38.67% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 328: Heaven’s Expanse Palace Master! (2)

Chapter 328: Heaven’s Expanse Palace Master! (2)

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At the side, Shangguan Tianyue piped out coldly: “Another request? We did not dwell upon your actions in the Lustre Spatial Realm, and you still dare to make another request? Don’t you know that for us to have such an opportunity in the Lustre Spatial Realm, how difficult that is? It was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity, perhaps never again in ten thousand years. The dragon corpse aside, just that dragon egg alone would allow us to chase those barbarians from the WanShou Empire back to the north.”

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly, saying calmly and leisurely: “My future father in law, I just have one question for you. If Aunty Tangxian and Bing’er were to be surrounded and attacked by enemies, who were trying to gain some treasure from them, what would you think? I was just trying to help a mother only. I do not know any grand principles or morals, but I just know that everyone has a mother, and any child without a mother is just so pitiful. I admit, that my actions were indeed rash. However, I do not regret any of it. If I had to make the same choice again, I believe that I would still do the same every time.”

“You…” Shangguan Tianyue realised that his usual control and composure was easily tested by this little rascal.

Shangguan Tianyue smiled faintly and said: “What is done is done. Even if we blame you, that would not solve anything. I do admire your filial piety. Alright, enough about that. What is your request?”

Zhou Weiqing said: “If I am not wrong, one of the rewards of the Champion of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament is a God Tier Consolidating Equipment for the team leader of the winning Battle Team right?”

Shangguan Longyin said: “That’s right. The Champion Team’s leader will gain a set of God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, and the other team members will each gain a Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Scroll set, as well as one chance to Skill Store a Heavenly King Stage Heavenly Beast in the Skill Storing Palace. The time for that Skill Storing will be three months, but it can be redeemed in the future. That is to say, you all can actually wait until a few years later when your cultivation level is higher and you have more confidence in Skill Storing a Heavenly King Stage Beast before returning to the Heavenly Jewel Island Skill Storing Palace. Why do you ask, are you thinking of claiming that God Tier Consolidating Equipment as well?”

When Shangguan Longyin said that, his expression was a little strange. The reason was simple, not just himself, even the two Palace Masters could not understand why a mere three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master like Zhou Weiqing could successfully Skill Store a Heavenly King Stage Skill, let alone one ultimate skill like a Heavenly God Stage Skill!

After the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, all the members of the ZhongTian Battle Team had given their own detailed reports to their superiors, and naturally the Palace Masters knew all about it. Among the reports, the key piece of information was definitely the Dragon Silencing Seal that Zhou Weiqing had used to instantly change the tide of battle.

It could be said that without the Dragon Silencing Seal, the huge advantage that the ZhongTian and BaoPo Battle Team had could not be so easily overturned. With Zhan LingTian at full power, he could have beaten his opponent, and turned towards the dying mother dragon. At the very least, he could have stolen the dragon egg.

It was only because Zhou Weiqing had managed to Seal Zhan LingTian with the Dragon Silencing Seal, defeating him swiftly and heavily injuring him. After that, he had also Sealed Shangguan Fei’er, who was now currently being grounded. It was the loss of these top two members of the team that allowed the WanShou Battle Team to turn the battle in their favour, also delaying the fight long enough for the male dragon to return, and totally ruin the chance for good.

After hearing about the Dragon Silencing Seal, Shangguan Longyin had also done a deep investigation, and the Demonic Dragon Lady had once again reached the eyes of the upper echelons of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

This Demonic Dragon Lady had never been Skill Stored from before, yet now this Heavenly Emperor Stage Beast had actually been Skill Stored with an unbelievably powerful Skill that actually had the Heavenly Skill Image, ever so close to the Heavenly God Stage. After so many centuries of being ignored, the Demonic Dragon Lady was once again thrown into the spotlight. Alas, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace did not have anyone that could meet the requirements in Skill Storing from it.

Still, after Shangguan Longyin had carefully analysed Zhou Weiqing’s powers, he still could not understand how Zhou Weiqing had managed to undergo the Skill Storing of a Heavenly Beast so far above him.

Successfully Skill Storing above one’s power and cultivation level, that was something that the Heaven’s Expanse Palace had experimented with and succeeded in as well. However, the power gap could not be too great, and it was also only possible for Nine Star rated Skills and below. Furthermore, this accomplishment was the legacy handed down after centuries in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, the fruit of labour of countless ancestors’ experience and after expending so much treasure, resources and manpower. Yet, who did Zhou Weiqing have? He had entered the Skill Storing Palace alone, and had actually succeeded in such a monumental task in such a short period of time!

Shangguan Longyin still clearly remembered the day when Zhou Weiqing had asked him about allowing him to have a look at the Heavenly King Stage Beasts and higher. It had barely been more than a day from the Heavenly Jewel Tournament finals. Yet, he had used the Dragon Silencing Seal soon after in the Tournament. In all of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace records, no other place had ever captured a Demonic Dragon Lady besides themselves. That was to say, from all evidence and inference, Zhou Weiqing had succeeded in Skill Storing from the Demonic Dragon Lady after a single try, and had gotten such a powerful, almost nature-defying skill to boot!

Was it just luck? Then… his luck was just too unbelievable already. Yet, as he recalled, Zhou Weiqing had several highly rated Skills as well! Could it be just all luck?

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly and said: “No, it’s not that I want that God Tier Consolidating Equipment. I just hope that the great God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters of the Heavenly Jewel Island can help our team leader custom make that one. That is extremely important to our leader.” Previously, of the Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Scroll set that he had promised to the entire team, only Lin TianAo had not managed to get one. This time, with the chance to gain a God Tier Consolidating Equipment, it would definitely be highly critical for Lin TianAo to get one which was custom designed and created for his specific purpose. That would allow Lin TianAo to continue along the lines of his previous Assembly Shield Set, further improving his defense and overall power.

As for Zhou Weiqing, he was currently about to gain three God Tier Consolidating Equipments. That was more than enough for his current needs, and in the next few years, he would not require any more. Even if he reached the six-Jeweled cultivation level or higher, having four God Tier Consolidated Equipment was already much more than enough to last him for a long while. Furthermore, Lin TianAo was his Follower. In Zhou Weiqing’s heart, he was definitely of utmost importance, especially for one so afraid of dying like Zhou Weiqing, improving Lin TianAo’s defensive capabilities was definitely something he took very seriously.

From the process of how the Fei Li Battle Team had managed to gain their championship, it was without question that Zhou Weiqing had done the most. Furthermore, Lin TianAo was his Lifetime Follower. If he truly wished to take the God Tier Consolidating Equipment reward as his own, it was likely that none of the team members would object. At the same time, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace would also have no reason to object, after all they would also gain yet another new Consolidating Equipment Scroll design, while they would not lose anything in exchange. However, Zhou Weiqing truly believed that improving Lin TianAo’s power was equally important as his own; furthermore he had no urgent need of it.

Shangguan Tianyang’s expression changed minutely before he said: “Oh? You are not planning to take that God Tier Consolidating Equipment for yourself?” Even though he was the Heaven’s Expanse Palace Master, he had still never heard of anyone who would refuse to take a God Tier Consolidating Equipment for himself; Zhou Weiqing was definitely the first that he had heard of. After all, every piece of Consolidating Equipment was priceless!

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly before saying: “This junior will already be getting three God Tier Consolidating Equipment with the trade with the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and in the near future I will not have a need for any more. Furthermore, according to the rules of the Tournament, that reward is originally for our leader anyway. In order to get the championship, it is the hard work of our entire team, not just myself.”

Shangguan Tianyang smiled faintly and said: “I have a suggestion, and you can consider it. If you agree, we can go about both trades at the same time.”

“Senior, what is your suggestion?” Zhou Weiqing said calmly.

Shangguan Tianyang said: “If you are willing to tell us your method of successfully Skill Storing from Heavenly Beasts way above your cultivation and power level, our Heaven’s Expanse Palace can help you complete your entire Legendary Set. I’m sure you should have the whole set designs right?”

As soon as Shangguan Tianyang said that, Shangguan Tianyue had a surprised look on his face. On the other hand, Shangguan Longyin remained calm, as if he had expected something like this.

This was an entire Legendary Set! All God Tier Consolidating Equipment! Towards any Heavenly Jewel Master, this was an unbelievable enticement that was definitely irresistible.

Zhou Weiqing was no different. As soon as he heard Shangguan Tianyang speak his offer, his entire body and heart was stunned, and he almost burst out in agreement at once.

With an entire Legendary Set, along with his Devour Skill and the Immortal Deity Technique, he had confidence of breaking through to the Heavenly God Stage in the future, and reach the pinnacle of the world!

On the other side of things, since the Heaven’s Expanse Palace has agreed to create an entire Legendary Set for him, wasn’t it tantamount to Shangguan Tianyang agreeing to his marriage with Shangguan Bing’er? As the Palace Master of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, his word would definitely hold sway.

Furthermore, with the support of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace behind him, he would be able to accomplish all his goals with much less time and effort; even the Heavenly Bow Empire would benefit greatly from it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

However, was everything as perfect as it seemed on the surface?

Just as Zhou Weiqing was about to exclaim his agreement to Shangguan Tianyang, Mu En’s visage suddenly appeared in his mind. Abruptly he recalled his old teacher telling him: “If one day, you meet something that is too good to be true, so good that you cannot resist it, then you must first ask yourself three times… Why? Why? Why? Because most of the times, when a pie drops down from heaven, it is usually poisoned.1”

These words from Mu En had been carved deeply in his head, because when Mu En had told him that, it had been with an uncharacteristic seriousness, and he had repeated himself three times with utmost solemn and earnest force.

Why? Why would Shangguan Tianyue give something unbelievably good like that to me? Zhou Weiqing’s heart started skipping hard as he forced himself to stop and think hard.

The next moment, the impulsive light in his eyes retreated, and a calm steadiness returned to his face. Looking at Shangguan Tianyang, a thoughtful look appeared in his eyes.

It was the three powerhouses from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace’s turn to be surprised. If they looked inwardly, even if they were in Zhou Weiqing’s position, at his age and cultivation level, facing such an unbelievably tempting offer, they would definitely agree without hesitation.

It could be said that the most shocked was the one who had come brought up the suggestion, Shangguan Tianyang. When he had spoken regarding helping Zhou Weiqing complete his entire Legendary Set, he had noticed the expression on Zhou Weiqing’s face. He had personally seen the wild joy and excitement on his face, and then the sudden change to calmness just before he spoke out to agree. In some way, it could be said that such a sudden switch to a calm reaction was almost unjustified and illogical.

Where did Zhou Weiqing’s calm and cool-headed thinking come from? That was because, when he asked himself ‘Why?’, he suddenly thought about something contradictory that he did not want to admit, but had no choice but to admit. That… was his own character.

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