56.13% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 476: Fight between Love Rivals! (1)

Chapter 476: Fight between Love Rivals! (1)

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However, one could never underestimate such a simple fist… a simple punch. When When Gu YingBing punched out, Zhou Weiqing felt as if all the air had been sucked out from before him, caving in totally as an unbelievably strong suction force seemed to force him to face that fist directly. Furthermore, his entire body was pressured so hard that it felt terrible. Unless you used a Skill like Blink, otherwise he knew he would definitely not be able to escape such a fist.

Zhou Weiqing could not retreat. In the first place, he was best at this type of direct clash of physical strength and Heavenly Energy. Secondly, as a man, facing a challenge from his love rival, he could never back down so easily from just the first blow, otherwise he would already lose out in terms of psychology.

In that instant, Zhou Weiqing gave up the thought of finishing the Dragon Silencing Seal, as that would force him to expend extra effort and thought on it, and all his focus was now on facing this powerful blow from the Lion Prince.

The Demonic Change State was now fully in effect, and Zhou Weiqing’s hands were now like large tiger paws, almost twice the size of his usual fist. With all his explosive strength behind him, he struck out directly back at Gu YingBing’s fist. Two men. Two love rivals. The first clash between the two happened just like that.


A violent explosion seemed to shake the entire earth as the two fists smashed against each other directly, without any flourishes. Those watching from a distance had the strange feeling as if the entire air around where the two had clashed had somehow shattered momentarily.

Gu YingBing staggered back two steps before regaining his balance, his right fist feeling totally numb at that moment.

Zhou Weiqing was even worse off, as he had clearly heard a soft cracking sound from the bones in his right hand. Although they were not actually broken, he found that he was unable to apply strength with his entire right hand. At the same time, a powerful a violent bout of Heavenly Energy had invaded his entire body. If not for the fact that his strength was greatly multiplied by the Demonic Change State, just this blow alone from Gu YingBing could have killed him.

Zhou Weiqing’s had been sent flying back, and while that was happening, he could only think inwardly:Such strength, what a punch!

He flew back more than a dozen yards, back to almost his original position, before he finally caught his balance, barely managing to land on his feet shakily, the sheer impact of it causing his feet to leave deep imprints on the ground.

Gu YingBing’s eyes narrowed slightly. Zhou Weiqing was thinking that he was strong, but he too was taken aback by Zhou Weiqing’s strength. He had never imagined that a mere five-Jeweled little fellow would be able to receive his own blow just with the aid of the Demonic Change State. From the looks of things, he was not heavily injured either.

In truth, with their sheer difference in cultivation level, Gu YingBing’s punch should have totally shattered Zhou Weiqing’s arm. However, after Zhou Weiqing had inherited the bloodline of the Dark Demon God Tiger, his entire body down to bones and marrow were far stronger, tougher and more flexible than normal, allowing him to escape serious injury now.

Gu YingBing did not pursue and attack right away, instead waiting for Zhou Weiqing to regain his balance. Only then did he raise his hands and crook a beckoning finger at Zhou Weiqing, a disdainful mocking look on his face.

In the Demonic Change State, Zhou Weiqing was not easily excited to give in to compulsion, and he would not fall for his opponent’s provocation. The Ice Cold Perception allowed him to keep his perspective and focus, to stay in a stable state. Behind him, the Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady shimmered into existence again as he prepared to unleash the Dragon Silencing Seal once more. Gu YingBing’s punch was already so terrifying, if he was allowed to use his other Skills and Consolidated Equipment, Zhou Weiqing knew that he would not stand a chance at all.

Gu YingBing’s eyes were contemptuous as he said mockingly: “If one were to compare Consolidated Equipment, no one can match the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. However, comparing Stored Skills, who can be a match for us Heavenly Snow Mountain?” As he said that, a golden-red light started to coalesce above his head, and one could barely see the image of a majestic gold-red lion forming in the light. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

The light around Gu YingBing’s body grew stronger, clearer, and he lifted his right hand. As he did so, the gold-red lion made of light above his head suddenly sprang into action, actually charging towards the Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady above Zhou Weiqing’s head.

He is actually able to command his Heaven Skill Image to launch an attack? Zhou Weiqing was caught off guard and surprised totally.

The lion was just too quick, and there was no time to dodge at all. As it crashed into the Demonic Dragon Lady, a strange sight happened next.

Zhou Weiqing did not feel as if he had suffered any attack personally. However, the Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady vanished into thin air. Furthermore, in the Attribute Wheel in his eyes, the position denoting the Demonic Dragon Lady’s Skills darkened, and no matter what he tried, he was unable to activate them.

What is going on? This was the first time something like this had happened to Zhou Weiqing, and he could not understand what the Lion Prince had done to him.

The Lion Prince could naturally see the shock in his eyes, and he said disdainfully: “Don’t you even know that when Heavenly Skill Images clash, they will offset and neutralize each other? A useless trash like you without any background, and you dare to taint Tian’er with your presence? Defile her? I cannot understand what she sees in you.”

Zhou Weiqing retorted coldly: “I do not know what Tian’er sees in me, but I am definitely sure that she loves me, and not you, her so-called fiance. She will forever belong to me.”

“Bastard!” The Lion Prince was provoked into a rage. What Zhou Weiqing said was after all true, and that was what hurt him the most… Even though before he left the Heavenly Snow Mountain to look for Zhou Weiqing, Tian’er had agreed to become his wife, he knew that her heart was not with him.

A burst of red-gold light once more, and the Lion Prince charged at an unimaginable speed towards Zhou Weiqing.

The Dragon Silencing Seal had been neutralised and Zhou Weiqing was no longer able to use it. However, how could he admit defeat just like that? Two bouts of dark gold light sprang around him as the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms formed around his hands.

Another loud crash, this time a more muffled one. The Lion Prince actually managed to use his powerful Heavenly Energy to smash through and forcefully shatter both layers of Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura. In the next instant, his fist flickered out again towards Zhou Weiqing’s chest.

Previously in a direct clash, he had already suffered a disadvantage. In a true fight, naturally Zhou Weiqing would not choose to do the same again, otherwise wouldn’t he just be asking for death?

His two hands slid downwards, the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms pushing down at the Lion Prince’s fist. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing’s body became lighter, as a shimmering layer of green light enveloped him. It was his Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy.

With a soft puffing sound, Zhou Weiqing’s entire body flew away. At the same time, his hands held together towards his chest, forming a strange hand seal.

The Lion Prince had once again sent Zhou Weiqing flying with punch, but this time he did not gain much advantage, as Zhou Weiqing had just used the momentum to retreat. Furthermore, at the same time as Zhou Weiqing flew back, Gu YingBing could clearly sense a powerful suction force coming from the pair of God Tier Consolidated Gloves, forcefully drawing away some of his Heavenly Energy before they lost contact.

Gu YingBing immediately lowered the previous disdain in his heart for Zhou Weiqing. Lifting his hands, a dark gold light flashed and a God Tier Consolidated Equipment appeared in his palms.

It was a long staff, about four metres long, the thick staff body was carved in a dragon form, ending in a top with a massive dragon’s head. Just by looking at it, one did not need to hold it to be sure that this Dragon Head Staff was extremely heavy. After all, Gu YingBing’s Physical Jewels were the Strength Attribute.

With the Dragon Head Staff in his hands, Gu YingBing used it to point forward, pushing it towards Zhou Weiqing’s body. However, just in the instant that his entire body charged forward, he abruptly moved to the side. The movement of the staff did not change, but his entire body flipped to the right twice, deviating several chi to the right from his original path.

Right where Gu YingBing would have moved previously, a silver light flashed and disappeared. Although the time it appeared was extremely short, the powerful Heavenly Energy fluctuations that burst forth in that instant was able to show its sheer terrifying destructive capabilities. Earlier, if Gu YingBing had continued along his original path, his throat would have slammed right into the position of the silver light.

Spatial Rend. One of the Skills that Zhou Weiqing was most adept in. By this time, he was already able to control the Spatial Rend to its maximum. However, such a well hidden Spatial Rend which showed no signs before it appeared was actually so easily dodged by the Lion Prince.

Such powerful senses! Zhou Weiqing’s heart was filled with shock, and he subconsciously used the Blink Skill. Due to him using the Spatial Rend, he no longer had the time to physically dodge the Dragon Head Staff.

As his body disappeared and reappeared in a flash, Zhou Weiqing appeared over a dozen yards away from his previous position. From the start of their fight until now, he had been heavily suppressed by his opponent, no matter what he tried, giving him a feeling like he had the strength but could not use any of it.

He did not know that at this moment, Gu YingBing was also extremely shocked. Zhou Weiqing was after all only at the five-Jeweled cultivation level, but no matter his strength or even the sheer control he had over that Spatial Rend Skill just now, it far surpassed the scope of a five-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master. Was that bastard really a Heavenly Jewel Master without background, and not from a Great Saint Lands?

Although both of them were each harbouring their own thoughts, the fight still continued raging on. Gu YingBing’s feet tapped on the ground, his body once more pouncing at Zhou Weiqing like a ball of flame. He did not seem to be wielding the Dragon Head Staff with any particular unique skill, only a simple stab forward, and the eyes of the Dragon Head seemed the glitter with a gold light, as if about to unleash some powerful Skill.

Since he started the fight, Gu YingBing had only used this one single Consolidated Equipment, and not any other Skills. Zhou Weiqing had been training together with Long Shiya for a time now, and his vision and outlook was at a much higher point than previously. He knew that the reason why Gu YingBing did this was not because he was underestimating Zhou Weiqing, but because he had sufficient self confidence. His Skills would only be used at the most important, most critical moments, when they were truly needed, and he would not use them normally and waste Heavenly Energy. Yet, Zhou Weiqing himself had already been forced to use several Skills.

A light flashed in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes as a plan hatched in his heart. Aren’t you all about efficiency and keeping your cards close to your chest? Very well, I will unleash it all and give you a big surprise, let’s see how you deal with being caught off guard!

In terms of tactics and strategy, Zhou Weiqing was always able to judge things clearly. Seeing the Dragon Head Staff reaching him, abruptly, two bouts of dark-gold light sprang out around him.

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  • Hiro


    It's funny how Zhou Weiqing always says he's afraid of dying. But yet I see him get himself in the most dangerous and reckless situations.

  • Morggyb


    😂😂it’s a little contradictive but even though he’s afraid of death he’s more afraid of losing his women 😭

  • BacteriZ


    Pride is one the line here.. How can he back down..

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