30.54% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 259: Silver Emperor Wing Slash! (2)

Chapter 259: Silver Emperor Wing Slash! (2)

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With insufficient Heavenly Energy and caught by surprise, Qing Qian’s protective Heavenly Energy had been destroyed by that Blink Arrow, exploding into her unprotected shoulder. In that opportune moment, the Silver Green Light had tunneled deep into her.

When Zhou Weiqing had first seen Mu En use the Twisting Bowstring Archery, it had been against a Zong Stage Heavenly Beast, and it had managed to threaten and damage the Zong Stage Heavenly Beast! With the addition of the Overlord Bow’s explosive effect and the surprise factor, even with his lower cultivation level, that was a shocking success. In truth, from the start of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, Zhou Weiqing had not used this archery skill, and had kept it for a critical battle. Now that he had unleashed it, it naturally showed its power.

The silver green light was none other than Silver Emperor Wing Slash, which he had Tempered for the last three days.

Having this terrifying Silver Emperor Wing Slash enter her body, how could there be any possible good outcome for her? Qing Qian’s body froze in place, blood pouring out from all her orifices as her internal organs were totally destroyed… as the life fled from her.

Her loss was not just because of her lack of Heavenly Energy, but more importantly, in her mind, Zhou Weiqing was just a mere three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master. No matter how much importance they had placed on him, it was still as a lower level Jewel Master, and not as an equal. Anyone who had underestimated Zhou Weiqing had never come to a good end; even Lin TianAo himself had suffered such a loss earlier and gambled away his own freedom!

“QIINGG QIAAAN!!!” Seeing Qing Qian mortally wounded, Lang Xie cried out in anguish, shock and pain in his face. Howling with rage, he went berserk, his muscles bulging out abruptly as his strength exploded, dealing a flurry of blows in a frenzied rage towards Lin TianAo. Alas, facing the stable, rock steady Lin TianAo, no matter how his enraged blows flew in from all directions, they were to no avail. He could only watch as the light slowly disappeared from her eyes along with her Consolidated Equipment dissolving into the air, as she crumpled to the ground.

At the other side, Zhou Weiqing was facing the final blow of Qing Qian. By now, the black tornado had reached him, Earlier, Zhou Weiqing had burst forth with a sudden speed due to his Tornado Strike, which had been calculated to mislead her into thinking he was not using his bow. Alas, this very action was now extremely costly, as he had sent himself hurtling towards the black tornado without any chance of dodging the ‘locked-on’ tornado.

Zhou Weiqing was clear that with his own cultivation level, if he were to be struck directly by this twin Attribute Fusion Skill, no matter how strong his physique was, he would be disintegrated by it.

Luckily, Qing Qian had perished, and would no longer be able to control the Skill. In that moment of critical danger, a dark gold light sprang forth from Zhou Weiqing’s body, a split second before he entered the black tornado.

As the black tornado finally expended itself, dissipating slowly, Zhou Weiqing was left rolling on the ground awkwardly, his clothes tattered and torn in many places. Luckily, he was still alive, and even more, there wasn’t even any signs of blood on him.

Although he ended up unharmed, Zhou Weiqing broke up in cold sweat. He thought to himself: Looks like it isn’t a good idea to use up Blink so easily… Perhaps it’ll be better to conserve it for times like that. Almost died there! Indeed, he had almost perished right there and then. In the last moment, he had summoned his Legendary Hammers, and the Protective Shield of the God Tier Consolidated Equipment had saved his life. He had then released them just before the tornado ended.

It was only because of the God Tier Protective Shield that he survived, and luckily he kept his Hammers in time, and hidden in the black tornado, no one spotted it, or suspected it. After all, Zhou Weiqing also had the Darkness Attribute, and no one knew if he had some other way to deal with it.

Managing to kill Qing Qian with a single arrow had definitely shocked the entire audience. No one had expected that in this 2v2 fight with 3 Five-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters, the one who made the critical difference was not one of them, but the ‘weakest’ one of only three Jewels, Zhou Weiqing!

In truth, since the first fight when he sent out Ye Paopao with the plan, Zhou Weiqing had been scheming against this 2nd strongest member of the Bai Da Battle Team.

Without question, Qing Qian’s cultivation level, control and combat strength was a lot stronger than their previous opponent from the Mi’Ou Battle Team, Jiang Fei, who also had the same Darkness Attribute. Despite that, although Zhou Weiqing did not know before-hand that she was also of the Darkness Attribute, he had already been scheming against the ‘2nd’ member of the Bai Da Battle Team from the start.

Ye Paopao’s role was simple, yet critical – to drain her of as much Heavenly Energy as possible. Zhou Weiqing then made use of every possible method to anger her. Finally, the true critical key to success was not the ten star rated Silver Emperor Wing Slash, but the Twisting Bowstring Archery Skill! Indeed, it was the combination of the Twisting Bowstring Archery Skill and the Overlord Bow’s explosive effect that managed to break through Qing Qian’s powerful five-Jeweled level protective Heavenly Energy, allowing the Silver Emperor Wing Slash to do its deadly work.

Three days of tempering and comprehension allowed Zhou Weiqing to gain a masterful control over the Silver Emperor Wing Slash. Without any protection from Heavenly Energy or equipment, having its way in an unprotected body, even a five Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master would not be able to survive. As Qing Qian crumpled to the ground, she did not seem to be heavily injured with just her outward appearance, but in truth, her entire innards had been destroyed.

However, the difference between Five Jewels and Three Jewels was indeed huge; even with all his planning and scheming, with Qing Qian underestimating him, Zhou Weiqing still almost died to Qing Qian’s final blow. That was still under the fact that he had been in control of the fight, and she had not been able to unleash her strongest power yet.

Zhou Weiqing sat on the ground, panting with deep breaths. There was no happiness or pride in his eyes, just a grim resolution. In his mind, he was saying: My Future Father-In-Law, wait and see. I will definitely prove my worth to you with my deeds and power. I will definitely be able to protect Bing’er!

The fight was not over. Qing Qian’s death had caused Lang Xie to go berserk, dealing out a flurry of blows with all his might, glowing green as he was boosted by his Wind Attribute. Alas, Lin TianAo had switched back from offense to defense once more, standing like an immovable mountain, an ultimate defense that seemed insurmountable.

Originally, Lang Xie was very slightly inferior to Lin TianAo, and on top of that he had been inflicted with Zhou Weiqing’s Curse of Doom. Even in his berserked state, he might seem to be in the advantage, but in truth, his Heavenly Energy was being drained at a much faster rate than Lin TianAo. That was not even considering Zhou Weiqing who could recover and join in at any time. Any audience member could easily tell that the Fei Li Battle Team was already in a huge advantage in this 2v2 fight..

Zhou Weiqing had almost depleted more than sixty percent of all his Heavenly Energy in that flurry of skills he had used; mostly because he had used so many in such a short period of time, greatly increasing the drain on him.

However, he was not in a rush, slowly standing up and stretching himself, before walking to Qing Qian’s dead body. With a lift of his leg, her body was sent flying in a gentle arc to the Bai Da Battle Team’s Rest House, as he said seemingly to himself: “Sigh… I was so careless… how could she die like this! How could she be so frail? Sigh, why is her body so soft, could it be her bones are all shattered?”

If Lang Xie recovered his senses, the sensible thing to do would be to quickly jump down and surrender, to take this loss and try to reverse the situation in the later 1v1 fights.

Alas, Zhou Weiqing’s grasp and understanding of human nature was not to be underestimated. After all, the majority of Mu En’s teaching to him had been how to read people and to see weaknesses; perhaps more than even archery!

Earlier, when Qing Qian had been disadvantaged by Zhou Weiqing’s attacks, Lang Xie’s behavior had been so intense. With that, Zhou Weiqing immediately judged that the relation between the two was more than just ordinary teammates. This was further affirmed when Lang Xie went berserk after being Qing Qian had been killed. What he was doing now was to further enrage Lang Xie, to prevent him from recovering his senses and making the right decisions.

Hearing Zhou Weiqing’s words, Lang Xie’s face turned red, and all of a sudden, he spat out a mouthful of blood, forming a blood arrow wrapped with Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy towards Zhou Weiqing. He was not afraid of expending his own life blood to kill Zhou Weiqing, to take revenge for Qing Qian.

Alas for him, when Zhou Weiqing spoke those words, he had already been prepared for any reaction. Faced with the sudden attack from Lang Xie, his body vanished silently. Indeed, his Blink Skill’s cooldown had recovered.

The Blood Arrow was not able to lock onto Zhou Weiqing, and it flew off into the distance. As it left the stage, the judge quickly lifted up his hand, blocking it with a quick shield of energy, preventing it from flying into the audience and hurting anyone else accidentally.

With Lin TianAo’s power and combat experience, when Lang Xie sent an attack towards Zhou Weiqing suddenly, he quickly seized the opportunity. In a charge, he closed in, his Heavy Shield smashing directly into the spiked mace in an angle, causing him to be knocked back. At that point, Lin TianAo showed the world why his Assembly Shield Set was called ‘offense and defense in one’.

As the huge shield struck downwards, it was used like an immense axe chopping downwards.

Stumbling backwards, Lang Xie was out of position and balance, and had no choice but to use his spiked mace to block the attack once more. Another loud crash as they clashed, and Lang Xie fell back once more. However, this time, right as he was moving back, a silent yellow light appeared abruptly behind him, blocking his stumbling body. At the same time, the Heavy Shield in Lin TianAo’s hands suddenly disassembled into five shields, all striking savagely towards Lang Xie like a meatgrinder. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Blocking Lang Xie’s back was Lin TianAo’s ultimate skill, his Illusory Shield, which held a fifth of his entire defensive power. It was sufficient to keep Lang Xie from falling back, keeping him in range of the surprise attack, and more importantly, disrupting his rhythm. The five disassembled shields smashed down like five secret weapons from different angles.

Facing the threat of death, Lang Xie’s latent potential burst forth, the spiked mace in his hands whirling like a dance of death, attempting to block all of the attacks.

Right at that moment, he suddenly felt his body tighten for a split second, slowing him down. Unfortunately for him, in that moment of life of death, that split second was like an eternity.

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