29.59% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 251: Self created Fusion Skill (3)

Chapter 251: Self created Fusion Skill (3)

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“That’s it?” Zhou Weiqing asked agitatedly. As the saying goes, one only truly treasures something when they lose it. Previously, being together with Shangguan Bing’er everyday, although he loved her deeply, it was only until she left that Zhou Weiqing felt that love and thought of her that seared his bones everyday, to know how truly important she was to him. One of the reasons why he chose to go through the tempering training technique was not just to improve himself, but also to make use of the suffering to escape the pain of missing Bing’er.

Shangguan Xue’er said passively: “That’s it. That was the first thing. The second thing is from my father. He said that you are of the younger generation, so it isn’t convenient for him to bully you. We are of the same generation, so if you want to marry my little sister, you’ll have to wait until you are able to beat me.”

“Defeat you?” An intense spark shot forth from Zhou Weiqing’s eyes. Even with Shangguan Xue’er’s cultivation level, she was surprised by the heat in his eyes.

Shangguan Xue’er swept him with a cold gaze, turning to leave. However, she paused suddenly, saying passively: “Originally, father wanted you to be able to beat him before he allowed you to be together, but Bing’er threatened to kill herself if he did that. As such, Father changed his mind. Do not disappoint Bing’er. In ten years time, if you are unable to defeat me, I will find you, and I will kill you, preventing Bing’er from wasting her life away waiting for you. However, if you are able to pass this Heavenly Jewel Tournament and enter the Heavenly Jewel Island, perhaps I can help you meet her once.”

After saying that, Shangguan Xue’er turned around and left, disappearing swiftly into the crowd.

As they watched her leave, Ye Paopao couldn’t help but say: “That’s Shangguan Bing’er’s twin sister right? The one who slapped you last time? Is her cultivation level more powerful than Bing’er? Weiqing, why didn’t you give it a try?”

Crow said solemnly: “That woman is very dangerous, several times more dangerous than Bing’er.”

Lin TianAo said passively: “I felt the threat of death from her as well.”

Zhou Weiqing took a deep breath and expelled it, slowly wearing the ring onto his left middle finger with much care before saying solemnly: “I will definitely beat her in the shortest possible time, but not now…”

Ye Paopao said curiously: “Why?”

Zhou Weiqing glanced at him, then said bitterly: “Because, with my current strength, I am no match for her at all, not even close.”

With the second round fight of theirs finished, this time Zhou Weiqing did not go out to explore the city. After having a huge meal, he once again shut himself in his room, preparing the same amount of water as before.

The Tempering Skill training did not just expend one’s physical strength and stamina, but also their spirit and energy, perhaps even one’s life force. If he overdid the training, it could cause irreparable harm to his body. It was a huge credit to Zhou Weiqing’s vastly improved physique that he could maintain it for so long and with so few repercussions; one could only imagine how difficult and dangerous it was for any ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master to go through this training.

That actual fight earlier had proven the importance of understanding the profound mysteries behind the skills, and attributes. This time, Zhou Weiqing chose a skill that he did not use often, though it was an extremely powerful skill. It was the skill that could fuse with his Spatial Rend, also Stored from the Silver Emperor, his other ten-Star rated Wind Attribute Skill: Silver Emperor Wing Slash.

Given sufficient time, Zhou Weiqing might not have chosen to temper these two skills first, as they had such a huge drain on his Heavenly Energy and spirit. Furthermore, their profound mysteries were much more complicated and difficult to understand as compared to the lower star rated skills, and that would exhaust him more compared to doing those earlier. However, given the limit on time, he did not have a choice. If it could be said that his previous wish to win was because of curiosity about the Heavenly Jewel Island, it was now for Bing’er. He needed to improve his fighting capabilities the best he could in the shortest amount of time, no matter how dangerous or tough it was. In order to see Bing’er, even if he had to use the Demonic Change, he would take that risk.

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Just as Zhou Weiqing was preparing to start on his training, a sudden gentle voice travelled from the corridor.

“Is Zhou Weiqing here?” Zhou Weiqing had almost entered training and was interrupted by the sudden voice, and he stood up to walk out. He had a very good memory, but could not remember such a voice before.

The rooms of the Fei Li Battle Team members were all next to each other, and they also came out as Zhou Weiqing opened his door. However, the expressions on their faces were vastly different, serious and conflicted. That was because the owner of that voice was almost their nightmare.

Little Witch stood there dressed in a black dress, smiling gently as her long hair fell gently at both sides, looking extremely good with her large clear eyes. Her soft creamy white skin was accentuated by the black dress, and anyone who saw her for the first time would see her as a harmless beautiful girl next door.

However, as soon as Lin TianAo and the rest saw her, their faces fell. In their eyes, this beautiful little girl was like a ferocious monster.

Originally, when Little Witch had appeared, she had almost wiped out their entire team. Even though it was also because their entire team was exhausted, it did not change the fact that this six-Jeweled girl with the Darkness and Evil Attributes held a power that none of them could counter individually.

Without hesitation, Lin TianAo stepped beside Zhou Weiqing. Although he did not release his Assembly Set Shield yet, his Heavenly Jewels instantly appeared as he prepared himself for any possible fight. Little Witch’s attack patterns were extremely strange, and he did not know what to expect. Not only was he the leader of the Fei Li Battle Team, he was also Zhou Weiqing’s Follower, and he would definitely protect him with all his might.

Little Witch did not seem to notice the nervous tension in the air, ignoring the battle stances of the Fei Li Battle Team as she focused on Zhou Weiqing, smiling and she asked: “Hey, are you Zhou Weiqing?”

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “Yes, I am.” As a man, he definitely had some interest in this girl, or perhaps it could be said that any beauty would catch his attention. Of course, he did not have any good feelings towards her; not only did her Demonic Attribute mean she came from the Heavenly Demon Sect, just the fact that he had injured his team members previously meant that he would treat her like an enemy.

Little Witch smiled happily and said: “Can we speak alone?” As she said that, her face revealed a pleading look. If they had not known about her terrifying power, they might have been tricked by her pitiful look.

However, the smile on her face soon froze in the next instant with Zhou Weiqing’s words.

Zhou Weiqing twisted his mouth and said: “Speak alone? What for? Borrow my seed1?”

*Pffft* Little Four burst out laughing, pointing a big thumbs up to Zhou Weiqing as he thought to himself: Weiqing, this little rascal, he sure dares to talk. Although the rest of them did not give any signals, their expressions definitely turned weird.

“What did you say?!” A cold aura erupted in the air as Little Witch’s eyes blazed with anger. Right at that point, almost coincidentally, Fat Cat’s lazy little head popped out from Zhou Weiqing’s arms.

Looking at Fat Cat’s dark purple eyes, Little Witch reined in the cold a little, saying softly: “Please do not insult me okay? Since young, no one has spoken to me like that. I just want to talk to you. You are someone that Tian’er has spoken for, I wouldn’t do anything to you.”

Hearing her mention Tian’er, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes twitched as he swept his gaze on her. As he did so, he thought to himself: This little girl might look like a loli, but her ass sure is pert. In terms of looks alone, she beats Ming Hua already, perhaps almost a match for Bing’er. From her words though, she probably has high status in the Heavenly Demon Sect.

“Alright, so be it, come in then to speak.” Zhou Weiqing gave a reassuring look to Lin TianAo, motioning that he would be alright. However, Lin TianAo frowned with a furrowed brow, and did not budge.

Zhou Weiqing patted his shoulder and said: “Trust me, I am a person afraid of death, and I will not joke around with my life.”

Only then did Lin TianAo nod, waving his hands and motioning for the rest of the team to return to their rooms. He also returned to his own room, which was right beside Zhou Weiqing’s. He knew how powerful Zhou Weiqing was, and although Little Witch was also extremely strong, he was confident that she would not be able to kill Zhou Weiqing in a single strike. He remained on guard; with just a wall between them, he was confident that he would be able to charge forward to protect Zhou Weiqing if anything cropped up. With the condition of the Fei Li Battle Team members now, even if Little Witch took action, she wouldn’t find them as easy to take down as the previous time.

Little Witch followed suit into Zhou Weiqing’s room, as if walking into her own home, with a skip she went directly into the couch in the room.

Zhou Weiqing shut the door, seating himself on the bed. Although he believed that Little Witch would not attack him, he did not try to sit next to her on the couch. After all, as the saying goes, a gentleman won’t stand beside a collapsing wall2. Of course, only he would actually describe himself as a gentleman.

“Alright, speak then, why are you looking for me.” Zhou Weiqing said passively, eyeing Little Witch’s body impudently as he spoke.

Little Witch smiled and said: “Actually, you were right, I am actually here to borrow your seed. If you agree, you can pick any girls from our Heavenly Demon Sect, with the exception of myself. As long as you can impregnate any of them, even if you do not join our Heavenly Demon Sect, you will still be considered our honoured guest. Our Heavenly Demon Sect is filled with beauties, this should be a good deal for you right.”

Zhou Weiqing grinned, a perverted light in his eyes. “What if… I’m only interested in you? I am happy to lend you my seed… how about we start now? Come on, let’s create a little person now heh heh.”

As he said that, he pounced towards Little Witch, but she disappeared in a puff of smoke, naturally causing him to fall onto the couch as she appeared at the door.

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  • Thormented


    Dunno why I bother with Xianxia novels anymore.... Was it not super obvious that he had no way to really talk to her father? What was the point of allowing Bing'er to meet her father if he can't protect her at all? All this talk about how he's "afraid" of getting killed but continues to provoke entities above his power level is irking me to no end as well. ~____~ I know I shouldn't care anymore since every Xianxia novel's logic is so ridiculously weak, but... Does it HAVE to be yet another danged waife belongs to a greater power trope? gah. She hasn't even been remotely useful for the past few hundred chapters!

  • Ankit1480


    Now that's plain disgusting. And what's up with the seed. Would he just give his child to any woman in the world. But he really did let me down this time. And what's up with the girl Bing'er. How come he had to do so much for her and all she had to do is sit at her home and wait. I'm starting to dislike her and her whole family now.

  • kumadam


    Right? Even fantasies have their own logic reasonings, but this story just seems to be getting flawed every chapter. I think author ran into a problem and couldn’t concentrate on the story..

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