41.27% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 350: The power of Little Miss Muddle. (1)

Chapter 350: The power of Little Miss Muddle. (1)

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With the Absolute Delay landing on his chosen target, the first effect was that he no longer had any chance to dodge or escape, and Zhou Weiqing’s Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms had forcibly smacked down upon him. When a person was faced with impending danger, it might spark a subconscious reaction to save himself. Although the black clad man was struck by both the Fetters of Wind and Absolute Delay, as a Upper Level Zun Stage Heavenly Jewel Master, when his life was in critical danger, he somehow managed to explode forth with all his hidden potential, his hands held up in a defensive posture, turning totally red. It was clearly a type of melee Skill of the Fire Attribute. Although his movements were slowed drastically, he was still able to barely block Zhou Weiqing’s blow.

Zhou Weiqing did not change tactics; if he did so, he had absolute confidence in killing off this enemy delayed by Absolute Delay. However, at the same time, if he did so, it would open him up to the other three six-Jeweled enemies.

To take attacks from three enemies, or to just clash head on with a single enemy, with the advantage of two Legendary Set God Tier Consolidated Equipment. The choice was clear.

As the saying goes, one has to seize the opportunity, as once it is gone, it may not come back again. Having created such an opportunity with the Dragon Silencing Seal, it was definitely one that did not come by easily, and he would not give it up like that. Even though when he reached the Four-Jeweled stage, he could now use the Dragon Silencing Seal four times per day, with his character he would not easily use them all out. After all, he always preferred to keep an ace up his sleeve for desperate times, especially to save his life. Furthermore, he did not know if there were any other hidden enemies besides these few.

*BANG* Four palms slammed hard into each other, and Zhou Weiqing immediately sensed something was wrong. Although with his Demonic Change State and the boost from two Legendary Set pieces he should have been able to more than rival his enemy’s greater Heavenly Energy, he was meeting with unexpected resistance.

The black clad man’s palms seemed like a red hot molten soldering iron, and even though he had the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms to protect his hands, Zhou Weiqing could still sense the searing heat. That was not the only thing; the more critical issue was that there was a strange suction force emitting from his enemy’s palms, causing Zhou Weiqing to slow down. At that point, he could see the ferocious grin on his enemy’s face.

With so many enemies surrounding him, Zhou Weiqing knew he could not let himself be cornered, and if he was slowed, it would undoubtedly be a harbinger of doom for himself. WIthout question, this black clad enemy wanted to be the one who brought it to him.

However, that smirk on the black clad enemy’s face only lasted for an instant. After all, Zhou Weiqing’s pure physical strength was just too terrifying. As their four palms pushed against each other, although the black clad enemy had been able to forcibly stop Zhou Weiqing’s Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms for a moment due to the sudden burst of power from his Skills, but as their palms continued to press against each other, he realised that with the Absolute Delay in effect, he couldn’t even break free if he wanted to.

In the next instant, Zhou Weiqing reacted in the best possible way. Ignoring the intense heat from his palms, he changed swiftly from a palm strike to a death grip, gripping down hard on his enemy’s hands.

Ultimately, Zhou Weiqing was wearing the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms, and the sharp claw tips of the fingers and their sheer piercing power came into effect right then. With Zhou Weiqing’s strength, he did not even need to use another Skill, and with that sudden burst of power, an ear-piercing sound of bone shattering accompanied by the cries of agony from the black clad men rang out simultaneously. Instantly, Zhou Weiqing activated the Devour Skill, as he continued gripping onto the shatter hands of his enemy.

However, the black clad man had indeed bought his companions enough time, and the three others’ Skills were flying out at Zhou Weiqing. This time, they went all out, bursting forth with all their maximum effort and power, sparing no costs as they launched their strongest attacks. Even the seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, though unable to use any Skills or Consolidated Equipment, charged forward, his hands glowing with white Heavenly Energy as he struck towards Zhou Weiqing’s head.

After totally crushing his enemy’s hands, Zhou Weiqing started Devouring his Heavenly Energy, and at the same time, he did an abrupt Suplex Move 1

Just like that, the large black clad enemy in his hands was thrown backwards behind him, and at the same time, the third and last Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura sprang forth around Zhou Weiqing.


The sounds of explosions came in an almost continuous stream at Zhou Weiqing, the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura successfully blocking the attacks from the three black clad enemies. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing infused a Lightning Explosive Palm into the body of the black clad enemy in his hands, throwing him out as he exploded in an attempt to block the three behind him.

After fighting for so long, Zhou Weiqing was already an arrow at the end of its flight 2. At this point, it was down to see which side could burst forth with that last bit of killing power.

Alas, Zhou Weiqing’s plan had finally failed. The Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura had successfully blocked the ranged attacks from the three enemies, but was unable to block the strike from the incoming seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master.

Although he had been struck with the Dragon Silencing Seal, his powerful Heavenly Energy was still there, full as ever. Seeing the dark gold aura spring out around Zhou Weiqing, this low level Zong Stage Master actually managed to forcibly pull himself back from his attack, striking the air to let himself stall in midair for a moment, managing to wait out the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura before striking downwards once more.

In such a way, it would undoubtedly weaken his own attack, but at the same time, he had successfully avoided the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura and struck down at a point where Zhou Weiqing was no longer able to dodge it.

Still in the middle of the suplex throw position, Zhou Weiqing was struck hard by his enemy’s palm right smack on the chest.

At that moment, Zhou Weiqing’s Demonic Change State and Immortal Deity Shield showed their effects, as a thick white vortex of light appeared below the low level Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Master’s palms. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing’s chest muscles rippled, doing his best to weaken the blow as much as possible.

Despite all of that, Zhou Weiqing was still smashed down hard onto the ground, savagely crashing into the ground, cracking it. Even the dual Legendary Hammers that he had just summoned was actually disrupted by the sudden flux of energy and disappeared almost as fast as they appeared.

Fresh blood erupted from his mouth as Zhou Weiqing fell onto the ground. However, he was extremely stubborn and indomitable, especially when it came to his fear of death. At any point of time, his survival instincts were incomparable to any others, even in such an unbelievably unfavourable situation. Instantly, Zhou Weiqing used a Blink Skill at the last second, sending himself ten feet away, barely dodging the next strike from the low level Zong Stage enemy.

If not for the Dragon Silencing Seal, that low level Zong Stage powerhouse would have severely injured or even killed Zhou Weiqing in that single blow.

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However, one could not underestimate the importance of Zhou Weiqing killing off another opponent at the expense of taking an injury. In truth, he was already at the end of his sustaining capabilities, and dared not Devour any more Heavenly Energy. His own Heavenly Energy was already at such a low that he could barely control any more of the Devoured Heavenly Energy. According to his original plan, with the Dragon Silencing Seal and a last burst of effort, he should be able to kill off three of the remaining five enemies. Alas, he had met with unexpected resistance from the first target, and the swift actions of the other enemies had also caused him to lose that chance. Still, being able to kill off one was already the best result after all the surprises. After all, do not forget that our dear Zhou Little Fatty was only at the four Jeweled stage!

Blinking ten yards away, Zhou Weiqing could no longer contain himself, and spat out another mouthful of fresh blood. Although the low level Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Master could not use any Skills or Consolidated Equipment, his Heavenly Energy level was still at the Heavenly Xu Stage, far beyond Zhou Weiqing’s level. Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing’s current Legendary Consolidated Equipment Set was mostly boosting his strength and offensive capabilities, and not his defense. Currently, Zhou Weiqing felt as if his internal organs were all inflamed, his insides churning as the pain struck him. The energy whirlpools of the Death Acupuncture Points at the chest area were also slowing drastically, as the injury was truly no mere trifle.

“Boss, I’m here to help!” A tall figure suddenly charged forth from behind, standing in front of Zhou Weiqing. It was Ma Qun.

Even Zhou Weiqing had not imagined that Ma Qun, this cunning wily fellow, would actually be so loyal. Currently, Ma Qun had charged forward, his eyes bloodshot, breathing heavily, but with a resolute look on his face. Standing in front of Zhou Weiqing, the yellow glow of the Earth Attribute shining forth around his body, his arms extended in a protective stance in front of Zhou Weiqing.

In truth, when the fight had first started, Ma Qun had been sent flying back into the house before he could react. Startled, he had climbed up and thought to jump out to help.

Alas, when he saw that the enemies were all at the six-Jeweled stage, he was stunned silly. Even in the entire Fei Li Military Academy, it would not be easy to see so many powerhouses together at once, yet he managed to see six of them here, and being enemies to boot. At least, Ma Qun knew his own limits, and facing enemies of such capabilities, he knew that he would not only be useless, but a detriment to Zhou Weiqing if he tried to help.

Just as Ma Qun had been left confused, overwhelmed and at a loss, trying to think how Zhou Weiqing could possibly offend so many powerhouses, the fight had already started.

As compared to the appearance of the six Upper Level Zun Stage Heavenly Jewel Masters, Ma Qun was even more surprised when he saw Zhou Weiqing’s four sets of hEavenly Jewels. He was even more so when Zhou Weiqing actually started fighting against the six powerful opponents!

Ma Qun had witnessed with his own eyes how Zhou Weiqing, only at the four-Jeweled Stage, had actually managed to kill six-Jeweled powerhouses one after the other, in such a bloody, savage fashion. Although Zhou Weiqing did look rather scary in his Demonic Change State, to someone like Ma Qun who highly regarded strength as the most important, that was all he was concerned about. He was after all still a young man, and his feelings were easily infected, and seeing Zhou Weiqing tear apart enemy after enemy, though Ma Qun knew he could not help, his blood was already boiling with excitement.

He did not know why Zhou Weiqing was so powerful, but he was definitely rejoicing that he had made such a choice months ago, and more so now to Follow Zhou Weiqing. Originally, he had not been fully willing to do so, but seeing the rest of the class do so, he had not wanted to be left behind and jumped out to make such a decision. After all, he knew that he would never be able to graduate from Fei Li Military Academy with his results.

Of course, by that point, Ma Qun did not feel any sense of regret. Having seen Zhou Weiqing killing his enemies like some demon god, he knew that he had made the right choice. His Boss Zhou was already so powerful at the four-Jeweled stage, what would he be like at the six, nine stage or even higher? Would he be invincible? With such a boss, if they survived today, what would he have to be afraid of in the future? He would definitely have a good life ahead of him! 3

Comments (26)

  • Tygon


    After Ma Qun gets trained, Little Fatty will have two powerhouse shieldman to guard his front and back.

  • Ilmarinen


    Dont get why people say MC is weak. If I remember correctly front the beginning of the book (and I might not, cause its confusing as hell) then each jewel is 3 heavenly energy levels. Which means these people his is fighting and killing in numbers are 2-3 jewels higher than he is. Or 6-9 heavenly levels. He's jumping up levels a huge amount and fighting multiple enemies. And at close combat, which according to him, is his weak point (though one can argue with his overall strength and resilience, even if he doesn't use a sword or something).

  • tekite


    So weak, definitely one of the weakest worlds and the weakest MC.

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