36.43% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 309: Star Rated Time Attribute Skills! (3)

Chapter 309: Star Rated Time Attribute Skills! (3)

Translator: Zen Translations Editor: Zen Translations

Just that one short moment, but it changed the entire battle situation. Ao Le’s Interlocking Time Skill actually appeared behind Zhou Weiqing, and he also abruptly resumed his original speed.

Both sides were already extremely close by this point, and this abrupt change happened too suddenly for the two to react. Ao Le had already thought they had the victory in their grasp, and was in the midst of ‘acting cool’ when the sudden change occurred. As such, he did not have any time to react before Zhou Weiqing appeared right in front of him.

Zhou Weiqing’s other hand was pointed at Liu Yinan, striking out thrice. Three Skills flashed out at her; the Fetters of Wind, Touch of Darkness and Spatial Shackles.

Without question, unleashing these three powerful Control Skills at once was a huge drain on Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy. However, at this moment, he could not take any risk, the risk of Liu Yinan who was so close by having the possibility of disrupting his perfect plan.

The Fetters of Wind and Touch of Darkness tightened around the five-Jeweled Liu Yinan instantly. She was after all not six-Jeweled like her husband, and the gap between her and Zhou Weiqing wasn’t as large, and it would definitely take her a longer time to break free of his Control. Finally, the Spatial Shackles snapped into place as a silver shield shimmered into place around her, at the same time breaking the handhold between her and Ao Le, forcing them apart.

At the same time as he unleashed the Skills upon Liu Yinan, Zhou Weiqing also gave a vicious kick towards Ao Le’s chest with his right foot.

Everything happened just too abruptly, and Ao Le was caught totally by surprise. When a person met with something that was totally out of his imagination, he would definitely be stunned momentarily, no matter how high his cultivation level was. As such, despite their disparity in power levels, he only had the time to move his hands up to protect his chest, channeling as much Heavenly Energy as he could to protect himself from Zhou Weiqing’s kick.

Everything Zhou Weiqing had done up to this point could be said to be in preparation for this very move. Even the extent of how he had been affected by the Slow Barrier, as well as how it affected his archery, all of it was real, but also targeted to numb his opponents and to let them think he was totally helpless against their Slow Barrier and give him the opportunity to have this one decisive strike. Now that his plans had come together to this moment of fruition, how could he possibly let Ao Le have a chance to react?

Power and strength was definitely extremely important in a fight, but intelligence could always be another deciding factor indeed.

A massive explosion, as Zhou Weiqing’s right foot slammed hard into the intersection of Ao Le’s arms at the center of his chest. *Crackkk* Along with the explosion, the sickening sound of Ao Le’s right arm being broken could be heard, and he flew backwards from the sheer impact and inertia, as a mouthful of blood sprayed out involuntarily.

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This was also after considering the fact that the Heavenly Energy difference between the two was just too huge, with Ao Le’s cultivation level far above Zhou Weiqing, allowing him to dissipate a large portion of the impacting force. After all, the sheer power and brute strength of Zhou Weiqing’s Demonic Right Leg was absolutely terrifying, able to shake even Lin TianAo’s Five-Jeweled Assembly Shield Set.

Knocking Ao Le back did not put a gap between the two. That was because under the effects of the Demonic Change State, Zhou Weiqing’s right leg had transformed into the scorpion hook, which he had managed to hook onto Ao Le’s arm, and his entire body followed suit along with Ao Le.

The sharp pain in his arm, the absolute agony of his sternum being broken, combined to cause Ao Le’s eyes to turn bloodshot. At the same time, he sensed a bone chilling energy invade his body from Zhou Weiqing’s right foot, causing him to shudder violently. In a fluster, he quickly gathered all his remaining energy to unleash his strongest Skills and Consolidated Equipment. At this point, he could no longer afford to hold back at all, and all that was left in his heart was the desire to rip Zhou Weiqing into shreds.

Alas, at this point, a strange warped light seemed to spread out from Zhou Weiqing’s right leg. Instantly, not just the Skills and Equipment that Ao Le was about to unleash, but also the source of cold invading his body was interrupted.

Zhou Weiqing vaulted backwards in the air, retreating instantly, while Ao Le landed hard on the ground with a loud thud.

Blue. Black. Grey. Three lights swirled around his broken right arm for a moment, before vanishing. Ao Le wanted to leap to his feet, but he suddenly lost control of his body as it trembled uncontrollably. Once again, he was chilled to the bone, but this time it seemed to come from within, as his entire body convulsed, and lost in the spasms, his original thought of jumping up to strike at Zhou Weiqing was lost, and he could barely use the original Heavenly Energy for his offensive Skill and guide it to protect his heart. At the same time, he had to focus all his might in gathering all his Heavenly Energy in an attempt to drive out that terrifying cold from his body.

“Ao Le!” Liu Yinan finally broke free of Zhou Weiqing’s three Control Skills. She could not even care about striking out at Zhou Weiqing, quickly leaping to Ao Le’s side to support his unsteady, shaking body.

Landing at a distance from them, Zhou Weiqing was totally pale and shaking as well, but he still maintained himself in the Demonic Change State, though he half-knelt on the ground, panting heavily as he tried to gather himself once more. In just that short span of time, he had expanded more than seventy percent of all his Heavenly Energy.

Without question, having an Elemental Jewel with six Attributes provided him with much power, with a large amount of great Skill Selections to use. Alas, his Heavenly Energy was just not sufficient to unleash all of these Skills without repercussions, especially since some of those Skills he had just used were extremely energy consuming.

“How did you do that? I do not believe that you can dodge past my Interlocking Time Skill!” Ao Le stood up straight with Liu Yinan’s help, but instead of tending to his injuries, he asked Zhou Weiqing urgently.

Zhou Weiqing grinned, saying: “Heh… it was an unexpected surprise right? You are right, your Interlocking Time Skill is indeed extremely powerful, and isn’t something that I can withstand. Even under the Demonic Change State, if I was under effects any longer, I would have probably died. Alas, you were just too overconfident in your own Skills. The Interlocking Time Skill is not perfect, or unbreakable. To be more accurate, every skill, under a particular circumstance, has a chance of being broken or resolved. What I used was the Time Disorder Skill… so you can rest assured it is definitely a Skill worthy of your loss.”

Ao Le’s eyes widened; even his pupils dilated with shock. This time, even Liu Yinan couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise: “Time Disorder?! You… you actually have the Time Attribute as well?! But… but… why do you not have the specific yellow colour light of the Time Attribute?”

Zhou Weiqing shrugged, saying: “I do not know about that… The Time Disorder Skill, with my low cultivation level, only has a mere one second effect, but that one second was more than enough to disrupt Bro Ao Le’s Interlocking Time Skill, and also temporarily disabling your Slow Barrier. That allowed me to escape their area of effects just in time to launch my attack. You were too confident, and too careless, and so I succeeded.”

Liu Yinan gave a cold laugh: “Hmph, do you think that just by breaking Ao Le’s arm, you can beat us?”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily, saying: “Look carefully at your husband. Indeed, you can definitely beat me alone now at the state that I’m in, and force me to leave the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. However, if you do that, I’m afraid that Bro Ao Le’s life will be lost.”

Surprised by his words, Liu Yinan quickly turned to examine Ao Le. She immediately discovered that perhaps Zhou Weiqing might not be lying. Unknowingly, Ao Le’s face was ashen grey, his body trembling violently. Although he was still awake, his teeth were gritted as he tried to contain the pain, and he could not even speak.

Earlier, when Zhou Weiqing had kicked Ao Le and followed him as he flew back, he had unleashed his strongest offensive Skill in his arsenal in midair – the Dark Demon God Lightning!

At such a close range, if Zhou Weiqing had unleashed the full power of the Dark Demon God Lightning on Ao Le, it would be without a doubt that Ao Le would perish. However, if that happened, Zhou Weiqing would be too weak, and Liu Yinan would definitely go crazy in trying to take revenge on him. Without considering Fat Cat’s intervention, he might be killed or forced to escape via the Lustre Gem.

Even if he could escape the Lustre Spatial Realm, the Fei Li Battle Team had already made too enemies this Tournament. The Bai Da Empire, Dan Dun Empire, both of whom had fresh enmity towards them. If they added another BaoPo Empire, it would definitely not be a good sign. No matter what, Zhou Weiqing would definitely not kill off Ao Le, even if it might cost him the Tournament.

In the time that the Dark Demon God Lightning was unleashed, the triple Attribute venom was forced out from Zhou Weiqing’s right foot into Ao Le’s body. Although it wasn’t as powerful as the direct strike from the Dark Demon God Lightning, the strong venom still caused him a large amount of pain.

The next moment after unleashing the Dark Demon God Lightning, Zhou Weiqing used his other new Stored Skill, also of the Time Attribute, called: Time Interrupt.

That was a Skill that Zhou Weiqing had Stored from a Heavenly King Stage Heavenly Beast. At that time when he was attempting to Store it, even with Fat Cat’s help, he had tried a total of twenty six times before finally succeeding. Even without active resistance from the Heavenly Beast, his Skill Storing had still failed so many times… one could just imagine how insanely powerful that Heavenly Beast was.

The reason for the successive failures was just exactly this Personal Skill of this Heavenly King Stage Beast, the Time Interrupt.

The Time Interrupt Skill was an area of effect Skill, and according to the records of the Skill Storing Palace, if a Heavenly King Stage Master activated this Skill, within a hundred yards radius, all Heavenly Jewel Masters who were activating Skills or Consolidated Equipment would have them disrupted, or any channeling Skills would be interrupted as well.

The difference from the Heavenly Lightning Shock was that Consolidated Equipment which had already been summoned would not vanish, but Skills which were already in effect would be disrupted.

Without question, this was another powerful Control Skill, but Zhou Weiqing had to think for a long time before finally deciding to Store it.

The Skill he had used earlier to disrupt Ao Le’s Interlocking Time, the Time Disorder Skill, was a life-saving type support skill, and this Time Interrupt was a powerful Crowd Control Skill. Its only shortcoming was that when it was unleashed, it would not differentiate between friend and foe, and everything and anyone caught within its area of effect would be affected by it. The most powerful and overbearing thing about it was actually its success conditions – it actually had an Absolute Success Rate as long as the person in question was within three levels of the user. Anyone of more than three levels higher than the user would have its effects reduced accordingly. Perhaps this Skill was too powerful, and its cooldown was an astonishing one hour!

With Zhou Weiqing’s mere three-Jeweled cultivation level, when he used the Skill it would only be a three yard radius with him at the center, pretty much only of use at close range.

However, at that point, he was right beside Ao Le,almost joined to him by the scorpion hook, and naturally the effect of the Skill was at its maximum.

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    the level term used is vague, is it heavenly energy or jewel level? MANY THINGS ARE VAGUE, EVEN THE REFERENCES ARE VAGUE, EVEN MY UNDERSTANDING IS VAGUE.....................................AND THERE ARE ONLY NUMBERS IN FRONT OF REFERENCES.....NO EXPLANATIONS. . . . . . CARE TO EXPLAIN!!!!!!!!????????????

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    heavenly energy does not equate to number of jewels / jewel level you can check the wiki when youre confused http://heavenly-jewel-change.wikia.com/wiki/Cultivation_Ranks

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    Fucked with heavenly demon sect? ✔️ Fucked with blood red hall( Killed Han bing) ✔️ Found opponents in snow god mountain? ✔️ Fucked with passion valley? ✔️

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