49.64% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 421: Fighting a Heavenly King Stage Jewel Master Together! (3)

Chapter 421: Fighting a Heavenly King Stage Jewel Master Together! (3)

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Lightning Suffering Skill was that third Skill. It originally already held a powerful piercing effect of its own, especially coupled with the explosive shock waves of the two arrows. Although the Fire Cloud Shield was extremely powerful, lightning and fire were considered of the same source; with all the above series of foreshadowing support, a spark of the Lightning Suffering managed to enter. Although it only caused Han Tianyou to feel a slight numbing sensation for a split second, it was enough to give him a mixture of shock, surprise and rage. A mere little Low Level Zun Stage could actually use arrows to let him experience a Skill’s effect, that was truly an unbelievable humiliation.

However, that was not the end of Zhou Weiqing’s arrows. The fourth and fifth arrows followed suit almost in the next instant.

The most surprising thing was that although the seven arrows of Zhou Weiqing’s seemed to be all from different directions and angles, when they actually struck Han Tianyou, they somehow arrived exactly on the same spot. The fourth arrow held the Time Disorder Skill, and it landed right where the Lightning Suffering had pierced through.

Striking that weak point, the fourth arrow managed to actually sink into the Fire Cloud Shield before being destroyed, and the Time Disorder Skill erupted from within the shield, causing it to be in disorder. At the same time, the fifth arrow managed to worm its way from behind to enter.

A dark red glow appeared above Han Tianyou’s head; it was the Curse of Doom effect.

With an ingenious combination of five arrows and four skills, Zhou Weiqing had accomplished an impossible task, causing a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse like Han Tianyou to be struck by his Darkness Attribute Curse Skill. Although Curse Skill effects would be weakened by the difference in cultivation levels, it was still an accomplishment that Zhou Weiqing could be proud of.

Of course, the main reason why Zhou Weiqing could succeed was two factors. Firstly, although Han Tianyou had used his Fire Cloud Shield, it was more as a precaution than anything, and he had still severely underestimated Zhou Weiqing’s arrows. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, most of Han Tianyou’s attention was drawn by Zhan LingTian. Even so, those five arrows could be said to be unbelievably clever, with such accuracy, precise timing and calculation that had to be down to the very millisecond.

Now, at the same time as the Curse of Doom’s effect came into play, Zhan LingTian’s Light-Dark Divine Spear also reached.

So many things happened at almost the same time that it might seem like it all took a long time, but the truth was that this all happened within an instant.

When Zhan LingTian saw the Curse of Doom symbol appear above Han Tianyou’s head, he couldn’t help but be delighted. After all, this spear strike of his held all of his power.

Facing a powerhouse like Han Tianyou, trying to beat him in a war of attrition was akin to suicide. Only if they pit their all as quickly as possible, then they would have a one in a thousand chance.

At this point, Han Tianyou could no longer take care of Zhou Weiqing’s other arrows, as he needed to actually focus on the spear in front of him. The shield in his right hand struck out in a parrying move, and at the same time his left hand slapped down on his shield.

The reason for that was because Han Tianyou had clearly seen that right on the instant that the Light-Dark Divine Spear struck his shield, three bouts of bright dark-gold light sprang forth around Zhan LingTian’s body. It was evident that he had released another three more God Tier Consolidated Equipment.

These three God Tier Consolidated Equipment of Zhan LingTian’s were rather unique, neither used for attacking or defense, but used to actually supplement his own Attributes, allowing this spear attack of his to be brought to the absolute maximum. Of course, the reason he waited until this moment to release the three Consolidated Equipment was to delude Han Tianyou.

Although Zhan LingTian was only at the seven Jeweled cultivation level, he was after all the top of generation in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and as the leading figure it was not unusual for him to have four God Tier Consolidated Equipment. Han Tianyou couldn’t help but curse at the rich upstarts of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, but he dared not underestimate this young Heavenly Jewel Master in front of him.

~SSssss~ A strange sound rang out from Han Tianyou’s shield. There was no explosion, no sound of impact, yet in that very instant, Zhan LingTian’s Light-Dark Divine Spear actually lost all its glow and it disappeared.

The only thing that was left a tiny glowing spot of light in the middle of Han Tianyou’s shield, glowing eerily with a mix of black and gold light.

Han Tianyou’s expression changed, and he subconsciously tried to fling the Consolidated Equipment Shield in his hands away. Alas, this time, his actions were just a tad too slow.

An ear piercing screech rang out from the shield in Han Tianyou’s hand, and in a flash, his shield actually shattered into pieces as an unparalleled aura pierced through with a terrifying presence.

If Han Tianyou had not been afflicted with the Absolute Delay and Curse of Doom, this strike might have been slightly problematic for him, but not a huge issue. Alas, Zhou Weiqing’s previous harrassments had indeed come into huge effect now, and at this point, Han Tianyou could no longer care about face anymore.

A dark gold light lit up around him, and a dark-gold fighting glove appeared around his right hand. Without question, that light was a Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura of his own. However, to Zhou Weiqing’s surprise, the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura that Han Tianyou unleashed did not encase his entire body, instead forming a focused half metre light shield around him.

Control, this must be absolute control! Zhou Weiqing yelled in excitement inwardly. He had not realised that when one reached the Heavenly King Stage, they would be able to control even the formation of the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura.

By shrinking the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura that originally would cover his entire body to a small shield in front of him, it would undoubtedly greatly increase the defensive capabilities. With his Heavenly King Stage cultivation level and power, for him to treat this strike of Zhan LingTian’s with such caution, one could imagine how terrifying the power held within that Light-Dark Divine Spear had been.

When Zhan LingTian saw that dark-gold shield form in front of Han Tianyou, his expression changed and he turned a pale ashen. He knew that no matter how much he had put into this attack, expending all his Heavenly Energy in all his might, it would be of no use. Drained of all his energy, he slumped to the ground, filled with unreconciled regret and discontent. Alas, no matter what, he knew that with all his power, he would not be able to break through a compressed and concentrated Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura of a Heavenly King Stage Master.

The result was as expected, and with another earsplitting chafing sound, the gold and black speck of light smashed down into the dark-gold shield of light, burrowing deep into it. Alas, it finally failed, expending itself as it burrowed through. However, Zhan LingTian’s strike had indeed shocked everyone.

Even with the controlled and compressed Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura to defend himself, Han Tianyou still staggered slightly with a muffled grunt. A thread of energy had managed to actually break through all of his defenses, leaving a tiny hole in his clothes. Although it had not actually broken through his Fire Cloud Shield, it had pressured down the Fire Cloud Shield so much so that it actually burned through his clothes. Still, Zhan LingTian could definitely be proud of that accomplishment, to be able to push a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse to such an extent, even if it were with help. If this spear had struck true, even Han Tianyou would have his body pierced right through.

However, though Han Tianyou had indeed fully blocked the attack, the cooperation of the team was not over yet. As Zhan LingTian’s powerful spear strike burst out with such immense power, everyone’s attention was drawn to it, and they forgot that Zhou Weiqing had shot out seven arrows, not just five.

In terms of control and grasp of time, Zhou Weiqing’s precise calculation was indeed impressive. The first five arrows he had shot out were truly more of a harassment effect, to disrupt, weaken and also enable Zhan LingTian. Of course, amongst them, the most important was the first arrow with the Absolute Delay Skill, helping to give Zhan LingTian the best opportunity. The four arrows behind were mainly to harass, and having the Curse of Doom actually take effect was a small bonus. After all, with Han Tianyou’s cultivation level, it was unrealistic to expect the five arrows to actually damage him the slightest.

Now, besides the first five arrows, the last two arrows were actually arcing around in the sky, clearly meant to reach a few steps slower.

This was purely a calculated move. In truth, Zhou Weiqing did not know if his attacks would have any use, after all the enemy was a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse. However, no matter what, he would do his best, to squeeze every drop of power he could and use every bit of it to the maximum effect. This was their only hope, each of them betting everything into their full powered strike. The last two arrows being slightly slower was specifically designed to let Zhan LingTian’s attack strike Han Tianyou first, and in such a case, if he could actually shake Han Tianyou’s defenses, then their chance would come. In fact, a major percentage of Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy was actually in the last two arrows.

The chance had been created indeed in such a situation; when Han Tianyou’s Fire Cloud Shield was almost pierced through, he subconsciously gathered more energy to the chest area to cancel out the last bit of remaining offensive power from the Light-Dark Divine Spear.

At this point, Han Tianyou’s heart was indeed filled with shock. Despite all his caution, he had never dreamed that with Zhan LingTian’s sheer gap of cultivation level with himself, he could actually break through his own compressed Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura. As such, his entire focus was on Zhan LingTian, and though his powerful senses told him that Zhou Weiqing still had two more arrows, in his heart Zhou Weiqing was too far below Zhan LingTian, even his earlier arrows had been slightly surprising, but they had only caused him trouble and not much damage behind them. As such, he dismissed the last two arrows. His Fire Cloud Shield was now mainly focused at his chest area, and the other areas were much weaker, but in his eyes, that was still not something Zhou Weiqing could break through easily.

Alas, the truth of the matter was that Han Tianyou was wrong once more, and this mistake almost cost him his life. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Zhou Weiqing’s sixth arrow, glowing with a piercing silver light, struck right into the Fire Cloud Shield and sparked with a mix of flames and silver light. Having just finished blocking Zhan LingTian’s blow, Han Tianyou’s face abruptly changed.

The reason was simple – his Fire Cloud Shield was instantly pierced through by Zhou Weiqing’s sixth arrow. Totally pierced through. What Zhan LingTian had not accomplished with all his might, Zhou Weiqing had actually succeeded!

Without question, the glowing silver light of the sixth arrow showed the imbued Spatial Attribute Skill, the Spatial Rend Skill. If not for the fact that Zhou Weiqing did not have anymore spare Heavenly Energy, he would have used the Fusion Skill of the Spatial Rend Skill, the Silver Emperor Spatial Rend instead.

Just a single Spatial Rend Skill, but with Zhou Weiqing’s fine grained control, he focused all of the cutting and piercing power into the tip of the arrow, causing its destructive power to be focused into a point which was a major increase, able to express to its fullest perfection.

Of course, with their gap in power, a single Spatial Rend was definitely not enough to break through the Fire Cloud Shield, no matter how weakened it had been. After all, it was still the protective aura shield of a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse, and Zhou Weiqing was merely a Four-Jeweled Zun Stage Master. The difference in their Heavenly Energy alone was more than twenty stages!

However, a single Spatial Rend could not work, but that did not mean other forces could not. More accurately, this Spatial Rend Arrow was actually only a mere decoy, with Zhou Weiqing making use of its brilliant flash of silver light.

Under the cover of the brilliant silver light, a tiny form was hidden. Yet, the power held within this tiny form was such that not even the Fire Cloud Shield could block. It was the Silver Emperor, Red Bean.

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