22.4% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 190: Ten vs Nine! (2)

Chapter 190: Ten vs Nine! (2)

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Zhou Weiqing said passively: “Then we shall compare the quality of both designs, the one with the higher quality shall win.”

Yun Li nodded and said: “Indeed. However, I do not want anyone else besides us to see my design, and I believe it should be the same for you. Let’s find a quiet place.”

“Our shop 77 has specialised quiet chambers, both Masters can go there for the competition and not be disturbed.”

Qin Feng’s reaction was indeed extremely fast. When Zhou Weiqing had won earlier, his heart had been beating crazily fast, thinking to himself that he had struck the lottery today to have bumped into such a talented genius Consolidating Equipment Master. No matter what, he had to make him his customer! He swore to himself that if Zhou Weiqing had any requirements in the future, he would sell it at cost price. As long as he could have such a talent as his honoured guest, it would be a huge draw to others, and his business would definitely enjoy a large boost. In the future, when Zhou Weiqing became a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, his shop would have a link to a God Tier Master, and perhaps even be known as the birthplace!

As such, when he heard that Zhou Weiqing and Yun Li needed a quiet place, he immediately jumped out to offer a place before Zhou Changxi could.

Zhou Changxi was full of regret, staring at Qin Feng in anger. Alas, no matter what, he was a man of status, and he quickly restrained himself from bursting out in anger. After all, to have gotten Yun Li’s recognition, he wasn’t any simple person.

Zhou Weiqing gave a motion inviting Yun Li to go ahead, and Yun Li nodded and said: “Please.” Both of them followed Qin Feng into the his two-storeyed shop number 77.

Only after both had disappeared into the doors of the shop did the surrounding crowd burst into angry mutters. They did not dare to offend Zhou Weiqing and Yun Li, but they truly wanted to witness the competition, to see what would make two Consolidating Equipment Masters so anxious to hide. Some even tried to follow them in, but they were blocked by the employees of the shop 77.

“I’m sorry everyone, our Boss has given us our instructions. If any of you wish to purchase any goods, please wait until the two Masters have finished their competition.”

Only Qin Feng and Shangguan Bing’er followed the two Masters in, and even Zhou Changxi had been blocked outside.

After entering the shop, both did not have the mood to admire the many goods displayed in the shop. Following Qin Feng, they entered the second level, and headed to the deepest room within. After Qin Feng brought them there, he said: “Masters, please enter, that is my usual personal rest room, and you will not be disturbed in there. I will remain outside to guard the place for you two.” He knew his place, and did not try to go in and watch as well.

Shangguan Bing’er also stopped outside. She was now fully confident in Zhou Weiqing, but her heart was still racing in excitement, her beautiful face flushed red from the emotional upheaval earlier. She still could not believe what was happening. If Zhou Weiqing truly won this bet, then their Heavenly Bow Empire would have a High Level Consolidating Master along with Zhou Weiqing… And the Fei Li Empire’s youngest High Level Consolidating Equipment Master to boot!

After entering the chamber, both Zhou Weiqing and Yun Li couldn’t help but give a soft exclamation of praise. The chamber wasn’t very large, only about 50 square metres, but it was very intricately designed and furnished. The floor was totally carpeted, and even without examining it closely, just from the feel of it they could tell it was carpeted in Heavenly Beasts fur! To use Heavenly Beasts’ fur as a carpet, that was such an extravagance! Even the cheapest among that was definitely not cheap; furthermore the entire carpet was from the same type of Heavenly Beast, with the same colour.

Besides that, there was a grand and elegant looking white leather sofa, and deeper inside there was a large bed. This was the main furnishing in the entire room. On the left, there was also a row of cabinets with intricate designs carved in, along with a few other refined, artistic designs. On the ceiling of the room, there was actually a Heavenly Core of a Zun Stage Heavenly Beast lighting up the room!

Yun Li twisted his mouth and muttered to himself: “This shopkeeper Qin sure knows how to enjoy himself.”

Zhou Weiqing did not hesitate and sat down on the sofa, saying: “Bro Yun Li, shall we begin then?”

Yun Li’s expression turned solemn, and he turned to Zhou Weiqing, saying in a serious tone: “From the sound outside, your name is Zhou Weiqing right? Bro Zhou, after today’s bet, no matter who wins or loses, I’d like to ask that you keep the contents of this competition a secret. After all, the design I am about to bring out is of extreme importance. We are both Consolidating Equipment Masters, and I believe you know how I feel. Of course, it will be the same for me, I will definitely not say anything about the design that you are taking out.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “Agreed.”

Yun Li also sat down on the sofa facing Zhou Weiqing. After all, it did take much spiritual energy to properly examine a new design, especially for the high level, intricately confusing ones, and could not be done in a short time.

In a bright flash around Yun Li’s hands, an ancient looking Consolidating Paper appeared. Zhou Weiqing waved his hands around his Spatial Necklace, and also took out a design paper.

They exchanged looks, simultaneously handing over their designs to each other, while receiving the other’s design with the other hand.

In that moment, a sense of bonding and mutual appreciation rose up in them. Of course, appreciation was one thing, but a bet was another. Both of them wanted the other as a Follower, especially since they were so outstanding. Though rare, it was not unheard of for someone to get a Consolidating Equipment Master Follower, but it was usually an extremely powerful person of much greater cultivation level.

Both their gazes dipped down to the design in their hands. In the next instant, an almost amusing sight appeared as both did the exact same thing – their hands shaking as a look of disbelief crossed their faces.

Just like Zhou Weiqing had guessed earlier, Yun Li had passed him a God Tier design. Whether or not it was a Legendary Set could only be determined after more examination.

Yun Li’s shock was no lesser. He had also not expected that Zhou Weiqing would also bring out such a design. Once again, both lifted their heads at the same time, looking at each other. Though they did not say anything, they could see a tense, serious look in each other’s eyes.

Since they were both God Tier designs, what happens next would be to compare quality. As Consolidating Equipment Masters, they did not need an outside judge, as they would know within their hearts the truth.

Their gazes dipping downwards once more, they focused their concentration on the design in their hands. Both were extremely nervous. After all, this was an extremely important competition for both. Especially so for Yun Li, as this lost would mean he would become a Lifetime Follower to Zhou Weiqing, losing his freedom. With the large amount of witnesses outside, and his own pride as a Consolidating Equipment Master, he would definitely not be able to go back on his word. As such, he could only do his best. As long as he could bring it to the third competition, he was confident in taking that win.

A God Tier design was just too complicated, and such a level of design held a large amount of powerful spiritual energy within as well.

It was slightly better for Yun Li, after all his cultivation level was already at the fourth Jewel cultivation level, and was also a High Level Consolidating Master. He did not complete the entire set in the previous round, and thus after a short moment of being dazed, he was able to keep on concentrating on it.

However, Zhou Weiqing ran into some trouble. He had not been a Consolidating Equipment Master for long, and in terms of spiritual training, he was much weaker as compared to Yun Li. When he looked at the God Tier design in his hands, he felt a sense of dizziness overwhelm him, as his chest tightened, causing him to almost spit out a mouthful of blood. He could only see stars, and could not look clearly at the design.

As the saying goes, ‘Man proposes and God disposes’ 1. How could Zhou Weiqing expect something like this to happen. If he could not even examine the design, how could he possibly compare their quality? In the next few moments, he tried to force himself to concentrate and focus on it, alas Spiritual Energy wasn’t as easy to force just like that. No matter how hard he tried, it only caused the tight feeling in his chest to worsen. If he continued trying to force it through, he might even get into deep trouble.

All of a sudden, Zhou Weiqing felt Fat Cat, who was snug in his bosom, wriggle around. In the next instant, a gust of cold invaded his brain. Instantly, a sharp piercing pain shot through his dazed mind, causing him to almost cry out. However, the cold spread through his mind along with that piercing pain, causing him to be shaken awake, and his eyes lit up.

The design, which had seemed so blurry and caused him to go dizzy just a moment ago, turned clear, and Zhou Weiqing could finally examine it fully.

Zhou Weiqing was extremely pleased, patting Fat Cat happily, thinking to himself. Ahhh, its great to have a Fat Cat at home!

After that short little incident, the entire room turned dead silent as both of them focused all their minds onto the designs in their hands. Their expressions kept changing as they continued looking, although the one that appeared the most frequently was a look of admiration and praise. Sometimes, they couldn’t help but shake their heads to clear their thoughts.

For the first time, Zhou Weiqing realised how much inspiration he could get just from looking at a God Tier design, as if a new door was opened into a whole new horizon. Very quickly, he was fully immersed into his examination, as if he had forgotten he was in the midst of a bet.

As the sky darkened outside, it was soon evening time. By now, Zhou Weiqing and Yun Li had already spent two whole hours in the chamber.

Zhou Changxi was not able to enter the shop 77 to watch, but he was an intelligent person who was quick to take action as well. As he saw the skies darken, he immediately got his employees to prepare some food and drinks to serve the crowd waiting outside.

Although they could not see what was going on inside, none of them had left, as everyone wanted to know the final result.

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“Phew.” Yun Li gave out a sigh, finally forcing his gaze away from the design in his hand. His spiritual energy was almost fully expended, and if he continued examining it, it would cause him some damage.

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  • Ankit1480


    He didn't create the 'god set' hammers. It was given to him by his teacher and created by an ancestor of their sect.

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    To give Fat Cat a time to shine, ship, duhhhh!!

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    wonder what level consolidating master fat cat is

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