39.5% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 335: Solidified Dragon Spirit and ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ Set! (3)

Chapter 335: Solidified Dragon Spirit and ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ Set! (3)

Translator: Zen Translations Editor: Zen Translations

As God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters and powerhouses in their own rights, the three of them could easily see that Lin TianAo’s cultivation level was much higher than Zhou Weiqing. As the Fei Li Battle Team leader, it was without question that his capabilities and skills were already in a fixed design or state, and it was likely he had already Consolidated most of his Physical Jewels. At such a point, it was already too late for him to wear a Legendary Set. As such, if they had to custom design one for him, it would likely be just an ‘ordinary’ God Tier Consolidated Equipment. With the skills of the three Masters together, to design and create a single God Tier Consolidating Equipment was relatively simple. As such, Ye Ruichen planned to finish Lin TianAo’s one first before discussing with Wei Yan and Xing Tianyi regarding Zhou Weiqing’s Legendary Set pieces. To them, that was the more important task. Although there were only three pieces of the designs, it was already sufficient to provide them with much inspiration and useful fuel for thought.

“Weiqing, this God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll reward should belong to you. I cannot accept it.” Lin TianAo finally steeled his resolve to voice out his mind. It had to be known how hard it was for him to say those words, to reject such a temptation. He did not have the sheer talent of Zhou Weiqing, did not have the Demonic Change, nor the various plenty rare Attributes of that Zhou Weiqing had, nor was he a Consolidating Equipment Master. There were some things that Zhou Weiqing could dismiss as less importance, but to Lin TianAo and his experience, they were things that could not be dismissed easily.

Zhou Weiqing lifted up his hand to Lin TianAo’s shoulders, silencing him. “Leader, enough said. This time, for us to enter the Tournament, you are our official leader. Perhaps, I might have a slightly higher contribution, but without you, or any of the team, we could not have entered the top four. You are the pillar of our Battle Team, and also the soul of it. This is truly what you deserve. Furthermore, even if you argue that it isn’t so, don’t forget that we are now tied together. The stronger you are, the better it is for me as well. Also, I am currently only at the three-Jeweled cultivation stage and I already have two Consolidated Equipment; this time I have already gone through a trade with the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and the three Masters will be creating three God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scrolls for me, and that will be more than sufficient for me to use for quite a while. So, Leader, you do not need to be so courteous with me. Take what you deserve, you need this reward more than I do.” Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

No one in the Fei Li Battle Team knew about the trade between Zhou Weiqing and Heaven’s Expanse Palace, only Tian’er knew a bit about it. When Lin TianAo heard about it, especially that he would gain three God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll, his eyes bulged out in shock. Although this was the Heavenly Jewel Island, since when were God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scrolls so commonplace?!

Seeing the two of them giving way to each other, Xing Tianyi nodded slightly in approval, and Wei Yang was smiling faintly. Even the previously impatient Ye Ruichen’s gaze turned gentle.

As a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, their greatest hope was naturally that they could research, design and create the best Consolidating Equipment. However, at the same time, they hoped that the Consolidating Equipments they created could be used by those with good characters. No matter Zhou Weiqing or Lin TianAo, both of them were willing to give up a God Tier Consolidating Equipment to each other, this was more than enough to see their characters. Although the three Masters did not say anything, they nodded inwardly to themselves.

Lin TianAo was still hesitating, but Zhou Weiqing had already dragged him to the front, saying in a mysterious tone: “Old Ye, although this big bro of mine is only getting a single God Tier Consolidating Equipment, the difficulty is not simple at all. Heh. Big bro, show the three Masters your current Consolidating Equipment.”

As a Consolidating Equipment Master himself, Zhou Weiqing knew how tough it was to continue creating Consolidating Equipment for Lin TianAo. For his Assembly Set Shield, the more pieces one added to it, the difficulty in creating the next piece grew exponentially. For example, his first shield was merely a low level Consolidating Equipment Scroll, the second already a mid level one, the third a high level one, while both fourth and fifth were Grandmaster ones.

In order to continue with the Assembly Shield Set, it would undoubtedly be increasingly difficult. If it were just simply to continue his sixth shield, it would be simple for these three God Tier Masters; after all, a simple Low Level Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Scroll would do, it was just take a little design work on their part.

However, according to the Heavenly Jewel Tournament rules, Lin TianAo should receive a God Tier Consolidating Equipment, and if they were to try to add a God Tier Consolidating Equipment as the sixth piece of his Assembly Set, that would be a lot more difficult indeed.

Lin TianAo looked at Zhou Weiqing for a while, but did not say anything else. Circulating his Heavenly Energy, he released his Heavenly Jewels and summoned his Assembly Shield Set for the three Masters to see clearly. As the shield formed right in front of them, it made a clanging sound that rang throughout the silent hall, and looking at the five shields assembling into one, even the three Masters couldn’t help but reveal a slight surprise on their faces.

It could be said that Assembly Set Consolidating Equipment were not rare, but for one to start it on their first Consolidating Equipment and continue all the way to the fifth, this was indeed extremely rare. This was especially so for someone like Lin TianAo, whose attributes were already the Ultimate Defense, and with this Assembly Set Shield as a complement. Someone of such extremes was indeed even rarer.

Furthermore, generally speaking, most Assembly Set Consolidating Equipment were usually weapons, as these Heavenly Jewel Masters would depend on their Assembly Set Weapons and their strong burst of offense to defeat their enemies swiftly. It wasn’t that nobody had ever chosen to use an Assembly Set Shield, but it was indeed highly rare for a Heavenly Jewel Master to totally give up their own offensive capabilities. As such, previous Assembly Shield Sets were at most two to three pieces.

Ye Ruichen nodded slightly and said: “Interesting… very interesting indeed. Little fellow, you are thinking to continue with this Assembly Shield Set, or are you looking to make an individual powerful weapon?”

Before Lin TianAo could reply, Wei Yang pursed her lips scornfully at the side and said: “Are you trying to act foolish? Weiqing already said that this would be troublesome even for us, naturally that means he wants to continue with the Assembly Set. Otherwise, how could an ordinary God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll be of any trouble to us? However, in any case, this isn’t any big trouble at all.”

Ye Ruichen said exasperatedly: “Not a big trouble?! If the sixth shield were to be a God Tier Consolidating Equipment, that isn’t an easy task at all. Furthermore, what would his future ones be like… he would have to somehow have them all be God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scrolls as well, otherwise he can’t continue with his Assembly Set. How could this not be a big trouble?”

Wei Yang gave a disdainful humph and said: “What do you know! His first five shields have a very good foundation and are designed and layered on very well. This sixth shield is indeed not suitable to use a God Tier Consolidating Equipment, but that doesn’t mean the future ones aren’t as well. In truth, it is easy to solve his problem, as long as we help him continue the Assembly Set before the God Tier piece, naturally all of it will fall into place.”

As she said that, she turned to Lin TianAo and continued: “The situation is like this little fellow – if you truly want to carry on with your defenses to the max and flourish your Assembly Set all the way to the end, your sixth shield cannot be at the God Tier level. Otherwise, you can never even reach the tenth shield.”

Even though they were God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters, when they were helping others calculate their future development strength, they wouldn’t foolishly calculate up to the twelfth Jewel. Calculating up to the Heavenly King Stage (10) was already usually the max. Of course, Legendary Sets aside.

Lin TianAo was much more respectful than Zhou Weiqing, bowing as he said: “Please Senior, direct this junior, I will definitely listen and follow.”

Wei Yang nodded and said: “I like Weiqing a lot, and I can see that you two are really close. Very well, it is your lucky day. According to the current situation of your Assembly Shield Set, I will suggest that your sixth, seventh and eighth piece be made of Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, and only the ninth piece be at the God Tier Consolidating Equipment level. This way, not only will it be able to continue on your current Assembly Set’s sequencing and formation, it will also continue building on its foundation and be more properly defined in its Assembly. As such, despite being of lower rank, the overall boost in power when assembled together is multiplied exponentially. At the same time, in theory at least, it will also allow your Assembly Shield Set to raise all the way up to the twelve Jewel stage. The reason why I suggest you start with the God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll at the ninth Jewel is because the Upper Zong Stage level is considered the impossible bottleneck for almost all Heavenly Jewel Masters. When you reach that level, if you have a God Tier Consolidating Equipment to help you then, it will also be of aid to help you in breaking through to the Heavenly King Stage.”

Hearing Wei Yang, a God Tier Master of such experience, with her words and advice, Lin TianAo instantly felt as if a new door had opened in front of him, the path clear. Nodding his head repeatedly, he said: “Thank you Senior, but how could I possibly gain another three Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Shields?”

Zhou Weiqing’s observational skills and people’s skills were top notch, and he quickly cut in: “Big brother, that’s where you are wrong already. You should quickly thank Aunty Wei Yang, since Aunty Wei Yang has already brought it up, that means she is already willing to help you complete all your front few Zong Stage Assembly Shields as well!”

Upon hearing Zhou Weiqing call her Aunty, Wei Yang started. As the saying goes, you might hit a snake with a stick but it could climb right up along the stick 1, and after a moment of being taken aback, Wei Yang couldn’t help but smile to herself.

Ye Ruichen’s eyes widened and he exclaimed: “Weiqing, you little fellow, what did you call her? Aunty? She can already be your grandmother, with many years to boot!”

Zhou Weiqing widened his eyes in surprise, saying: “Really?! But… From what I see, Aunty Wei Yang is only at the age to be my aunt! Old Ye, you shouldn’t try to fool this young junior.”

Before Ye Ruichen could open his mouth again, Wei Yang said: “If he wants to call me Aunty then so be it! Weiqing is right, Lin TianAo, leave your Assembly Shield Set to me, I will help you up to your ninth piece. As for your Scrolls after that, it will have to depend on your own self.”

Hearing Wei Yang’s words, Lin TianAo was overjoyed, bowing deeply once more with his face filled with gratitude. He was extremely clear that if he truly managed to get his Assembly Shield Set all the way to nine Jewels, that would be an amazing feat indeed. Furthermore, one of the pieces would be a God Tier Consolidated Equipment! Breaking through to the Heavenly King Stage was something nobody could guarantee, not even someone as talented as Zhou Weiqing, there was always the possibility of being stuck at the nine Jeweled stage. As such, to be able to reach a peak strength at the nine-Jeweled stage was something almost every Heavenly Jewel Master worked towards.

If Lin TianAo’s Assembly Shield Set could go all the way to nine pieces, combined with his Ultimate Defense Attributes, he would undoubtedly be a fortress in his own right. At that point, even a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse might not be able to break his defences.

Xing Tianyi smiled faintly, saying: “In that case, let us begin. I will start mixing and creating the Consolidating Ink for Weiqing’s three Legendary Set pieces. Wei Yang, Ruichen, you two join forces to come up with the rest of the Assembly Set Shield designs, and create them. Once you two are done, come over to help me and the three of us can join forces to complete the Legendary Set pieces.”

Wei Yang and Ye Ruichen nodded their heads. Without a doubt, that was the best arrangement. With their skill in creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, with the designs in hand, even a Legendary Set was not too difficult.

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    Why do I think of the Three Witches of Endor when I read this? Author sure likes 3

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    I still don’t think how they think that the blueprint is any less than the items, or in this case, on the same level. But thinking further, it’s not like in a game where you can get the ingredients and items that can be spawned almost infinitely no matter how rare it is. The world is changing with less materials everyday, so I guess I can see why the blueprints aren’t important anymore.

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    Good one

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