25.58% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 217: Fat Cat Leveling up! (3)

Chapter 217: Fat Cat Leveling up! (3)

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Zhou Weiqing could only feel a great sense of relief that it had not been Crow who had placed the bet with him the other day. He knew that besides his Demonic Right Leg, his strength was not able to match hers.

Fat Cat’s trembling was getting worse, and just as Zhou Weiqing sat down, it suddenly raised its head, and a white mist emitted from its mouth.

A sweet scent, ten times thicker than before, seemed to envelop the area, and Zhou Weiqing felt as if the scent was invading his very pores, causing his body to heat up.

In a whooshing sound, Fat Cat jumped up from Zhou Weiqing’s body, its fur lit up with a thick bright white light, almost forming a shield of light around it. With a low howl, the light flew off its body, reaching the entrance of the cave, forming an opaque barrier around the entrance and blocking it off totally.

“Roaaarr” Another low roar ensued as Fat Cat turned around to look at Zhou Weiqing, its eyes a deep purple. In the next instant, its body expand rapidly, and soon it became the five metre long huge white tiger.

Currently, Zhou Weiqing was suffering quite badly. Earlier, when Fat Cat emitted the mouth of white mist which pervasively invaded his body, he felt his entire body heating up from within. By now, the fire within had actually caused his clothes to evaporate. The strangest thing was that not only did his Heavenly Jewels automatically appear around his wrists, even the tiger tattoos which usually appeared only during his Demonic Change State had steadily appeared on his skin, and the attribute wheel in front of his eyes was spinning around uncontrollably.

When it had first started, the internal heat had felt rather comfortable. However, it had soon turned into a burning sensation, and he felt as if he was burning up from within. His eyes turned bloodshot, and his muscles expanded and tightened, while his bones creaked out loud and the ‘King’ word appeared on his forehead once more – he had entered the Demonic Change State involuntarily! Fat Cat had somehow managed to cause him to enter the state with that breath of white mist.

Fixing its gaze on Zhou Weiqing, although Fat Cat’s body was still trembling, its eyes were steady and solemn. As it grew larger, it took in a deep breath, causing itself to expand even further. In the next moment, it breathed out another mouthful of mist, this time a mixture of white and gold colour, which enveloped Zhou Weiqing’s body.

Originally, the Demonic Change State would put Zhou Weiqing in his strongest state, where his senses were at the maximum. Alas, at this moment, he found that he could not move a single muscle, and the Heavenly Energy in his body was raging about, the twelve Death Acupuncture Points and the energy whirlpools almost stinging in pain and emitting a whirring sound as they spun crazily, devouring the mist that Fat Cat had emitted. As it entered Zhou Weiqing’s body, the burning sensation grew worse, making him feel as if he was on the verge of melting.

Ever since his Heavenly Energy had entered the Heavenly Shen Energy stage from the Heavenly Jing Energy stage, Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy had compressed into a liquid form. As compared to his widened meridians, the flow of the liquid-form Heavenly Energy could be said to be a tiny stream. After all, he had barely entered the Heavenly Shen Energy state for a short period of time, and was only at the 12th stage of Heavenly Energy, and hadn’t reached the 13th stage, which was the first stage of the Heavenly Shen Energy.

However, Zhou Weiqing quickly realised that the white liquid-form Heavenly Energy in his body was actually evaporating, turning back into a gaseous state. However, it was now different from its original white colour, as it merged with the mist from Fat Cat, turning into a dim gold colour. This gold coloured gas raged through his body, as if about to break him apart and spring free.

Zhou Weiqing’s entire meridian stream was stained with gold as the gold-coloured gas Heavenly Energy charged through them.

Right at that moment, the glow from Fat Cat’s eyes intensified, as two purple lights shot out right into Zhou Weiqing’s eyes. In the dancing purple glow, Zhou Weiqing felt as if he had been struck by a bolt of lightning, his entire body shuddering as his entire mind blanked out.

The huge Fat Cat continued shuddering as it took an unsteady step forward. A strange scene then occurred, as the gold-white mist enveloped its body, it started to change in shape, as limbs elongated and the body shrank. In the short period of time where it took the step forward, to the dimming of the glowing mist, it had changed form from the huge white tiger into a human being… a person that Zhou Weiqing had seen before… the one who had rescued the Silver Emperor… saved Zhou Weiqing… Tian Er!

Currently, Tian Er was totally naked, a head of long white hair cascading down her back all the way to her buttocks, covering them. Her eyes were lit with a purple glow, and her body was still shuddering. Her originally pure white skin was totally covered with tiger tattoos, though they were different from Zhou Weiqing’s black coloured ones, instead a brilliant sky-blue colour. The two of their tattoos seemed to attract each other, and as Tian Er turned into human form, the undulations of the tattoos seemed to grow stronger.

With a forward wave of her hands, Zhou Weiqing’s unconscious body flew up into the air and into her grasp.

At that moment, Tian Er’s eyes were filled with a strong killing intent. Her fingernails seemed to grow, extending into a five inch long claw, glowing with a cold light as it rested upon Zhou Weiqing’s shoulder.

All of a sudden, Tian Er lifted her right hand, hovering above Zhou Weiqing’s head. With her intense fluctuation of Heavenly Energy, if the claw struck down, it would immediately pierce into Zhou Weiqing’s head.

However, at the same time, a look of hesitation appeared in her eyes, as if she were at a loss. In her mind, the images of the past two years flashed past, the time they had spent together.

Once again, she lifted the claw, biting her lip as she steeled her determination and shoved it down. However, as the claw reached barely an inch from Zhou Weiqing’s head, it stopped once more…

“Why? Why can’t I kill him?” Tian Er’s trembling voice rang out. “I should kill him, that was my plan all along… and only then can I get the greatest benefit. But… but… why am I unable to finish it? What’s going on? Could it be… could it be… no, that’s not possible… how could I possibly like such a shameless and despicable fellow who only knows how to bully me. I must kill him!”

Tian Er’s voice was very resolute, but the claw above Zhou Weiqing’s head still hovered there, unable to strike down that last short distance.

All of a sudden, she took a half step forward, spreading her arms and embracing Zhou Weiqing tightly. Both of them were naked, and their bodies pressed closed together. If Zhou Weiqing had been awake, blood would probably have spurted out from his nose.

After embracing Zhou Weiqing, she bit him on the shoulder hard.

As their bodies pressed closely together, the tiger tattoos on their bodies seemed to meld together. Black and blue tattoos extended outward in a strange undulating dance.

Tian Er was stunned, not expecting such a thing to happen. The strangest thing was that despite her biting down, it did not even break his skin, just leaving teeth marks on his shoulder.

Blazing heat, seemed to transfer from Zhou Weiqing’s body to Tian Er, as the black and blue tiger tattoos seemed to meld together in a crazy rhythm. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Tian Er’s face, which was originally a mask of pain, relaxed a little as the two different tiger tattoos melded together, and in a strange move, the black and blue light left their bodies, swirling around them both.

As time passed second after second, the black and blue light grew stronger and more intense, until it was almost blinding.

On top of this cocoon of light, four different coloured glows of light gradually formed. The two above Tian Er’s head was gold and purple, while the ones twisting above Zhou Weiqing’s were grey and colourless respectively. The four lights each occupied their own space, forming a strange barrier around both of them, causing the entire cocoon to look extremely weird.

Of course, this strange sight within the cave was not visible from outside. However, things were also not peaceful outside.

Earlier, when the cave entrance had been sealed by the barrier of white light, everyone was taken aback. However, they quickly realised it had to be some sort of self-protection ability of Fat Cat’s. From the sheer power radiating from the barrier, Lin TianAo and the rest could sense how extraordinary Fat Cat was.

“Everyone, be careful. Lady Bing’er, stand beside me. Little Four, go out and scout for us. Drunken Bao, Crow, both of you guard the flanks. Xiao Yan, you and Ye Paopao are fire and water attributes respectively, you will be in charge of supporting with ranged attacks.”

With a simple line, Lin TianAo had assigned everyone’s duties clearly. As a leader, his stable calm poise gave his companions much confidence. Furthermore, as the strongest person amongst them, he was the gel that held them together. His role was also to take action in case anything unforeseen occurred.

As everyone took their positions, Little Four soared into the air agilely, vanishing into the trees silently.

Shangguan Bing’er stood beside Lin TianAo, and she quickly took out the gift that Hua Feng had given her from her Spatial Ring – the Green Spirit Bow. The green coloured longbow was smaller and obviously more nimble than Zhou Weiqing’s Black Dawn Bow; just a quick look at it gave the impression of being quick and light.

Looking at the bow in Shangguan Bing’er’s hands, Lin TianAo asked: “Lady Bing’er, you are also an archer?”

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