Zhou Weiqing was no longer in any rush. Although he needed to fully finish things with her, he did not wish for Shangguan Bing’er to know. Anyway, it was still bustling outside, and he could wait til it was quiet at night to take action.

Focusing his will, Zhou Weiqing began to concentrate on cultivation for now, and the energy whirlpools at his twelve Death Acupuncture Points began to spin at a more rapid pace, drawing in energy from the atmosphere, and spreading it to every part of his body. As the Heavenly Energy circulated around his body, every time the mercury-like Heavenly Energy current moved through one of his energy whirlpools at a Death Acupuncture Point, it would speed up a little, thus causing the entire circulation to speed up slowly. With constant additional drawing in of energy to balance the increased speed, his entire cultivation level slowly grew stably.

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Zhou Weiqing’s every breath was long, drawn and measured, seeming to take a long time between breaths in a strange rhythm… a strange, profound meaning. With every breath he took, the Heavenly Energy circulated around his body in a single round. The Immortal Deity Technique was indeed impressive – although it brought about immense pain and danger, at the same time it also brought about many benefits. By now, his Immortal Deity Technique was already at the last part of the second portion, and he grew closer to completing it as soon as he could comprehend and master it fully.

The time passed swiftly in his cultivation, and it seemed as if the surface of Zhou Weiqing’s skin was covered with a layer of dim white light swirling around him. This was the sign of his Heavenly Energy finally entering the Heavenly Shen Energy stage. Once he reached the peak of the Heavenly Shen Energy stage, as soon as he entered cultivation, the Heavenly Shen Energy would automatically form a shield of white light encircling him. Of course, Zhou Weiqing was still rather far from such a peak.

As it grew deeper into the night, the city quietened down as the lights outside dimmed as well.

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes flickered open as he shot awake in alarm, as his senses had sharpened further as his cultivation had reached a certain level. A bright light seemed to flash from his eyes, like a small bolt of lightning which brightened up the room for a split second. His sharp gaze focused on a window on the opposite end of the room, which was slowly being opened.

*Swoosh*. A figure entered from the window, bringing along a faint, elegant scent.

“It’s so late already, and you are still cultivating. Indeed, every success is not just from genius or talent, but also an immeasurable amount of hard work.” The one who entered was no other than Ming Hua.

Ming Hua was currently wearing a tight fitting black clothes, accentuating her perfect figure. Not just her impressive bosom, but also her other graceful curves, all came together in a shocking charm.

However, Ming Hua was surprised to see that Zhou Weiqing, who was looking at her lustfully in the day, was sitting there looking at her with a clear, clean look in his eyes, even with a hint of coldness in them. At this moment, his temperament and aura seemed to be totally different from the day time, no longer seeming arrogant and lecherous, but with a sagely feel. Although he was dressed in simple clothing, sitting there he seemed to be the central focus of the entire room.

Ming Hua did not know that this was actually one of the amazing properties of the Immortal Deity Technique. Zhou Weiqing had been cultivating, and was still somewhat immersed in that still. Of course, Ming Hua was extremely attractive to him, but do not forget that our dear Little Fatty was a person who was very afraid of death. With Ming Hua as such a threat to his life, even if she were ten times more beautiful, she was just like a death skeleton in front of him! Of course, he had not expected that Ming Hua would actually look for him, and was caught off guard and extremely vigilant now, and he would not easily be influenced.

“It’s already so late, what are you here for, teacher?” Not just Ming Hua, but Zhou Weiqing also lowered his voice. Along with their Heavenly Energy suppressing their sounds, even if someone was trying to eavesdrop outside, they would not be able to hear anything.

Ming Hua rolled her eyes at him with a little bitterness. “I’m here to look for you so late at night, and that’s how you treat me?”

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