23.11% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 196: Shield Assembly! (2)

Chapter 196: Shield Assembly! (2)

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Consolidated Equipment Assembly Set! The phrase appeared instantly in both Zhou Weiqing and Yun Li’s hearts.

A Consolidated Equipment Set and Consolidated Equipment Assembly Set might sound the same, with barely a single word difference, but in truth they were both differed greatly. The former referred to a full set of armour, made up of many different pieces of equipment including a weapon to form a comprehensive and complete package. The latter was instead several equipment combining together to form a single piece of equipment in a unique method. That was to say, after the Assembly of the pieces, the user would end up with only one equipment! What Lin TianAo had Assembled together was the shield in his hands.

A Physical Jewel had a limited amount of mass when Consolidated into Equipment. For example, Zhou Weiqing’s large dual hammers, they were God Tier Consolidated Equipment, thus their mass was a lot larger than most other Consolidated Equipment. Even so, they had to be one solid and one without mass, and not just two solid ones! However, that was also the genius of the design, making use of this one real and one fake to overall increase the power of the entire set.

A Consolidated Equipment Assembly Set was a type of Consolidated Equipment that was being carried to the extremity. It was sacrificing much of the mass of the Physical Jewels used to greatly boost the power of a single piece of equipment. However, as far as Zhou Weiqing and Yun Li knew, it was usually used for weaponry. For it to be used in such a way like what Lin TianAo did, using 3 Physical Jewels to form a shield, they had never heard of such a thing. After all, even a Heavenly Jewel Master who could reach the highest possible cultivation level would only have twelve possible Consolidated Equipments. With that in consideration, who wouldn’t want to have a full proper set of Consolidated Equipments!

Besides the fact it was being such an extreme, the other reason why Consolidated Equipment Assembly Sets were so rare was also due to the difficulty in creating the scrolls. These scrolls were a lot harder to create than normal Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, after all it was complicated to merge several Consolidating Equipments into a single one. The more the combined equipments, the more complicated and the harder it would be to create. Usually, it would only be made of two pieces, with five being the maximum, at least anything above five had not been seen before in history. Even the most extreme of Heavenly Jewel Masters would not want to expend so much on just a single piece of equipment, not even considering the difficulty to create the scrolls. Even a three set assembly required a Consolidating Equipment Grandmaster to create, and a five set would need a Zong Stage Master to complete.

Of course, under such a pursuit of extremes, a Consolidated Equipment Assembly Set was extremely powerful. This was one time when such a power was displayed.

Seeing Lin TianAo actually using such a three-Jeweled Assembly Set, Yun Li’s expression changed instantly. For such a shield to be made out of three Physical Jewel Consolidated Equipments, it wasn’t just as simple as a one plus one plus one sort of relation, but rather an exponential increase in power. Furthermore, this also caused the shield to have three sockets for Elemental Jewels, from just that alone one could imagine the sheer defensive power of this shield.

Although Yun Li’s attack had been with all his might, he now had no confidence to even break through Lin TianAo’s defense.

In such a critical moment with his back to the wall, Yun Li displayed a rather stunning combat talent. His body in midair, he actually managed to twist himself, forcibly changing the direction that his Spatial Blast Acceleration was bringing him in. Originally, his attack towards his opponent’s chest was pulled back a few inches, causing him to land onto the ground. Instantly, the sharp spike in his hands struck towards Lin TianAo’s legs instead.

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Didn’t you bet that your feet wouldn’t move? Fine, I’ll just attack your feet with all my might. The bottom of your shield is a sharp point, you shouldn’t be able to block it so easily right.

Also, at the instance when they both met, Yun Li’s fourth Elemental Jewel also lit up, and the pure silver sharp spike immediately shone forth with an illusory light, and instantly a silver shadow seemed to fly off from the spike, and as soon as it hit the air, it changed into a deep black.

“Dimension Slash.” Zhou Weiqing was surprised in his heart. It was the eight star rated Spatial Skill – Dimension Slash, which was a lot stronger than the Compressed Spatial Cannon. All things considered, it was a skill that was rather similar to Zhou Weiqing’s own Spatial Rend, but the Dimension Slash would only last for a split second, while the Spatial Rend would stay in mid air for a while, and also had other uses like its suction power as well as defensive usages.

Even so, without question, the attacking power of the Dimension Slash was extremely terrifying, and it was Yun Li’s true ace in hand for this fight.

What was a Heavenly Jewel Master? A true powerful Heavenly Jewel Master was able to instantly unleash all his strength in a single blow, a single quick instant.

Yun Li’s strike was already boosted by his two support skills, and under the boost of the Compressed Spatial Cannon, the Dimension Slash was now a whole different level. Not just a five-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, perhaps even a normal six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master would have problems dealing with such a blow.

Facing Yun Li’s sudden change in direction, Lin TianAo’s expression grew serious, but he only did a single movement.

His fourth Yellow Jade Physical Jewel shone, a brilliant yellow light once more melding into the shield in his hands, which grew even larger! With a loud clunking sound, it struck down heavily on the ground, blocking perfectly in front of the Dimension Slash.

Four Equipment Assembly. Zhou Weiqing’s heart shuddered in shock. At the same time, a huge explosion sounded out, as Yun Li’s attack slammed savagely right into Lin TianAo’s shield.

The further improved shield had now become a tower shield. Although it was still a triangular shape with the bottom being spiked, but it had been shoved deep into the ground.

As the Spatial Heavenly Energy raged about wantonly, an ear-piercing sound of something splitting rang forth along with an intense shock wave, causing Zhou Weiqing to stagger back a few steps before regaining his balance. Even for the red robed man who was in charge of the room, an intense light flashed within his eyes and he gave a slight nod of approval.

A suppressed grunt rang out within the room as Yun Li was thrown back by the rebound. This time, he was thrown back savagely, almost hitting the edge of the room before he managed to recover himself.

The sharp spike in Yun Li’s hands had disappeared, and Zhou Weiqing could clearly see that his right hand was trembling acutely, the Heavenly Energy around him seemingly close to dissipating. His face was red, and he gave a small cry as he vomited out a mouth of blood.

Yun Li’s attack had been using all his might, and he had not held anything back, and as a result he had suffered a massive backlash. As his entire body fell back down to the ground, he was panting hard.

Although the fight had barely been ten seconds from start to finish, Yun Li had already expended more than fifty percent of his Heavenly Energy, and had also used all of his moves.

As for Lin TianAo, he still stood there unmoving, just like a stable mountain. The four-Jeweled Assembled Equipment Tower Shield right in front of him, firm and secure. Layers of yellow light shone forth from it, and it seemed he was totally unruffled. His feet had indeed not moved even a little at all. Yun Li’s attack was indeed powerful, but it had not been able to even shake him.

Just like what Zhou Weiqing had said, Lin TianAo was well versed in defense, and not attacking. Just standing there, he was already able to use more than eighty percent of his whole arsenal.

Zhou Weiqing’s mouth twitched involuntarily as he muttered inwardly: Dammit, that defense is just too sick. He had been observing Yun Li’s attack closely, and could clearly tell how powerful it was, yet it had been all for nothing. His own attacks might be slightly stronger than Yun Li’s, but could it truly break through Lin TianAo’s four-Jeweled Assembly Equipment Tower Shield? With his own cultivation level in consideration, could he possibly breakthrough that shield in a single hand?

Jealousy, envy, hate! If only I could have such a shield, how nice it would be. Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but think. However, the clash between Yun Li and Lin TianAo was not totally useless. At least, it had let Zhou Weiqing realise something very important – Lin TianAo’s sheer strength.

Although this Lin TianAo was a pure defense Heavenly Jewel Master, with his Physical Jewels being Toughness and Elemental Jewels being Earth. However, it seemed like he had an unnatural strength that far surpassed any normal person. Without much thought, Zhou Weiqing could easily sense the sheer terrifying weight that the four-Jeweled Assembly Equipment Tower Shield had, yet in Lin TianAo’s single hand, it seemed as if it was weightless. From there, it could be seen how strong Lin TianAo was, even though his Physical Jewel was not of the Strength Attribute.

No wonder he had such confidence to fight and bet with me and Yun Li, he indeed has the capability and right to do so! Such a defensive power, even if he were fighting with a Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Master like Ming Wu, he might be able to defend himself for a few strikes.

As Yun Li panted, he looked towards Zhou Weiqing, as if saying, I’ve already done my best, what now?

Taking a glance at the burning incense, Zhou Weiqing saw that it had barely burned down a little, and they still had quite a lot of time. Lin TianAo was also not in a rush, after all there was still quite some time, but it wasn’t that easy to recover all the expended Heavenly Energy. In his eyes, Yun Li was much more of a threat to him than Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing exclaimed with an expression of approval and envy: “Bro Lin, I am so envious of that shield of yours! Ahh, in the past I really wanted to Consolidate a shield for my first Equipment, alas my wife refused to let me to do so. Shields are so good, with that, who needs armour! If used properly, it can block any attack. In fact, it can also be used as a weapon right. Hmmm… Bro Lin, let me guess, could it be that your last Physical Jewel is also part of your Assembly Equipment?”

As he said that, he walked right in front of Lin TianAo.

Lin TianAo smiled passively and said: “This little bro has good insight indeed. My entire abilities are focused on my shield. Just like you said, it is both offense and defense. Alright, you have tested enough, why don’t you both attack at once.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Bro Lin, why don’t you let me test your strength first.” As he said that, he released his Heavenly Jewels, a gleam in his eyes as both his hands pushed onto Lin TianAo’s shield. His muscles bulged suddenly, as he applied a sudden explosive strength.

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