27.83% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 236: An unexpectedly powerful opponent (2)

Chapter 236: An unexpectedly powerful opponent (2)

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“Fei Li Battle Team, Crow.”

“Fei Li Battle Team, Zhou Weiqing.”

“Mi’Ou Battle Team, Wu Zhengyang.”

“Mi’Ou Battle Team, Jiang Fei.”

After the four introduced themselves, the judge gave the signal to start, and the 3rd fight between the two teams began.

As both sides simultaneously summoned their Heavenly Jewels, the surrounding audience gave a loud cry of surprise. Not only because Zhou Weiqing also only had three sets of Jewels, but also because that small young lady called Jiang Fei had actually five sets of Jewels! At her age, that definitely put her at one of the top few talents in the world, and she was undoubtedly the mainstay of the Mi’Ou Battle Team.

Accompanying the Judge’s command, the fight started officially. Although Wu Zhengyang’s face was unreconciled and full of regret, he did not just blindly charge forward. Releasing his Heavy Sword, a bright glow flashed upon the tip of the sword, and his right arm flexed as the Heavy Sword whistled forward, and the glow flew out swiftly as an ethereal sword strike towards Zhou Weiqing and Crow.

Both sides were more than twenty yards apart, and naturally by the time it reached Zhou Weiqing, the sword glow’s power was definitely not able to harm them. That sword only had one motive, to prevent Zhou Weiqing and Crow from charging forward towards them into close range. Although he was not satisfied with the previous result, Wu Zhengyang had to admit that in terms of pure physical strength, he was definitely no match for Crow.

However, who would expect that both Crow and Zhou Weiqing stood there unmoved, with not even the hint of wanting to move, just watching as the sword strike dissipated right in front of them.

Crow turned to Zhou Weiqing and asked in a puzzled tone: “What is he doing? Chopping the air?”

Zhou Weiqing shrugged casually: “How would I know? Perhaps he landed on his head earlier just now, and damaged his brain?”

Crow was her usual naive, almost foolish look, and Zhou Weiqing had his customary honest looking smile as soon as he ascended the stage. This pair was definitely a great pair of actors, as they played off each other’s words, causing many of the audience to burst out laughing.

Wu Zhengyang was so enraged that his face turned red, then white, and he was about to react when Jiang Fei said solemnly from behind: “Do not fall into their trap. Steady yourself and defend first.”

Strangely, as soon as Jiang Fei spoke, Wu Zhengyang immediately calmed down. Brandishing his Heavy Sword, he glared at Zhou Weiqing and Crow as he focused his mind on the fight.

A four-Jeweled Light Attribute Heavenly Jewel MAster was definitely an superb partner to anyone. Amongst the Greater Attributes, the Light Attribute was relatively more common, but it was still a Greater Attribute after all.

With Zhou Weiqing’s power, with his Alexandrite Cat’s Eye and Legendary Consolidated Equipment, he would have no problems fighting and beating those of a higher cultivation level up to four Jewels, but facing a five-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master would likely be more problematic. After all, the difference in Heavenly Energy was just too huge. In the past, when he had managed to get an advantage in the fight with Ming Wu, that was because Ming Wu had truly underestimated him, first through the bet, and later also not unleashing his full power, allowing Zhou Weiqing to seize the opportunity and succeeding in a sneak attack.

Of course, the current Zhou Weiqing was truly strong. After all, he had a large number of Skills, six times more than any ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master of the same level! Furthermore, he had Stored so many high ranking Skills, especially Control Skills; as such, it would boil down to how the fight came to pass.

Standing behind Wu Zhengyang, Jiang Fei raised both her hands, and they could clearly see the five Red Jade Physical Jewels, signifying the Coordination Attribute around her right wrist, light up all at once.

Zhou Weiqing’s heart clenched involuntarily, and he couldn’t help but complain to himself inwardly: Yet another Consolidated Equipment Set?! Didn’t Master Huyan say that it was extremely rare, why is it in this Heavenly Jewel Tournament, it seems like these Sets are like wild cabbages, found everywhere?! In the previous fights, there have been at least ten competitors releasing various sorts of Consolidating Equipment Sets already…

However, Zhou Weiqing quickly realised that his judgement was in error – the five Physical Jewels that Jiang Fei had released was not a Consolidated Equipment Set.

All Consolidated Equipment Sets had a consistent, or even identical, markings, as well as a close connection with each other. However, the five Consolidated Equipment that appeared around Jiang Fei was actually very different.

A black metallic glove, a long black staff, a single black armguard on her right arm, a black right shoulder pauldrons and black helmet. Strangely, all five of her Consolidated Equipment seemed to be consolidated on her right, and all of them had a single socket, currently already socketed with her Elemental Jewel, the black pearls signifying the Darkness Attribute.

Zhou Weiqing was not an ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master, he was also a Consolidating Equipment Master, and on seeing Jiang Fei’s equipment, a chill ran down his spine as he suddenly thought of something. Quickly, he shouted out: “Crow, be careful! That girl is an Ultimate Offense type Heavenly Jewel Master, likely a ranged specialist.” Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

An Ultimate Offense type Heavenly Jewel Master referred to one who had focused all their power into offensive capabilities, totally ignoring defense or control. No matter their Consolidated Equipment or Stored Skills, they would only concentrate on offense. Their Consolidated Equipment were usually imbued with certain skills, usually boosts on offense like empowering strength or elemental damage. In addition, with the sockets, they could usually improve the power of their Elemental Jewel Stored Skills. Judging from her equipment and the staff in her right hand, Zhou Weiqing quickly made a snap decision on her.

To totally sacrifice defense to focus on offense, such an ultimate offense type Heavenly Jewel Master definitely played things to the extremes, and could be extremely risky. However, when done right, their power was extremely terrifying.

The truth was indeed as Zhou Weiqing had guessed. Jiang Fei’s five Consolidated Equipment were all imbued with a boost to her Darkness Attribute, causing her five Stored Darkness Skills to be strengthened to an insane level. Under such extreme measures, her offensive capabilities alone were comparable to that of a top grade six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master. Zhou Weiqing had not expected to meet such a tough opponent on just their first round of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament.

At the same time that he shouted out the warning to Crow, his Overlord Bow appeared in his hands. As Wu Zhengyang was fully focused on support and defense, he would certainly not be so easy to take down. At the same time, Jiang Fei would be behind him attacking with her terrifying offense. As such, Zhou Weiqing knew he had to suppress them with his attacks, in order to have a chance.

Despite Zhou Weiqing’s warning, Crow still charged forward valiantly. At the same time, Jiang Fei’s first attack was launched.

With a wave of her black staff, a jet black ball of light immediately flew towards Crow; at the same time, a black shadow extended from her feet, growing slowly towards Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing also took action at the same time as her, the Overlord Bow in his hand flashing as an arrow shot out like a bolt of lightning. Both sides were so close, and it was almost like he had just lifted the Overlord Bow when the arrow had already flown out.

For Wu Zhengyang on the other side, the moment he saw Zhou Weiqing summon out his Overlord Bow, he reacted swiftly by summoning a shield of light. As the brilliant gold light coalesced in front of him, it also covered Jiang Fei. Though it was shimmeringly transparent and seemingly unsolid, it would be a mistake to underestimate it. This Shimmering Light Shield was a six star rated skill, and amongst Elemental Jewel Stored Skills, it was one of the top defensive abilities. Without doubt, since Jiang Fei was an ultimate offense type Heavenly Jewel Master, in order to better coordinate with her, her teammate had to have a great defense.

However, Zhou Weiqing’s first arrow was not shot at the two opponents, instead flying towards the the black ball of light that Jiang Fei had shot towards Crow. With a huge explosion which caused the air to reverberate, and the black ball and arrow both evaporated at the same time.

Jiang Fei started a little, while Zhou Weiqing’s brow also arched up slightly. Without question, Jiang Fei was surprised that Zhou Weiqing, at only three-Jeweled cultivation level, was able to break her powerful attack with just a single arrow.

Of course, Zhou Weiqing’s arrow was no simple arrow, and it actually held his Heavenly Lightning Shock Skill, with its specialised ability to disrupt or break Skills, in addition to the Overlord Bow’s explosive effect, it just barely managed to break her attack. However, he had also clearly felt that his arrow had disintegrated the moment it touched the ball of black light. If not for the fact that the imbued Skill had managed to release right before it happened, perhaps it would have been swallowed by the ball as well.

The was the difference in offensive power and level.

No matter how genius Zhou Weiqing was, no matter how many powerful and high rated skills he had, he was still after all only at the three-Jeweled cultivation level, while his opponent was not only a five-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, but also a genius ultimate offensive Darkness Heavenly Jewel Master! Under such a circumstance, if he tried to take her attacks head on, even with his legendary hammers, he might not necessarily be able to block them.

Jiang Fei’s surprise only lasted a split second before she recovered, her gaze still cold as she waved her staff once more. This time, five balls of black lights flew out, still targeted at Crow, moving at an even greater speed than the previous single one. At the same time, it seemed like there was a faint line connecting all five of them, causing them to be joined somehow in some unique meaning.

At the same time, the black shadow extending from Jiang Fei’s legs had also finally reached Zhou Weiqing.

In this 2v2 fight, it could be said that Jiang Fei and Wu Zhengyang had displayed an amazing teamwork and coordination. One light, one dark; one offense, one defense, it showed great cooperation and tacit understanding.

Zhou Weiqing did not know what the black shadow approaching his feet were, but he was clear that it was definitely not to be underestimated. If he got entangled by it, it could possibly be a powerful control skill or offense.

Caught in such a situation, Zhou Weiqing displayed the amazing archery he had learned and trained in the Heavenly Bow Unit. Five arrows appeared in his fingers, and they shot out simultaneously in a single whirring sound. Almost at the same time, five explosions rang out at the other end; he had once again chosen to break Jiang Fei’s attack on Crow. Simultaneously, Zhou Weiqing jumped up from the ground; in order to help Crow, he had no chance to deal with his incoming problem directly.

The shadow which had reached Zhou Weiqing’s feet leapt up abruptly, as if it were Zhou Weiqing’s shadow, as it striked out at him.

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