45.99% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 390: Demonic Dragon God Seal! (1)

Chapter 390: Demonic Dragon God Seal! (1)

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This time, the Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady did not appear in mid air, but it still appeared on his back, hidden by Zhou Weiqing’s clothes.

The Dragon Silencing Seal had been useful far beyond his expectations, and had been a huge jolt to Zhou Weiqing. Naturally, how could he easily give up continuing to Skill Store the Demonic Dragon Lady? As such, when he had reached the Four Jewel stage, the first thing he thought of was the Demonic Dragon Lady.

Although the Demonic Dragon Lady was only a Heavenly Emperor Stage Heavenly Beast, due to its fusion of Demonic and Darkness Attributes, its Skills were already very close to the Heavenly God Stage. That was also why the Demonic Dragon Lady’s Skills could actually summon the Heavenly Skill Image.

A half step to the Heavenly God Stage meant it was already approaching the door to the Heavenly God Stage! For example that Absolute Skill of Dragon Silencing Seal… hadn’t Zhou Weiqing used it earlier to Seal a Heavenly God Stage Dragon? Even Tian’er, from the Heavenly Snow Mountain, could even feel jealous about such a skill, one could imagine how powerful the Demonic Dragon Lady’s Skills were.

What Zhou Weiqing was currently unleashing was the second Skill that he had Stored from the Demonic Dragon Lady, also a Fusion of the Darkness and Demonic Attributes. The name of the Skill was the Demonic Dragon God Seal, and it was also one of the Demonic Dragon Lady’s top Skills.

The Demonic Dragon God Seal’s effect was actually very simple, yet it was rated eleven and a half Stars, and the most important factor in that was because it too was an Absolute Skill.

The Demonic Dragon God Seal was released through both eyes, and just like the Dragon Silencing Seal, it did not take any Heavenly Energy. As long as the person met eyes with the caster, and their Heavenly Energy cultivation level was less than four stages below the caster, then this Skill would take effect.

Demonic Dragon God Seal. What it Sealed was the Spirit. That was to say, a person who had been afflicted with the Demonic Dragon God Seal would have his spirit and soul totally Sealed, becoming like a mindless zombie, totally under the control of the caster… almost to the extent of being like a duplicate body of the caster.

Of course, there was also a simple, though huge, restriction on the Demonic Dragon God Seal. That was to say that only one of it could take effect at any time. If he wanted to control someone else, he would have to give up the control of the first person.

On the surface, the Demonic Dragon God Seal did not seem as terrifying as the Dragon Silencing Seal. However, when Zhou Weiqing saw the introduction to this Skill, he instantly sensed how extraordinary it was.

Without question, the Demonic Dragon God Seal would grow in power along with his cultivation level. If one day Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level was at the Heavenly God Stage, then he could even control a Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouse. Of course, the caveat was that he had to be four stages above the one he wanted to control.

Many times, a critical linchpin to matters was not just so easily solved by martial prowess. This Skill could come in surprisingly handy at times. It could be said that with this Skill, it allowed Zhou Weiqing to have a puppet to control.

Wasn’t it just a perfect situation right now?

Zhou Weiqing held onto the quartermaster’s hand, infusing his Heavenly Energy into his body. With just a simple check, he easily sensed that though the quartermaster also had Heavenly Energy, it was only at the sixth stage, far below his own. Without hesitation, Zhou Weiqing immediately activated the Demonic Dragon God Seal.

The Demonic Dragon God Seal was definitely a well concealed skill. Besides the user and the puppet, no one else would be able to see the purple-red eyes of his, and even the Heavenly Skill Image was well hidden on Zhou Weiqing’s back.

Amongst everyone present, only Shangguan Fei’er, whose cultivation level was higher than Zhou Weiqing, could faintly sense a hint of Heavenly Energy reverberating in the air. As for the others, they did not sense anything at all.

The quartermaster faltered momentarily, a purple red light flashing faintly in his eyes for a split second before disappearing. After staring slightly dazedly at Zhou Weiqing for a while, he seemed to recover and exclaimed with a sudden realisation. “Ahh, no wonder, so it is you! I remember now, it is truly a great addition for the Sixteenth Regiment to have your presence! You must be here to take charge of the heavy cavalry of the Sixteenth Regiment.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded proudly, lowering his head to the quartermaster’s ear, saying something softly before passing a plaque to him.

The quartermaster lowered his head to take a look at it, before returning it respectfully to Zhou Weiqing, saying in a solemn voice: “I understand. Please rest outside here for now, I will arrange for the supplies to be gathered here for you immediately.”

After saying that, he turned and headed back into the camp. Zhou Weiqing also returned to his Ghost Demon Horse, giving the order for the rest of his company to dismount and rest as well.

The Peerless Battalion soldiers did not know what Zhou Weiqing was up to, and they were all rather curious. Wasn’t their Battalion Commander a fresh recruit to the army? Why was it that he seemed to know this quartermaster? However, despite all the questions in their hearts, they did not dare open their mouth to ask! After all, as soon as they did so, their money would disappear!

As such, they could only bottle their questions inside and wait silently.

In truth, Zhou Weiqing’s entire back was covered in cold sweat. This was after all the first time he was using the Demonic Dragon God Seal, and though it seemed like two people were speaking, it was actually him controlling.

Although his spirit energy was considerably high, it was still a massive drain to split his spirit into two like that.

The effect of the Demonic Dragon God Seal was indeed powerful, and even had a range of more than 500 li. Just like the Dragon Silencing Seal, there would only be one more time when it would evolve; that would be when Zhou Weiqing broke through to the Heavenly King Stage.

Of course, who else could guess that everything happening now was everything under Zhou Weiqing’s control! As the quartermaster returned to the camp, the busy sounds from within soon rang out, the bustling noise of movement, wheels and other general din.

In bringing this hundred heavy cavalry soldiers for the operation tonight, it had actually been Zhou Weiqing’s back up plan in case the quartermaster here had a cultivation level higher than the restriction of his Demonic Dragon God Seal. Luckily, it looked like this lesser plan would not be needed now.

He beckoned towards the Company Leader at the gate, who quickly hurried forward.

“Battalion Commander Sir, what instructions do you have?” Having heard that Zhou Weiqing was from the top elite Ghost Demon Horse Legion, his attitude was extremely respectful.

Zhou Weiqing said passively: “Since your quartermaster has already started preparing the supplies, I will not wait here. I am heading back now, later tell your quartermaster to send it to the destination I told him.”

As he said that, he waved to his company, and they moved out swiftly.

Due to the two rules that Zhou Weiqing had set earlier, the Peerless Battalion soldiers were forced to keep silent despite their curiosity, following behind Zhou Weiqing as they headed east for a distance before turning north.

At last, Shangguan Fei’er could not hold back any longer. After all, she did not care about the gold coins. “Zhou Little Fatty, What have you got up your sleeve? You know that quartermaster just now?”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Heh heh, everything is settled. You just wait and see.”

Shangguan Fei’er said with a dissatisfied look: “I don’t care whether or not everything is settled. You told me that this operation would be fun. What so fun about this!? I’m just accompanying you to chill in the northern winds?!”

Looking at this Little Demon Girl, Zhou Weiqing felt a sense of helplessness. Trying to put a bluff past her was not that easy.

Left without a choice, he could only say mysteriously: “Fei’er, let me tell you a secret. Actually, I do not know that quartermaster at all, and the plaque that I gave him was merely my Battalion Commander plaque, not any secret orders… and it should have no use… That is truly the fun part of tonight’s operation… why did he listen to me? Can you guess?”

Shangguan Fei’er started momentarily, then lapsed into thoughtful silence. She was an intelligent girl after all, yet she still did not fully understand what Zhou Weiqing had said. Previously, she had thought he recognized that quartermaster somehow, but since he said he did not… what was going on?

Seeing her lapse into deep thought, Zhou Weiqing let loose a relieved breath. Leading the company almost fifty li ahead, he finally stopped at a slightly taller hill.

“Everyone rest right here, conceal yourselves. This operation is almost over, so watch your mouths still, be warned of the fine.” Zhou Weiqing gave the order.

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After saying that, he sat down easily and unrestrained just like that, and started cultivating, as if his plan had been to come here all along. Of course, no one else knew that he was currently focusing all his spirit on controlling that quartermaster. Shangguan Fei’er and the others were nearby protecting him, and he could wake himself up at anytime, so he did not feel the need to be afraid of being interrupted.

After almost an hour, a troop of almost five hundred men walked towards them stealthily. The leader was Wei Feng.

When Wei Feng arrived, he was surprised to see that Zhou Weiqing and the others were already waiting for them at this prearranged spot. Halting for a confused second, he quickly moved forward to Zhou Weiqing.

“Battalion Commander, what is the situation?”

Zhou Weiqing opened his eyes and turned to Shangguan Fei’er before saying: “Fei’er, you bring the heavy cavalry troops back first. They are much too obvious. Leave the rest to us.”

At this point, Shangguan Fei’er was still in the midst of contemplating how Zhou Weiqing had accomplished all that. Her mind had run through countless possibilities, which she had thrown out one by one. Hearing Zhou Weiqing’s words, she nodded slightly, mounting her Ghost Demon Horse and leading the heavy cavalry soldiers away, still deep in thought.

After sending Shangguan Fei’er away, Zhou Weiqing turned to Wei Feng and smiled faintly, full of confidence. “Order everyone to conceal themselves as best they can. We just need to sit still and watch the upcoming good show.”

Two hours later, it was already in the wee hours way past midnight. The bitter cold of the night caused the many Peerless Battalion soldiers to shiver incessantly. Although they were all Jewel Masters with good physiques, staying here in the open wilderness was still not a comfortable thing. If not for the fact that Zhou Weiqing had promised them much gain, and he had previously kept his promises, perhaps they would have mutinied by then.

Right at that moment, the sounds of carts could be faintly heard in the distance. On looking, they saw rows of carts being pulled slowly by soldiers, led by the quartermaster mounted on a fine steed, looking extremely valiant. However, if one actually examined his eyes closely, they were currently soulless and empty.

They continued along until they were about five hundred metres from where Zhou Weiqing and the Peerless Battalion were, before the quartermaster raised his hands and they all stopped.

At this point, Wei Feng was staring with his eyes wide open. There were almost two hundred carts full of supplies, with some livestock behind as well; some pigs, cows and sheep. If not for Zhou Weiqing’s hand on his shoulder holding him back, perhaps Wei Feng would have already led the men to rob them all. After all, there were barely five hundred soldiers pulling the carts. In terms of fighting prowess, how could those logistic troops compare to the Peerless Battalion soldiers.

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