25% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 212: My luck is just too good? (1)

Chapter 212: My luck is just too good? (1)

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“I’ll bet, I’ll bet! We can discuss how we split the gains later, let’s place the bet first.” Drunken Bao said hurriedly, unable to hold himself back. Such an amazing beauty like Shangguan Bing’er, and a Heavenly Jewel Master to boot, and a Mid Level Consolidating Equipment Master like Zhou Weiqing… in his and Little Four’s eyes, this was an amazing win for them! Furthermore, with Little Four taking part in the bet, he was definitely confident that Little Four would not go easy, and this was a definitely win. Under such a mindset, he did not hesitate a bit, and agreed to the bet.

By now, Ye Paopao had noticed something, but he did not say anything. Although Little Four and Drunken Bao were more powerful than him, in terms of experience and worldly knowledge, they were far from being able to match him. Ye Paopao clearly knew that with great gains, also came great risk. As such, no matter which side would win the bet, he would stay clear of it. In his heart, he could sense that Shangguan Bing’er and Zhou Weiqing had something up their sleeves. Perhaps it could have been argued that Shangguan Bing’er was just being impulsive, but since Zhou Weiqing did not stop her, that in itself spoke volumes. However, despite that, Ye Paopao did not join in the bet. After all, the terms of the bet was Lifetime Following, how could he possibly do such a thing, unless he had gone crazy! As such, he just watched on from the side. After all, no matter who won the bet, it wouldn’t affect him in any way.

Xiao Yan looked to Drunken Bao and said solemnly: “Think twice before you act.”

Alas, by now Ah Bao could not possibly imagine them losing the bet, and he just laughed heartily and said: “I believe in Little Four. Little Four, it’s just three moves right, even if you can’t beat him, you can easily run away.”

Little Four said angrily: “Run away? Do you really think he can beat me? Hmph, they’re just trying to trick us into being afraid, if I fall for their trick, how can I hold my head up in the future? Boss, come and be the judge, if the bet ends and they try to break their word, you have to intervene.”

Lin TianAo furrowed his brow and said: “Are you all sure of this?” Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Little Four and Drunken Bao nodded without any hesitation, and Lin TianAo turned to look at Zhou Weiqing, a questioning look in his eyes.

Zhou Weiqing smiled and said: “Since my wife has requested for the bet, how can I refuse it? Come on then.” He was the only one who knew why Shangguan Bing’er had so much confidence in him.

Lin TianAo said solemnly: “In that case, both of you make a vow to your Personal Power Jewels, so no one can break their word after the competition.”

As such, the four of them did as suggested, taking the oath on their Power Jewels. It could be said that both sides were extremely confident in themselves, and at this moment there was no backing down.

Currently, the entire field of the Heavenly Jewel Master Academy was extremely quiet, and the others had backed to the side. As the judge, Lin TianAo stood close to them, not just as the arbiter of the fight, but also ready to jump in to prevent any real injuries.

If it were any normal circumstance, as the team leader, Lin TianAo would never allow such infighting to happen. However, now, as Zhou Weiqing’s Lifetime Follower, he would not stop something that Zhou Weiqing really wanted to do.

Zhou Weiqing and Little Four stood about twenty yards apart, while Lin TianAo stood at the side, in between them. By this time, both Zhou Weiqing and Little Four had released their Heavenly Jewels, though both had their sleeves covering their Elemental Jewels, not allowing their opponent to see their Attributes.

Lin TianAo said solemnly: “Are you both ready?”, to which both nodded in confirmation.

Lin TianAo then shouted out: “Very well, then Begin!”

As soon as the shout rang out, Little Four shouted out loud: “Incoming!” A powerful and intense aura erupted from him, as a strong ripple of Heavenly Energy burst forth in a thick white light. His body instantly bounded up, as if he were a jumping flea leaping forth in an amazing feat. However, to everyone’s surprise, this Little Four who seemed to hate Zhou Weiqing so much and want to beat him up actually leapt backwards. Two green lights shone forth, consolidating into two gold wings around his back as he jumped, and as they flapped swiftly, they brought him backward into the air.

“Damn, that’s so shameless!” Even with Ye Paopao’s steady character, he couldn’t help but cry out at that. As for Drunken Bao who was standing beside him, he smirked coldly. “Taking care of Little Four in three moves? Even our Boss cannot handle that. Little Four’s greatest strength is ability to dodge, and he is also the only one amongst us who has the ability to fly temporarily. With him in midair, I’d like to see how a three-Jeweled little brat like you can win in three moves.”

Ye Paopao turned to look towards Shangguan Bing’er, but he was surprised to see that she did not look worried at all, instead with a faint, confident smile on her face.

Little Four’s pair of wings was not a single Consolidated Equipment piece, but two, and was a very rare type of set. The only use it has was to let him fly in the air when infused with Heavenly Energy, as well as a long time of training. The wings would not just allow him to fly, but also perform agile evasive maneuvers in mid air, as well as acceleration, and he was able to use it in tandem with his other abilities, forming a unique fighting style of his own. However, at this moment, he did not even think of fighting Zhou Weiqing directly.

Although previously it seemed that Little Four and Drunken Bao were very rash and impulsive, jumping into the bet like that, but in truth, these two fellows were actually very shrewd. Three moves? No matter what special abilities you have, as long as I do not keep in contact with you, how can you possibly beat me in three moves? That was their thought process indeed. As such, as soon as the fight started, Little Four made use of his Dragonstone Jade Physical Jewel’s speed advantage to jump away. Along with his wings, he instantaneously widened the gap between them to almost fifty yards, a distance that even most Elemental Jewel Skills would not be able to reach.

When Little Four leapt backwards, Zhou Weiqing was actually caught by surprise. However, when he saw Little Four soar into the air, he laughed. He did not seem urgent at all, as he coolly lifted his right hand. At the same time, the judge of the match, Lin TianAo, closed his eyes. The instant that Little Four jumped up and flew into the air, Lin TianAo knew that the winner had been determined. If Little Four had chosen to charge forward and fight head-on, he might actually have some chance to win the bet. However, in chosing to dodge, he had fallen right into Zhou Weiqing’s hands. After all, he was an archer! No matter how fast Little Four flew, in such a short period of time he would never be able to fly out of Zhou Weiqing’s shooting range. Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing’s Consolidated Equipment Bow still had two sockets!

As the icy mist gathered and the Overlord Bow appeared in Zhou Weiqing’s hands, the smile on Drunken Bao’s face slowly vanished. Both he and Little Four had estimated various possibilities of Zhou Weiqing’s powers, but they had overlooked the possibility that he would be an archer.

Bow drawn to the max, Zhou Weiqing’s gaze fixated on the airborne Little Four. At the same time, Little Four also spotted the bow in his hands, and fear gripped his heart. However, he was still a powerhouse in the Heavenly Jewel Master Academy, no matter what circumstances he faced, he did not panic. So what if he was an archer, he just had to avoid three arrows, and he would still be able to get the victory.

A loud shrill sound rang out as the arrow shot into sky like a bolt of lightning, and the onlookers could only see the air distort and warp slightly, as the arrow shot from the Overlord Bow reached Little Four.

Although Little Four had already flown quite a distance in that short period of time, but it was definitely not yet a hundred yards yet. At such a close distance, trying to dodge the arrows from the Overlord Bow was not something easy!

However, at that moment, Little Four proved to the audience that even if something is difficult, it isn’t impossible. In a flash of silver light, his body actually disappeared.

Ye Paopao and Shangguan Bing’er both cried out in surprise: “Blink!”

Right up to that point, this was the first time that Little Four had revealed his Elemental Jewel. Indeed, his Elemental Jewel was not the Wind Attribute like Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er had guessed, but was the Spatial Attribute! When Zhou Weiqing lifted the Overlord Bow, he had started making preparations, and without a moment of hesitation, he managed to dodge the first arrow.

That single blink brought him ten yards away; clearly Little Four’s Blink Skill had a greater effect than Zhou Weiqing’s, due to his Four-Jeweled cultivation level.

At that point, Little Four was gloating in his heart. Three moves? Even if it’s thirty moves, I still will not lose! Not only do I have Blink, I have other more powerful Spatial Attack moves. Hmph. No matter how fast or powerful your arrows are, I will not lose to you. Three-Jeweled vs Four-Jeweled, this is just the difference in power!

Alas, just as he was basking in his own praise, the audience below were suddenly shocked. The reason was because they could clearly see Zhou Weiqing’s arrow suddenly stop in midair, and it actually stopped right at where Little Four had been earlier, as if the arrow was meant to stop as soon as it hit him.

Only Shangguan Bing’er was clear that this was a type of archery technique, to control the distance of the shot arrow, and it was a skill that both of them were able to pull off easily.

In the next moment, what truly caused them to be surprised was the twelve black lights that shone forth like tentacles, each almost thirty-five yards long. At that point, Little Four had that gloating grin on his face, and the next instant the grin froze awkwardly as a black tentacle wrapped around his entire body and wings.

That was not the only thing. As the black tentacles were released, there was also the sound of lightning crackling, and all of the sudden, the entire area in a hundred yard diameter was lit up in a shocking blue light.

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    Dark Lightning has always been my favourite type of element(if it even exist) and it’s the power is in the colour of Black and Blue, my favourite colours~

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    Lightning sure does look pretty in different colours

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