35.96% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 305: Tian’er! (3)

Chapter 305: Tian’er! (3)

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“How about… you change back to Fat Cat. Just like previously, following me, I definitely will not tell anyone about you, okay?”

Tian’er turned back around, looking at him rebukingly as she said: “Hmph, you’re still calling me Fat Cat? You want me to turn back so you can bully me?!”

“Heh heh.” Zhou Weiqing laughed foolishly. “At least when you are as Fat Cat, I can hug you to sleep like I’m used to! If I try to sleep with you like you are now… heh… I will definitely do commit something foolishly wrong.”

“You…” Tian’er flushed a deep red, glaring at him savagely. “Don’t try to tease me like your Bing’er, I’m not so good tempered like her. Hmph. With your current power levels, this young lady can easily take you down!”

Zhou Weiqing put his arm casually around Tian’er’s shoulders, saying: “I do not know whether or not your temper is good, but I am definitely sure that your tolerance level is much stronger than Bing’er. Otherwise, I’ve touched Fat Cat’s little bottom so many times, but you’ve never really lost your temper.”

He knew that saying that would get him into trouble, and as soon as he said those words, he instantly used Blink and vanished on the spot, just managing to barely dodge a flying kick from Tian’er.

“Beautiful Lady Tian’er, I’m wrong! Come on, let’s go. This suave young fellow will protect you.” Zhou Weiqing stuck his head out from behind the tree he had Blinked behind, grinning as he apologised.

Tian’er’s reactions and behavior had allowed his heart to rest easy. Without question, Tian’er had some feelings for him, otherwise she wouldn’t treated him that way or reacted in such manners. The icy cold expression on her face was quite an act, much different from the cold aura fro Shangguan Xue’er, which seemed to be down to the core.

Tian’er looked at him with a complicated look on her face, before walking down to a large tree and sitting down. Beckoning towards Zhou Weiqing, she said: “Come here.”

Zhou Weiqing looked at her warily, saying: “No… you’re using your beauty to trap me right?”

Tian’er said exasperatedly: “Trap your head! Didn’t you say we had a gulf between us? I’ll tell you what you want to know about myself.”

Zhou Weiqing looked at her in surprise: “You’ll really tell me?”

Tian’er nodded her head slightly.

Quickly, Zhou Weiqing rushed to her side in delight, sitting down right beside her. This time, he did not attempt to take advantage of her, keeping a small distance as he sat down, looking towards her as he waited for her to speak.

Tian’er sighed deeply before saying: “Perhaps meeting you was part of my destiny… a disaster that I am fated to go through as training.”

Zhou Weiqing immediately interrupted her: “What do you mean disaster?! It should be a lucky romantic encounter! Meeting such a young handsome fellow like myself, you should be honoured!”

Tian’er exclaimed angrily: “If you keep interrupting me with nonsense, I’m not going to continue telling you!”

Zhou Weiqing immediately shut up, his hand flying to his mouth as he gave a fake look of horror. That mischievous, playful look causing Tian’er to almost burst out laughing.

“Your guess earlier was mostly right, I am indeed from the Heavenly Snow Mountain, and one of the direct bloodline inheritors. My father is the current Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, also the strongest man in the world today, the only Heavenly God Stage Powerhouse in the entire mainland today.”

Heavenly God Stage. Those words caused Zhou Weiqing’s heart to twist savagely for a moment, the meaning behind them just too strong indeed. Heavenly God Stage, that was also the very pinnacle of Heavenly Jewel Masters, twelve sets of Heavenly Jewels, with a cultivation level that was nearly the maximum. The most powerful man in the world today. What a domineering and powerful title indeed!

“My status in the Heavenly Snow Mountain is comparable to that of Little Witch in the Heavenly Demon Sect, Shen Little Demon in the Blood Red Hell, and Shangguan Xue’er in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace; the successor as the next Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord.”

“Our Heavenly Snow Mountain direct bloodline and disciples are mainly non human, all powerful Heavenly Beasts in the world today. Only those Heavenly Beasts of the Heavenly King Stage and higher, or those with unique bloodlines and meridians, have the ability to take human form. In truth, our Heavenly Snow Mountain is mainly made up of these Heavenly Beasts who have the ability to take human form. This is also the reason why the other Great Saint Lands have such enmity towards us.”

Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but ask in surprise: “Does that mean that those representatives of the WanShou Empire Battle Team are also Heavenly Beasts in human form?”

Tian’er shook her head, saying: “Of course not… do you really think that it is so easy for a Heavenly Beast to take human form? They are merely the outer sect disciples of Heavenly Snow Mountain, mostly the humans from the WanShou Empire whom we have taken in as disciples in aid of their training. As for the direct bloodlines or inner circle of our Heavenly Snow Mountain, only those powerful Heavenly Beasts who can take human form will be part of that group.”

“Amongst the Heavenly Beasts of the Heavenly Snow Mountain, our Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodline is considered one of the top royal bloodlines. Alas, our numbers are just too few, and we have no choice but to inter-marry with other Heavenly Beasts, and if the child happens to be of the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodline, they can inherit. This generation of Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodlines in our Heavenly Snow Mountain, including myself and my father, we only number seven! As such, as soon as I entered my Transformation Phase, just about to take human form, my father arranged a marriage for me.”

“Indeed, the strongest bloodline in our Heavenly Snow Mountain is us, the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tigers, and the next strongest would be the Divine Spirit Flame Lions. In the Heavenly Snow Mountain, their status is second only to us. The future husband Father had chosen for me was the current Lion King’s only son, one of the most talented of our generation in the Heavenly Snow Mountain. At the age of thirty, he already reached the eight-Jeweled cultivation level, and is at the same level as Shangguan Xue’er.”

Upon hearing that, Zhou Weiqing suddenly interrupted with a question: “Wait a moment, didn’t you say that the Divine Spirit Flame Lion King’s son is at the eight-Jeweled cultivation level, but Shangguan Xue’er is only at the seven-Jeweled cultivation level. Why did you say they were at the same level?”

Tian’er gave a cold smirk, saying: “Did you think it’d be so easy to marry your dear Bing’er? To defeat Shangguan Xue’er? She is after all the heir and successor to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and thus has the most powerful Legendary Set in the world, the Boundless Infinitum Set! Any ordinary Heavenly Jewel Masters facing, even if they were nine-Jeweled, let alone eight-Jeweled ones, they might not be able to defeat her! She is no ordinary seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, and coupled with the Boundless Infinitum Set, she can even fight against ordinary Heavenly King Masters. For you to challenge her, it is impossible, at least with your current power levels. For our Heavenly Snow Mountain to be able to fight with her at the eight-Jeweled cultivation level is already a testament to our power.

“Similarly, even though my father is the only Heavenly God Stage powerhouse in the world, but facing the current Heaven’s Expanse Palace Master, Shangguan Tianyang, who is at the Heavenly Emperor Stage, he can only suppress him, perhaps barely defeating him, but will never be able to kill him in single combat. That Legendary Boundless Infinitum Set truly lives up to its name as the top Legendary Set in the world. In not for this, do you really think that our Heavenly Snow Mountain would have an overall strength lower than the Heaven’s Expanse Palace?

Zhou Weiqing nodded, saying: “Alright, go on then. What were you saying before I interrupted you. Your father arranged a marriage for you, so what happened next?”

Tian’er’s face grew ugly as she said: “I do not like him at all… That fellow is just a blockhead who only thinks about fighting and cultivating. Being with him is totally joyless, let alone being happy for life. My life, my happiness, I will hold it in my own hands, and not arranged for me. So, on the surface, I agreed, then I secretly ran away from home.”

“Ehhh… Runaway?” Zhou Weiqing looked at her, a vague smirk on his face.

Tian’er gave a humph as she said: “So what if I ran away from home?! I was forced to by my father. Hmph, wanting me to marry that fellow after I Transform? No way am I going to agree to that. Alas, who knew that after I escaped from the WanShou Empire, I wandered into the Fei Li Empire and bumped into you little bad boy.”

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Zhou Weiqing said with a wronged look on his face: “Hey… beautiful lady… you must set the record straight. It was you who came up to me, not I who forced you to look for me. How am the one who’s bad? I didn’t do anything to you.”

Tian’er said angrily: “You… you even touched me down there… what else do you want!?”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Heh heh… but the one who came up to me was indeed you right.”

Tian’er flushed deeply, saying: “That was because of the attraction of your Elemental Attributes, not because of you!”

“I remember… that was the first time you entered the Demonic Change State I believe. At that time, the aura and power you were emanating, even though I was miles away I was still able to sense it. Us Divine Heavenly Spirit Tigers have the two Saint Attributes, the Divine and Spirit Attributes, and our senses are extremely sharp and honed. At that time, I could already sense that you actually had the other two Saint Attributes, Evil and Time.”

“Ordinary Heavenly Jewel Masters think that there are only three Saint Attributes, Divine, Spirit and Time. However, the truth is that a first generation Evil Attribute is definitely at the level of one of the Saint Attributes. This is especially so since you have the Devour Attribute, which can be considered equal or even greater than any of the attributes of the other three Saint Attributes, and can last you as a main skill throughout your life and career as a Heavenly Jewel Master. That is also the reason why Little Witch has been trying so hard to curry favour with you… if you actually join their Heavenly Demon Sect, I estimate that in ten, twenty years, given time for your talent to fully flourish, the Heavenly Demon Sect might truly become a force to be reckoned with.”

Zhou Weiqing looked at her teasingly, saying: “Hey, you’ve gone off topic, continue saying why you came latching onto me.”

“Who’s latching onto you?!” Tian’er glared at him exasperatedly as she exclaimed indignantly. “At that time, when I sensed that you actually had the other two Saint Attributes, Evil and Time, I was shocked. Not just shocked, but at the same time, overjoyed. The real reason why I stayed by your side is because of an old legend.”

“Legend?” Zhou Weiqing looked at her in surprise. “What legend?”

Tian’er’s eyes gleamed as she said: “An old legend passed down from ancient time states that if one can gather all four of the Great Saint Attributes and cultivate at the same time, they will complement and boost each other, and with that comes the chance of perhaps breaking through the Heavenly God Stage into an unknown, higher stage. Our Heavenly Jewel Master cultivation is known as the Heavenly Jewel Twelve Changes, and in breaking through past the Heavenly God Stage into this new stage of legend, it is the Thirteenth Change of us Heavenly Jewel Masters, also known as the Heavenly Change Stage. Heavenly Change… signifying he would can even change the heavens!”

When Zhou Weiqing heard her words, he was immediately caught by surprise. This was the first time he had heard that there was anything beyond the Heavenly Jewel Twelve Changes, a level beyond his previous imagination. After all, in this world, there was only one known Heavenly Jewel Master who had actually reached the Heavenly God Stage – Tian’er’s father, the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord!

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