46.58% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 395: Fighting Together! (3)

Chapter 395: Fighting Together! (3)

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Of course, she was not the only one who targeted him, with at least four others launching their attacks at Zhou Weiqing. All of them selected a Skill from their arsenal that was both ranged and could be unleashed as quickly as possible. Although such Skills might be slightly lower in power, but speed was of the essence. As long as they could keep Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Fei’er contained in this Jingang walls, the two would eventually be overwhelmed and seized without problems.

Two bouts of dark gold light sprang forth from Zhou Weiqing’s body one after the other, each half a second apart as he released his Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palm.

The two Consolidating Equipment God Protective Auras were sufficient to block off all of his enemies’ attacks, and naturally Zhou Weiqing’s target was Shen Bu.

At the same time as Zhou Weiqing took action, Shangguan Fei’er also burst into movement. She did almost the same as Zhou Weiqing, rising up swiftly into the air as she released her second Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura, and her bracer-claw appeared around her left arm. In a flash, both of them reached the top of the wall at the same time. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Although Zhou Weiqing pounced towards Shen Bu, his hands actually waved towards his back. The two six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters who were just about to move over to support Shen Bu suddenly felt a strong sense of danger, and they quickly stopped to take a defensive position.

Two bright silver lights appeared right in front of them, and with an earsplitting rending sound, the two of them grunted as they fell off the wall.

The combination of Blink and Spatial Rend. Towards the Spatial Rend, Zhou Weiqing’s control was already near the maximum, and having the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms to boost his Skills meant that not only did it greatly reduce the amount of Heavenly Energy expended, the strength was also almost doubled. This was the great benefit of a God Tier Consolidated Equipment.

At the same time, Zhou Weiqing’s right foot swept out towards Shen Bu. Facing so many enemies, he could not afford to hide his own abilities any longer.

Shen Bu shouted an exclamation, her hands moving up as a blade of flame appeared in each hand, interlocking swiftly towards his incoming right leg in order to shred it apart.

Right at that moment, she was surprised to see his entire right leg expand suddenly, and with a ripping sound, his entire right pant leg flew apart, revealing a black, muscled right leg.

The twin flame blades struck down hard on Zhou Weiqing’s right leg, but to her shock, it was as if she had struck down on a rock. Not only were the flames unable to penetrate his leg, the blades weren’t even able to cut his skin. When she looked up at Zhou Weiqing, she saw that his face was lined with black tattoos, and there was a large ‘King’ word on his forehead.

Blocked by Shen Bu’s blades, Zhou Weiqing’s right leg had landed back on the ground, and she could only spin her blades to strike down on his foot. Facing such a strange sight, she could only try again with all her Heavenly Energy, going all out.

Another loud crash, and Zhou Weiqing’s body bounced back as his foot sent Shen Bu flying off the wall as well.

From the short time that Zhou Weiqing had taken action, he had already knocked three enemies off the wall. Naturally, that was because of his sudden powerful skills, but it was without question that after all the constant sparring with Shangguan Fei’er, his close combat abilities, mastery of timing, judgement and overall smoothness of fighting had improved to the next level.

Including Shen Bu, four enemies had attacked Zhou Weiqing. By now, three had been knocked down, so only one was remaining on the wall. As things had happened just so quickly, the three had been knocked down almost in an instant. As such, currently he only had one more to face. Instantly activating his Tornado Strike Skill, he charged forward at full speed towards his lone enemy.

Shangguan Fei’er did not have an easier time. After all, she had shown her six-Jeweled cultivation stage! At the same time, she had only unleashed one more God Tier Consolidated Equipment, so the pressure she was facing was actually much higher than Zhou Weiqing.

Shen Ji had already targeted her, his long warhammer leaving a series of afterimages in the air as he tried to lock Shangguan Fei’er in.

The other four also launched their attacks simultaneously at Shangguan Fei’er from all around, causing her lone Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura to shatter instantly from the five attacks.

Alas, Shangguan Fei’er was Shangguan Fei’er after all. Facing five simultaneous attacks, she did not back down, making full use of her powerful close combat abilities to maximum effect. Her claws struck out, making use of the anti-energy effect of her God Tier Consolidated Equipment, she forcibly shredded apart two of her enemy’s Skills. At the same time, her body seemed to contort strangely in the air, dodging yet another attack by the skin of her teeth.

Her right leg twisted forward, lashing out in a manoeuvre that did not seem humanly possible, the tip of her feet landing on Shen Ji’s warhammer, using it as a pivot to launch herself in another flip, spinning around in a 180 degree turn to dodge the last attack, landing back down on the top of the wall despite all five enemy attacks.

If we were to say that Zhou Weiqing had made use of the surprise factor of his various Skills and the explosive power of his Demonic Change State, then Shangguan Fei’er had just depended on her absolutely terrifying close combat skills in that last few seconds.

Flexibility and Coordination, Mutated Duo Physical Jewels. That allowed her to have an incomparable body and physique. As she landed on the wall, the tip of her foot struck down on the ground, and her entire body flashed in an afterimage. Having dealt with all the incoming attacks, it was her turn to strike, and in a burst of speed with the Wind Attribute, her body flew towards Shen Ji like a wisp of green smoke.

On the other side, Zhou Weiqing charged forward towards the lone Upper Level Zun Stage Heavenly Jewel Master. Although he was facing Zhou Weiqing alone, he remained calm and unflustered. This was a powerhouse officer in the army, and they not only had much combat experience, they would not back down easily from any fight.

Zhou Weiqing knew that he only had a few seconds before hen Bu and the other two would recover and come back. After all, he had not injured them at all. As such, he had to accomplish something in this few seconds.

Along with the Tornado Strike on himself, Zhou Weiqing also released the Curse of Doom. Curse Type Skills were almost impossible to dodge, and the dark red symbol appeared instantly over the Upper Level Zun Stage enemy’s head. With the boost from the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms, it greatly reduced both his offense and defensive capabilities.

If he could kill, Zhou Weiqing would have easily finished this enemy off with his claw. However, he had already promised Shangguan Fei’er not to kill them. As such, he sent his right hand in a fist towards his enemy, at the same time, his left hand gathered a thick blue-purple light before slapping out.

That Upper Level Zun Stage enemy was no newbie, and his Physical Jewel was the Strength Attribute, while his Elemental Attribute that of water. Quickly reacting, his left hand struck out towards Zhou Weiqing’s right fist, while his right hand formed an ice shield towards Zhou Weiqing’s glowing blue-purple left hand. In his view, although Zhou Weiqing had two God Tier Consolidated Equipment, he was still only a four-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, and he was confident that his strength would beat Zhou Weiqing’s. His own hands were also covered by gloves, his own Consolidated Equipment, which had a certain boost to strength as well. As long as he could block Zhou Weiqing for some time, his companions would return.

The Ice Shield did manage to block Zhou Weiqing’s left hand as he planned, but… alas, it did not manage to block the purple-blue light, which penetrated the ice shield without any problems and struck him right away.

Lightning Suffering. Multiple paralysis effect.

Before he could react, the Upper Level Zun Stage enemy felt his entire body shudder violently, his strength draining out of him. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing’s right fist opened wide, his body, despite the effects of the Tornado Strike, coming to a screeching halt. That seemingly powerful right punch turned soft, catching hold onto his left hand instead.

This was the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palm, a God Tier Consolidated Equipment, and more so, part of the ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ Legendary Set. In addition to that, Zhou Weiqing was already in the Demonic Change State. How could the Upper Level Zun Stage enemy’s strength compare with his?!

If Zhou Weiqing had completed his punch earlier, he had absolute confidence that with his Curse of Doom and Lightning Suffering already in effect, he could knock away his opponent and totally disable his right arm. However, that was not Zhou Weiqing’s goal; what he needed now was to replenish his energy.

A terrifying suction force abruptly appeared from Zhou Weiqing’s right hand, and the Upper Level Zun Stage enemy felt his own Heavenly Energy swarm out of his body uncontrollably through his left hand to Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing’s biggest problem now was that he did not have sufficient Heavenly Energy. After using the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms, Demonic Change State and a whole bunch of powerful Skills in rapid succession, he had already expended almost sixty percent of his Heavenly Energy reserves. After all, he was after all still a Four-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master facing a group of Six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters, and more so with the restriction of not being able to kill. As such, he had purposely left this person alone in his primary flurry of attacks, with the aim of replenishing his energy through the Devour Technique to continue fighting. This was Zhou Weiqing’s fighting style indeed. Coupled with the insane regeneration of the Immortal Deity Technique, it allowed him to have an incomparable sustained combat effectiveness on the battlefield.

“You!” The Upper Level Zun Stage enemy cried out in shock. Alas, his voice was soon stalled as Zhou Weiqing added on a Fetters of Wind.

The Devour Skill was already normally quite a fast speed, and now Zhou Weiqing was using his Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palm to boost it. Not only was the Devouring speed faster, even the Fetters of Wind was stronger, instantly stopping any hopes of struggle on his enemy’s part. As time passed by and more Heavenly Energy was drained, the Upper Level Zun Stage enemy’s hopes would diminish further.

In a flash, Zhou Weiqing disappeared, grabbing onto his enemy’s right arm as he reappeared behind him. That was because Shen Bu and the other two enemies he had knocked down had jumped back up, and they were currently gathering energy to release their own powerful attacks.

“Zhou Weiqing, you’re asking for death!” Seeing that Zhou Weiqing had one of their own in a lock hold, Shen Bu did not care to think why he was that strong. Filled with rage, she summoned the Wings of Flames she had once used before, with her six Consolidated Equipment instantly appearing around her. At the same time, a huge green-gold fireball appeared before her.

“Careful!” Right at that moment, Shangguan Fei’er’s warning rang out.

Hearing her voice, Zhou Weiqing did not even turn to look. He had absolute trust in Shangguan Fei’er, and in that moment, he released another Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura at once.

Alas, this time, Zhou Weiqing had miscalculated. He felt something tighten around his waist, and when he looked down, he was shocked to see a yellow chain had pierced through his Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura to encircle his waist.

What was that?!

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