25.23% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 214: My luck is just too good? (3)

Chapter 214: My luck is just too good? (3)

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As it turned out, Zhou Weiqing’s quick decision was indeed wise. This red robed old man saw that they were leaving and did not pursue the matter, and just summed the matter of the two attributes as two members having taken action.

As soon as they left the Heavenly Jewel Master Academy, both Drunken Bao and Little Four walked along silently, their brows furrowed, no longer having the arrogant air as before. Xiao Yan’s gaze was constantly on Zhou Weiqing, a pondering look on his face.

On the other hand, Crow had a much more straightforward nature. As soon as they exited the academy gates, she walked up to Zhou Weiqing and clapped him on the shoulder, saying: “Brother Zhou, not bad, not bad! Being lenient when you are in the right, from now on, you are my friend.” Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Being embraced by her, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but start a little. Crow’s body was just too huge, even taller than him by half a head, and clasping her hand around his shoulder was just a right fit. However, that big sis had forgotten that she was after all, a girl! Her voluptuous bosom rubbed against Zhou Weiqing’s shoulder, but she was completely unaware.

“Big Sis Crow, males and females shouldn’t be so close, shouldn’t you let go?” Zhou Weiqing sidled a glance at Shangguan Bing’er, afraid that she might be angry, but all he saw was her hiding a grin.

Regarding Zhou Weiqing not taking Little Four and Drunken Bao as Followers, Shangguan Bing’er did not think much aybout it. She was an intelligent girl herself, and being together with Zhou Weiqing for so long, she had a lot of confidence in him. Her thinking was simple, Little Fatty definitely had his reasons for doing so.

Crow gave a humph and said: “We’re all Heavenly Jewel Masters, I’m a girl and I don’t even mind, yet you’re so shy… are you a man! Anyway, who are you calling big sis? I’m only 17 years old.”

“Uhh…” Zhou Weiqing lifted up his head in surprise to stare at Crow and her figure, his heart twisting around in surprise. You’re only seventeen and already so huge, doesn’t that mean there’s room to grow?!

“But… I’m not even seventeen years old yet!” Zhou Weiqing said with an honest smile.

“What?” Crow’s eyes was filled with shock. Not just her, but everyone else also stopped and turned. Even Ye Paopao did not know Zhou Weiqing’s real age. Now that he heard that Zhou Weiqing was younger than seventeen, the expression on his face changed several times. Even worse were Little Four and Drunken Bao who had just lost their bet, both exchanged looks, with an expression on their faces like they were about to cry.

They had actually lost to a youth who wasn’t even seventeen years old!

Lin TianAo was also stunned. If Little Four, Drunken Bao, Crow, Xiao Yan, or even Ye Paopao had thought that earlier Zhou Weiqing had won by trickery, only he knew that Zhou Weiqing’s true strength was definitely much higher than Little Four’s. After all, he had clearly seen that Alexandrite Cat’s Eye for himself.

Seventeen years old… he was actually not even seventeen yet! All of a sudden, Lin TianAo relaxed, feeling that he had truly not lost in vain. This Zhou Weiqing in front of him was truly a genius among geniuses. A seventeen year old ‘normal’ High Level Shi Heavenly Jewel Master was already rare enough, let alone one of his power, and that was not even counting him being a Mid Level Consolidating Equipment Master!

“Stop! I can’t stand it anymore!” Right at that moment, Drunken Bao gave a loud shout, taking two quick strides and rushing towards Zhou Weiqing, giving everyone a sudden scare. Only by then did they realise that Drunken Bao’s eyes were totally red.

“Zhou Weiqing, right! From now on, I’m your Follower. Since I’m willing to bet, I am willing to lose… who asked me to be so foolish. If I break my word, I will always remember it in my heart, and it will be my downfall. Instead of that, I might as well become your Follower.”

Little Four gave a bitter smile and said: “Bro Bao, you can you do that! If you do so, what about me?”

Drunken Bao said angrily: “Damnit! If not for you losing, how could I be in such dire straits now, how dare you ask me!? Don’t you know the Zong Stage Barrier? If I do not keep my word now, in the future if I ever have a chance to attempt to breakthrough the Zong Stage Barrier, I will definitely have a flaw in my mindstate. My lifelong goal has always been to become a powerful person, a powerhouse in the world, and if that isn’t possible, then what’s the point? I would rather become a Follower and not give up that chance of being a powerhouse. Furthermore, to Follow such a young and talented Mid Level Consolidating Equipment Master isn’t something to be ashamed of.”

Hearing Drunken Bao’s words, Lin TianAo nodded slightly, and Ye Paopao said softly: “Truly a man.”

Little Four looked at Drunken Bao, a conflicted and hesitating look on his face. Finally, he sighed and said: “Bro Bao, you are right. Although, there is barely a ten percent chance for us to actually breakthrough the Zong Stage Barrier, but it is still better than not having a single chance. We pride ourselves on our talent, on being genius, and if we do not even have a chance to breach the Zong Stage Barrier, we would have wasted our lives as Heavenly Jewel Masters. Follower… so be it. It is my fault after all for losing.” As he said that, he slapped himself on the first so hard that it started swelling.

Looking at the two of them, Zhou Weiqing smiled. Originally, he did not really have much liking for the two of them. Looking at them now, he found that these team mates for this Heavenly Jewel Tournament were indeed to be trusted. At least, their stubborn pursuit of power and their character in not wanting to break their word was something he liked.

“Leader Lin, what is the Zong Stage Barrier?” Zhou Weiqing asked Lin TianAo.

Lin TianAo started a little. “You do not know about the Zong Stage Barrier? To us Heavenly Jewel Masters, that is the most difficult, almost impossible, hurdle or barrier to pass. No matter how hard we train or cultivate, more than ninety percent of Heavenly Jewel Masters will never be able to pass through this barrier. The Zong Stage Barrier refers to breaking through from Heavenly Xu Energy to Heavenly Dao Energy, to pass from the Zong Stage of 9-Sets of Jewels to the 10th Set of Jewels cultivation level. The number of nine in our levels is extremely important, and it can be said that from one to nine, our cultivation is going alongside the will of the universe, while to get to ten and above, it is in reversal to the will of the universe. As such, this barrier is unbelievably difficult for any Heavenly Jewel Master. Those who breakthrough it, can be said to have taken a step into heaven, having the power to change the world. Not only will their lifespan be increased severalfold, their power will also increase likewise. Those who do not break through this barrier, will forever be stuck at the Zong Stage.

Zhou Weiqing nodded his head slightly and said: “I see.”

Little Four could not help but say: “You’re a High Level Shi Stage Heavenly Jewel Master, and you do not know something so basic?” He couldn’t help but feel that his loss was truly too wronged, no matter he had just decided to become Zhou Weiqing’s Follower.

Zhou Weiqing said: “The two seniors are indeed men who follow their emotions, and men of your words. I truly respect you all for that. However, I also do not want to withdraw my words. However, according to our bet, it is indeed for you both to be my Lifetime Followers, but there is no mention for a Seal. If both of you insist on Following me, how about this – You can Follow me as long as you want, if you change your minds, you can leave at any time. As mine and Bing’er’s Followers, you will not be restricted by any Seals. This way, you will have no restrictions on your personal freedom. Isn’t that a win-win situation for both of us?”

Hearing Zhou Weiqing’s words, Drunken Bao and Little Four’s expressions turned much better. This was indeed a good compromise; they would not be breaking their oaths, and would also not be have their freedoms restricted too much. As such, their looks on Zhou Weiqing turned much friendlier and gentle.

Lin TianAo, on the other hand, had a glum expression on his face as he looked at Zhou Weiqing, thinking to himself: How come I did not get such a good treatment?

How could he know that in Zhou Weiqing’s heart, his importance was just too great. Not to mention how great their talents were in cooperation, or how powerful his defense would be in those unforeseen circumstances, just Zhou Weiqing’s personal feelings would cause him to place a huge importance on Lin TianAo. After all, no matter how powerful Zhou Weiqing was, he was at the core that young Little Fatty who was afraid of death. Remember his original wish to have that unbreakable shield. At this point, it seems like it would be impossible for him to Consolidate that. However, with Lin TianAo by his side, that would be equal to having a live shield. As such, after seeing Lin TianAo’s power that day, although Zhou Weiqing knew he was a loyal, steadfast person, he still wanted to place the Seal on him. That was because Lin TianAo was just too important to him.

Drunken Bao thought for a while and said: “Since Bro Zhou is so generous, then let’s keep it this way then. However, do not worry, even without the Seal, I will obey your commands.”

Little Four said: “Same here. Oh, yes, and my main team spot will also be turned over to you.”

Zhou Weiqing waved his hand and said: “No, that part is not necessary. Earlier, I managed to defeat you due to being lucky, not that I am that much more powerful than you. Senior Little Four, do you know why I was willing to go through the bet with you?”

“Why?” Little Four asked anxiously. That was also something he could not comprehend.

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Heh, from your figure and stature, I could easily guess that your abilities would have something to do with speed or agility. My original guess was that you would be an ultimate agility Heavenly Jewel Master, with Wind and Agility Attributes. Just like Leader Lin’s Defense type would be a direct counter to someone like me, my abilities are a direct counter to yours. I do not have many attack type abilities, as my main focus are on Control Type Skills. Adding on to the fact that I am a master archer, with an extremely powerful Consolidated Bow, I had a huge confidence in winning. Furthermore, by placing such a bet, it would be likely that you wouldn’t attack me, instead choosing to keep some distance between us. That actually gave me a greater space to use my archery. It can be said that your loss to me was due to my abilities countering yours, as well as some bad luck on your part. As such, this main team place should still be yours. If during the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, we meet some opponents I can counter, I can always take those out.”

Little Four stared at him helplessly, before saying sadly: “I hate archers…”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily. Naturally, he would not tell Little Four that he also had the Blink Skill, and he could have made use of that and his Demonic Right Leg to close the gap extremely quickly. Furthermore, his Control Skills were not as simple as being something his Bow contained, but actually his own Skills. However, no matter how good an impression he had of these people, he would not reveal his secrets. This was especially so since Ye Paopao was present.

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