30.3% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 257: Battle to the death! Bai Da Battle Team! (3)

Chapter 257: Battle to the death! Bai Da Battle Team! (3)

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As Crow returned to their Rest House, all the Fei Li Team Members gave her a big thumbs up.

Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but say: “Too cunning, that shorty did not die in vain!” No matter who, if he or she made the mistake of underestimating Crow and thinking she was all brawn and no brain, then they would definitely perish in her hands.

Crow said innocently: “I didn’t say that I would clash recklessly with him to the end. Alas, his cultivation level wasn’t strong enough to properly control his Flame of Life, and he could only strike down hard. Why wouldn’t I dodge it? Alas, he wasn’t thinking clearly at the end, so I had no choice but to help him go to his second life…”

Lin TianAo laughed and said: “You, your bloodlust is too strong. However, well done! Every powerful Bai Da Empire Heavenly Jewel Master we kill will save hundreds and thousands of our Fei Li soldiers. Alright, enough about that. Weiqing, who are you assigning to the next fight?”

Zhou Weiqing thought for a moment before saying: “Originally, I wanted to have Crow join me for this upcoming fight. However, she is pretty drained from her previous fight, and this is a critical fight for us. To be safe, Leader, you and I should take this one.”

Lin TianAo nodded and said: “Alright.” Even a person with usually as safe and stable a character like him was stirred up by the previous fight, and there was a brilliant gleam in his eyes.

Zhou Weiqing lowered his voice and whispered in his ears, and Lin TianAo nodded. It was time for their 2v2 fight!

In the first two fights, both sides had each scored a victory. Without question, this third fight was now an extremely critical one. Whoever won this would not only gain a huge upper hand, but also match point, possibly leading to victory!

Zhou Weiqing’s plan was actually very simple. In the first round, his motive for sending Ye Paopao was because he had expected the opponent to send out one of their top two players, and using Ye Paopao with a strategy to drain the opponent’s Heavenly Energy before surrendering, allowing them to ‘take out’ a powerhouse without any loss to their own main strength. Since they had expended one of their top members in the first round, and would likely reserve their best member or leader to the last few rounds, that meant their member in the second fight was probably not too powerful. Sending Crow, one of their strongest few, would allow them to defeat that opponent and bring them to a draw.

As long as they could achieve victory in the third fight, then the Fei Li Battle Team would be able to win the entire match with the lowest possible cost. Of course, the lynchpin of this entire strategy was Zhou Weiqing himself, as he would be the mainstay in both the third and fourth fights.

Very quickly, the stage was repaired. From the start of the entire Heavenly Jewel Tournament, the only two times the stage had to be repaired was for the Fei Li Battle Team’s fights; and more amusingly so, both times the one who destroyed the stage was their opponent!

As Zhou Weiqing and Lin TianAo ascended the stage, the opposing leader Lang Xie and the Darkness Heavenly Jewel Master who had fought in the first fight, Qing Qian, also ascended the stage. Without a doubt, Lang Xie was also determined to take this important third fight. Both he and Qing Qian were the strongest two in the entire Bai Da Battle Team, and in their entire team, only the two of them were at the Five-Jeweled cultivation level.

Although Qing Qian had expended a lot of Heavenly Energy in the first fight, she was still in relatively decent shape. More importantly, since she had already fought in a 1v1 fight, and if the team wanted to utilise her power, the only was for her to fight in this 2v2 battle as well.

Looking at the anger in Lang Xie and Qing Qian’s eyes, Zhou Weiqing smiled: “Hello, you two. Do not worry, both Leader and I are much kinder, and not as violent as Crow. Sigh… such a shame… Such a four-Jeweled Secret Arts Fire Warrior, it must have been tough to cultivate him up right?”

Qing Qian exclaimed angrily: “Stop acting and shedding crocodile tears. I’ll definitely kill you later!”

Seeing that the animosity between both sides were so strong, the judge quickly interrupted: “Both sides, report your names. Fight, Start.” He totally skipped over all the formalities, and after saying that retreated swiftly to the corner of the stage.

After both sides had introduced themselves, Zhou Weiqing swiftly released his Overlord Bow.

This critical 2v2 match had finally begun.

The first one to take action was Qing Qian. A flash of black light spread out swiftly from her feet, rushing towards Zhou Weiqing. It was the Curse of Sluggishness once more.

The Bai Da Battle Team had deliberated hard on Zhou Weiqing’s appearance in the previous matches. Although he was only at the three-Jeweled cultivation level, his performance in those fights had definitely given them a sense of danger and pressure. That was especially so for the previous fight three days ago, when Zhou Weiqing had used his Spatial Rend to claim victory in such an overwhelming fashion, leaving them with a deep impression. For a mere three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master to be able to make use of skills at such a level, and to be able to represent the Fei Li Battle Team in such important matches, he was definitely someone of status and rank within the team. As such, Lang Xie and Qing Qian would not underestimate him at all.

At the same time as Qing Qian struck out at Zhou Weiqing, Lang Xie charged forth towards Lin TianAo Lifting his hands, a huge spiked mace appearing in his hands. Surprisingly, his spiked mace was also an Assembly Set Consolidated Equipment!

Lang Xie’s Physical Jewels were also of the Strength Attribute, and his spiked mace was actually a Five-Jeweled Assembly Set Consolidated Equipment, almost the antithesis of Lin TianAo’s ultimate defense.

The spiked mace was fully silver in colour, with five sockets around the mace. Surrounded with a thick glowing layer of Heavenly Energy, it gave forth a terrifying aura of death and destruction.

Lang Xie’s Elemental Jewels was of the Wind Attribute, and with the intention to pursue an ultimate speed for close combat, his Elemental Jewels were all Stored with supporting skills that boosted his speed! As such, not only was his movement speed extremely quick, even the attack speed of his huge spiked mace was immensely boosted. In order to achieve maximum offensive capabilities, Lang Xie did not focus on defense at all.

A powerful offense added to high speeds, Lang Xie was a rapid meatgrinder on the battlefield. This fight was the ultimate clash between offense and defense, as the fight between the two leaders heated up into a white hot intensity.

Lifting his left leg, Lin TianAo took a large step forward, his five-Jeweled Assembly Set Shield smashing into Lang Xie’s two metre long spiked mace, which was as thick as a man’s thigh. As both powerful Consolidated Equipment clashed against each other, silver and yellow light sparked respectively from the impact.

Both were the leaders of their respective teams, and were also the most outstanding talents of their generation. In terms of combat ability, skill and experience, they were almost equal, and to easily exploit their enemy’s mistakes was definitely not easy. As such, a tough stalemate continued between the two.

With a loud crash, Lin TianAo stood there unmoving, while Lang Xie staggered back a step.

Both sides were using Assembly Set Consolidated Equipment, all Socketed, with nearly equal cultivation level, yet why did Lang Xie lose slightly in a direct clash? The answer was simple, that was because Lin TianAo was an Ultimate Defense Heavenly Jewel Master, his Earth Attribute combined with Defense Attribute both boosting his defense. Although Lang Xie’s Wind Attribute improved his speed, it did not help in his offensive power. As such, his sheer power was lacking compared to Lin TianAo’s, whose combat skill was sufficient to deal with his increased speed.

Lang Xie also knew that in terms of power, he was slightly inferior to Lin TianAo. However, at this point, he did not hesitate or hold back, striking hard at Lin TianAo. Both sides were pursuing extremes, extreme offense against extreme defense, and the two clashed in a whirlwind of perfect strikes, displaying their sheer skill and power to the entranced audience. In truth, Lang Xie’s plan was very simple, to hold back Lin TianAo and preventing him from interfering with Qing Qian. On the other hand, Qing Qian would be in charged of finishing off Zhou Weiqing as quickly as possible, before helping him with Lin TianAo. With both of them against Lin TianAo, it would be a much easier fight.

In Lang Xie’s eyes, with Qing Qian’s cultivation level and power, it should be easy for her to deal with Zhou Weiqing. Although he had shown his power, he was after all still just merely at the three-Jeweled cultivation level? No matter the level of control over his Skills, it would not be able to overcome the sheer difference in Heavenly Energy and power.

Alas, the script did not necessarily follow his wishes.

At the other side, as Zhou Weiqing saw that Qing Qian had activated the Curse of Sluggishness on him, a black light also flashed under his feet. However, in his case, it was released towards Lang Xie. Same like Ye Paopao, he did not even bother attempting to dodge Qing Qian’s curse.

When Qing Qian saw the black light under Zhou Weiqing’s feet, she was caught by surprise. From the start of the Heavenly Tournament until now, although Zhou Weiqing had fought several times, he had only shown his Spatial Attribute. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

In the first fight, although the arrows he shot out had other attributes, but it gave everyone the impression that it had been the imbued skill of his Overlord Bow. However, this time, with Zhou Weiqing clearly activating the black light of his Curse of Doom by himself from the feet, only then did Qing Qian realise that this three-Jeweled youth had both the Darkness and Spatial Attributes! Furthermore, his skills were all extremely high rated!

Qing Qian was not the only surprised one to see the Curse of Doom, even many of the powerhouses on the VIP Stage revealed shocked expressions.

Shangguan Tianxin said in surprise: “Darkness and Spatial Attribute Elemental Jewel, furthermore both are Great Attributes. No wonder the Fei Li Battle team has placed such importance on him, to even allow a three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master to fight in such an important fight. Earlier, he was also leading the team, a well kept secret indeed. This young man has indeed given us many surprises.”

The Skill Storing Palace Master Shangguan Longyin said solemnly: “Your Majesty, should we approach him?”

Shangguan Tianxin waved his hands, saying: “There is no rush, let’s see how far this Fei Li Battle Team can go first. It seems like this little fellow has some other hidden secrets; we can always decide and act after looking clearly. Two Great Attributes, that is rare indeed! Looks like his Elemental Jewel is an Alexandrite after all. Hmm, Longyin, report this to the Heaven’s Expense Palace. Such a young man is a rare find. Also, investigate what is his current age.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Shangguan Longyin nodded as a pondering look appeared in his eyes, and he turned to look at Zhou Weiqing with greater focus.

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    alexandrite jewel 2 or 3 attribute, alexandrite cat's eye 4 or more

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    Well the cat is out of the bag after this match. Still everyone might just think that he only has two elements.

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