50.82% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 431: Hate Ground No Handle! (2)

Chapter 431: Hate Ground No Handle! (2)

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Long Shiya said with a pleased expression: "Nine pieces, what about that? You've never heard of something like this right? Legendary Sets are definitely a must for powerhouses to maximise their strength. This 'Hate Sky No Handle' Legendary Set of mine might only be nine pieces, but it will not lose to some of those Legendary Sets with ten pieces. In the first place, Legendary Sets with ten pieces are extremely rare, like the the hair of a phoenix and the horns of the qilin. Only the Heaven's Expanse Palace's Boundless Infinitum Set and the God Vanquishing Heavenly Spirit Set are some of the few known ones."

As soon as Long Shiya mentioned the name of his Legendary Set, Zhou Weiqing was stunned. 'Hate Sky No Handle'? Why was that name so similar to his own Legendary Set?! "Hate Sky No Handle, Hate Ground No Handle" that was an actual phrase right?

Long Shiya thought that Zhou Weiqing had been stunned from the sudden happiness of the situation, and he clapped his shoulder, saying: "Your Father, I, has not married, and without any children. All I have is you, my only disciple. What is mine will also be yours in the future."

"No, no." Zhou Weiqing said hurriedly. Agitatedly, he looked towards Long Shiya and said: "Master, you said your Legendary Set is called the 'Hate Sky No Handle' Legendary Set? That is to say, your Physical Jewels are also the Strength Attribute?

Long Shiya nodded and said: "Of course. This 'Hate Sky No Handle' Legendary Set is the most suitable for Strength Attribute Heavenly Jewel Masters amongst all the Legendary Sets. Have you heard of it before?"

Zhou Weiqing shook his head and said: "Teacher, look."

As he said that, he lifted his arms, hammers still in hand. Another two bursts of dark-gold light sprang forth, and the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palm along with the corresponding protective bracers appeared in a burst of dark gold light, covering his arms and hands.

The Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms combined with the Legendary Hammers definitely gave Zhou Weiqing a more imposing presence, and even his Heavenly Energy reverberations seemed a lot stronger.

"You actually have two more God Tier Consolidated Equipment?! You little brat, you are truly born under a lucky star!" From Zhou Weiqing's previous narration of his background and cultivation process, Long Shiya knew that this little rascal was just like himself, a Heavenly Jewel Master who had trained by himself. A self-trained Heavenly Jewel Master, before the age of eighteen, yet he already had three God Tier Consolidated Equipment, and with so many powerful Stored Skills to boot, that was almost a miracle in itself. No, even a miracle was not sufficient to describe it. Even though this little brat in front of him was his own disciple, Long Shiya almost felt jealous of him. After all, in the past when he was cultivating, he had walked the wrong path so many times, spent so much time, cost and effort before he finally gained his first God Tier Consolidated Equipment.

Zhou Weiqing looked to Long Shiya, a look of marveling disbelief in his eyes. "Master, these three God Tier Consolidated Equipment of mine are actually part of a Legendary Set as well. Its name is the 'Hate Ground No Handle' Legendary Set. This… could it be… it has some sort of connection with your 'Hate Sky No Handle'?! The names cannot be simply a coincidence!"

"'Hate Ground No Handle' Legendary Set?" Long Shiya repeated the name, and the next instant, his entire body shuddered as a look of stunned disbelief filled his eyes, and he grabbed onto Zhou Weiqing's shoulders. "What did you say?! You said your Legendary Set is called the 'Hate Ground No Handle'? What… how could this be possible? You actually own the 'Hate Ground No Handle' Legendary Set?!"

By this point, it was clear that Long Shiya actually knew about the 'Hate Ground No Handle' Legendary Set. At that moment, he was even more agitated than Zhou Weiqing, and he was almost incoherent in his rambling.

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Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: "Yes, this is exactly the 'Hate Ground No Handle' Legendary Set, the greatest Legendary Set that the forebears of my Legacy of Strength Sect had designed.

"Your Legacy of Strength Sect? What connection do you have with the Legacy of Strength Sect?" Long Shiya was after all at a high cultivation level, and after a moment of shock, he quickly recovered and calmed down. Still, his fixated fiery gaze on Zhou Weiqing was filled with excitement and agitation.

Zhou Weiqing said: "Yes! I forgot to tell you, your great disciple is also a Consolidating Equipment Master. Although I am still only a High Level Consolidating Equipment Master, but my training comes from the Legacy of Strength Sect. This 'Hate Ground No Handle' Legendary Set has been handed down from my teacher. A full set of ten pieces, one more than your 'Hate Sky No Handle' Legendary Set!"

Long Shiya stared dully at Zhou Weiqing for a moment, before muttering: "One can wear out iron shoes in fruitless searching,and yet by a lucky chance just find the exact thing without even looking for it.

I just managed to gain a disciple, and who knew that it would actually also mean the completion of my greatest wish. Good. Good. Very good! Hahahahaha, this is just too great!"

Long Shiya started laughing heartily, his body of fats jiggling around along. His booming laughter was so loud that it felt as if the tent they were in would be sent flying away.

"What a 'Hate Ground No Handle' Legendary Set indeed. Little Fatty, do you know the origin of your 'Hate Ground No Handle' Legendary Set?" At last, Long Shiya stopped laughing, looking back towards Zhou Weiqing and asking in a serious tone.

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: "Of course I do! This 'Hate Ground No Handle' Legendary Set is our Legacy of Strength Sect's greatest legacy. Allegedly, one of the forebears created this with all his effort, and on the day that he completed the designs, he was too exhausted that he vomited blood and perished. As such, though this 'Hate Ground No Handle' Legendary Set had been passed down, it has never actually been created before."

Upon hearing his words, Long Shiya burst out laughing. "You call that knowing the origin? What do you know! All of what you said is barely the tip of the iceberg. In fact, there is a grand legend behind this Legendary Set. Very well, let your teacher tell you about it… Hate Sky No Handle, Hate Ground No Handle, such a series of overpoweringly domineering names! They are indeed both from the Legacy of Strength; however, they were created in different generations."

"In the Consolidating Equipment Master domain, the most magnificent and glorious era of their Consolidating Equipment Masters was actually many years ago. At that time, the number of Heavenly Jewel Masters were several dozen times more than current day, and there was no lack of Consolidating Equipment Masters as well. Amongst them, there were several powerful sects, including the Legacy of Strength Sect. At that point, that current Sect Leader of the Legacy of Strength and a group of Elders worked together to create the 'Hate Sky No Handle' Legendary Set, and with that, forged the name of the Legacy of Strength in the Consolidating Equipment Master Realm. With this 'Hate Sky No Handle' Legendary Set, the entire Legacy of Strength reached a peak they had never risen to before, earning the respect of Consolidating Equipment Masters and Heavenly Jewel Masters of that time. Of course, at that time, the Heaven's Expanse Palace's God Vanquishing Heavenly Spirit Set or Boundless Infinitum Set did not yet exist. It could be said that the 'Hate Sky No Handle' Legendary Set was indeed the first of its kind, the forefather of all the greatest Legendary Sets. Its power sent all the Strength Attribute Heavenly Jewel Masters clamouring crazily to get it."

"However, after several generations, the Legacy of Strength had passed its zenith, and was starting to be on the wane. At their pinnacle, they had at least a dozen God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters, but after all that time, the number of God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters started dropping. About six or seven generations later, only the current Sect Leader was a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master. Even so, with the 'Hate Sky No Handle' Legendary Set, the Legacy of Strength was still considered one of the top in the Consolidating Equipment Master world. Even though there were starting to be other competitors starting to create their own Legendary Sets, no one could dare say that theirs were stronger than the 'Hate Sky No Handle'. In any case, just in that generation where the Legacy of Strength was worried about carrying on their legacy, two young genius talents appeared. One of them was the daughter of the current Sect Leader. She was absolutely beautiful, and as daughter to the Sect Leader, she was taught all the secrets from a young age. At a mere young nineteen years of age, she had already become a Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Master, starting to attempt to create the 'Hate Sky No Handle' Set. At that point, everyone thought that the Legacy of Strength was coming back into their own."

"Besides this young lady genius Consolidating Equipment Master, there was another young talent. A man, though his age was older than hers. When he joined the Legacy of Strength, he was already twenty five years old. However, his age did not affect his talent in creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. Within three years of his joining, he had mastered every single skill of the Legacy of Strength, with the exception of the core and most valuable 'Hate Sky No Handle', which was highly restricted."

"One day, the young lady had just completed the first piece of the 'Hate Sky No Handle', but had met into trouble when attempting the second, lost in thought in thinking about it. She had been heading back to ask her father from her closed door cultivation, but enroute she literally bumped into that young man. At that moment, the Scrolls she had just completed dropped to the ground, that is the octagon plum blossom hammers you saw I was using just now. This was also the first time the young pair had met. When the young man saw the Scroll she had dropped, he was delighted, and subconsciously picked it up examining it, lost in its brilliance. Naturally, the young lady was enraged, snatching it back from him, and the two got into an argument. In the midst of their angry words, the young man unknowingly said a line that suddenly sparked a light bulb in the young lady's head, suddenly clearing up the bottleneck that she had been stuck in for the second piece. All of her sudden, her anger was lost, and the pair finally realised they were both of the Legacy of Strength. As such, they started discussing the 'Hate Sky No Handle' Set together."

As he spoke up to this point, Long Shiya paused, a hint of sorrow entering his eyes. "The two were all genius talents who were lost in their research, discussing this Legendary Set and its brilliance, so much so that they forgot their respective status. The young lady also forgot the importance of the Set to the Sect, as it was restricted from ordinary disciples."

"The two were united in mind and in harmony, and slowly a budding love grew between them. From that day onwards, the young lady no longer went into closed door cultivation to create the Scrolls like she used to. Instead, when she met any problems with the 'Hate Sky No Handle' Set, she would look for him to discuss and work together. As the time passed, they managed to complete an entire Set of the Legacy Set. At that point, she had ascended to become a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, and while he was still a Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Master, he was not far from ascending as well. From the time they had first met until this point, it had been eight years. Eight full long years… and in completing their shared goal together, the love between them had flourished."

"The young lady brought the completed Set to her father, the Sect Leader, and also told him about the relationship between her and the young man, not holding anything back. She had been immersed in the Consolidating Equipment world since a young age, with research and creation being all of her life, and she was not familiar with the worldly ways of mankind. Alas, she had never expected that as soon as she told her father about the two of them, he flew into a rage, scolding her angrily, telling her that she had to break up with that young man."

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  • Tygon


    I'm thinking that as his legacy he will create and add a God tier bow to the set.

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    Refinding the legacy of his consolidated equipment master sect!

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    It’s funny how the ancient times seems more proposering and advance than the future even tho with each generation, they work hard and improved everything.

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