31.95% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 271: Frost Priest! (3)

Chapter 271: Frost Priest! (3)

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However, Little Four’s almost miraculous changes and style of movement caused him to be even more difficult to fathom than Lan Feng. He seemed to move in impossible ways, using his wings in various ways in order to move in unimaginable ways. Soon, Han Bing had already cast his fifth round of Cone of Cold, but Little Four was still moving around, dodging amazingly in a display of agile talent, with nary a sign of attacking.

Han Bing was indeed unbelievable in his own right as well, actually managing to merge all five waves of the ice cones. Currently, the ice cones in the sky were actually almost a chi long each! The entire air of the stage was getting colder and colder, and even the temperature of the Rest Houses were being affected at such a distance.

With all the ice cones merged together, even if two or three of them struck Little Four, he would not be able to take it, let alone if all hit him. This low rated talent was originally rather scary in Han Bing’s hands, but after all the merging, its power alone was already at terrifying levels.

In the Dan Dun Battle Team Rest House, Lan Feng was watching the fight and he said admiringly: “Priest is indeed Priest, such control and power… he is just too strong. Look at the state of that Fei Li Battle Team fellow… and Priest’s full power hasn’t even been unleashed yet. Not to mention the fact he is only four Jeweled, even if he were six Jeweled like Priest, he would still stand no chance.”

The young lady leader of the Dan Dun Battle Team, or as Shangguan Longyin called her Shen Little Demon, said passively: “Do not underestimate that Fei Li Battle Team fellow. His speed, agility and ability to dodge attacks is truly impressive, especially that movement style of his – it is really quite impressive. I dare say that any other Four-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master would have lost to Han Bing by now, but he is still able to hold on by a thread. However, he will not be able to hold on for that much longer. When Teacher gave Han Bing this training style to suit his special qualities, to continuously improve his spirit and control, it truly has benefited him a lot. Up til now, Han Bing has only Stored this single Skill, the Cone of Cold, but he has been able to make use of just this alone and use it in so many ways, almost infinite varieties and styles. Even I will be hard pressed to defeat him.”

Currently, all the members of the Dan Dun Battle Team, including Shen Little Demon, were relaxed as they watched the fight, as they did not think there was any possibility of Han Bing losing. Although Little Four was still keeping up, he did not have any chance of winning; the difference between power levels of both sides was just too great.

As for the Fei Li Battle Team, in comparison, Zhou Weiqing was also heaving a sigh of relief. He knew that although Little Four would lose in the end, he had accomplished the task set upon him nearly perfectly. At the same time, he was also thinking about how lucky he had been, to actually have been able to defeat Little Four in their bet.

Previously, when they had bet, Little Four had only lost to Zhou Weiqing because he had severely underestimated him and his Control Skills. After all, Zhou Weiqing had just too many Control Skills, and once he had managed to get in the first strike, he had controlled Little Four all the way. At this point, seeing Little Four displaying his true speed and movements, only then did Zhou Weiqing realise how impressive he was; perhaps even at a higher level than Ultimate Agility Heavenly Jewel Masters of the same cultivation level.

Although Han Bing was only releasing Cone of Cold and the protective blue shield, which did not have a massive drain on Heavenly Energy, but with the amount of control he was exerting, it still took a toll on his spirit. More importantly, his ice cones were all merged together, and the more that were merged together, the greater the toll on his Energy and spirit, as it became tougher and tougher to control. There was definitely a limit on that.

At the same time, as the ice cones grew larger, their piercing power and strength grew exponentially, but their speed also grew slightly slower. Furthermore, Little Four still had some skills up his sleeves.

Yet another round of ice cones launched into the air from Han Bing. This time, when they struck the thirty six ice cones in the air and merged together, they did not continue chasing Little Four, instead separating into the air in all directions of the stage.

*Poof* *Poof* *Poof* *Poof* *Poof* Multiple sounds rang out, as the massive two chi long ice cones stabbed down onto the stage floor, covering the entire outer ring of the stage. Impressively, the distance between each and every cone was almost exactly the same, forming thirty six large ice pillars on the outskirts, surrounding the entire stage.

A sinking feeling of impending doom struck Little Four, and although the stage was deathly cold, his clothes were totally soaked in sweat. In order to dodge the continuous onslaught of ice cones, he had already been far outdoing his best efforts, and by this time he had already expended more than fifty percent of his own Heavenly Energy, and more so, a huge amount of spirit energy. However, he knew that he had to continue, to persist to the end.

Trusting in his instincts that things were going to go badly, Little Four instantly reacted. The wings behind his back opened to their maximum capacity as he launched himself into the air at top speed, rising swiftly in flight.

Another thirty six ice cones flew out again, speeding towards the thirty six thick ice pillars. This time, the fresh new ice cones were actually a deep blue colour, obviously the Heavenly Energy held within was far beyond that of the previous ones in both quality and quantity.

“Explode.” The next moment, the thirty six new deep blue ice cones struck the thirty six ice pillars, causing another round of loud explosions. The ice cones and pillars had exploded abruptly, spraying ice dust and shards across the entire stage. At the same time, a violent and wild torrent of Water Attribute Heavenly Energy swept across the stage like a giant tsunami wave.

This Skill by Han Bing was one he had created on his own, with the Cone of Cold as a basis, and was called Frozen Sacrifice1. Its sheer power and strength was so vast that even a normal Lower Level Zong Stage (7 Jewels) Heavenly Jewel Master might not be able to use a skill of matching power. More importantly, as this skill was based on multiple merging and evolution of the low level, it would only expend about thirty percent of his total Heavenly Energy, yet its power would be beyond what his entire Heavenly Energy expenditure could normally grant. Furthermore, it was an Area of Effect skill!

When the fight first began, Han Bing did not even think that he would be forced to use this Frozen Sacrifice Skill, and he originally thought that after a few mergers of Cone of Cold, he would be able to take down Little Four. However, as time passed, Little Four was just too cunning, and his impossible movements were just too difficult to lock down.

Han Bing did not want to waste any more time, and winning by having Little Four run out of energy would be a humiliation to himself. As such, he finally chose to use his self-created ace skill, and AOE skill that would definitely take down this crafty opponent. At the same time, he could let the other Great Saint Lands see the power of their Blood Red Hell.

If Lan Feng had not lost the first fight, perhaps Han Bing would not have used such a powerful skill, but the humiliation of that lost had ignited his pride and anger. In his heart, he would not entertain anyone giving affront to the dignity of the Blood Red Hell. When he released this Skill, a killing intent had already been sparked in his heart; he wanted to kill a chicken to scare the monkeys 2, to show everyone, to show the Fei Li Battle Team, that to defy the pride of a Great Saint Land was not to be without cost.

The thirty six huge ice pillars did not all explode at the same time, instead doing so in a rhythmic fashion, and in a particular order. In this way, their combined explosive power soon formed a terrifying ice vortex; not only was the explosive power astonishing, it also caused the entire temperature of the surroundings to plummet even further.

This Frozen Sacrifice skill was varied and full of change, and the explosive power was all encompassing and yet able to be directed as per his will. Han Bing had indeed spent a lot of time and effort in creating and mastering this skill, and it was his pride and joy.

When the intense explosion rang out, all the Battle Teams in their respective Rest Houses could see clearly that the entire diamond-rock stage had turned an icy blue, the cold in the air spreading to them, chilling them to the bone. For a Water Attribute skill to be used to such an extent, it could already be said to be at an ultimate extreme.

The Consolidated weapon in Little Four’s hand had disappeared. As soon as he sensed the incoming danger, he had reacted instantly. Alas, in that same instant, a terrifying explosion and ensuing cold reached his feet.

With his life hanging in the balance, Little Four’s mind raced to find a solution. His reaction had already been lightning quick, managing to almost get out of the area of effect; as the Frozen Sacrifice struck, he was already thirty metres into the air, at least managing to avoid the major brunt of the blast. Alas, he was still caught in the edges of the explosion, and in midair, he was almost left vulnerable.

At the last moment, Little Four abruptly used both wings to wrap around his entire body, before he did something completely unexpected.

In a sudden movement, he flung out his hands, a waterskin appearing in his hands and bursting apart, and a spray of water was quickly sprayed around his body. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

The temperature around the stage was unbelievably cold at that point, and even though Little Four had already wrapped his wings around himself, as the water appeared, it immediately froze around his body, forming a block of ice around him.

At that point, Little Four’s weird action of spraying water actually had a linchpin effect. Although his entire body was frozen in the block of ice, the destructive effects of the explosion were further reduced by the ice around him, only causing his body to be flung savagely higher into the air, reaching almost a height of sixty metres. As the explosion finally dissipated, he finally fell towards the ground.

At that point, Zhou Weiqing was already halfway out of the Rest House, almost about to surrender and rescue Little Four, preventing him from crashing into the ground; at that height, free falling would severely injure or kill him.

“Weiqing, no need!” Lin TianAo grabbed hold of him, barely stopping him at the last second from surrendering.

Han Bing’s thought was almost exactly the same as Zhou Weiqing. When he saw Little Four take out the waterskin and spray out the water, his eyes were filled with surprise. He had never dreamed that anyone would use such a method to weaken his Frozen Sacrifice’s effect, to actually use the effects of his own cold in order to protect himself.

For a Heavenly Jewel Master to have a Spatial Object was very common, usually with food, water and other essentials. However, to actually think of such a plan and execute it at such a critical moment like Little Four, it was not as easy as it seemed.

Even so, do you think you can really escape? Han Bing smirked coldly to himself. Even if he had managed to escape the majority of the explosive blast of the Frozen Sacrifice, he had left himself totally frozen and vulnerable by doing so. After all, with the temperature of the Frozen Sacrifice, even ordinary water would be frozen as hard as ten thousand year old Xuan Ice, and it would not be easy to escape from that. Furthermore, in his eyes, Little Four’s body should already be frozen stiff, unable to break free.

As long as the block of ice fell to the ground, then Little Four would shatter into pieces together with the block of ice. At the same time, another ice cone formed stealthily, point upwards right to where Little Four would land.

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