26.17% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 222: Mysterious Black Clad Young Lady (2)

Chapter 222: Mysterious Black Clad Young Lady (2)

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As compared to the excitement outside the cave, it was deadly quiet within the cave itself. The four coloured lights shone over the large cocoon, energy rippling forth in strange patterns around it as black and blue lines could be seen subtly fluctuating around. At first, it seemed like the blue lines were more powerful, but as time passed, the black lines seemed to be stimulated, growing in power until it matched the blue lines.

As the two twisted and undulated around each other, the four lights also grew stronger.

The Fei Li Battle team’s luck was still considered relatively good. As Lin TianAo had said earlier, being so close to the main official roads of the Zhong Tian Empire, there weren’t that many Heavenly Beasts. Of course, there were many more Heavenly Beasts deeper in the forests, but it was quite a distance from where they were, and the aura that the little white tiger would give off when evolving had a limited range.

After the two attacks from the Blood Blaze Lion and the Dark Demon Ape, it was another six hours before a third round of attacks from Heavenly Beasts arrived. After which, they were attacked every few hours, but with smaller scale attacks. Although it was extremely tough, they still managed to pull through.

At the same time, the team members also realised something important – the Heavenly Beasts which attacked them had all lost control, in some sort of an unstable frenzy. That was also the main reason why they had not been able to make use of their full power. Also, these Heavenly Beasts were mostly either all Zong Stage, or led by Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts.

Time seemed to fly, and soon three days had passed. During that time, they had been constantly attacked at intervals, and the toughest fights were when they were attacked by two High Level Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts. At the last moment, Shangguan Bing’er had released the two Icy Soul Heavenly Bears to help out, and they had finally managed to hold their own. With much teamwork, and the sacrifice of several members sustaining heavy injuries, in the end they barely managed to finish off the High Level Zong Stage Beasts.

Little Four sat on the ground heavily, panting and gasping for breath. “I can’t make it anymore Boss, I’m dead beat. If this continues, even if we don’t get killed by Heavenly Beasts, we’ll go crazy!”

For the last three days, they had spent every single second tensed up and with their nerves frayed, not knowing when they would be attacked by Heavenly Beasts. They had to maintain a high alert at all times, and as they fought wave after wave of Heavenly Beasts, it had taken a huge toll on them. After all, these Heavenly Beasts were all frenzied, and although that had helped a lot in reducing their intelligence and skill, it had also caused them to not be able to be chased off, and they could only fight to the death.

The wounds on their bodies and the constant drain of Heavenly Energy was taxing, but the worst toll was on their spirits. Three days and nights of constant fighting and limited rest, even the toughest person would feel exhausted and low in spirit. For someone firm and resolute like Lin TianAo, or someone whose character was rather thick skinned 1 like Crow, it was still relatively okay, but the rest of the team members were almost on the verge of breakdown.

At this point, it was also clear the difference in overall power and character amongst the entire team. The first one to fall was not the one with the lowest cultivation level, Shangguan Bing’er, but Ye Paopao.

Although Ye Paopao was a four-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, as the son of the prime minister, he had lived an easy life of luxury since young. Despite his cultivation, he had never had much actual combat experience, let alone such high intensity fighting. At this moment, he was leaning against the cave entrance, unconscious. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

As for the second person who was having trouble was still not Shangguan Bing’er After her two years of tough training and experience in the Heavenly Bow Unit, this was not her first rodeo facing such tough battles. Furthermore, the person they were protecting was her precious Little Fatty. Under such a circumstance, she would never give up no matter how exhausted she was, just through sheer will. Shangguan Bing’er might not be extremely powerful, and against Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts, she could barely do anything but harassing attacks. However, if it was a Zong Stage Heavenly Beast leading several Zun Stage Heavenly Beasts, she turned into one of the most important keys of the team defense. Just her rapid firing archery alone could suppress a large number of Zun Stage Heavenly Beasts, allowing her companions time to leisurely deal with all the enemies.

By now, Little Four was nearing the end of his stamina. His job was to run around to wherever needed help the most, and any issue that cropped up, his speed was usually the key to a successful save or support.

At the same time, he also had to go around scouting. Naturally, the drain on his spirit was also extremely huge.

Lin TianAo furrowed his brow, glancing back at the cave entrance. As a team leader, how could he not be worried? Looking at the weakened condition of his team members, as well as the constant attacks, he grew increasingly worried as time passed. As soon as a Heavenly Beast which they could not deal with attacked, that meant they could possibly all fall here. Taking a deep breath, Lin TianAo made his decision, a resolute look crossing his face as he said solemnly: “Crow, Drunken Bao, both of you lead the rest away and head for the city. I will stay here to defend the cave.”

As soon as everyone heard that, they were shocked. Drunken Bao said urgently: “How could we possibly do that? To leave you here alone?!”

The past three days, the person who had taken on the most pressure was definitely Lin TianAo. Every single Zong Stage Heavenly Beast was taken on by him, and it was only because of his Rock Like defense and stable fighting skills that had allowed their team to last for so long. In terms of energy consumption, who could be more exhausted than him!

Lin TianAo said solemnly: “This is an order. With your numbers, you will still be able to attend the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. Even if Zhou Weiqing and I do not make it, it should not affect the entire team. Hurry up and leave this place. As long as you do not stay near the cave entrance, you should be safe. If Zhou Weiqing and I make it, we will catch up with you.”

“Big Bro Lin, I definitely will not leave. I will stay here and defend the place with you.” Shangguan Bing’er said unhesitatingly. With her Little Fatty still inside, how could she possibly leave?

Little Four summoned all his energy and propped himself up in a sitting position. “I will not leave you here alone as well, Boss. If we leave, what will happen to you? If you want to leave, we will leave together, but I think we should all stay. I can still last a while more.” If it were anyone else, he might have suggested that everyone leave together, and abandon Zhou Weiqing. However, Zhou Weiqing had done him and Drunken Bao such a huge favour, and they could have been said to be in his debt. Although Little Four’s character was probably the most casual amongst the entire team, at this point he couldn’t help but say he would stay to defend Zhou Weiqing.

“Nonsense. I said, this is an order!” Lin TianAo cried out angrily, showing the dignity and aura of a leader.

Alas, at this moment, no one would listen to this order. Crow turned her head to look away, stretching lazily as she worked out the kinks in her muscles. It had to be said that Crow was definitely worthy of her name of the Gold Crow Tribe’s top genius; after three days and nights of furious battles, she was the only one who seemed unaffected. Any time a Heavenly Beast appeared, her attacks were always the most ferocious. Despite some wounds on her body, she still looked unconcerned and relaxed. Perhaps, in terms of cultivation level and power, she might not be as powerful as Drunken Bao or Xiao Yan who were five-Jeweled. However, if it was a fight to the death, the likely final result would her victory. After all, the Gold Crow Tribe was renowned for their battle prowess, and she was considered the top genius of her generation! Even amongst her tribe members, not counting her Heavenly Jewels, she was famous for her physical strength alone.

Little Four kept his mouth shut, while Drunken Bao sat on the ground resting, humming a tune to himself. Xiao Yan just looked at Lin TianAo and said resolutely: “We are a team.”

All of a sudden, a clear crisp voice rang out. “Waaah! So many corpses! So scary!”

Everyone started upon hearing the voice. For the past three days, they had faced so many Heavenly Beasts, but this was the first time they had met any other humans. After all, this was quite a distance from the road, and even if any traveller were resting at the side of the road, they would not head so deep into the forest.

Along with the bell-like voice, a young lady walked out from the trees. She looked to be even younger than Shangguan Bing’er, about sixteen to seventeen years of age. Two black braids of hair at her sides, she looked the picture of the girl next door. Her large eyes were bright and touching, but the thing that caught their attention the most was her pupils, which were a dim grey colour. That was definitely something rare.

The young lady was not very tall, about 1.6 metres tall or so. However, she was pretty well-proportioned, in the bloom of puberty, full of the attraction of youth. Wearing a long black dress, she looked attractive. However, the strangest thing was that although they were in the forest, her feet were naked, yet she did not seem to feel anything as she walked across the forest ground.

At this moment, she was looking at the blood in the area, and the mass of dead Heavenly Beasts. Patting her chest, her large eyes widened as she blinked, a picture of fear.

Crow laughed and said: “Little sis, where did you come from? Where are your parents? It’s dangerous to come into the forest alone.”

The black clad young lady looked at Crow, face full of surprise as she said: “Wow! Big sis, you are so tall! I have never seen a sister so tall like you, much much taller than me!” As she said that, she used her hands to motion the difference between their height.

Crow laughed again, walking towards the girl, lifting her hands as if to pat her on the head. However, just as she was about a yard from her, her hands suddenly shot out, striking out towards the girl’s neck.

At this point, for such a strange young lady to appear all of a sudden, how could anyone not be suspicious. Although Crow was thick-skinned 2, she was definitely not stupid. In fact, the reverse was true, with her hiding her intelligence behind a seemingly foolish appearance. With her taking action so suddenly, not only was the black clad girl caught by surprise, even the rest of the team were also taken aback.

How strong was Crow? With her strength, even if Lin TianAo at his higher cultivation level was caught by the neck by her, he would probably not be able to resist.

However, just as her hands were about to reach the girl’s throat, the girl seemed to slide aside like a puff of smoke. Seemingly slow, but easily sliding out of the grasp of Crow without any problems. Her large eyes seemed so innocent as they misted over, looking over at Crow with a wronged face.

It was afternoon, and the sun was shining bright above, streaming down through the trees, bringing a gentle warmth to everyone amongst the shadow of the leaves. However, accompanying that easy sidestep of the black clad young lady, everyone’s heart was suddenly gripped by a deep chill.

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    The writing is getting better.

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    So this person must know its a person of snow mountain in the cave if she’s both intelligent and a true powerhouse? Waifu number 3?

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