47.87% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 406: Reuniting with the Heavenly Bow Unit! (2)

Chapter 406: Reuniting with the Heavenly Bow Unit! (2)

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The courtyard was the three-entrance type 1, with over a dozen rooms and even if they doubled their number, it would not be a problem. Zhou Weiqing brought the Heavenly Bow Unit members to Lin TianAo’s house, and after making some simple introductions, he passed a list of items he needed to buy to Lin TianAo.

There were several portions of things he needed to buy. Firstly, he needed to convert out a large amount of actual gold coins. After all, in order to let those Peerless Battalion scoundrels to listen to him, he had to have enough gold. Of course, that would just be seed money as he would also use low priced Consolidating Equipment Scrolls to recoup the gold, but before he could do so he would need this large sum first.

Next, he needed Lin TianAo to buy as many Spatial carrying objects like rings or the like as possible. In Zhou Weiqing’s heart, the army he had in mind did not need to have large numbers, but they had to be all skilled elites, and speed was one of great importance to him. As such, he could not possibly have them carry a heavy load all around right? With a sufficient number of Spatial objects, that would solve this problem.

Of course, only someone like them would be able to do something like that. After all, Spatial Rings and the like were extremely expensive, one with a cubic metre of Spatial Space already cost more than five hundred gold coins, and the greater the Spatial Space it contained, the more expensive it would be. Top quality Spatial objects would at least be several tens of thousands of gold coins, perhaps even hundred thousands. Of course, Zhou Weiqing did not require those top quality ones, just a large number would be enough. His ultimate goal would be to equip all his Peerless Battalion soldiers with Heavenly Energy with one.

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Next would be long bows and an immense number of arrows. Of course, he could attempt to get these from the northern army command, but weapons were after all quite well controlled, and it would be quite difficult or troublesome to get large numbers. Furthermore, he did hold those ordinary army ones in disdain.

A good workman needed to have great tools. What he wanted were top quality bows.

Besides that, Zhou Weiqing also asked Lin TianAo to dispatch someone to the other portions of the ZhongTian Empire to order a batch of armour. He did not want to do that in the TianBei City, as it would be just too easy to rouse suspicion. Splitting that order into the various cities of the ZhongTian Empire would be much better in such a case.

The armours he had in mind did not have to be so large, not full body armours, but one thing that Zhou Weiqing wanted for sure that they were to be crafted out of titanium alloy, including the Wind Hat he had designed so many years back.

Although Zhou Weiqing had spent some of the hundred million he had won in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, he still had a large amount left. Now, this was the time to put those funds to good use. He did not worry too much about finishing it. After all, with three Consolidating Equipment Masters, it would not be too difficult to earn more.

Besides all of that, there were some other sundry goods that he wanted to purchase, and he left all of that too Lin TianAo as well.

“Big bro, I’ll have to trouble you for these. The Peerless Battalion should be slowly going well, you all stay here for now, and if we need anything else I’ll send a messenger. Bro Yun, Dou Dou, you two stay here as well. From now on, I need you to focus on creating these two types of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. The required materials you just get funds from Bro Lin to buy.”

Zhou Weiqing told the two of them about the Consolidating Equipment Scroll designs that he needed. He now had just too many things to do, and he could not spend too much time in creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. Yun Li and Dou Dou could be said to be his most precious resource he had right now, and it would be best for them to stay protected and stable in the backlines. Especially for Dou Dou, since Xing Tianyi had asked Zhou Weiqing to take care of her, her safety was of paramount importance in his eyes.

For the entirety of the following day, Zhou Weiqing and Lin TianAo continued discussing and completing the details of their upcoming plans. Without question, being able to become the Peerless Battalion Battalion Commander was already an unexpectedly big step in accomplishing his plan in the northern borders. With that as his base, it would be much easier than trying to prove himself in the regular army and recruiting from there. After all, the ruffians of the Ruffian Battalion did not have the respect or love towards the army like normal soldiers would, perhaps even hate. As long as he could provide them enough advantages, Zhou Weiqing was confident in leading them through to the future.

Of course, that would not be possible at this moment, as the northern border war zone was an extremely dangerous place. However, it would undoubtedly also be the best grindstone to put the Peerless Battalion through. It was not possible to build an elite troop overnight, and it would be a process indeed.

After dinner, Zhou Weiqing and Lin TianAo headed to the auction house of the TianBei City, buying over twenty Spatial Objects. After which, they purchased their first batch of large amount of bows and arrows to put into the Spatial Objects, before he stealthily left the TianBei City. Of course, as he did so, he was accompanied by the Heavenly Bow Unit members and Shangguan Fei’er.

When Zhou Weiqing released his single-horned Ghost Demon Horse Leader, the eyes of the Heavenly Bow Unit members lit up. Finally, Mu En made use of his status as Zhou Weiqing’s teacher to forcibly occupy it. Luo Ke Di tried to shamelessly sit together with him, but was rejected brutally.

Finally, the usually quiet Han Mo opened his mouth, clapping Zhou Weiqing on the shoulder and saying: “Little Wei, since we are to be the archery instructors for your Peerless Battalion, what will the treatment be like for us?”

“Treatment? What treatment?” Zhou Weiqing asked in confusion.

“Pay… remuneration.” Having partnered with Han Mo for so long, the red headed Gao Shen licked his lips and added on, a bloodthirsty look on his face.

Zhou Weiqing said with a startled look: “You two… aren’t trying to extort from your precious beloved disciple, me… right?”

Shui Cao smiled and said: “It’s not extortion, it’s a reasonable request. In fact, our requirements aren’t high at all.”

Luo Ke Di nodded in agreement, saying: “Yup, not high at all. Just a Ghost Demon Horse for each of us, all must be as good or better than yours. As for the other remunerations… we can discuss that later. Battalion Commander, Vice Battalion Commander… right?”

Yi Shi said gently: “I’m so pretty… would riding a Ghost Demon Horse be too big a visual difference?”

By this time, Zhou Weiqing knew that he was definitely being extorted. With a last shred of hope, he looked towards Hua Feng.

Hua Feng raised his brow slightly, sweeping his gaze across the other Heavenly Bow Unit members before saying: “How could you all extort Little Wei like that?”

Mu En quickly said: “Exactly, you all have no humanity!”

Zhou Weiqing did not make a sound, he was not so naive to think that Hua Feng’s words would cause those fellows to let him go so easily.

As expected, Hua Feng continued: “Little Wei, in order for your Peerless Battalion to develop and grow well, just archery alone is not enough. Of great importance is to have extremely quick reactions and speed, to move in and out of the battlefield at will. As such, mounted archers would be the best choice. Of course, such mounted archers require extremely good horses, and Ghost Demon Horses would be a great choice. We, too, need to get used to these Ghost Demon Horses in order to better teach the soldiers as well.”

Luo Ke Di grinned and said: “Boss is indeed the boss, he even makes extorting people so natural and righteous.”

Zhou Weiqing looked helplessly at the seven shameless middle aged teachers. All of a sudden, he turned to Shangguan Fei’er and asked: “Fei’er, what is the maximum load you can carry when you are flying?”

Shangguan Fei’er had been with him for quite some time, and she easily caught his meaning. “It will be no problem for all of them.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed and said: “Teachers, let us experience the joys of flying for a while, so we can rush back to the Peerless Battalion as quickly as possible. This is the only way.”

An hour later. In the night skies far above the northern army camp, a rope swung wildly in the cold night breeze, eight people tied and hanging from it. Seven sad, shrill, almost forlorn screams rang out in the air, reverberating through the night.

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  • Tygon


    I think Fei'er will fit much better with the Heavenly Bow Unit than Bing'er.

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    Yeah I don’t get how he can put massive beast in them but not humans...

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    Yas! The Heavenly Bow Unit is back. Love them! 😍

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