26.53% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 225: The Powerful Little Witch (2)

Chapter 225: The Powerful Little Witch (2)

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This all happened so quickly. From the time that Lin TianAo had been knocked back, to everyone else being struck down, to Shangguan Bing’er facing her death, it had barely been the time taken to take two breaths. At this moment, no one would able to save her!

All of a sudden, a brilliant gold light shot forth from within the cave, smashing into the grey light that Little Witch had struck out at Shangguan Bing’er. With a loud explosion, both lights disappeared at the same time. It was only at this point that everyone abruptly realised that unknowingly, the white shield of light at the entrance of the cave had dissipated.

Seeing that her attack had been blocked, Little Witch was shocked. Her gaze turned to the cave entrance, before she sighed and said softly: “So, it really is you… What a pity… I really came too late. Since you’ve already succeeded in evolving, then that’s it for today. I will catch up with you one day!” Lin TianAo and the rest were puzzled by her words, but she ignored them as she glanced around at the injured team. Breaking into a brilliant smile that seemed so lovable and innocent, she then disappeared in a buff of black smoke and vanished into the forest.

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From the time that Little Witch had appeared to the end of the fight had been a very short period of time. However, in those few minutes, this young girl had left a profound impression on all the members of the Fei Li Battle Team. Besides Ye Paopao who had already been unconscious when the fight started, out of all the other six, only Shangguan Bing’er and Crow had escaped injury. Lin TianAo, Drunken Bao, Xiao Yan, Little Four, all four of these main team members had sustained severe injuries.

Presently, Crow was sitting on the floor, panting and gasping for breath. It was true that she had immense strength, but she was after all still a three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master. Facing Little Witch had put her under immense stress, especially the last thirteen strikes on her axes, and the Evil aura that had invaded her body from that, had indeed put a huge pressure on her. In fact, all of them were now enduring the different degree of Evil Aura’s invasion.

Shangguan Bing’er also collapsed on the floor, exhausted. With the massive exertions in the last three days, and facing such a close shave with death moments ago, she felt entirely drained, and she couldn’t even head into the cave to have a look like she wanted before she collapsed.

Within the cave, the four coloured lights and the cocoon had both disappeared. Zhou Weiqing was lying on the floor unconscious, the black tiger tattoos on his body slowly dissipating. However, he was covered in a shimmering white light about three inches from his body, giving forth a light suction power, drawing Energy from the atmosphere around and into his body.

Tian Er, totally naked, stood right beside Zhou Weiqing, her back to him as she faced the cave entrance. Her purple eyes glowed indistinctly, and it could clearly be seen that the original six Heavenly Jewels around her wrists had now turned into seven. The blue tiger tattoos around her body had already disappeared, and her alluring body was fully revealed in the air, though no one was around to witness the sight. Her white hair fell down along her back down her entire body, and she gave forth a rather cold, profoundly mysterious, even holy aura.

“She was actually nearby… this time I am really in debt to this scoundrel’s companions.” Tian Er muttered to herself. As she did so, she turned back to look at Zhou Weiqing who was sleeping soundly, and a complicated look appeared in her eyes.

“Why! Why can’t I kill him! I obviously can, and should kill him, to get the most benefit from him. That was my plan all along… but why can’t I do it? I’ve followed him for two years, and that scoundrel has kept bullying me! I should have taken the fruits of my labour in this level up! Sigh… yet I am still unable to do so? Furthermore, during this level up, it wasn’t just me who benefitted greatly, he has also benefitted quite a lot? Hmph, that rascal has gotten the advantage again.”

Squatting down slowly, Tian Er examined Zhou Weiqing closely again, her eyes unclear. Lifting her hand, she placed it gently on Zhou Weiqing’s face, and feeling the warmth of his skin, she flushed lightly.

“This scoundrel, hmph, he dared to catch me and force me to bathe with him. I want to kill him, really!” As she said that, she gave his face a savage pinch and twisted it.

Suddenly, she burst out giggling: “This rascal is really the worst that I have ever seen. Fine, I’ll let him live for now. When I break through the King Stage, that’s when I can get the greatest benefit from his death, at that point I will be able to harden my heart. Yes, that’s right.” 1

Having made her decision, Tian Er seemed to relax, her face showing her relieve. Looking at Zhou Weiqing’s body who was coming into sight as the black tiger tattoos vanished, the blush on her cheeks deepened. Lifting her right hand, she tapped his forehead with her index finger, and a pale purple light entered his head. At the same time, she was enveloped in a bright white light, and her body shrank slowly. By the time she reappeared, she was in the form of the cute little white tiger once more.

Looking at him exasperatedly, she opened her mouth and bit Zhou Weiqing hard on the arm, before huffily climbing onto his chest and lying down to sleep.

Deep in sleep, Zhou Weiqing did not know that he had been bitten by little Fat Cat, but he certainly felt the pain. Shuddering, he slowly regained consciousness.

When he opened his eyes, he felt rather dizzy, as if his brain was muffled. Looking around in the cave, he was totally at a loss at what had happened.

Where am I? Why am I here? What was I doing? What happened?! He stared dazedy at the surroundings for a moment, before his memory started to return.

Oh! I should be with Fat Cat, protecting it while it levelled up! Zhou Weiqing leapt up abruptly on that thought. Alas, that caused Fat Cat, who had just settled down comfortably, to fall down, and as her soft body tumbled down Zhou Weiqing’s body, he did not think much about it. However, when her body fell down to his legs, it was stopped by something…

As she opened her eyes, she saw that ‘ugly thing’ right in front of her, and was almost enraged to death. Zhou Weiqing! I will kill you! Just as she was about to lift her little claws to thwap the ‘thing’ in front of her, she suddenly felt her body rising up.

Zhou Weiqing had grabbed Fat Cat right in front of him, looking at it in the eyes, he asked curiously: “Fat Cat, you succeeded in levelling up?”

Fat Cat closed her eyes, twisting her mouth, as her little ears flopped down, totally an image of ‘I’m ignoring you’.

“Ehh? I say. Don’t you have a conscience? I just helped you to level up, and you treat me like that?!” Zhou Weiqing said exasperatedly, pinching Fat Cat’s soft little butt. Looking down again, he then realised that he was actually totally naked.

Instantly, his eyes widened. “What’s going on? Where’s my clothes?! Fat Cat, what did you do to me? My… my… virtue! Ahh!” This shameless rascal looked at the little tiger in his hands with a sorrowful face, pulling its ears as he said: “Fat Cat, why did you get rid of all my clothes? Did you do something unspeakable to me? You perverted cat, how could you be so shameless, you must take responsibility for me! Why are you glaring at me like that?”

Fat Cat finally opened her eyes, finally enraged to the breaking point by the scoundrel, and a killing intent arose in the air. She truly felt that she had really made a wrong decision by sparing this fellow, she should have torn him into shreds earlier!

“Ehh… Never mind, who asked us to be together for so long. Sigh, I’ll just suffer in silence, and not pursue the matter anymore.” Zhou Weiqing, cunning as he was, could naturally sense that the atmosphere was growing bleak for him. Thinking about Fat Cat’s power, he naturally decided to back down.

Taking a fresh set of clothes from his Spatial Necklace, he put Fat Cat back in his arms before heading out. Fat Cat glared angrily for a while, before closing her eyes huffily.

Earlier, he had not noticed anything different, but as soon as he moved and his blood circulated, he was shocked to find that his body had gone through a considerable change!

Ever since he had swallowed the black pearl, his body had been changed from within, and was already much tougher and stronger than any ordinary Jewel Master.

However, a comparison had to be made, it was as if his previous body was formed out of thin steel wires, and now, it was formed out of thick steel wires!

From deep within all the way to the outside, from skin to bone, meridians, internal organs, all of them gave him the impression of being complete reborn. Concentrating inwardly with all his senses, Zhou Weiqing could sense that his entire body, down to his cells, seemed to be enveloped in a thick wrap of purple energy, and it was this purple energy that had massively improved his body.

Originally, Zhou Weiqing could always feel the remaining residual energy from the black pearl in his Dantian, but this was totally gone now. His internal organs were all refreshed, almost glowing even, and every breath he took seemed allowed the internal organs to release a burst of energy throughout his entire body. Muscles, bones, meridians, everything seemed a lot tougher, even tensile. Just taking the single step forward, he felt as if he was lighter than before, almost stepping two yards far in that single bound.

At the same time, Zhou Weiqing realised that his final Death Acupuncture Point of the second portion of his Immortal Deity Technique, for the waist-back area, had been broken through! It was the WeiLu Acupuncture Point 2 at the caudal vertebrae. This meant his second portion of the Immortal Deity Technique was finally complete, and more importantly, the eight Death Acupuncture Points were all linked up properly and in proper circulation.

These eight Death Acupuncture Points of the waist-back which were now broken through quickly linked up with the five of the limbs which had been broken through in the first portion. Just like a constellation in the sky, they were linked in a formation, a total of thirteen energy whirlpools with the QiHai Acupuncture Point as the central point. Every breath Zhou Weiqing took, it felt as if every pore of his skin had a life force of its own, under the direction of the thirteen energy whirlpools, they drew a huge amount of Energy from the atmosphere, being stripped, purified there before circulating around the body and returning to the QiHai in his Dantian.

Along with the fact that his meridians were toughened, more flexible and widened considerably, Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy had definitely grown by leaps and bounds. The liquid-state Heavenly Energy was plentiful, and he had finally official reached the first stage of the Heavenly Shen Energy.

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    I always get lost when it starts talking about acupuncture points.

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