33.96% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 288: A Perfect Deal! (1)

Chapter 288: A Perfect Deal! (1)

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The sun shone high in the sky; it was a fine and cloudless day, and early in the morning, the ZhongTian Plaza was packed with a massive crowd as the morning sunshine sent its warm glow upon them.

The top eight teams of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament had already been decided, and as usual, there were the winners and losers; even amongst those who had entered the top eight, not all of them were happy and excited. Of course, the easiest example would be the Dan Dun Battle Team.

Although they had entered the top eight, their vice leader Han Bing had died at Fei Li Battle Team’s Han Bing’s hands, and although Shen Little Demon had survived, she was still currently in the midst of recovering and would not be able to fight.

Normally, the top eight quarterfinals fight would not have any surprise factors, but this year, it seemed like it would be different. Once again, citizens and visitors flocked to the ZhongTian Plaza early in the morning, a much larger crowd than normal. After all, it had been many decades since there had been any change in the top four teams, and today, perhaps history would be in the making. All of them wanted to witness this miraculous event.

Without question, the Fei Li Battle Team’s popularity had risen to the top. After defeating the Dan Dun Battle Team, in the eyes of the ordinary audience, they were a miraculous team that could definitely beat this relatively unknown team of the Kalise Empire to enter the top four, to create a legend of the first team outside of the four seeded teams to enter the top four in the last few centuries.

Indeed, even the ZhongTian Empire officials seemed to think the same, as the betting on their match was closed, as it seemed like they did not want to lose out on this seemingly sure-win match. Of course, perhaps Zhou Weiqing winning a hundred million gold coins had something to do with that decision.

Many of the surrounding Rest Houses were already empty; after the preliminary heats, the Battle Teams which did not enter the top eight were still allowed to stay and watch the last quarterfinals fight, but many of the eliminated teams had not chosen to do so, choosing to leave instead. After all, they had not entered the top eight, why stay and look at proof of their embarrassment?

In the Dan Dun Battle Team Rest House.

Shen Little Demon still sat on the prime seat, her face an unhealthy pale complexion as she stared out of the Rest House. Looking at the bright sunshine and clear skies, a bitter smile crossed her lips. If the weather had been like this the other day, how could she possibly let that fellow win so easily like that?

As she thought up to that point, she gave a slight shudder as she couldn’t help but recall the Dark Demon God Lightning and the feeling as it struck her. If she had to describe it, it would be all pervasive, invasive, terrifying.

Although her Holy Flames of Light had already taken out a major bite of the Dark Demon God Lightning, and weakened it considerably, that deceptively small but savagely powerful attack had still landed on her, unblocked by her own powerful strike.

Shen Little Demon could still clearly remember how she felt the instant the Dark Demon God Lightning struck. At first, all she felt was cold, a bone chilling cold that was at its maximum. What followed next was a total darkness over her eyes, as she felt as if her meridians and internal organs were about to explode. That was the last thing she felt before she was knocked out, and the next thing she knew, she had awoken in her hotel bed.

The other Dan Dun Battle Team members did not try to hide the process of her healing from her, and she was told everything that had happened since she lost the fight. Towards Zhou Weiqing, she definitely did not have any shred of gratitude, just a strong hatred and anger. However, she knew that with Shangguan Longyin’s promise, she definitely could not take revenge, to repay his ‘kindness’ with ingratitude. Of course, the current Dan Dun Battle Team did not have the power to even contemplate taking revenge, and they could only wait til they returned to the Blood Red Hell before seeing what could be done.

At that point, a venomous look entered her eyes uncontrollably as she clenched her fists. Han Bing, do not worry. No matter what, I will take help you take revenge.

All of a sudden, Lan Feng, who had been standing at the entrance of the Rest House, suddenly said softly: “They are here.”

Shen Little Demon’s eyes shot wide open, her pupils narrowing as she took a step forward, seeing the Fei Li Battle Team members enter their Rest House.

Subconsciously, her fists clenched again, and she gritted her teeth as her gaze fixed upon Zhou Weiqing. She could not forget the two large dark bruises forming palm marks on her chest that she saw when she awoke from her injuries…

In truth, Zhou Weiqing did not really do anything to her, it was because the Dark Demon God Lightning’s venom had been drawn out from there, causing the mark to form. Of course, that little rascal had obviously touched her there, and it was no wonder she hated him.

“Leader, what will our formation and strategy be today?” Lan Feng asked carefully.

Hearing him mention today’s fight, Shen Little Demon’s body wavered a little. To the Dan Dun Battle Team, after losing to the Fei Li Battle Team in the preliminary heats, they were out of luck as they would definitely have to face one of the other seeded teams in today’s quarterfinal fights. Alas, their streak of bad luck had continued… as they had drawn the WanShou Battle Team. The WanShou Battle Team had always been the champion for many years of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, and were definitely the last opponent they would want.

As a team leader of a seeded team, Shen Little Demon was extremely clear that they would not have any hopes of victory against either the WanShou Battle Team or the ZhongTian Battle Team, as those two were usually the last two fighting for the champion spot in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. Furthermore, the entire WanShou Battle Team main members were all of the six Jeweled cultivation level!

“There is no need to arrange any strategy. We will surrender without fighting. I will take full responsibility for our loss this time.” After saying that, Shen Little Demon turned around resolutely and walked back into the Rest House. Before doing so, she glared angrily at Zhou Weiqing more, as if trying to imprint his features into her mind.

Alas, no one ever pays attention to the losers, and the glory is always on the victor.

The Dan Dun Battle Team were not the only people looking at the Fei Li Battle Team. No matter the VIP Stage, other Battle Teams and even the audience, many of them were examining this ‘upstart’ team.

Little Witch walked directly to the Fei Li Battle Team, dressed in a Fei Li Battle Team uniform that she had actually ordered and bought specially, before sitting down right beside Zhou Weiqing. Currently, she kept her mischevious side well hidden, looking like a noble young lady, innocent and harmless to the core. Such a skilled acting, she was no lesser than Zhou Weiqing.

When Little Witch showed up early in the morning at their hotel wearing their Fei Li Battle Team uniform to look for them, the last worries in their hearts fell away and dissipated. No matter what, Little Witch was of high rank and status in the Heavenly Demon Sect, and there was no need for her to act like this just to try and cheat the Fei Li Battle Team. After all, in a true fight between both sides, no one could be a hundred percent confident of victory.

As Shangguan Tianxin proclaimed the start of the quarterfinals, it all officially began. Alas, it was as if fate had designed that the day would not be an exciting day, and as soon as the fights started, the first two were disappointing direct surrenders, much to the dismay of the entire crowd.

Kalise Battle Team. Surrender.

Dan Dun Battle Team. Surrender.

As such, the Fei Li Battle Team and WanShou Battle Team both won without a fight, entering the top four easily. The next two fights were almost just as unexciting, almost boring. The ZhongTian Battle Team showed their overbearing power, only sending out a single member to finish the entire fight. Under the elimination system of the quarterfinals, he destroyed all five of his opponents easily, and their team got through without any hiccups.

As for the last seeded team, the BaoPo Battle Team, backed by the Great Saint Land Passion Valley, they also showed their power, managing to win easily with only two team members. The day ended with two surrenders and two overwhelming victories, and the entire process was rather boring for the audience.

As such, the quarterfinals ended in less than half a day, and the final result was the ZhongTian Battle Team, WanShou Battle Team, BaoPo Battle Team and the Fei Li Battle Team ascending to the top four.

Although they had won without a fight, the entire Fei Li Battle Team members were filled with excitement. Top Four! By entering the top four, they had already created history, and would become heroes in the Fei Li Empire! Even Little Witch couldn’t hide her excitement. After all, it had been several decades since the Heavenly Demon Sect had last been able to enter the Heavenly Jewel Island, and she had at least successfully completed her mission.

Shangguan Longyin walked out from the VIP stage, walking directly from the top onto the air as if there were some invisible steps in midair, walking slowly step by step towards the tournament stage in the center of the grand Plaza.

“ZhongTian, WanShou, BaoPo, Fei Li Battle Teams, the four of you have entered the top four. Tomorrow morning, please report to the Skill Storing Palace to receive your Heavenly Jewel Plaque. We will then head to the Heavenly Jewel Island in preparation for the next stage of the Tournament, and the rules and format of the latter portion of the Tournament will be announced in the Heavenly Jewel Island.” Shangguan Longyin announced in his deep voice to the crowd.

“We did it! We did it! We’re actually in the top four! Wahahaha—!” The excited Fei Li Battle Team members had been controlling themselves the entire morning, and they were finally able to leap up in excitement. Excited cheers erupted from all their mouths, and even Little Witch was no exception. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

The past weeks through the entire tournament had definitely been a huge stress and toll on all of them, even the two members Xiao Yan and Drunken Bao who had not truly fought in any of the fights had been because of their severe injuries when meeting Little Witch on the road to the ZhongTian City. It could be said that, the entire Fei Li Battle Team had taken a huge toll in injuries throughout the course of their entire run, with Little Four and Zhou Weiqing both almost dying in their fights. It could be said that almost every step they took to get ahead in this Tournament had been fraught with peril and difficulty!

However, the moment they heard Shangguan Longyin’s proclamation, the previous bitterness, difficulty and pain seemed to all fall away. In their hearts, there was only pride and excitement. It had all been worth it. Top four, it was a rank that belonged to them, to the Fei Li Empire!

The other three seeded teams looked silently at the crazed members of the Fei Li Battle Team. None of them could mock their almost exaggerated cheers and celebrations. Indeed, for the Fei Li Battle Team to have done what they did, they indeed deserved their pride.

Lin TianAo held out his hands, and everyone piled their palms onto his. Looking at their leader’s red eyes, all of them followed suit as their emotions were carried along in the wave of happiness and excitement.

With a loud cry, Lin TianAo exclaimed: “Tonight, we shall not return unless we are drunk!”

Top Four! Even if it was ‘just’ the top four, they had already written a new page in the history books of the Fei Li Empire, a page that would shock the annals of the Fei Li Empire, and perhaps unrepeatable! Not just the history of the Fei Li Empire, but even perhaps the entire Mainland!

That night, the bunch of fellows with too much surplus excited energy drank out nearly half of their inn’s alcohol, before falling in a dead drunk stupor.

When they first met, Zhou Weiqing, Ye Paopao and Shangguan Bing’er had been there as the substitute members, and they had been rather rejected and looked down upon. Of course, after that bet, and as they slowly showed their abilities and strength, they were slowly accepted by the main members of the Fei Li Battle Team, and their relationship had grown from there.

By the time the Heavenly Jewel Tournament had began, their cohesiveness, teamwork and friendship had grown bit by bit with every day they spent together, every fight, until now, when they were almost a single unit.


Zhou Weiqing slowly awoke from his sleep. His body was rather different from an ordinary person, especially after several evolving, and was even stronger than any other Heavenly Jewel Master of the same cultivation level. As such, he had a much stronger resistance against any ‘poisons’, and a much stronger recovery rate, and alcohol was no different. Although they had binged so much the night before, he still awoke on the break of dawn.

Eh? Why is my arm feeling so numb?

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