27.24% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 231: A Dual Dose. (3)

Chapter 231: A Dual Dose. (3)

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Although the group of people were following Bai Jiu, they seemed to ignore Zhou Weiqing’s trio, as if in their hearts, they were emotionless. This was also the thing that sparked Zhou Weiqing’s vigilance the most.

Bai Jiu lifted his head and said proudly: “Of course, how can your Heavenly Bow Empire compare with our Kalise Empire?! These few behind me are all Heavenly Jewel Masters, does your Heavenly Bow Empire have that many?”

Shangguan Bing’er said coldly: “I did not betray my Empire, not now, not ever. Your Kalise Empire has the power to join the Heavenly Jewel Tournament? Hah, from what I see, it’s just the second team of the Bai Da Empire right.”

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“So what” A strong hatred flashed in Bai Jiu’s eyes. That time, he had peed in his pants, and that would always be in his mind! Towards Shangguan Bing’er, though she was such a beauty, he was only full of hate, and not any hint of tender, protective feelings. “Even if we are the Bai Da Empire’s second team, at least that shows the Bai Da Empire is supporting us. What about you? Even if you have entered the Fei Li Empire, with your cultivation level, you’re likely just a mere reserve team member. At least I’m the leader of the Kalise Empire team, even if I can’t enter the battlefield, it’s still better than you being controlled by others.”

Shangguan Bing’er wanted to continue arguing, but was held back by Zhou Weiqing. “Bing’er, let’s go.” After saying that, he led Shangguan Bing’er and Crow out.

As they passed by Bai Jiu, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes narrowed as he said softly: “I hope we’ll have good luck when drawing lots, and be placed in the same group with your Kalise Empire Team.” Although he really wanted to kill this fellow in front of him, he knew that this was not the right time; after all, they will still at the Heavenly Jewel Tournament registration spot.

“You…” Bai Jiu was about to retort, but Zhou Weiqing’s trio had already walked out. His loyal follower, Luo Xiaoye, quickly said: “Your Highness, do not lower yourself to argue with them, it will affect our grand plan.”

Bai Jiu looked at his loyal follower, and his expression calmed down. Stroking him on the face, he said gently: “Alright, I’ll let them off for now. Hmph. It should be I who hopes to meet them in the tournament.”

Luo Xiaoye flushed a little, looking at Bai Jiu with a slightly dazed expression.

Once again stepping into the Plaza, Zhou Weiqing let loose a breath he didn’t even know he had been holding. Shangguan Bing’er could clearly feel that his muscles had been tensed tightly.

Zhou Weiqing looked up in the sky and muttered to himself: “Next round, for the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, I will definitely lead our Heavenly Bow Empire into this stage. At that time, we will only have one goal, that is, the champion.”

That was Zhou Weiqing’s last word before they reached the inn. He did not even buy the snacks and foods as he had planned earlier, instead rushing back to the inn, dashing back into his room and cultivating. Shangguan Bing’er did not try comforting him; she knew that her man’s fighting spirit had been sparked. Not because of that Ninth Prince, but because of how weak their Heavenly Bow Empire was.

Three days passed quickly, as if in a blink of an eye, and soon it was time for the teams to draw lots for their groups.

It was still early in the morning, but the ZhongTian City was already bustling with activity. From the night before, the entrance into the inner city was being controlled as they started to limit the inflow of visitors. The Heavenly Jewel Tournament was open to the public to watch, but there were just too many residents in the outer city. If all of them were to attempt to enter the inner city, there would just be insufficient space. Although the actual fight would only start tomorrow, the lot drawing ceremony still attracted quite a number of audiences; after all, many citizens wanted to know how the groups went – many were betting the Heavenly Jewel Tournament.

The ZhongTian Royal Palace Plaza was now cordoned off, and the area from the Royal Palace to the huge statue now looked extremely different.

In front of the palace, a twenty metre tall platform had been erected, that would be used to hold the audience, and it could hold several hundred people at once – clearly only the upper echelons of the ZhongTian Empire and other important guests would be able to ascend that platform.

In front of the VIP platform, a 50 metre long and wide square platform was also complete, about 5 metres tall, right in perfect vision from the VIP platform. Without question, that would be the platform where the fights would be actually held.

The entire tournament platform was created using a huge diamond rock, the tough material aimed at preventing the powerful Heavenly Jewel Masters from destroying the platform with their attacks.

Besides that, around the tournament platform, besides the main VIP platform, the other three sides were also surrounded by freshly built houses, they were clearly for the various battle teams to rest and watch from.

There were exactly twenty four Empires who registered teams for this year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament; divided into four groups, it was six teams per group. As such, there were also twenty four houses surrounding the platform. Amongst them, facing the VIP platform and on the opposite end of the tournament platform were the four largest houses. Without question, the four were for the seeded teams. Class and rank was important no matter where one was.

As the sun rose higher, the various battle teams had their plaques checked as they entered the area. In front of each rest house, there was the team’s Empire’s names on the door, and they entered their respective house.

For the Fei Li Battle Team, only Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er came. For the other teams, it was about the same, with only 1 to 2 members here. The looks and dispositions of Heavenly Jewel Masters might sometimes reveal what they were good at; since the actual competition had not started, they naturally did not want to reveal themselves too early.

During the previous tournament, the Fei Li Battle Team had a good result of fifth position. As such, their rest house was just to the left of the four seeded teams, and was one of the larger houses.

As Zhou Weiqing walked towards their rest house, he paused at the door, looking curiously towards the four seeded teams’ houses. He realised that none of them were occupied; the four seeded teams had not even bothered sending anyone to draw lots!

Such arrogance! In their minds, no matter what group they were in, they had already secured the first position. As such, they did not even bother coming to understand which other teams would be in their groups. Of course, their arrogance also stemmed from their power; although Zhou Weiqing knew that in his mind, but that caused the notion in his mind, the refusal to lose, to grow even stronger!

Representing the Kalise Empire to draw lots was Bai Jiu and his little Follower. As they had not joined the previous tournament, their position was at the most external end.

Alas, Zhou Weiqing’s wish did not come true, and he did not manage to get into the same group as the Kalise Empire. However, it was indeed a small world; when Zhou Weiqing examined his ‘Group Three’ lot, he realised that their Fei Li Battle Team was in the exact same group as the Bai Dai Empire! Indeed, enemies often cross path!

For their Group Three, the seeded team was from the large Empire at the South of the Boundless Mainland, the Dan Dun Empire, which had the Blood Red Hell of the Five Great Saint Lands supporting it. The Dan Dun Empire was about as large as the Fei Li Empire, but with the Blood Red Hell supporting it, their overall power was much stronger than the Fei Li Empire.

Besides the Dan Dun Battle Team, Fei Li Battle Team and Bai Da Battle Team, the other three teams in their group were from the Mi’Ou Empire, TieCheng Empire and the KaXi Empire.

These three Empires were relatively small Empires from the East side of the Mainlands. Although they were relatively small, they were much more powerful than Heavenly Bow Empire or the Kalise Empire.

In the East of the Boundless Mainland, there were two large powerhouse Empire, the Amber Empire and the Gerry Connaught Empire. These two large Empires were extremely powerful, especially the Amber Empire, who had the support of the Top Valley of the East, the Passion Valley. Under these two Empires’ pressure, the surrounding smaller ones had to pay tribute to them. However, just like in the west, where the Bai Da Empire and the Fei Li Empire were enemies, the Amber Empire and the Gerry Connaught Empire were not on good terms. Luckily, they were further apart, on the southeast and northeast portions, with seventeen smaller empires separating them; thus they did not actually fight as much.

Furthermore, these smaller empires were quite close to the central ZhongTian Empire, which resulted in these two large Empires not daring to easily invade them, causing a rather uneasy peace.

For the seven strongest Empires in the Mainland, four of them were supported by the Great Saint Lands; the WanShou Empire, ZhongTian Empire, Dan Dun Empire and Amber Empire. They were also the four seeded teams. As for the rest of the three powerhouse Empires, the Bai Da Empire and Fei Li Empire had actually been drawn into the same group. WIthout question, this Group Three was now considered the Group of Death, with the toughest fight. Furthermore, these two Empires were old enemies! Of course, no one else knew that this current Fei Li Battle Team was extremely incomplete, with Zhou Weiqing, a mere three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master as their mainstay.

Next up, they had to draw lots on their first opponents. This time, Zhou Weiqing’s luck was slightly better, managing to draw one of the weaker teams in the group, the Mi’Ou Battle Team.

Seeing that result, he breathed out a small sigh of relief. If they had to face the Bai Da Empire in the first round, with Lin TianAo and the rest unable to fight, he did not have the confidence to get past them. Yet, this was a very important fight for them in order to get into the top eight. As for the Bai Da Empire, they actually drew the seeded team of the Dan Dun Empire.

The entire lot drawing process took about two hours, and at the end of it, just as Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er were heading out, all of a sudden her body shuddered and she stopped in her tracks. Her eyes glazed and focused on a direction, as if seeing something that had given her a huge shock.

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