40.09% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 340: Entering the Zun Stage (2)

Chapter 340: Entering the Zun Stage (2)

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However, watching was one thing, but actually experiencing it on her own was another matter altogether. When Zhou Weiqing’ large hands encircled her slim waist and the sweet curvature below, her body began to tremble.

Her flustered inner heart wanted her to dodge away, but she was no ordinary human. At this moment, she had already chosen to give Zhou Weiqing this most precious reward, and more so also to heal his wounded heart, to slightly relax that taut heartstrings that were at maximum tension for so long. Otherwise, she was afraid that if he stayed in that state any longer, he would breakdown totally. As such, no matter how much she wanted to dodge away, she had made her decision and would only turn this flustered embarrassment into wild action.

Tian’er’s amazing curves sparked all of Zhou Weiqing’s burning desire, and abruptly, he flipped himself around, pressing her down below instead.

The past few days, his heart had been fully tightened and sealed up, and it was finally being reopened in this unique method by Tian’er. The fire in Zhou Weiqing’s heart was being reignited, like a huge fiery oven, slowly swallowing Tian’er…

Zhou Weiqing returned her kisses crazily, all over, and Tian’er couldn’t help but wriggle around. She could not describe her own feelings, as if afraid, or joyous, as their bodies moved together.

A faint mist seemed to rise up in the room, and the temperature rose as well. Faintly, it was as if the very air in the room seemed to form a semblance of a black and white tiger intertwined, the black tiger exalted high spirited, the white tiger shy at the side, and their soft cries rang out through the room.

A sudden sharp pain, and a feral savage nature was sparked once more. The blue tiger tattoos and black tiger tattoos appeared respectively on the two young bodies. At the same time, the light of their four Saint Attributes shone brightly, enveloping both of them.

As the pain turned into a strange numbness, the painful cries slowly turned into a low moans, quivering with anticipation and need.

Along with the numbness came a joy that she had never experienced before, and as her wild nature sparked up, the bright light in the room also strengthened to the maximum point. Even in every nook and cranny of the room, that intense Heavenly Energy undulations could be felt.

Outside the door, the Fei Li Battle Team members were gathered; they had been guarding the door together.

However, they currently had all had a strange look on their faces.

Tian’er’s wild cries were not muffled by the doors, and they did not need to guess what was happening within the room. How could their expressions not be strange?

Like a Guardian Saint, Lin TianAo stood right outside the door impassively. Looking at Drunken Bao, Xiao Yan and Little Four, and their expressions, he said exasperatedly: “You guys, go back to your room.”

Drunken Bao moved closer and said in a low tone: “Boss, even if we go back to our rooms, that will not do! This Lady Tian’er’s cries are just too… tempting… we better go out and have a walk, or we will not be able to take it.”

Crow’s tall stature allowed her to peek over Drunken Bao to say: “Weiqing is so vigorous! Sigh… why does he refuse to follow me back to the Gold Crow Tribe? What a shame!”

Lin TianAo glared at them and said: “What is in those heads of yours! This Lady Tian’er is sacrificing so much for Weiqing’s sake, to ensure that he doesn’t get lost in his despair and suffering. I warn you all, you better be more respectful to her in the future. For a girl to do such a thing for a man, to give up her most precious thing for his sake in such a time of danger and need… what she has done for Weiqing is more than enough to earn our respect.”

In the end, Drunken Bao and the rest fled the scene. For virile young men like them, hearing sounds like that was definitely not a good thing, too much stimulation and excitement …

Only Lin TianAo remained outside the door, and he persevered for four hours, before he was forced to pour a bucket of ice cold water on his heated head as well. Only then did the sounds from the room slowly quieten.

Zhou Weiqing fell into a deep sleep, and Tian’er lay on his chest, her eyes closed slightly, her slightly bruised body pressed against him as she was still breathing deeply from their exertions.

After finally releasing all his pent up emotions, mixed with that deep seated fatigue, Zhou Weiqing was dead to the world in his sleep. His brow had finally smoothed out as he was relaxed at last, and holding his face lightly, Tian’er smiled faintly.

“You little fool, don’t you know that when you resolutely decided to save that mother and baby dragon, my heart had already been conquered by you. You little rascal, making me hurt so much, I don’t know how Bing’er could withstand you…”

Feeling a heady mix of feelings, euphoria and exhaustion, she too drifted off into sleep, wrapped in Zhou Weiqing’s arms.

Finally in a deep, sound sleep, Zhou Weiqing only woke up after a whole day of rest. When he awoke, he felt refreshed and full of energy. Sitting up on the bed, Zhou Weiqing looked around, but he was all alone, and found that he was wrapped in a soft warm blanket, and his body had not only been cleansed, he was also dressed in a fresh set of clothes.

Tian’er, it had to be Tian’er. Although Zhou Weiqing was not clear what exactly had happened, but he was sure that Tian’er had arranged it all.

The door opened, and Lin TianAo walked in from outside. “Ahh, Weiqing, you’re awake!”

Although Zhou Weiqing’s face had always been very thick, when he saw Lin TianAo’s strange expression and eyes, he couldn’t help but blush slightly, but couldn’t help saying: “Big Brother, where is Tian’er?”

Lin TianAo smiled and said: “She went to get some food for you. Weiqing, you better treat her well…” Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Zhou Weiqing nodded.

After that joyous release last night, he had finally walked out from the shadow of that heavy blow, or at least taken the first few steps out. The hate in his heart was no less, but at least he would not do anything foolish anymore.

Right at that moment, Tian’er appeared at the door, balancing a tray in her hands as she walked in. Seeing Zhou Weiqing standing there, her face turned red and she lowered her head slightly.

Lin TianAo smiled faintly before turning to leave, closing the door behind him, leaving the two young lovers alone.

Tian’er walked silently to the side, placing the tray on the table. It was another bowl of delicious smelling meat porridge.

Zhou Weiqing took a step forward, holding her hands and pulling her into his embrace tightly. Burying his face between her hair and neck, breathing in her scent, his grip involuntarily tightened around her.

“Tian’er… it is so good to have you by my side…”

Hearing his words, Tian’er quivered gently, and she held Zhou Weiqing by the waist. Alas, Zhou Weiqing did not see that at that moment, her eyes were filled with a faint sorrow.

“Weiqing, you better eat something first. I’ll accompany you to the Skill Storing Palace after this.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded before releasing her. Giving her a light kiss on her face, at the same time seizing the opportunity to squeeze some areas and causing her to cry out, a mischievous grin appeared on his face before he sat down at the table and started eating.

Tian’er looked at him in a mix of tenderness and caution, before crossing her arms huffily. However, there was a hint of relief in her eyes. At least, her little bad boy Zhou Little Fatty was back. Although she knew he still hid many things in his heart, and that such deep wounds could not heal so easily, at least on the surface he was almost normal again.

“Tian’er, why is it that after we did it just now, my Heavenly Energy seems to have increased so much. I feel like I am already close to breaking through to the next level again!” Zhou Weiqing exclaimed curiously.

Tian’er’s face turned beet red and she said huffily: “I won’t tell you. Quick, be good and eat up!”

Zhou Weiqing grabbed onto her and pulled her closer, pressing her full bottom against his thigh intimately. Embracing her fully, he said: “Tell me quick, otherwise I’ll be forced to try it out again for myself.” As he said that, his hands wandered around her waist.

“Wuuu… Wait … I’ll say, I’ll say…” Tian’er quickly grabbed his wandering hands and stopped them. “It should be because of our Saint Attributes mixing together. I do not know about the exact details, but previously when I broke through from the Zun Stage into the Lower Level Zong Stage, it was also with the aid of your two Saint Attributes, Demonic and Time. As I said, it seems like when our four Saint Attributes are together, it seems to form some sort of unique barrier or aura, allowing our cultivation speeds to be a lot faster than when we are alone. When… when we… you and I… you know… perhaps that had also caused our Heavenly Energy to mix together and improve due to that.”

Zhou Weiqing was naturally not the only person to gain massive benefits, and Tian’er had indeed gained a lot as well. Of course, her cultivation level was much higher than Zhou Weiqing’s, so it did not seem as obvious.

Zhou Weiqing stared at her, jaw agape, before saying: “Doesn’t that mean… if we do it more often, isn’t it even better than any cultivation technique?!”

“You…” Tian’er blushed deeply as she broke free of his grasp, embarrassed. “You’re not allowed to think of such naughty things like that. That was just a one time reward for you, only this once! Furthermore… even if we… do it again in the future… it will not have the same effect as the first time.”

Zhou Weiqing looked her Tian’er’s appealing, and said a little bleakly, guilt in his eyes: “Tian’er… Thank you. I’m so sorry, I really should not have taken you at this kind of time.”

Tian’er made a soft sound, back facing him, before finally shaking her head silently. At last she said: “It… was of my own wish… No matter what happens in the future, you will always be my only man.”

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    Lin TianAo is the real MVP in this chapter, this bro deserves a 🥇 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.

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    Well. I really didnt like this fat cat at first but yeah it seems like I like her now

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    Grossed out by this, not that I don't enjoy it but seeing someone with too much luck, Yun Che level dog **** luck, makes me disgusted at times.. not that I don't enjoy it at times.

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