46.69% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 396: Green Gold Flame! (1)

Chapter 396: Green Gold Flame! (1)

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That yellow chain had been released by Shen Ji, two in total, one towards Zhou Weiqing and the other towards Shangguan Fei’er, whose reaction had actually been the same as Zhou Weiqing, to release another Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura.

Seeing the two of them summon yet another Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura for the third time respectively, everyone was shocked, even the watching Peerless Battalion Soldiers. They couldn’t help but think to themselves: How many God Tier Consolidated Equipment did these two have?!

Shangguan Fei’er had released two bouts of Consolidating Equipment God Protective Auras, and her two Consolidated Wings and chest armour appeared. Due to the fact that her cultivation level was not more than twelve stages below Shen Ji, the yellow chain was forcibly blocked by the two Consolidating Equipment God Protective Auras.

Alas, Zhou Weiqing was not so lucky. Four Jewels vs Eight Jewels cultivation level. With such a massive cultivation level difference, the yellow chain instantly pierced through his Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura, not even delaying it for a second as it encircled his waist.

Next, Zhou Weiqing felt a powerful burst of energy from the yellow chain exerting upon him, attempting to drag him away.

“Haaa–” Zhou Weiqing shouted out loud explosively, his head smashing forward into the back of the Upper Level Zun Stage enemy that he had in a lock, knocking him out instantly. With a firm shove of his left foot, his flung the unconscious body out towards the others, while his Yin Yang Giant Spirit Gloves had already grasped the Dual Legendary Hammers firmly. Bending his knees in a stooping position to bring his center of gravity low, he concentrated all his might in a focused burst. The three God Tier Consolidated Equipment set pieces and the Demonic Change State’s boost had brought Zhou Weiqing’s strength to a terrifying height, and even Shen Ji’s mighty pull was unable to bring him away.

Even despite his efforts, after being restricted by the yellow chain, Zhou Weiqing realised that he was unable to use his Blink Skill, and in a short time he was also unable to break free of the chain. That was to say, his movement was totally restricted now.

“That’s one of the most irritating Skills of the Earth Attribute – Chains of War. Once you have been caught by it, unless his Heavenly Energy has been fully expended or he is dead, otherwise it will not dissolve, a highly rated nine Star Skill.” Shangguan Fei’er shouted out to him.

“Hmph, you are forcing me.” Zhou Weiqing muttered to himself exasperatedly.

Without question, if he were to be continually restricted by this Chains of War, it would greatly reduce his overall fighting capability, and he would definitely be caught in the end. Once he lost his mobility, he would be left to face Shen Bu and the other two enemies in a bad position, and he knew his defense would not be able to hold in such a case.

A powerful, thick wave of Heavenly Energy rose forth from Zhou Weiqing’s body instantly, a purple red Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady appearing silently, hovering over his head.

A awe-inspiring majesty. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing’s body was still, as if nailed down in that position. Although he was still unable to break free from the Chains of War, Shen Ji was still unable to drag him away.

Seeing the Heavenly Skill Image above Zhou Weiqing’s head, everyone lapsed into a daze. Only one person was exception – that was Shen Bu. 0

Shen Bu and Shen Ji were fellow apprentices of their Master, and as soon as she saw Zhou Weiqing trapped by the Chains of War, she subconsciously launched her attack. This was the tacit understanding and cooperation of a senior brother and junior sister who have trained and worked together for so long.

The massive green gold coloured fireball sped towards Zhou Weiqing with a shrill roar, and by the time the Heavenly Skill Image rose above his head, it was already less than three chi from him.

With the Chains of War restricting him, Zhou Weiqing had no chance of dodging it, especially since he was still in the midst of releasing his Dragon Silencing Seal. The Dragon Silencing Seal was undoubtedly extremely powerful, but it required a short moment to activate, at the minimum a second for his Attribute Wheel to reach its position. One second might seem like a very short time, but in the middle of combat, it could mean the difference between victory and difference. Alas, at this moment, Zhou Weiqing was facing this exact problem.

With a single look, he could tell that this huge fireball from Shen Bu definitely had some sort of lock-on targeting effect. That was to say, even if he tried to dodge it by moving the Chains of War with all his might, it would still follow him, and if he did so, it would interrupt his Dragon Silencing Seal. It might all be a coincidence, but this time, luck was on Shen Bu’s side.

Since he did not want to give up on his Dragon Silencing Seal, Zhou Weiqing made his decision right at that moment. He still had quite some confidence in his own defense, and he held his crying-head warhammer in front of him, striking towards the green-gold fireball. His own Dragon Silencing Seal completed right at the exact same time as the fireball reached him.

“This time, let’s see how you block this!” Shen Bu was absolutely confident in her attack. The green-gold fireball was her absolute strongest offensive Skill, and even a seven-Jeweled powerhouse would be heavily injured as long as they were not an absolute defense type. No matter how disgustingly powerful Zhou Weiqing’s Skills were, he was still a Four-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master; how could he possibly block her attack?

At the same time as the hammer and fireball connected, Zhou Weiqing circulated his sixteen energy whirlpool at his Death Acupuncture Points to the maximum, focusing on his Immortal Deity Technique to bring up his Immortal Deity Shield, and even under the Demonic Change State, his entire body was shimmering with a pale white light.


The green gold fireball slammed savagely into the long warhammer of Zhou Weiqing’s, and a cold smirk crossed Shen Bu’s lips.

So what if it was a God Tier Consolidated Equipment? You will not be able to block my attack, my green gold flame attack has a corrosive effect.

As per her expectations, as soon as the green gold fireball clashed with the warhammer, it exploded instantly. However, it did not dissipate into the air, instead spreading down along the warhammer. Before anyone could react, Zhou Weiqing had been totally swallowed by the roaring green gold flames.

“Little— Fatty–!” A shrill cry rang out. Seeing Zhou Weiqing’s body totally swallowed by the powerful green gold flames, Shangguan Fei’er went crazy.

In that instant, she felt as if all the blood in her entire body was boiling, and all the qualms she had previously disappeared. At that moment, she felt as if she had lost something important to her, something part of her life. Logic disappeared swiftly, and her eyes actually turned as bloodshot as Zhou Weiqing’s during his Demonic Change State.

In midair, her slim figure shuddered, and Shen Ji who was in the midst of fighting her suddenly saw a bright white flame instantly rise up from her body. The white flame was rather unique, with a hint of blood red mixed within as well. This strange white flame spread swiftly to every inch of Shangguan Fei’er’s body within a split second, and the pressure and aura she let forth doubled right then.

Shen Ji had seen such a flame before, and subconsciously, he cried out in utter shock. “Heaven’s Expanse Ultimate Skill, Infinite Saint Flame!”

Indeed, in that moment, Shangguan Fei’er had unleashed the Ultimate Skill of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. This Infinite Saint Flame was similar to the self immolation of one’s own life for those of the Life Attribute, or the Flame of Life of the Fire Attribute, allowing them to raise their cultivation level and power to a terrifying level in a short period of time. In fact, this secret skill of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace actually had a much lesser side effect without sacrificing much power boost. This was indeed one of the top legacies of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, only the core members were allowed to learn it.


Without any more dodging, Shangguan Fei’er actually struck out hard towards Shen Ji head on. With two swipes, she tore apart one of the rock walls, before smashing towards Shen Ji with a savage fist.

Shen Ji felt a massive power overwhelming him, causing the bracers around his arms to shatter instantly. This was not just pure power alone, but also the terrifying explosive effect that the Infinite Saint Flame added to her attacks, causing him to be knocked back instantly.

Without any hesitation, Shangguan Fei’er’s wings spread apart, flapping in the air as she flew at top speed towards Zhou Weiqing, eyes bloodshot.

At this moment, she had steeled her resolve. If anything happened to Zhou Weiqing, she would slaughter all of these people in front of her at all costs. She was filled with regret, regret that she had made Zhou Weiqing promise not to kill anyone, otherwise this would have never happened. Naturally, she knew what that green-gold fireball was, and Shen Bu was after all a Six-Jeweled powerhouse. She knew that even with the Demonic Change State, Zhou Weiqing would not be able to defend against being enveloped by those flames. After all, he did not have any defensive Consolidated Equipment. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Little Fatty, my Little Fatty, you must survive…

Tears streamed out, sparkling as they flew gently behind her in the sky. In that instance, Shangguan Fei’er did not doubt how important Zhou Weiqing had become in her heart.

However, as her tear-streaked face charged forward, the next moment, her eyes opened wide in shock.

She had no choice but to do so. That was because, the Zhou Weiqing that she had imagined to be dead or severely injured was standing right there, totally unharmed, and the green-gold flames actually disappeared without a trace.

Above the heads of his three attackers rose a small swirling purple-red symbol.

Shangguan Fei’er was not the only one staring with jaw agape. The one who was most shocked was undoubtedly the user of the Skill, Shen Bu.

The green-gold flames might seem like just a bigger fireball, but it had actually been boosted by the Consolidated flame wings behind her back. It had been unleashed with more than forty percent of all her Heavenly Energy! Forty percent of a Six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master’s Heavenly Energy, that was even more than Zhou Weiqing’s total Heavenly Energy reserves!

But… what did she just witness?

When the green gold flames had enveloped Zhou Weiqing, Shen Bu had thought she had won. In her heart, she felt a hint of regret. After all, the sheer destructive power of the green gold flames was just too oppressive, and striking Zhou Weiqing like that, it was likely that nothing would remain of him, not even his bones. It would be such a shame for someone of his talent and power to die like that, especially with three God Tier Consolidating Equipment.

However, that hint of pride and regret lasted barely a second. In the next moment, she was shocked to see the flames vanish from around him.

That was right. Vanished totally as if absorbed into his skin. Zhou Weiqing stood there, totally unharmed, and even he himself was surprised and shocked.

If one examined closely, they would discover that under his original Demonic Change State, the swirling black-grey tiger tattoos had actually undergone some changes, with an additional layer of dim red light. Of course, since the tattoos were so intertwined and undulating, if one did not look very closely, it was impossible to spot.

Zhou Weiqing’s personal experience was indeed vivid and distinct. When he saw the green gold flames sweep down his hammer and envelop him, he knew he was in deep trouble. He had severely underestimated Shen Bu’s attack.

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  • Ankit1480


    What the **** did he not use his dragon lady silencing power on Shen Ji at the start of the battle. This fight really pisses me off because of how bad it's been written and how overconfident the MC sound. Plus he also has the bird which he can use.

  • joshuawachter


    just get this battle over with. its so inconvenient to the fun story we had going

  • Exodaus


    Yaaay.. Plot armour activated.

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