47.52% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 403: Death and Revival! (2)

Chapter 403: Death and Revival! (2)

Translator: Zen Translations Editor: Zen Translations

Shangguan Fei’er’s heart skipped like a little fawn. Having been caught in the act of peeking at him, she was unbelievably embarrassed.

What am I to do? How can I face him in the future?! Although she was the Heaven’s Expanse Palace Little Demon Girl, she was after all an innocent, virgin young lady. Seeing that ‘evil looking’ part, she was at a loss. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

In her mind, with Zhou Weiqing’s character, he would tease her and laugh at her… perhaps using this as material to laugh at her for the rest of their lives. Thinking about the phrase ‘rest of their lives’, her heart trembled once again.

However, her embarrassment did not last long. Almost at the next instant, a strong arm enveloped her, savagely sweeping her up in a rough embrace.

A thick man scent overwhelmed her as her face was pressed into Zhou Weiqing’s neck area. The powerful arms hugged her hard, almost causing her to stop breathing for a moment.

“Fei’er, Fei’er, you’re all right. You’re alive! That’s good, that’s good…” Zhou Weiqing babbled and rambled on almost incoherently as tears streamed down his cheeks uncontrollably. Shangguan Fei’er felt that her shirt grow wet from the tears.

He continued hugging her tightly, and Shangguan Fei’er felt her mind blanking. The next instant, an alien feeling warm sensation that she had never felt before welled up from her heart and spread around her body.

That was not any feeling from any energy, but from deep within her heart.

He did not tease her or laugh at her. All he cared for was her safety. That true sentiment and emotions was clear, and it was as if a fire had been sparked in her heart.

Although he was a shameless rascal, a ‘bad boy’ indeed, but in that instant, he was just so real. The release of that emotion caused Shangguan Fei’er to feel as if she was melting in his embrace. Subconsciously, her arms moved slowly behind his back, and she hugged him back as well.

“Fei’er, do you know that you almost scared me to death? How can you be so foolish! You knew that hugging me at that time would mean your death, yet you still did so resolutely. Do you know that if not for that Time Reversal Skill, you would be dead! If you died, what would I do?! Follow you into death? Or suffer for the rest of my life! Fei’er… Fei’er…”

Releasing his emotions crazily, Zhou Weiqing was a little hysterical at this moment. However, Shangguan Fei’er had never felt he was cuter than this time. The broad embrace and powerful arms, all of it seemed to tug at her heart, as it was pierced by an invisible arrow.

She could sense his love, a love without reservations. In that moment, Shangguan Fei’er did not want to think about anything else, throwing all her misgivings and apprehension to the wind. She only wanted to be held by him like that, even for life, forever. At least for this short instance, Little Fatty was just hers alone.

Embracing Shangguan Fei’er like that, Zhou Weiqing was unwilling to let go as well. Hearing her heartbeat, matching with his… feeling her warmth… this just felt so good. He now felt so much love for that Time Worm that he had cursed previously… who said that the Time Reversal was a useless Skill?! It had saved his Fei’er!

After some time, Zhou Weiqing finally calmed down. Lowering his head, he looked at the beauty in his arms. Shangguan Fei’er had her head buried in his chest, feeling his chest muscles. Currently, she looked nothing like the Little Demon Girl, instead looking cute and harmless like a little rabbit.

“Fei’er…” Zhou Weiqing said softly.

“En…” Shangguan Fei’er closed her eyes and replied softly.

Hearing her voice, it was as if Zhou Weiqing heard the sound of the heavens. That meant she was really right in front of him! Seeing the luscious lips in front of him, he could no longer hold back.

Holding her face gently, the two slowly met…

Shangguan Fei’er did not open her eyes, her cheeks flushed red as her long brows trembled slightly. However, she did not try to dodge away or resist.

Finally, their lips met gently, and when Zhou Weiqing felt her soft wet lips, he couldn’t hold back any longer and kissed her deeply.

Shangguan Fei’er’s kiss was young, almost awkward. Although this was not technically her first kiss, it was still the first time she had actually truly accepted one.

Zhou Weiqing’s kiss was invasive, as he held onto her tightly, letting her lean on his leg as he continued kissing her deeply.

However, he did not try to continue pushing things too far. At this moment, there was only love for Shangguan Fei’er in his heart, not lust. She was alive, and that was all that mattered, he was so afraid that she would be like a porcelain doll, shattering once more in front of him. If that happened, he would not be able to take it.

That kiss, neither of them knew how long it lasted, until Shangguan Fei’er bit down lightly on Zhou Weiqing’s tongue before it ended.

Zhou Weiqing raised his head as he opened his eyes, seeing that Shangguan Fei’er had also opened her eyes and was looking him, her long eyelashes blinking.

“Little Fatty, why do I feel so dizzy?” Shangguan Fei’er said softly, her beautiful face blushing red, looking extremely cute.

“Ah? Dizzy?” Zhou Weiqing was surprised and quickly hugged her down, holding a hand to her head.

“Silly, there’s nothing wrong with my body.” Shangguan Fei’er punched him lightly in exasperation, but leaned into him blissfully.

“Fei’er, don’t scare me like that okay? My heart cannot take it. If you were to die again, I wouldn’t have to do anything, I’m afraid my heart would burst and I would follow suit.” Only then did Zhou Weiqing heave a sigh of relief.

“Silly.” Shangguan Fei’er giggled.

Zhou Weiqing hugged her once more, as he was finally really recovering from the shadow of her previous ‘death’. Taking a deep breath, he let the cold wind of the night wash over him, cooling and refreshing him. With an arm around Shangguan Fei’er’s soft waist and seeing her obedient semblance, the love in his heart couldn’t help but grow.

“What is that poking into me?” Shangguan Fei’er felt something pressing against her lower body and subconsciously lifted her hand to grab at it.

Zhou Weiqing did not stop her, and when Shangguan Fei’er really grabbed the offending ‘item’, she was stunned for a moment. Looking up at Zhou Weiqing, she caught his wicked grin, and the light in his eyes as if he wanted to gobble her up.

“You… you…”

Zhou Weiqing lowered his head, using his forehead to prop against hers as he said: “Weren’t you curious and wanting to have a look? Now I’ll let you have a good look to increase your knowledge. This thing of mine is different from yours… but it has two forms, one is the sleeping form, and one the awakened form. Now, it has awakened.”

“Zhou Weiqing, you shameless scoundrel!” Shangguan Fei’er’s slim waist twisted and she jumped away.

How could Zhou Weiqing let her escape like that? He quickly reached out for her, but alas calamity befell him. He had been beguiled by her gentle and obedient semblance earlier, but the Heaven’s Expanse Palace Little Demon Girl was still the Little Demon Girl after all, and the hand around the ‘offending tool’ gripped tightly a little, and instantly Zhou Weiqing froze in place.

“Hmph, scoundrel, if you dare to mess around, I will beat your ‘Awakened thing’ into its ‘Sleeping State’, so that it will never be able to Awaken again.” Shangguan Fei’er’s face was deep red, but she still boldly peeked at the ‘Awakened’ object, feeling a warmth overwhelm her. Finally, she hurriedly let go, and skipped away to the side.

“Fei’er.” Zhou Weiqing quickly jumped up, pouncing towards her with a wicked look on his face once more, like a hungry tiger pouncing upon its food.

Shangguan Fei’er giggled once more, dodging adroitly with a quick flash. She was after all not Shangguan Bing’er, and it was not that easy for Zhou Weiqing to succeed.

At this point, Zhou Weiqing was starting to regret that he had not pressed the advantage when he was kissing her just now…

“Come on, let’s go, don’t play around anymore, proper business is more important.” Shangguan Fei’er dodged his next pounce and said laughingly.

Zhou Weiqing stopped and scratched at his head embarrassedly, only then remembering why they had come out to do. He quickly took out a clean set of clothes from his Spatial Ring and wore it as the flames of desire in his heart slowly subsided. However, looking the happily smiling Shangguan Fei’er at the side, he felt a sense of content in his heart. No matter what, my Fei’er is still alive, I will never let something like that happen again in the future.

At this point, Shangguan Fei’er sidled closer to him, generously holding his hand and smiling as she said: “Come on, let’s go.”

She had always had a bold character, and now that she had a grasp on her own feelings, she wouldn’t try to hide it. Seeing Zhou Weiqing, there was a joy in her eyes.

Zhou Weiqing held onto her soft hands and couldn’t help but feel the flames in his heart rise up once more. “Fei’er, come on, let’s kiss a bit more.”

Shangguan Fei’er gave him a sour look and said: “No way. Although I have already admitted that I like you too, but you are still Bing’er’s man. Before gaining her consent, you are not allowed to touch me at all, otherwise don’t blame this drill master for teaching you a lesson.”

Zhou Weiqing mourned to himself inwardly, he now felt a sudden understanding to Ma Qun. When a man couldn’t even defeat his own woman, that was sad for him!

However, Zhou Weiqing had always been an optimist. After a moment of depression, he immediately thought of something to cheer him up. Now that Shangguan Fei’er had also fallen for me, if she and Bing’er were willing to be with him together, that would be twin sisters! Almost exactly the same looks, heh heh. Without knowing why, Zhou Weiqing suddenly thought of Shangguan Xue’er’s icy cold look. Thinking back, he still had to defeat her to be with Bing’er… what if she found out about Fei’er too, what would she do? 1

At this time, far off in the horizon the sky dawn was arising, and the sky slowly turned the colour of a fish belly as the last hours of the night slowly ended.

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  • Shogun


    Lol, I'm just looking forward to see the father's reaction

  • Nethery


    His face when he realized he lost his three daughter by the same guy would be interesting haahhahh

  • Lilim


    "So, all three of your daughters are mine now." Waiting for it.

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