32.54% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 276: Controllable Demonic Change (2)

Chapter 276: Controllable Demonic Change (2)

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As the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura dissipated, a bright red protective heart mirror appeared in front of her chest. It was decorated with a simple but enchanting purple-gold carvings on the border, with a large metallic gem in the center. Shen Little Demon’s Heavenly Jewels also released at the same time, showing her six Red Jade Physical Jewels. Similar to Han Bing, she had the coordination Physical Attribute.

As a thick red light shone from the protective heart mirror, it enveloped her entire body, staining it in a layer of red. After releasing her Consolidated Equipment, it was too late for her to use any Skills, as Zhou Weiqing had already reached her.

Shen Little Demon shoved outwards with both hands, as a solid-looking white glow burst forth from her palms, striking out at Zhou Weiqing.

The four main stages of Heavenly Energy were the Heavenly Jing Energy, Heavenly Shen Energy, Heavenly Xu Energy and Heavenly Dao Energy. The difference between Heavenly Jing Energy and Heavenly Shen Energy was being able to release it out of the body, while Heavenly Xu Energy was able to go a step further and use it in direct ranged attacks.

Without question, Shen Little Demon’s cultivation had already reached the Heavenly Xu Energy stage. Her thick heavy Heavenly Energy pressed down upon Zhou Weiqing like a mountain range smashing down upon him.

At the same time as she activated her own attack, the red protective heart mirror burst out in a sudden glow. Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense the atmospheric energy in the air around gathering towards Shen Little Demon at an insane rate as she drew it all in.

Forcefully compete with his own Heavenly Energy? No matter what, Zhou Weiqing knew he would never be a match in that front, not even in the Demonic Change State. The gap between their Heavenly Energy was just too huge to be overcome in such a way.

In a flash of silver light, Zhou Weiqing’s body vanished. In the next instant, he reappeared right behind Shen Little Demon, almost pressing up close next to her.

Shen Little Demon’s reaction was undoubtedly fast, but even so she was still unable to prevent Zhou Weiqing from placing his palms on her shoulder.

Once again, that terrifying energy drain of his Devour Skill started up, and Shen Little Demon’s body shuddered as she felt her strength leaving her.

“Get lost!” She shouted angrily. Just as she was about to burst forth with an explosive strength to break free of his grasp, all of a sudden, her body froze for an instant, the gathered Heavenly Xu Energy breaking out of her control causing her to be unable to unleas it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

The audience could see that a green light had shot forth from Zhou Weiqing, causing the white light which had gathered around Shen Little Demon to vanish.

Naturally, that was the Fetters of Wind, the trusty control skill that had time and again proven its worth to Zhou Weiqing. Although the effect of the skill was short, almost negligible, due to their massive difference in power levels, it was still sufficient to prolong the time for which the Devour Skill could drain her Energy. It was after all an extremely highly rated Control Skill!

After releasing the Fetters of Wind, Zhou Weiqing did not stay still behind her back and rest on his laurels. He was clear that with Shen Little Demon’s cultivation level and power, unless he landed a good kick with his right foot, it would be extremely difficult to injure her.

At the same time, being so close to Shen Little Demon to Devour her energy, he was not in position to use his right leg to kick her. After all, when he entered the Demonic State, his right leg was now ‘misshapen’, and was unable to bend as easily. Although he could still move it around, under such a close proximity, he was unable to move it into position to kick her properly.

Yet, Shen Little Demon’s reactions were just too quick. If he had not appeared right next to her, he would not have been able to hit her at all. As such, Zhou Weiqing naturally chose the safer route of guaranteeing the strike, and using Devour.

At the same time, a thick blue glow emitted from Zhou Weiqing’s palms, and with an accompanying explosion, both of them were forced apart.

When the Heavenly Lightning Shock hit, it was able to disrupt the connection between a Heaven Jewel Master and his Consolidated Equipment, forcing the Consolidated Equipment back into its Physical Jewel state. This was the real reason why Shen Little Demon had not been able to finish her attack. However, as the gap between both their cultivation levels were just too great, and the protective heart mirror Consolidated Equipment around her chest was a God Tier Consolidated Equipment, as such, the Heavenly Lightning Shock only managed to disrupt the short blade in her hands, causing it to disappear.

Next, a mass of silver light appeared in front of Shen Little Demon, before warping into a silver-tinged black hole with immense suction. It was Zhou Weiqing’s Spatial Rend.

Shen Little Demon quickly spun towards in, punching forward as a white light solidified around her once more. With a loud explosion, the entire Spatial Rend was actually destroyed in that single punch.

Originally, Shen Little Demon had calmed down in order to fight, but now her temper had been riled back up again. As the top genius in the entire Blood Red Hell, especially under a circumstance of being six-Jeweled against a three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, she had still been forced into such an awkward position, even to the extent of having no choice but to use her Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura to save her own life. That was truly a huge insult and humiliation to her.

A thick gold light shone abruptly from her body, rising forth into midair, illuminating the entire stage in a brilliant gold. Under the gold light, Zhou Weiqing felt a slight burning sensation on his body.

Light Attribute. Indeed, Shen Little Demon’s Elemental Jewel was an Alexandrite type Jewel; just like Shangguan Tianxin had said, the direct bloodline of the Blood Red Hell was exactly with the Fire and Light Attribute.

The skill that Shen Little Demon was using was called Protection from Evil1, and had a weakening effect upon Darkness and Evil Attributes and their users. At the same time, it would also give a boost to the senses of the user. It was definitely one of the best Skills against someone of Evil alignment, especially a Demonic Change user.

Alas, what Shen Little Demon did not know was that Zhou Weiqing’s Demonic Change was rather unique, not only was he a First Generation Heavenly Demonic Master, which meant his Demonic Attribute was at equal to the other Saint Attributes, his Demonic Change had also evolved once! If she had possessed the Divine Attribute, perhaps it would have a much greater effect, however just her Light Attribute alone did not have the expected large restriction effect on Zhou Weiqing’s Demonic Change.

After the short clash, Zhou Weiqing realised how powerful the Devour Skill truly was, and the pleasant surprise it had granted him.

Previously, when he had Devoured some of Shen Little Demon’s Heavenly Energy, he felt as if his entire body was filled to the brim, his meridians almost hurting from the excess energy. However, as he continued unleashing Skills, this external Energy was quickly transformed to his own energy, ready for his usage. That was to say, although Zhou Weiqing had used several Skills thus far, in addition to maintaining the Demonic Change, the energy for all that had actually been ‘provided’ by Shen Little Demon. As for his own personal Heavenly Energy, it was still at his peak condition!

Without even considering the fact that the Devour Skill could actually aid in improving his cultivation level, just considering the amazing ability it brought in combat was already unbelievable, and was a huge boon to his fighting capabilities indeed. Zhou Weiqing knew that the Rating of this Devour Skill was likely even more powerful than his Absolute Delay!

“AHHHH——!” After Shen Little Demon had destroyed the Spatial Rend in a single punch, she did not chase after Zhou Weiqing. Instead, she spread out both her arms wide, giving a shrill cry into the air.

A miraculous sight followed. As her Heavenly Energy burst forth, the white light around her seemed to diminish a little, but in the instant, the white glow of the Protection of Evil Skill enveloping Zhou Weiqing was strengthened. At the same time, a piercing red glow burst forth from her Protective Heart Mirror.

Fire. Indeed, it was fire. The Red, Gaseous Heavenly Energy that burst forth was like fuel to the flames that shot out of the mirror. At the same time, the glow in the air intensified into a brilliant gold, and as it mixed with the red flames, turning them into a gold hue.

As the temperature in the air grew searingly hot, Zhou Weiqing was given a huge shock, cursing to himself in his heart. Damn, it’s a Double Attribute Fusion Skill!

To any Heavenly Jewel Master, the difference between Six and Seven Jewels, as well as Nine and Ten Jewels, both were major thresholds or bottlenecks in terms of a huge leap in power.

For the bottleneck between six to seven Jewels, besides the difference in Heavenly Energy, both quantity and quality, as well as number of Jewels, the biggest difference between them was actually if the Heavenly Jewel Master had more than a single Elemental Attribute; if so, it was the hallmark where they would be able to make use of Fusion Skills. Of course, at the Zong Stage, a Heavenly Jewel Master was usually only able to Fuse two skills. As for the difference between nine and ten Jewels, that difference would include being able to Fuse Three Skills and more. Of course, that was if the Heavenly Jewel Master had the required Attributes.

As for Fusion Skills, they were usually all self-created, depending on which Elemental Attributes the Jewel Master had.

Of course, Heavenly Jewel Masters who had multiple Attributes were extremely rare; as such, it was also rare to see such Fusion Skills.

Originally, when Tang Xian had told Zhou Weiqing that he would only be able to start somewhat protecting himself when he reached the six-Jewel stage, it was because he had so many Elemental Attributes. As such, she estimated that he would be able to start creating and using his own Fusion Skills at the Six-Jeweled cultivation level.

However, this Shen Little Demon in front of him was only at the six Jeweled cultivation level, and not yet the seven Jeweled level, yet she was already able to use a Fusion Skill! In comparison to someone like Zhou Weiqing who had no background, the background na support that a Great Saint Land could provide was clearly shown here.

In truth, there were two reasons why Shen Little Demon could actually use this Fusion Skill. Firstly, she had mastered the Heavenly Xu Energy stage and its changes in quality of Heavenly Energy, and secondly, and more importantly, it was actually making use of her God Tier Consolidated Equipment!

In that instant, Shen Little Demon’s body seemed to hover in midair, while Zhou Weiqing fell hard onto the stage.

The current massive shield of light filled with flames enveloping the entire stage from above the air was called Holy Flames of Light, and was one of the famed skills of the Blood Red Hell.

Shen Little Demon’s movement had been too quick, and she had expended much of her power in using this skill, sacrificing all efficiency in order to get it out as quickly and as powerful as possible to kill this pesky Zhou Weiqing in a single blow. Furthermore, no one had expected her to be able to use such a Fusion Skill at this point, and even the hidden Shangguan Longyin was not able to react in time.

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