41.39% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 351: The power of Little Miss Muddle. (2)

Chapter 351: The power of Little Miss Muddle. (2)

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Just as Ma Qun was starting to daydream about the beautiful future he would have, the situation abruptly changed for. Upon seeing Zhou Weiqing be injured and coughing up blood, Ma Qun, who was in such an emotionally charged state, did not even think before charging forward. It was only until he was standing in front of Zhou Weiqing protectively, that he suddenly remembered that he was only at the two-Jeweled stage, without a single piece of Consolidated Equipment…

“Good brother…” Zhou Weiqing’s voice came from behind, causing Ma Qun’s quivering heart to stabilize a little.

Originally, Zhou Weiqing’s first meeting with Ma Qun had been his wily tricks, trying to fool him. As such, he did not have a good first impression of him, and did not think too highly of him. It was only at this point that he truly started to look upon Ma Qun as a true brother.

The remaining three black Zun Stage enemies and the single seven-Jeweled powerhouse paused slightly at the sight of Ma Qun’s appearance. Zhou Weiqing had given them too huge of a shock, and they subconsciously thought that anyone together with Zhou Weiqing would be powerful as well. That was especially since they knew of the existence of Lin TianAo, that ultimate Defense Heavenly Jewel Master. Seeing the yellow glow around the large body of Ma Qun’s, they immediately stopped, and did not charge forward.

However, in the next moment, they spotted the puny two Physical Jewels around Ma Qun’s wrist, and an embarrassed look crossed their faces. They were all at least upper level Zun Stage or higher, and they had actually been intimidated by a mere two-Jeweled little fellow. That was such a huge loss of face. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Zhou Weiqing was not in a good state currently. The coughing out of blood was actually not the main issue, after all, in the Demonic Change State, his toughness, resistance, and ability to take hits was not to be underestimated. Furthermore, his own physique and healing capabilities was also extremely strong. Added to the fact, the Immortal Deity Shield had also helped blocked a large portion of damage, and the enemy’s strike, while powerful, was not his full strength too. Although Zhou Weiqing had been injured, it was not very serious.

However, the true problem was that in that attack, it had caused Zhou Weiqing’s Devoured Heavenly Energy to be in trouble. His energy whirlpools had already slowed down to almost a halt, causing his internal Heavenly Energy to be in a messy flux, and he was unable to fully control the external Devoured Heavenly Energy. As such, he was in a total mess internally, even his Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms were on the verge of losing control and dissipating.

What now?! Zhou Weiqing’s mind spun rapidly. If Ma Qun was not here, he believed that he could still manage to attempt to escape, and perhaps barely succeed. As long as he could escape, with his recovery rate and many Skills, he definitely had a chance of staying alive. However, Ma Qun was now right in front of him… how could he possibly run away at this time. If he did so, Zhou Weiqing would never be able to forgive himself. As such, he could only stay and fight.

Making a prompt decision on the spot, Zhou Weiqing instantly dismissed the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms, taking out the Black Dawn Bow from his Spatial Ring and nocking an arrow to it. At his current state, he could no longer afford to use any more Consolidated Equipment, and could only fight with his archery. Although his efforts might be, and would most likely be futile, there was always a small thread of hope if he fought with all his might…

All of a sudden, at this critical moment, a door of a small room to the side opened, and Dou Dou walked out in a confused state. “What are you all doing… so noisy… I was sleeping so soundly…”

Seeing her blurry look, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but feel a sense as if he did not know whether to laugh or cry. They had been fighting so loudly outside, yet this girl could still sleep so soundly.

With the appearance of Little Miss Muddle, the four black clad men who had been about to launch their attacks paused once more. However, this time, they did not delay for long. After all, Dou Dou did not seem even as threatening as Ma Qun, and they dismissed her quickly. Instantly, the four of them jumped up and pounced towards Ma Qun and Zhou Weiqing.

“You all can’t hit him!” Dou Dou said urgently. As she said that, no one else could clearly see how she moved, and in a silver flash of light, Dou Dou was standing right in front of Ma Qun and Zhou Weiqing, blocking the four black clad men’s route. The next moment, another bright screen of silver light rose up, and four muffled thumping sounds rang out, and the four black clad men all flew backwards about ten yards before landing hard.

Dou Dou spread apart her delicate, thin hands, making an action like a mother chicken protecting her young chicks. She was not tall, her figure that of a petite young lady, and that action of hers in contrast to her figure would have seemed rather funny. However, at that moment, no one found it funny at all, because around those delicate hands of hers, seven glowing Dragonstone Jade Physical Jewels revolved around her left wrist, while seven blue-green Elemental Jewels revolved around her right wrist.

It was a unique blue-green colour, a gem that was rare enough that the black clad men did not recognize it at once. However, Zhou Weiqing instantly did. They were Alexandrite Gemstones!

What did Alexandrite Gemstones signify? It meant that Dou Dou’s Elemental Jewels had at least between two to four Elemental Attributes!

As such, the ones who were the most shocked weren’t their enemies, but Zhou Weiqing and Ma Qun!

None of them had imagined that this Little Miss Muddle who only seemed to know how to eat all day long would be such a hidden powerhouse.

In terms of age, Dou Dou was actually a little older than the three Shangguan sisters, but even so, Zhou Weiqing had not expected her to be actually at the seven-Jeweled stage.

As for the four black clad enemies, their expressions were extremely ugly. After a short moment of stunned dullness, they finally recognized the rare Alexandrite gemstone, and that she had used a Spatial Attribute earlier against them.

Then again, Dou Dou’s teacher was the greatest God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master in the world today, Xing Tianyi. For him to fancy her talents enough to take her as his disciple, how could her talent and gifts be low at all?

In fact, Dou Dou’s Elemental Jewel Attributes were that of Spatial and Wind, with her Physical Jewel being that of the Agility Attribute. Although in terms of Consolidating Equipment Master talent, she could not compare to Zhou Weiqing with the additional Time Attribute, she could already be considered to be one of the rare talents that came about only once in a hundred years. Furthermore, in terms of disposition and character, Dou Dou definitely had a large edge over Zhou Weiqing. She was much more simple, pure in nature, and it was definitely a lot easier for someone like her to focus on one thing, and not be distracted easily by anything else. If not for the fact that Xing Tianyi approved of Zhou Weiqing and thought well of his character, he would not have allowed his precious disciple to leave together with him!

As for Dou Dou’s cultivation level, that was even simpler. As the only main disciple of the greatest Consolidating Equipment Master, who was also a powerful Heavenly Jewel Master in his own right, how could she lack any teachings. Furthermore, she was also older than Shangguan Xue’er, and with her simple nature, she had definitely spent a lot of time focused on cultivating as well. More so, in terms of treasures and supplements for her training, how could she possibly lack those with Xing Tianyi behind her?

Zhou Weiqing’s mouth trembled a little. No wonder Old Xing had said that Dou Dou could protect herself. From what she had shown so far, she was probably even more powerful than he was now.

“Dou Dou, beat them up, and I’ll give you something good to eat.” After spending these few days with her, Zhou Weiqing had a very good understanding about Dou Dou, and he immediately threw out his top ‘weapon’ of allure to her.

Dou Dou blinked her eyes, looking at Zhou Weiqing awkwardy, saying: “But… but… Big Bro Little Fatty, I do not know how to beat someone up! However, I won’t let them beat you too… if they beat you til you are broken, then I won’t have anything to eat.”

“Let’s go.” The Low Level Zong Stage enemy could not withstand the pressure any longer. Seeing Dou Dou’s power, he did not think that Dou Dou was telling the truth, and assumed that she was mocking them.

Alas, at this point, it was too late for them.

Along the walls of the courtyard, a few figures appeared, and Lin TianAo’s voice rang out from above. “Did you think you could leave so easily after taking action in our Fei Li City? Get them!”

It was not just Lin TianAo. Crow, Little Four, Xiao Yan, Drunken Bao and Yun Li had all arrived.

The reason why they had taken so long to was due to the fact that they had won the champion of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, and they been delayed by some celebrations in the Heavenly Jewel Academy. After which, they had joined up with Yun Li before heading down to Zhou Weiqing’s house. Luckily, they had clearly seen the Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady in the distance while en route, and they had rushed down immediately, to arrive just in time at this point.

Lin TianAo and the others did not have time to be shocked about Little Miss Muddle’s power, and they quickly launched their attacks.

With his companions all here, Zhou Weiqing no longer needed to hold back anything. Of course, in his current state, he couldn’t do much else to help. Still, the Dragon Silencing Seal did not require any Heavenly Energy to use, and he expended the last three of his remaining Dragon Silencing Seals on the low level Zong Stage and two other upper level Zun Stage Heavenly Jewel Masters.

These black clad men might have a high cultivation level, but in terms of Consolidated Equipment and Stored Skills, they were no match for the members of the Fei Li Battle Team.

The Fei Li Battle Team could be said to be the cream of the crop of the younger generation of the entire Fei Li Empire. This was especially so for Lin TianAo, who had actually already broken through to the six-Jeweled stage a day before, and he had already Consolidated the sixth shield of his Assembly Set. Let alone these six, seven Jeweled Masters in front of him, it would not be easy for even ordinary eight or nine Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters to break through his defense. Furthermore, these black clad men had already expended a lot of their energy in the fight against Zhou Weiqing, and now with the Dragon Silencing Seal, they could be said to be fangless tigers. Instantly, they were in a severely disadvantageous position.

Seeing his companions surround and attack the enemies, Zhou Weiqing heaved a sigh of relief. Under the protection of Ma Qun and Dou Dou, he backed down to the side and sat down cross-legged to start to cultivating and recovering. Before that, he did not forget to summon the two Icy Soul Heavenly Bears to head to the walls, as a precaution in case the four enemies tried to escape.

In this fight today, Zhou Weiqing had used so many of his Skills, and if possible, he did not want any of the enemies to escape and allow the Bai Da Empire to learn more about his own abilities. As such, when Lin TianAo and the rest had charged forward, he had already given them the signal to kill them off. Towards members of the Bai Da Empire, he did not have any shred of mercy, as they were already mortal enemies.

In the end, Zhou Weiqing’s ace-up-the-sleeves Icy Soul Heavenly Bears did not get to do anything. Under the effect of the Dragon Silencing Seal, the seven-Jeweled Zong Stage Master was not even able to take on Lin TianAo, and the other four naturally did not stand any chance against the rest of the team.

Xiao Yan managed to kill off one, while Crow also chopped down another with her Axes. The last two were also taken down by the others working together. The Bai Da Empire had truly suffered a great loss today, having lost all eight of the powerful Heavenly Jewel Masters they had sent to assassinate Zhou Weiqing.

In the end, clearing the battlefield was a simple task. Lin TianAo was an Earth Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master, and he easily commanded the earth to swallow up the bodies before restoring to its original state.

“Weiqing, are you alright?” After getting rid of the bodies, Lin TianAo walked up to Zhou Weiqing. At this point, no one knew why, but Ma Qun had cowered to another corner with his head lowered, and only Dou Dou was at Zhou Weiqing’s side.

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    Hahahaha. Ma Qun IS Crow's fiance and he's cowering from her :D

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    so everyone missed that Lin TinAo consolidated his equipment in just one day like Weiqing

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    Yeah, but now she will start to learn all sort of things with MC...

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