22.16% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 188: Battle Between Consolidating Equipment Masters! (2)

Chapter 188: Battle Between Consolidating Equipment Masters! (2)

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Seeing Zhou Weiqing focus fully on designing a Consolidating Equipment Scroll, only then did the surrounding audience believe in his Consolidating Equipment Master status. Originally, none of the audience had believed he could win, but now their hearts were rather shaken. After all, Zhou Weiqing looked unbelievably young for a Mid Level Consolidating Equipment Master. His future potential was immeasurable.

In terms of design, as a High Level Consolidating Equipment Master, Yun Li was naturally quick to complete a Mid Level Consolidating Equipment Scroll Design. As for Zhou Weiqing, he also slowed down on purpose, completing his design a few minutes after Yun Li.

As the two exchanged their designs and examined it closely, both their faces changed. Zhou Weiqing’s design was naturally rather complicated, but Yun Li’s design was no simple one either, a huge shield. Zhou Weiqing could instantly see that it was a shield suited for an Earth Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master, and only for Heavenly Jewel Masters. It was right at the limit of Mid Level Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, just a fine line from being a High Level Consolidating Equipment Scroll. This Yun Li might seem arrogant and rash, but he was in truth very cautious. After all, this bet was regarding his own freedom.

Yun Li lifted his head to look at Zhou Weiqing, and Zhou Weiqing did the same thing. As they looked at each other, Yun Li said solemnly: “Let’s begin then.”

Zhou Weiqing said: “Alright.”

After the simple agreement, both turned around simultaneously, each telling the respective shopkeepers the required ingredients.

“3 Plumed Feathers from the Red Sword Bird, a Blue Peak Stone, a Waxy Jade, a gram of diamonds, a Heavenly Core from a Great Earth Monitor Lizard…” Zhou Weiqing quickly listed out the various items that he needed. “… they need to be ground together into dust, and also prepare a bowl of Great Earth Monitor Lizard Blood.”

Qin Feng quickly noted down the materials required, and headed back into the shop to prepare them. After all, these were just the materials for Mid Level Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, and this was the heart of the Trading Centre, and they definitely had many materials stocked up.

At the other side, Yun Li had also told Zhou Changxi the materials he required, and while Zhou Changxi and Qin Feng were busy preparing the materials, Zhou Weiqing and Yun Li both looked at each other once more.

Yun Li said calmly: “Looks like I have underestimated you. Just from the design alone, I admit that you are truly a Mid Level Consolidating Equipment Master.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Then do you want to know how old I am? I don’t mind telling you… I am not even seventeen years old yet. Have you ever seen a sixteen year old Mid Level Consolidating Equipment Master? If you haven’t, what basis do you have to say that I won’t become a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master in the future?” Zhou Weiqing naturally did not waste the chance to strike at his opponent’s confidence.

Yun Li’s face changed slightly, but he continued saying coldly: “It’s still too early to say anything. We shall know after our bet is concluded.”

Zhou Weiqing grinned, a sly look on his face.

After a short wait, both sides had finally prepared the ingredients for the Consolidating Ink, and the final preparation of the Ink had to be done by the respective Consolidating Equipment Masters. This was one of the most important skills of a Consolidating Equipment Master, not only having to infuse the Spatial Attribute Heavenly Energy at the right times, and having the exact right amount to join the mix.

In this aspect, naturally Zhou Weiqing could not compare to Yun Li. After all, he had more than ten years experience ahead of Zhou Weiqing.

By the time Yun Li had completed his Consolidating Ink and had started on his first scroll, Zhou Weiqing was still carefully creating his Consolidating Ink. Shangguan Bing’er and Qin Feng furrowed their brows in worry. As for the surrounding audience, all of them remained dead silent, knowing that under such a circumstance, they should definitely not do anything to disturb either of the Consolidating Equipment Masters hard at work. Not to mention the fact it was common courtesy, just the danger of offending a talented Consolidating Equipment Master was not something that they could afford to do.

In creating any new set of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, the first sheet was naturally the most difficult. Seeing that he had completed his Consolidating Ink way before Zhou Weiqing, Yun Li felt at ease. He did not try to rush things, and took his time to carefully draw the first Consolidating Equipment Scroll. He wanted to put stability as his priority, at least for the first one, and once he got used to it, he could pick up his speed.

According to his estimate, to complete such a set of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls would take him about eight hours. This was already the limit that a High Level Consolidating Equipment Master like him could reach, and in expending such energy and effort in doing so at such high speeds, he would have to rest at least half a month to fully recover to his peak.

After all, creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls took a toll on the spirit, otherwise Huyan Aobo would not be just creating 2-3 sets per year.

Zhou Weiqing was the only exception to this. To him, as long as he had completed a Consolidating Equipment Scroll once, from the second onwards it was a robotic process. With his Time Attribute’s fine control, he did not need to put his full concentration, that was the reason why he could churn them out at such speeds. Unless another person had to two great attributes like him, Time and Spatial, only then would they be able to duplicate his process. Yet, the Time Attribute was one of the rarest attributes, and how could Yun Li possibly guess that he had it.

Soon, an hour had passed. By then, Yun Li had already spent much time just drawing the scroll, and Zhou Weiqing had just managed to finish creating the Consolidating Ink.

Just like Yun Li’s focus on stability, Zhou Weiqing was the same. However, his stability was focused on creating his Consolidating Ink; after all, as long as he did not have any errors with his Consolidating Ink, how could anyone compare in speed to his creating of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls?

Besides Qin Feng and Shangguan Bing’er who were worried for Zhou Weiqing, and Zhou Changxi on the other side who was full of glee, all the other audience members were just watching happily, glad to widen their horizons. After all, it was a rare chance to be able to just watch a Consolidating Equipment Master at work, let alone two! As such, no one was willing to leave, and as more people gathered to watch, a huge crowd was soon present.

Zhou Weiqing soon started on his first scroll, while Yun Li was already more than halfway through his first. It had to be said that Yun Li was indeed very talented in creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, with nary a sign of making a mistake despite it being his first time. His hands were stable and firm, unwavering and calm. It seemed that it would not be long before he completed his first scroll. He truly befitted his reputation in the Fei Li City.

Zhou Weiqing did not have the time to watch his opponent. After all, creating the first scroll was something just as important to him. Taking a deep breath, his twelve energy whirlpools at his opened Death Acupuncture Points whirling at top speed, frantically drawing in energy from the atmosphere, as his attribute wheel moved to the silver area, and a dim silver light dimly encircled the tip of his Consolidating Brush. Dipping it slightly into his Consolidating Ink, he started on drawing on the first scroll.

When creating the first scroll, despite having the Wind and Time Attribute to aid him, Zhou Weiqing was no faster than Yun Li. This was the difference in experience between a Mid Level and High Level Consolidating Equipment Master.

Another hour passed…

A gold flash filled the area, and Yun Li let loose a breath. His first Scroll was finally complete.

Due to the pressure from the bet, Yun Li felt like this was the first time he had concentrated so hard, and gone so fast in creating a new Consolidating Equipment Scroll. He felt that he had improved. He mused to himself that he was yet another step closer to reaching the status of Grandmaster, wondering if he could do so before the age of thirty-five. If he managed to do so, he might even have the chance to attempt to break through to the Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Master before the age of fifty, which would even give him the chance to attempt at reaching God Tier!

He took a quick glance at Zhou Weiqing. Being very experienced with the design that he had given Zhou Weiqing, he naturally could tell with a glance that Zhou Weiqing was only a third into the scroll.

Filled with a fresh burst of confidence, Yun Li was confident he had the win in his grasp. In his happiness, he did not even stop to rest, starting immediately on his second scroll. There was an obvious increase in speed when he did so, as his brush swiftly swept across the scroll, silver light flashing. In a matter of minutes, his second scroll was complete.

In creating a set of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, he naturally grew faster as he gained more experienced. Another hour passed, and Yun Li had just finished his sixteenth scroll, while Zhou Weiqing had only just finished his first scroll.

At this moment, everyone, even Shangguan Bing’er and Qin Feng, were sure that Zhou Weiqing had lost. After all, Shangguan Bing’er had never personally seen him creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls.

Lifting his head, Zhou Weiqing let loose a breath of relief. Looking at Yun Li, he was also rather surprised, thinking to himself – That guy is really something, being able to make almost twenty scrolls in such a short time! Turning his head, he saw Shangguan Bing’er with a concerned, almost despairing look on her face. He flashed her a sneaky grin, before turning to his second scroll. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

With a thought, under the cover of his sleeve, the three Elemental Jewels of his lit up. Of course, with the Ring of Concealment’s effect, their glow was changed to that of the Spatial Gold-Green Cat’s Eye.

In Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, three superimposed attribute wheels appeared, resting in the green, silver and colourless areas respectively. Amongst his six attributes, his Wind, Spatial and Time Attributes were activated. Without question, this took up much Heavenly Energy, but with his Immortal Deity Technique regenerating at max speed, he had no issues supporting himself for the next two hours. With a quick dip of his brush, he refilled it with Consolidating Ink, and as the entire process of creating the first scroll flashed through in his mind, in the next instant, his entire body seemed to become a robot as it moved swiftly.

His right hand moved quickly, under the increased speed of the Wind Attribute, the control of the Time Attribute, it was as if his brush came to life, moving like lightning. Within ten breaths, a gold light flashed, and his second Consolidating Equipment Scroll was complete.

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  • TallicaStew


    Huh, it looks like they are each creating the other persons design. It would have been nice if that had been clearly stated in the beginning.

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    That would be pretty scary, looking at someone who seems to be about to lose suddenly finish first..

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    Good Work

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