49.52% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 420: Fighting a Heavenly King Stage Jewel Master Together! (2)

Chapter 420: Fighting a Heavenly King Stage Jewel Master Together! (2)

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Alas, with Han Tianyou’s power, how could he not know what Zhan LingTian was planning to do. In that moment, the left palm he had struck out with turned and made a circle, grabbing towards Zhan LingTian’s Light-Dark Divine Spear, before abruptly spinning his right hand up and striking out towards the sky.

At that moment, there was a hint of surprise in Han Tianyou’s eyes. However, that surprise was not because of Zhan LingTian or Shangguan Fei’er, who was charging in from the left, but because of Zhou Weiqing at the back.

As soon as the Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady appeared, it drew his attention. That was also the reason why he suddenly struck out into the air with his right hand.

He did not recognize what Skill it was that Zhou Weiqing had used, but no matter what it was, any Skill which could produce a Heavenly Skill Image was definitely worth paying attention to. He could not possibly let Zhou Weiqing unleash that Skill on him.

In the sky, a massive explosion rang out, and in that instant, everyone present felt as if the sky was falling down. The party of five attacking Han Tianyou gave a muffled grunt at that moment.

Zhan LingTian was considered the best of the lot, only staggering back two steps as he quickly pulled back his Light-Dark Divine Spear. Shangguan Fei’er was noticeably shaken by the explosion, her body pausing for a moment. The Gold Crow Legendary Axes that were slamming down were also sent flying back, knocking into Crow and smashing her back as well. With her body in midair and in a bad position, even with her powerful physique, Crow couldn’t help but vomit out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Zhou Weiqing was in no better state. He had been in the middle of unleashing the Dragon Silencing Seal, and it had not fully formed when he felt the Heavenly Energy in his body abruptly spin around in chaos. At the same time, the connection between his body and the Heavenly Energy in the atmosphere was broken. Just like that, the Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady dissipated, his entire Skill not being able to complete.

What kind of power was that? Could he actually control the air? Zhou Weiqing was filled with shock. In the next instant, three words entered his mind: Heavenly Dao Energy.

When one’s cultivation level reached the Heavenly King Stage, it also meant his Heavenly Energy had entered the Heavenly Dao Energy stage. That was the power to control the heavens! Even if this Han Tianyou had only just reached the Heavenly King Stage and was only at the first level of the Heavenly Dao Energy, his grasp of Heavenly Energy and knowledge and manipulation of it was far beyond what they could comprehend. As such, just in their first round, Zhou Weiqing had taken a huge disadvantage as his Dragon Silencing Seal was totally disrupted.

No matter how powerful a Skill was, if it could not be unleashed, what use could it be?

At this point, Shangguan Fei’er had finally reached Han Tianyou, and she slashed out with both claws to his throat and abdomen.

Han Tianyou gave a cold humph and his right hand, which had struck out in the air earlier, swung back down, and a violent thick gust of Heavenly Energy exploded in the air once more. He did not attempt to fight with her with close combat skill, but Shangguan Fei’er felt like her body had slammed right into a thick wall, the shockwave sending her flying all the way back.

On the other side, Han Tianyou’s left hand moved in a circular motion. Although he did not actually grab hold of the Light-Dark Divine Spear, his palm seemed to have a strange suction force, causing Zhan LingTian to stumble to the side.

Without question, in Han Tianyou’s eyes, the greatest threat to him was still Zhan LingTian’s Light-Dark Divine Spear, especially after he had easily dispelled that Heavenly Skill Image of Zhou Weiqing. Although up until now Zhan LingTian had not used any Skills, Han Tianyou could still sense that within the Light-Dark Divine Spear there was a constant build up of gathering power. From that alone, he could tell that there were at least two Skills hidden within, and that Zhan LingTian was waiting for the opportunity to strike to give him an instant killing blow. With that knowledge, how could Han Tianyou possibly give him that opportunity? As such, he had only knocked back Shangguan Fei’er and instantly turned his attention back to Zhan LingTian, preparing to kill him off as soon as possible. Once that happened, none of the others would be of any slightest threat to himself. Although Zhou Weiqing had a Skill that could invoke a Heavenly Skill Image, with his Heavenly Energy only at a mere Four-Jeweled stage, Han Tianyou did not place any importance on him.

Just as Zhan LingTian sensed that he was totally in check by Han Tianyou, a sudden figure charged forward.

One step forward, a perfect angle, and a massive shield cut into the path, forcefully putting a block between Zhan LingTian and Han Tianyou, breaking the connection between the two.

The next instant, Han Tianyou’s left palm slammed savagely onto the shield.

A huge explosion, and the heavy shield was sent flying back along with its owner. However, to Han Tianyou’s surprise, the shield was not shattered, and its sheer weight actually caused him to slow down for a split second.

Naturally, the one who had charged forth and blocked in that moment was Lin TianAo. Although his cultivation level was far from Zhan LingTian’s, his combat experience was definitely much richer than Zhan LingTian. Furthermore, as a Heavenly Jewel Master specialised in defense, his grasp and big picture view of the battlefield, overall positioning and movement were all extremely refined. As such, he was able to choose a time when Han Tianyou’s strike was at the weakest point to cut in, to resolve Zhan LingTian’s danger at a critical moment.

No matter what conflict they had with each other, when Zhan LingTian stepped up boldly to face their enemies to let Shangguan Fei’er escape, he had earned Lin TianAo’s respect, and some modicum of favourable impression, at least towards his courage. Furthermore, they were now facing the same enemy, and if they did not work together, they would definitely die terribly.

With that help, Zhan LingTian was able to recover, and the gathered power within his spear exploded forth in that moment. Becoming one with his spear, right at the same time as Lin TianAo was sent flying out, he pounced forward, the sharp tip of the Light-Dark Divine Spear glowing almost three chi ahead as a series of explosions rang out. Indeed, like Han Tianyou had gleaned, Zhan LingTian had hidden two Skills within his spear, gathering power all this time, and they were his two most powerful Skills.

Being blocked by Lin TianAo, Han Tianyou gave an angry humph as violent flames rose from his body, and a shield of fire appeared silently in his right hand. With his Heavenly King Stage cultivation level, being forced to use a Consolidated Equipment by a few juniors far weaker than him, that was truly an insult and humiliation. However, the power he could sense held within that Light-Dark Divine Spear truly gave him a shock. To be safe, he would take some precautions and defend a bit. Once he blocked this blow, he would unleash a flurry of irresistible power on those little brats.

However, their unspoken tacit understanding and unity was displayed at such a moment. Abruptly, seven glowing arrows of various colours appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the sky. The seven arrows all came from different directions, striking out at Han Tianyou, but all at an undoubtedly crafty, difficult angle. 0

Each arrow was glowing with a different colour, showing that they each held a different Skill. Yet, each of them seemed to arrive at a different time, the first of which reached a smidgen of a second before Zhan LingTian’s Light-Dark Divine Spear did.

In the distance, an extremely soft ‘Ehh?’ sound rang out. The few in the midst of battle were too focused to hear it, but Shen Little Demon and the other Blood Red Hell members on the edge of the fight had their expressions changed instantly, as that soft sound seemed to come up from nowhere, like from the depths of hell, and even they had no idea about the source of the sound. Furthermore, the strange thing was that even with all the large amount of noise and action, up until now, the Snow Deer Tribe had not sent anyone to investigate.

Without question, the seven arrows were shot by Zhou Weiqing. At this moment, he was no longer the mere Three-Jeweled cultivation level he had been, but Four-Jeweled. More so, his Heavenly Energy had already reached the eighteenth stage, and using the Seven Stars Accompanying the Moon Archery Skill once more, it was much easier for him. However, it was extremely clear that these seven arrows were no ordinary ones, and after he had shot out the last one, he slumped down onto the ground, panting heavily as he lay there unmoving. The Demonic Change State he had been in while shooting the arrows also dissipated, right at the same time as the disappearance of his Overlord Bow.

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Seven arrows. Seven Skills. Seven different directions. All different, sneaky angles. It could be said that Zhou Weiqing had put everything he had into these seven arrows, using his most powerful archery skills and Elemental Skills at once.

However, a Heavenly King Stage was still a Heavenly King Stage after all. Facing the seven arrows, Han Tianyou’s old face showed only a disdain, and he did not even seem to have the slightest notion of dodging. Around his body, a thick red aura shield appeared, enveloping him like a blood red shield.

This was not even a Skill, but just a high level usage of Heavenly Energy. When one’s Heavenly Energy reached the Heavenly Dao Energy stage, their Heavenly Energy would take on a colour depending on the Heavenly Jewel Master’s cultivation level and Attribute. It could be said that almost no Heavenly King Stage Jewel Master’s Heavenly Energy would be exactly the same colour, no matter even if they were the same Attributes, as the shades of colour would be slightly different.

Towards the protective shield aura that his Heavenly Dao Energy formed, Han Tianyou had given the name as Fire Cloud Shield, and its defensive capabilities was nothing to scoff at indeed.,

Zhou Weiqing was after all only at the Four-Jeweled Stage, and facing his attacks, for Han Tianyou to use his Fire Cloud Shield was already considered giving him a lot of face. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that his character was extremely careful.

As Shangguan Fei’er had been sent flying back, in midair she released her Consolidated Wings, and with a sweep of the large wings, she came flying back. Of course, she had been delayed by it overall and was unable to fully work together with Zhou Weiqing and Zhan LingTian.

*Poof* A soft sound as Zhou Weiqing’s first arrow landed on the Fire Cloud Shield. WIthout question, this arrow that had been formed out of his Heavenly Energy could not even release the explosive effect of the Overlord Bow before dissipating into the shield. That was the sheer difference in cultivation level. Heavenly Shen Stage Energy versus Heavenly Dao Stage Energy, that was a gap that did not give a chance.

However, as planned, the Skill imbued within the arrow still drilled itself into the Fire Cloud Shield.

“En?” Han Tianyou couldn’t help but exclaim abruptly as he suddenly felt himself slow down noticeably. How could this be possible? It was an absolute type Skill!

Indeed, the Skill that Zhou Weiqing had imbued in his first arrow was the Absolute Delay.

What followed next closely was the second arrow, which struck down with a massive explosion. This time, the second arrow held the Lightning Explosive Palm, and though it did not deal any damage to Han Tianyou, the third arrow followed suit as it struck down on the same position as the second, exploding likewise.

Afflicted by the Absolute Delay, Han Tianyou’s control of his speed and Heavenly Energy was affected, and though the second arrow with the Lightning Explosive Palm only caused the Fire Cloud Shield to reverberate for a moment, the third arrow had been shot with his Twisting Bowstring Archery Skill; added on to the explosive effect of the Overlord Bow, the resulting quadruple explosion of the two arrows caused the shockwaves to grow violently.

As such, the Skill imbued within the third arrow managed to burrow right through the Fire Cloud Shield.

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