42.92% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 364: Tian Bei City (3)

Chapter 364: Tian Bei City (3)

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Turning to face the direction where the Ghost Demon Horses were, Zhou Weiqing puffed up his chest, before unleashing an angry howl like a ferocious tiger.

Including Lin TianAo, all the humans there suddenly felt that in that instant, the entire surrounding Ghost Demon Forest seemed to have a strange tornado whip through. That piercing, bitter cold aura, gave all of them a grave chill down their spines. Although they knew that it was Zhou Weiqing which had howled out loud, they still felt as if a huge majestic tiger of unparalleled magnificence and awe-inspiring, dignified bearing was standing there proudly before them, and all would bow before it.

When they heard this new howl, the Ghost Demon Horses which had barely been standing all fell down like culled wheat in a field. Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy cultivation level might not be high, but the aura that he had when in the Demonic Change State was that of the Dark Demon God Tiger, a bloodline far beyond even the Silver Emperor, let alone these Ghost Demon Horses.

*Pashan* The horned Ghost Demon Horse Leader was the last to fall, but even so, it did not fully fall down, with only its two front legs kneeling down, as if kneeling down in obeisance, its eyes filled with fear and panic.

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily, his body standing up straight proudly, his right leg striking down heavily on the ground and accompanied with a whistling sound, he charged forth and in moments was at the river side. Ignoring the ordinary Ghost Demon Horses fallen on the ground, he immediately jumped on the Horned Ghost Demon Horse Leader’s back.

There was not even a bit of resistance. As Zhou Weiqing had charged closer, that powerful Demonic Aura he was giving forth pressured the Ghost Demon Horses so much that they could not even move. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Zhou Weiqing’s Demonic Change State had already gone through evolving twice, and he already could pressure Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts and below, just like how he had done so for the Silver Emperor. These Ghost Demon Horses were only at the Zun Stage, and with the Silver Emperor’s help, how could they possibly take their combined pressures?

Seeing the sight before them, the original Fei Li Battle Team members were still relatively okay; after all they had witnessed Zhou Weiqing create countless miracles. However, Zang Lang and the other eleven Military Academy graduates could only stand there swallowing hard. This was the Boss that they had chosen… was he really human? That powerful, terrifying aura… what was that? They were after all not from the Heavenly Jewel Academy, and besides Zang Lang who was a Heavenly Jewel Master and could suspect it was the Demonic Change State, no one else could even guess what these changes on Zhou Weiqing were.

What followed next was extremely simple. With the dual pressure of Zhou Weiqing and the Silver Emperor, all thirty eight Ghost Demon Horses were caught, even the three little younglings.

Besides giving each and every party member one Ghost Demon Horse, Zhou Weiqing handed the remaining Ghost Demon Horses to Lin TianAo, who kept them into a Spatial Ring that could contain living beings. As for Zhou Weiqing himself, he took the Horned Ghost Demon Horse Leader as his own mount, feeling a great sense of satisfaction.

Zhou Weiqing’s figure and stature was considered rather tall and robust for a human, but riding on this horned Ghost Demon Horse, he felt as if he was extremely tiny. Riding on it gave him a sensation like he was filled with strength, and with his legs gripping the sides of the horse, he could sense the sheer strength below his legs. As long as he exerted any pressure on his legs, his steed would instantly follow his directions swiftly.

All throughout, there was no resistance. Facing Zhou Weiqing’s bloodline pressure, the horned Ghost Demon Horse Leader chose to submit without a hint of resistance, just like if any ordinary Heavenly Beast met with the Heavenly Snow Mountain Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger. To it, being able to submit to such a powerful noble was an honour, not a disgrace.

Out of the entire party, the most excited should be Crow. Her weight was much heavier than any ordinary human, and normal horses could never carry her for long. However, her six hundred jin weight was nothing to her Ghost Demon Horse mount

Zhou Weiqing had specially chosen one of the strongest and most robust ones for her, and now mounted, if she wielded her Legendary Axes, she would be like an overbearing Queen!

The hooves of the Ghost Demon Horse were also rather different from ordinary horses, much larger and able to traverse difficult terrain. Furthermore, seated on the large, broad backs of these horses was a very stable, comfortable experience.

After capturing these Ghost Demon Horses, Zhou Weiqing and the party took about three more days to reach the northern border of the ZhongTian Empire.

The Tian Bei City was one of the important cities in the north border of the ZhongTian Empire, situated strategically for their defense, and in terms of importance, it was the second in the entire north.

In order to defend against the WanShou Empire, the ZhongTian Empire had built three huge cities in the northern border, at the central, and of most importance, was the Zhong Bei City, the one on the northwest was the Tian Bei City, and northeast was the one closer to the Bao Po Empire, called the Bao Bei City.

These three cities lay in a straight line, forming a defensive line along with several dozen other smaller cities. At the same time, they also held large amounts of reserves and resources to sustain their long border wars.

These three huge cities were all built as main defensive structures, and with war in mind. In terms of just defensive capabilities alone, they even surpassed the ZhongTian Capital City, the ZhongTian City.

The Tian Bei City was actually the one closest the to WanShou Empire, and outside of the TianBei City lay the camps for the Fourth, Seventh and Eighth Legions of the ZhongTian Army, more than three hundred thousand men in total.

Zhou Weiqing and the rest entered the Tian Bei City on foot. The Ghost Demon Horses were just too attention drawing, and his own identity and status was rather sensitive at this point. Furthermore, his entire plan was to conceal his identity to enter the ZhongTian Army, and he naturally did not want to draw attention to themselves.

Currently, their party had been lessened by twelve. Zang Lang and the other graduates of the Fei Li Military Academy were no longer with them.

After exiting the Ghost Demon Forest, Zhou Weiqing had asked them to join the ZhongTian Army from the Zhong Bei City, instead of following him.

He had given Zang Lang a mission, for the twelve of them to split up and join the ZhongTian Army. With Zang Lang as their lead, but too much contact between themselves, and they were to train themselves within the army, displaying their talents to become officers of the ZhongTian army. They were all to recruit and train their own trusted men, to gain control of some troops, while awaiting Zhou Weiqing’s next order.

This was part of a plan that Zhou Weiqing had come up with previously. If everyone followed by his side, they would be too large a target; a party of over twenty Jewel Masters, with many Heavenly Jewel Masters to boot, how could that not draw attention? Furthermore, Zang Lang and the others were already outstanding graduates from the Fei Li Military Academy, with each and every one of them outstanding in terms of military capabilities and leadership. If they were to stay together, it would be hard for them to flourish individually. As such, he decided to split them up to develop further in the actual army, to best grow and develop themselves. These twelve would be like twelve of Zhou Weiqing’s chess pieces, placed subtly into the ZhongTian Army.

These orders had been given in secret, even Shangguan Fei’er did not know about them. After all, such an action by Zhou Weiqing was that beneficial to the ZhongTian Empire. After giving them their orders secretly, they had left without speaking to the others.

“So, this is the Tian Bei City? Such an amazing City it is indeed.” Lin TianAo couldn’t help but exclaim in amazement.

On the surface, the Tian Bei City was not as beautiful as any of the other cities they had seen. The city walls were a plain grey in colour, with no flourishes or decorations. However, the immense wall that did not seem to have an end had such a majesty to it, a grand thickness as if it could never be brought down.

The city walls were about a hundred metres tall, and its thickness was not visible to their eyes. The huge gate was already eight and a half metres tall, twenty metres wide; more than enough for twenty cavalry soldiers to ride out side by side, and there were actually three such gates visible to them.

Zhou Weiqing stood there looking at the huge, thick walls, a serious, solemn look on his face.

Shangguan Fei’er stood at the side, looking at Zhou Weiqing absent-mindedly. That day, after losing the bet once more, she had ultimately reneged on it once again. Of course, Zhou Weiqing did not force her, only teasing her about it once in awhile.

This was her own brother-in-law to be, this rascal, and somehow he seemed very different today. Standing right before this Tian Bei City, his entire appearance and aura was just so different; he did not seem so tiny like most others standing before the huge city, but as if his presence could swallow up this entire city.

Without knowing why, Shangguan Fei’er suddenly found that she no longer had the mood and inclination to take revenge on Zhou Weiqing anymore. At this point, she only felt like she had to help him as much as possible, to not look so solemn and serious.

She still liked his wicked smile more.

Like?! All of a sudden, Shangguan Fei’er snapped out of her reverie. No way, how can I… how can I like him? This is my brother in law!

In order to cover the panic within her heart, she subconsciously asked Zhou Weiqing: “Zhou Little Fatty, we are already at the Tian Bei City, what’s your plan?”

Zhou Weiqing said: “Joining the army.”

Shangguan Fei’er furrowed her brow, saying: “You’re really bringing everyone to join our ZhongTian Army?”

Zhou Weiqing shook his head and said: “No, not everyone. Just myself.”

“Just you?” This time, even Lin TianAo was dumbstruck.

All throughout their travels, Zhou Weiqing had not discussed his plans with anyone. All along, Lin TianAo had thought that he was bringing them all to join the ZhongTian Army, to gain some status within the ZhongTian Empire as a base to launch an attack to regain his Empire.

Zhou Weiqing nodded, saying: “There are so many of us, and if we join the army together, it is just too obvious. The ZhongTian Empire is the strongest Empire in the entire mainland, and its army will definitely have many powerhouses, and we will likely not be able to hide our power. In that case, with so many of us Heavenly Jewel Masters joining at the same time, how could we not be suspicious? As such, only I will be joining the ZhongTian army for now.”

“Soon after this, we will look for a place to stay in the Tian Bei City. Bro Lin, you will be in charge of purchasing a large house in this Tian Bei City, to stay here and continue training and cultivating, while waiting for my news. Once I have gained sufficient status and ranking within the army, and I’m able to have my own personal soldiers, I will get you all to join under me then. By that time, there should not be any problems.”

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