32.66% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 277: Controllable Demonic Change (3)

Chapter 277: Controllable Demonic Change (3)

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At that point, when the Holy Flames of Light had rose into the air, a layer of dark-gold light sprang out from Zhou Weiqing’s body, forcefully blocking the Holy Flames of Light from destroying him. It was his own Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura.

Zhou Weiqing had been left with no choice. Facing such a huge area of effect skill with that kind of power, he could not think of anything else besides the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura which could save his life. Even though he was in the Demonic Change state, he could not possibly use his body to take a full on blow from such a Skill, that was probably even more powerful than any ordinary seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master’s.

Alas, the Holy Flames of Light was just too powerful, being a Fusion Skill. Furthermore, Shen Little Demon’s cultivation level was originally already more than twelve levels higher than Zhou Weiqing. The moment Zhou Weiqing’s Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura appeared, crack started appearing on it, and it looked like it was just going to delay the inevitable.

In terms of quick thinking and reaction in the midst of combat, Zhou Weiqing was definitely extremely strong. At this instance of life and death, he almost subconsciously reacted to save himself.

His Demonic Right Foot slammed hard onto the ground, and the ensuing massive explosion caused a shockwave that pushed back the surrounding flames momentarily. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing’s body sank down into the stage; his foot had smashed the ground of the stage below him, causing him to drop down into the depths of the stage. At the same time, he lifted up the dual legendary hammers which had appeared in his hands, protecting his head from above.

The Demonic Change added on to his two Legendary Dual God Strength Hammers, it could be said that Zhou Weiqing was at the utter peak of his power at that point. Furthermore, the flames were sweeping across the stage, before rising into the air, and not heading downwards. No one had expected Zhou Weiqing to use such a strange method to avoid the brunt of the flames.

Including Wu Yuehan, the few who were almost about to take action to save him stopped in their tracks as soon as they saw the Dark Gold Light and the explosion.

The Holy Flames of Light had come quickly, but they also disappeared quickly. After all, it was a powerful skill somewhat beyond Shen Little Demon’s current level, and it took a huge toll on her Heavenly Energy, especially since she had ignored any efficiency.

Never in her wildest dreams that Zhou Weiqing would actually also use the same tactic as she did earlier, to use the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura; more so, that weird and unexpected move of burrowing down into the stage which had ultimately saved his life from her sure-kill shot.

In that moment, Shen Little Demon was suddenly struck by uncertainty. Was this fellow really a three-Jeweled Heavenly Shi Jewel Master? From the start of their fight, Zhou Weiqing had already used Darkness, Evil, Spatial, Wind and Lightning, five attributes! Furthermore, two of them were greater attributes, and that wasn’t even considering the Evil Attribute. More importantly, he had also managed to use the Heavenly Demon Sect’s famed(notorious) Demonic Change. As if that wasn’t enough, he had also unleashed a God Tier Consolidated Equipment!

Shen Little Demon was certain that even amongst all the Five Great Saint Lands, she would not be able to find another three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master equal to him.

However, despite all the thoughts and doubts in her mind, her attacks did not waver or slow in any way.

Although Zhou Weiqing had temporarily saved his life by dodging from the Holy Flames of Light, that had also left him stuck in the middle of the ground, totally surrounded by tough diamond-rock, with no place to escape.

Earlier, the Consolidated short blade which had been expelled by Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Lightning Shock reappeared once more in Shen Little Demon’s hands. She did not use any other Consolidated Equipment, as her Heavenly Energy was already frighteningly low. Besides the huge expenditure from the Holy Flames of Light, just Zhou Weiqing’s two usage of the Devour Skill had already taken almost twenty percent of her Heavenly Energy.

As the short blade slashed through the air savagely, a huge mass of flames forming the shape of a knife formed in front of it, smashing downwards towards Zhou Weiqing.

Just like Han Bing’s focus on the Cone of Cold, Shen Little Demon also had a Skill that she focused most of her attention on; and it was the skill she was using right now, Blaze Cut. Its range was almost twenty yards, and it held an impressive piercing power behind the unbelievable heat. As for how this Blaze Cut Skill was used, it was one of the secret arts of the Blood Red Hell, with only those of direct lineage could learn. It wasn’t just Storing the Skill, but also the method of using it and everything down to the type of Consolidated Equipment short blade.

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As the Blaze Cut slashed downwards, Zhou Weiqing leapt up from the hole he was in. At the same time, he threw both the hammers in his hands towards Shen Little Demon.

The smiling and crying face symbols on the massive dark-gold hammers were very clear, but both hammers were currently looking very different from each other.

On the huge hammer flying ahead, it was glowing with a thick silver-green glow; while the one flying behind had its usual dark-gold hue. One front, one back, they flew at breakneck speed accompanied by a whistling sound as it cut through the air.

This was the benefit of the immense physical strength of Zhou Weiqing when in his Demonic Change state.

When a person’s strength reached a certain point, just physical strength was sufficient to accomplish many things, and was almost not inferior to ordinary Stored Skills. Furthermore, what Zhou Weiqing had thrown was after all Legendary Consolidated Equipment!

After throwing the hammers, Zhou Weiqing did not follow through with them, as if he was giving up on his Legendary hammers. Instead, he just landed beside the hole he had created. His body leaning forward, he stood hard on his left leg as a pivot, bringing his entire body almost at a horizontal position in line with the ground, while his pitch-black right leg was lifted right into the air.

The strange hook formed at his right foot seemed to glow in a strange, almost demonic, light.

In mid air, the glowing silver green hammer with the crying face symbol flew right towards its target. No one else knew it, but this was currently the true weighted hammer of the set.

Zhou Weiqing had used his archery training as a basis for throwing the hammers, and would definitely not miss.

Shen Little Demon could have easily moved her attack aside, allowing the Blaze Cut to avoid the hammers and continue towards Zhou Weiqing. However, would she actually do such a thing?

The answer was clearly no.

Zhou Weiqing had already given her too many surprises. Furthermore, the hammers he threw out were after all God Tier Consolidated Equipment. Any God Tier Consolidated Equipment was definitely extremely powerful, and had their own hidden secrets. Furthermore, it was clear that this first incoming hammer of Zhou Weiqing’s had some sort of Fusion Skill of his own as well.

Indeed, that silver-green coloured glow around the hammer represented the Silver Emperor Spatial Rend; the Fusion Skill which combined the Silver Emperor Wing Slash and the Spatial Rend to form one of the Silver Emperor’s most destructive skills.

Of course, the reason why Zhou Weiqing could use this Fusion Skill had nothing to do with the six or seven Jeweled cultivation level bottleneck. When he had Stored those Skills, they had came with the ability of Fusing together to form the Skill – one of the Silver Emperor’s innate abilities… it could be said that he had Stored the Fusion Skill of the Silver Emperor. Although the expenditure of Heavenly Energy was immense, it was still an amazing ability especially at his three-Jeweled cultivation level. Moreover, he had used his Legendary Hammer in order to help improve efficiency and increase its power as well!

The Legendary Hammers were able to help him reduce almost half of his expenditure of any Stored Skill, and increase the power by almost double. Compared to even some ordinary God Tier Consolidated Equipments, this hammer showed why Legendary Sets were even more so highly desired.

Of course, Shen Little Demon did not know all of that, but even with what she could observe, it was enough to prevent her from letting the hammer get through to hit her, and she allowed the Blaze Cut to clash with it instead.

A deafening explosion once again shook the entire Plaza, raining fire as it spread out in amazing pyrotechnics. In theory, the Blaze Cut couldn’t possibly be more powerful than a Fusion Skill consisting of two Ten-Star Rated Skills, but the difference between the two Heavenly Jewel Masters’ cultivation levels was just too great.

In that clash, the Blaze Cut had dissipated, while the first legendary hammer of Zhou Weiqing also fell down to the ground, the Silver Emperor Spatial Rend totally expended. However, the other hammer, with the smiling face symbol, which had been right behind, had by now reached Shen Little Demon unhindered.

To Shen Little Demon, it seemed like this hammer did not have any skills imbued within. However, she did not dare take any risks; she did not attempt to parry it with her short blade, instead keeping it away and pushing out with both her hands. Instantly, a huge surge of Heavenly Energy expelled out of her palms, blocking the hammer.

Although Shen Little Demon’s Blaze Cut had clashed with the first hammer from a distance, she was still able to sense the terrifying weight of it, as well as the sheer power behind it. As such, facing this other hammer, she braced herself with all her might.

This was indeed another of the twin hammer’s tricks.

*Poof* The hammer was indeed knocked back, and Shen Little Demon’s entire power was unleashed into midair, but she did not feel any weight or attack behind it at all!

Even with a power and cultivation like her own, striking out like that into nothingness and losing her balance was indeed no a good feeling. Her body stumbled forward, her entire balance disrupted. If not for her considerable skill and control, just that misuse of power could have caused her to vomit blood and sustain a severe internal injury.

However, even though she barely managed to control herself, she also lost the opportunity to continue unleashing an attack on Zhou Weiqing. At the same time, she could clearly sense that she had not been unaffected by that, feeling her movements slow down.

Indeed, although the second hammer did not seem to have anything behind it, it actually had a hidden Skill imbued within! There was only one skill, and it was the Absolute Delay! With a loud *Peng* sound, Shen Little Demon landed on the stage, with that misuse of power and being affected by the Absolute Delay, it was truly a miracle that she remained uninjured, but she still wasn’t able to fully control herself and smashed down onto the stage. Despite her protective Heavenly Energy, she was still dazed momentarily.

In the eyes of the audience, Shen Little Demo had been struck down by the hammer.

By now, not only were the members of the Fei Li Battle Team gathered around their Rest House entrance; even the members of the Dan Dun Battle Team on the other side were also doing the same, all of them tensed and nervous as they watched the battle unfold before them.

No one, not even Lin TianAo, could have imagined that Shen Little Demon, a top genius from the Blood Red Hell, at the six-Jeweled cultivation level, could actually be suppressed by Zhou Weiqing. That was even after she had unleashed that powerful Holy Flames of Light!

With a quick flip, Shen Little Demon jumped back from the ground. However, the Absolute Delay made her feel like she had lost her rhythm, feeling extremely awkward as if she weren’t in her own body. No matter how she circulated her Heavenly Energy, she was unable to shake that strange feeling. As such, when she stood up, she was still not in a proper form with perfect balance, facing directly into Zhou Weiqing who was already poised in that strange position of his.

The thing that drew her attention instantly was definitely that right leg of his which was lifted high up in the air. Earlier, it was just this right leg which had almost destroyed her Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura. Currently, it was her first time examining it closely, and she finally could clearly see that his right leg had actually turned into a strange black hook, and that hook was now actually shining with a strange light.

Black, Grey, Blue. Three colours swirled around the black hook, forming a warped looking ball of light. Zhou Weiqing’s entire body was trembling, as he stood there supported on his single leg.

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